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eCom Success Academy Training Module 5

August 16, 2020


eCom Success Academy- The COMPLETE Review

Building Your Team

This is an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy's Training Module 5 by Adrian Morrison. This training module covers building a team of virtual assistants and other contracted employees.


Total Videos: 7
Video length: 1 hour 6 minutes

Lesson 123 -

Adrian shows you how to hire an online team using a Philippines-based website. 

He tells you which jobs can be fulfilled by using VAs. They are:
  • Social Media Mananagers
  • Product Researchers
  • Other tedious menial tasks that have to be done (such as Customer Service)

Adrian does warn you that it might be a cumbersome process finding the right person for the job. But, he does NOT give you tips on finding the right person or how to identify time-wasters...

Lesson 124 -

123employee is another Philippines-based company that provides dedicated outsourced employees. They offer a host of services at a monthly price. subscription options 2019

This is a good option if you are at the stage where you are making money, but you can't handle everything on your own anymore.

​Lesson 125 -

This video is an overview of another company that offers outsourced employees.

The difference here is that these are more mid-level Virtual Assistants. They cost more, but they can do more specialized tasks (such as being graphic designers or copy writers). 

Candidates you find here are generally more qualified and easier to vet than on or Fiverr for example.
Upwork dashboard

Lesson 126 - Project Manager

Once again, this is for the dropshipper that is seeing significant growth and feels it is time to expand on his / her operations. 
Adrian says that a Project Manager is basically a mini version of you. 
(Sounds like fun if you can get the right clone)

The Project Manager is there to oversee the following: 
  • End Of Day Reporting
  • Manage employees
  • Can make executive decisions
  • Trusted to approve products / up-sells.

This frees you up to get to the more important stuff. Like golf...

Lesson 127 - Product Research

Adrian explains that the Product Researcher / Research Team should be able to do the following for you:
  • find new, hot selling items
  • You / your Project Manager then approves/disapproves the product
  • Must also find complimentary products for upselling
  • Each product researcher should be dedicated to one niche - creates specialization for them and improves productivity
  • They must find the best price and vendor for that product
  • Need to be creative and be able to think for themselves

Lesson 128 - Customer Service

Adrian suggests a couple of guidelines for your Customer Services Representative / Team:
  • 4 people maximum working 6-8 hour shifts
  • ideal to have 24 hour customer service
  • good English is a must
  • average response time should be less that 24 hours
  • must have the ability to deal with disgruntled customers
Your CSR must also have a good understanding of your refund policy, which includes
  • knowing when to issue a refund or 
  • offer a discount or 
  • when to say "Sorry, but no." 

Lesson 129 - Social Media Managers

Adrian offers Advice on Social Media Managers and what their roles should be.

An active social media account is a great asset because it build trust.

This includes:
  • managing social media pages such as FB Fan Pages, Instagram etc.
  • Researching and posting viral content
  • Responding to comments

BUILDING YOUR TEAM TRAINING: Total Videos = 7. Videos length = 1 hour 6 minutes

- My Key Takeaways 

 Adrian actually did very well in this part of the course. Most of the other courses also suggest getting VAs, but it's not described in such detail.

Highlight of the Team Training module was the suggested three sites where you can find your VA. 

Most other courses merely suggest the most well-known of the three. 


Content: 8/10  Good course content. Not comprehensive though. 



Adrian put together some good content when compiling this module on finding Virtual Assistants when you finally expand (and can afford other team members!)

It's a good addition to the course and is aimed at the more intermediate dropshipper who is enjoying some success and feels it is time to scale.

However, just like all the other courses, Adrian mention why you need a VA and tells you where to find them. But, he doesn't take the time to teach you how to vet them. 

He does mention what to look for, but it is certainly not comprehensive. A little more detail for the person who is about to hire his/her first VA would have been very helpful.

Finding a great VA is difficult (trust me), and it can end up costing you and your business if you don't employ the right person from the start.

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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