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eCom Success Academy Training Module 6

August 16, 2020


eCom Success Academy- The COMPLETE Review


This is an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy's Module 5 by Adrian Morisson. This training module covers building a team of virtual assistants and other contracted employees.


Total Videos: 4
Video length: 1 hour 11 minutes

Lesson 130 - Slack

In this lesson, Adrian gives advice on how to manage all your business aspects efficiently. 

The problem with VAs is that they come form all over the world. This means that they don't work in the same place or even at the same time. 

Slack is a virtual office for all of your support team. It offers:
  • free team calls
  • group chat in different channels
  • different channels for different projects / departments
  • private messaging of team members
  • drag and drop files for sharing
  • all chat histories are saved for later review
  • can be used on web browser, desktop application, mobile app
  • easy integration with other tools and services such as Zendesk, Salesforce, JIRA
It's a great platform and starting at $6.67 per user per month, it is well worth it for improving your team communication / collaboration.  BUT - you do need a TEAM though. It's pretty pointless if you only have one or two employees...

​​Lesson 131 - Asana Overview

Asana is a virtual project manager. Adrian shows how you can:
  • manage projects such as FB Ad Campaigns
  • see the campaign flow from start to finish, showing the progress and what still needs to be done
  • team members can give you status reports on tasks
  • can be used for high level customer service such as exchanges and refunds

Lesson 132 - Asana FB Template

In this lesson, Adrian shows you his exact FB Marketing Blueprint that he uses with Asana.

It's a blueprint for an ad project with calendar integration. 

Adrian shows you how to set your own campaign blueprint up with the complete sequence that he uses. 

Asana starts from $10,99 per user per month and can be integrated with over a 100 other apps, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Office 365, Zapier and many more.

To be honest, I sometimes wonder if tools like this are really necessary for small teams. I can understand the need for it where you have a dozen people working / collaborating on one project, but is it really necessary when there's only a handful of people? At $11 per team member per month, it quickly adds up...

​​Lesson 133 - Asana CS Template

This lesson is presented by Kaci Morrison and deals with setting up customer support in Asana.  

Kaci takes you through the process of setting it up. 

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING: Total Videos = 4. Video length = 1 hour 11 minutes

- My Key Takeaways 

 This is a good module for the more seasoned dropshipper. 

As soon as your business starts to grow, it gets increasingly more difficult to keep track of everything.

The apps that Adrian suggests, will in fact help you to be more organised and efficient.

It also helps with communicating with your different team members and is vitally important so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. 


Content: 8/10 Good content for more experienced dropshippers. 



This is a worthy addition to the course and I couldn't find much fault with it. The advice offered is solid, and the apps that are suggested are being used by companies the world over.

Adrian could perhaps have suggested alternatives...

Apart from that, this is a good (short) module. 

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