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eCom Success Academy Training Module 8

August 16, 2020


eCom Success Academy- The COMPLETE Review

This is an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy's Training Module 8 by Adrian Morrison. The bonus training consists of 5 different models, each with their own sub-sections and lessons.


Total Videos: 128
Video length: 116 hours 12 minutes

MODULE 01: Live Coaching

Total Videos: 90
Video length: 110 hours 41 minutes

At the time of writing this review, eCom Success Academy had three year's worth of Weekly Coaching Videos for members. 

As you can see, the module is quite long and a single Q&A / Coaching Session is generally over an hour long. This is great if you're looking for extra content.

It's not so great if you're looking for specific content. 

And a lot of it is merely a rehash of what has been covered in the course. Dive into it at your own peril, you might just find some hidden treasure.

If you have time to kill, go look for it!


This training module is presented by Adrian's brother Anthony, an email marketer in his own right. The Module contains 3 sections, with a total of 27 videos and a length of 3 hours and 35 minutes. 

Friendly warning:
The entire 3 and a 1/2 hours are spent in front of a white board. Not my idea of a course where you actually learn something worthwhile. Then again, it works for college professors, so maybe I'm wrong...

When I see a whiteboard, I immediately think "THEORY". Which has it's own merits, but I personally prefer an over the shoulder, practical approach with these courses. When you get a "live" feel for it and you see exactly where and how things are done (not just why), it feels more "real".  

That's just my opinion. You make up your own mind. 

Section 1 - Build Send Profit

In this module (Anthony calls them modules), Anthony sets out to explain what email marketing is and how it works. 

  • He starts off with video 1, where he explains that leading people to a squeeze page is his best marketing method to build lists.
  • In video 2, Anthony introduces email marketing basics. 
  • Video 3: Anthony introduces tow marketing platforms: iContact and Aweber.
  • Video 4 deals with "Creating Premiums" around a niche.
  • This video shows you how to set up your email marketing list. 
  • Opt-in Pages are discussed in video 6. They are Squeeze Pages, Guru Squeeze, and Blogs
  • In Video 7, Anthony talks about the different traffic sources you can utilize to grow your email lists
  • Free Traffic sources are covered in Video 8.
  • Video 9 covers Paid Traffic.
  • This video covers Sending Emails (and why it's important).
  • Video 11 covers the different Sending Email Strategies proposed by Anthony.
  • This is an important video as it deals with The Subject Line.
  • This section closes off with the Email Content.

Section 2: Solo Ads

This section has 4 videos and deals with product launches using Solo Ads.

Anthony explains that if you are able to build a big email list, then there is no need for FB Ads, Google Ads etc. anymore. 

In the second video, Anthony compares Media networks such as FB and Google with Affiliate networks such as Clickbank and Clicksure. 

In video 3, Anthony discusses a JV Page and Auto Responder Emails.

Video 4 focuses on the percentage of people that should be redirected to your Squeeze Page and the percentage that goes directly to your Commission Link.

The last video introduces The Fold and what should be above it. Anthony also introduces their Video Lead Builder software and tells you what it does.

(The editing on these videos are not great. A lesson will start with no mention of what's going to discuss or where it fits in. To me, some of the videos start as if in the middle of a paragraph...)

Section 3: Product Launches

When a course video starts and they introduce you to the module by a different name than what it was listed as, I already start to wonder about the quality... 

Anthony says this module is called Product Creation (not Product Launches) and should be seen as a "quality" addition to the Bonus material.

Note that Anthony does not mean a physical product. (I honestly don't know why this module is here. This is a dropshipping course. Not a course making course...)

Video 2 deals with finding your niche and using Clickbank to help with your research.

The third lesson deals with Creating Content. Once you have your niche, then you need content. You need to create PDFs, software (optional), videos, and webinars. 

Or you get someone else to create content for you. Anthony gives suggestions on where you can find freelancers who will create content for you.

Video 4 deals with creating your membership area.

The Sales Page and Affiliate Pages are covered in this video. Anthony discusses the different layout images available to you.

The last lesson covers how to build relationships with your Joint Ventures Affiliates.

If the reviews on these videos seem a little thin, well that's because the video content is very thin. Personally, I didn't find any information that is useful to a dropshipper. 

AND it's ALL THEORY without any practical examples.

So, is it helpful?

MODULE 03: Outsource Mastery

This section is presented by Adam Rader. There's no indication of who he is or why he's qualified to present a "master course" on outsourcing.

With only 3 videos with a total length of 29 minutes and 34 seconds, I can't help but wonder if this is just another Bonus "Filler" section...

Video 1: How To Hire VAs  
Adam starts off by giving a background story of how he gave up his house-painting business because of his employees. He got into dropshipping because he didn't want to deal with employees anymore.

Today he has more employees working for him on his dropshipping business than ever before. And they're all Virtaul Assistants.

Adam gives some advice on How to Hire.

Video 2: Team Structure
Adam warns against building a huge team and then thinking you can leave the business and let it run on autopilot. You still have to be involved. 

Adam goes on to show you how his team is set out and what each team member's function is.

Video 3: Team Culture
In the last video, Adam gives some suggestions on how to grow your team into a unit and to keep them happy. (Giving them bonuses and more money is not quite it...)

The best tip Adam gives is:
  • to ensure loyalty, make your employees feel appreciated for the work they do and
  • make them feel secure in their job.
The Module also includes a PPT document and two PDF documents that includes a recap of the video content, How and When to Hire, and How to Retain Talent.

Some of it is useful, but the info is overall, very general. It's definitely not a masterclass... 

MODULE 04: Sizzle Product Sniper Software

Adrian introduces his Product Sniper Software that is exclusively available to students of ESA. The tool lets you spy on Facebook and AliExpress and it finds you the hottest new products. 

You can access it via the membership area. 

Finally! A worthy bonus.

Video length: almost 5 minutes


The final bonus module consists of 5 videos with a total running time of 1 hour and 19 minutes.  

Adrian shows you he he set up some of his successful Facebook Ad Campaigns.

The first case study is the wine-themed mobile phone cover that made him $152k.

Adrian shows you the exact steps inside the FB Ad manager, including defining the audience, and the copy.

He does not however, share his bidding strategy...

It's sad, I know. But no use crying over it. Let's look at the next case study.

The second case study deals with a product that made Adrian over $715 000! He takes you behind the scenes again and walks you through the process of how he created his ad. 

And no. Still no bidding strategy... 

Case study 3 and 4 follows pretty much the same script again. Adrian shows you products (men's military watches and a mini tactical light), he cuts some images, he adds them to his preferred ad type and PRESTO! 

If anything, Adrian shows you how easy it is to CREATE an ad, but NOT how to MANAGE it.

Access to his bidding strategy on all 4 campaigns have been denied, it seems. I guess it is a close guarded secret.

Which is a shame, as that would have been info worth having... 

BONUS TRAINING: Total Videos = 128. Video length = 116 hours and 12 minutes

- My Key Takeaways 

 116 hours of course videos...

And to be quite honest, not much of it is worthwhile. It's pretty much a case of "There was fifty-seven channels and nothin' on..."

As your own Boss, I don't think you'll be too impressed.

Anything good about it, you ask?


The Sniper Software is pretty nifty. And if you sit through all 110+ hours of the Weekly Coaching Videos, you'll probably find something worthwhile too.


Content: 6/10  Disappointing Bonus material



 The Bonus Training in eCom Success Academy is probably the weakest component in the course. In my opinion, it doesn't really add any value to the training.

The only notable exception is the Sniper Software.

Apart from that, the rest seems like "fluff", just to fill the bonus section...

Good job! You read the ENTIRE comprehensive review - module by module... Kudos!

I like that commitment! 

It tells me you would actually be better suited for another, BETTER online business model.

Want to know more?

Follow the link below...
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(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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