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eCom Uprise University 3.0 Review: Does The Updated Version Deliver?

January 13, 2023

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eCom Uprise University 3.0 is a complete guide on how to start and scale an ecommerce drop shipping business. 3.0 is the most current edition that includes Sam's exact techniques and profit hacks. In addition, students learn how to build high-converting stores. How to find million-dollar winning products and scale Facebook ads. But does the updated version deliver?

In this review, we look closely at Sam's drop shipping training. We'll discuss topics like; how to make money with drop shipping and issues with the business model. We'll also take a closer look at how this drop shipping course can accelerate the learning curve. Plus, why starting a local lead generation business is a better option if you really want to make money online. 

Is Dropshipping Still Profitable?

Yes, dropshipping is still profitable. But the old ways of sourcing cheap stock from China with 3-6+ week shipping times don't cut anymore. You need to be a content creator to make money with drop shipping. Engage with your target audience. And create the best shopping experience possible.

But first, you need to find a product with potential. One that's already selling well and has high-profit margins. (So you can cover the cost of paid ads). Check out sites like TikTok, Amazon's best sellers list, or eBay Watch Count. Then look for items that meet the following criteria:

Criteria For Winning Dropshipping Products

  • Potential for the viral effect

  • Will trend and be shared on social media platforms

  • Solves a problem (to invoke emotionally triggered impulse buys)

  • Has a high sales volume

  • Areas where you can improve (use tools like AdSpy or Dropispy to see where the competition is lacking and do better).

You need to build a trustworthy website—one with a memorable logo and brand that looks like an actual store. And get your shop in front of eyeballs to generate sales. So your copy, graphics, GIFs, and images need to be persuasive and professional. Plus, your product page has to pop. So it needs to include things like:

  • Icons & Reviews
  • Attention-Grabbing Photos & An Impactful Headline
  • Clear Call To Action

Be prepared to try and fail and try again. Focus on improving your skills and be willing to reinvest in your business. Drop shipping is about testing multiple products. Then, when you find a winner, scale your business. It takes hard work and research. But get it right, and you can still make money with the business model in 2024.

Who Is Sam Jacobs?

picture of sam jacobs

Sam Jacobs is a 21-year-old ecommerce master. But he made his first million online at the age of 18. Sam is now the CEO and founder of two multi-million dollar companies and a mentor to thousands of students worldwide.

In addition, Sam has been recognized for his accomplishments in publications like:

Based in New York, Sam has an impressive online presence. It includes over 120,000 social media followers and over 10M global views. He's one of the industry's youngest dropshippers and a 6 figure store owner. He's also been endorsed by influencers like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone. eCom Uprise University is his flagship training program. Inside is a complete guide on how to build and scale a profitable ecommerce Shopify dropshipping store.


Sam shares stellar content on mindset training that most drop shipping courses don't cover.

Jacobs is an enigmatic instructor and provides several ways to advertise dropshipping stores to achieve the highest profits.

Sam is an active dropshipper. So he has first-hand knowledge of current trends and what's working in the industry right now. (And can significantly improve your dropshipping success rate).


This course is pricey compared to other drop shipping courses available.

There aren't any third-party platform reviews.

Sam has a no refund policy for all course materials.


Special Pricing Plan-3 payments of $397/month 
Payment Plan-2 payments of $597/month 
One-Time Payment-$997 
Ecom Uprise Ultimate Package-$1,697 Includes:
  • Fully Built Custom Shopify Store 
  • Our A-Z Ecom Uprise University Program
Special Plan-$1,497 Includes:
  • eCom Uprise University VIP Package 
  • Custom Store

Refund Policy

No refunds.


The training includes 12 modules and over 20 hours of video content broken into digestible sections. Students receive cheat sheets, free download resources, and Sam's list of private suppliers (including US dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping times). You also gain access to his Zoom archives, FAQs, resources, and bonuses. In addition, Sam offers a referral program and 24/7 customer service. Students can also access his Private Mentorship Group Chat and 0-$5k/day case study series. Sam is active on social media with 117K followers on Instagram and 1.88K subscribers on YouTube. And he shares a ton of free content on his channels.


Sam began his drop shipping journey at the age of 16. But by 18, he was already a rising star in the industry and had made his first million online. Jacobs launched his YouTube channel in 2017. And in under two years was able to build and scale two ecommerce drop shipping businesses. Sam's success didn't happen overnight. And after several failed attempts, he invested in two mentors to help streamline his systems. Sam published his first edition of eCom Uprise University in 2018 and launched 2.0 in 2019. (3.0 is his latest edition). He has taught thousands of students in over 70 countries how to make thousand online. Sam has a solid social media following, with 1.88K subscribers on YouTube and 117K followers on Instagram. 

Net Worth

Sam has generated over $5 million online and has amassed $1.5 million in ecommerce revenue.


Sam has multiple testimonials and positive student reviews on his website. He also has numerous comments on his YouTube channel, giving the highest praise for his course.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Dropshipping? Can This Course Accelerate The Process?

There's no definitive answer regarding the length of time it takes to learn drop shipping. However, drop shipping is a low barrier to entry business with a ton of competition and a 99% failure rate. Beginners often fall prey to common dropshipping mistakes.

Others fail to do adequate research or don't know what dropshipping niches to avoid. You need to learn how to leverage third-party product research softwares like ecomhunt or dropship-spy to find hot-ticket sellers and winning products. And understand why you need to use platforms like Google Trends and Facebook Audience Insights to determine things like:

  • High Search Volume & Low Product Turnover

  • Passionate Online Community & Evergreen Niche

  • Extensive Product Selection & Opportunity For Upsells

You need to learn the fundamentals of the business model and be prepared to hustle to beat the curve before the market becomes saturated. 

Plus, you need to build and scale a profitable store. (One that looks like a legit online business). And have a unique angle with a product that can solve a problem or make a person's life easier.

“There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.” Hyacil Han-dropshipper

The drop shipping learning curve is steep. But you still need to know what disadvantages and risks dropshipping has. Of course, you can watch YouTube videos. Or read online articles and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

But if you want to be successful. Or learn insider tips from a seasoned dropshipper with a proven concept. Then investing in eCom Uprise University 3.0 can get you to your goals faster. Not only has Sam Jabobs achieved monetary success. But he offers his students access to a private group and ongoing support. And you can't put a price tag on that kind of value. 

How To Make Money With Dropshipping:

You can make nothing, or you can make thousands of dollars with drop shipping. The average dropshipper makes between 20%-30% (or $1000-$3000/month) in their first year. But you need a marketing strategy. And a solid understanding of customer psychology to make money.

Drop shipping is about being the best marketer. But it's also about knowing how to take advantage of untapped markets. So you need to find products that aren't saturated and have a high-perceived value. 

Consider Things Like:

  • Who is my target audience?

  • Does this item solve a problem? 
  • Can this product make someone's life better?

  • Is this item difficult to find?

  • Does it have a WOW factor?

The key is to focus on pain points. Showcase the benefits of your drop shipping items. But you need a unique angle and a scroll-stopping hook—why people should notice and be compelled to purchase.

You also need to invoke an emotional response to illicit impulse buys. And know how to develop the perfect video ad and create dropshipping ads that convert. Or publish creatives with virality potential to drive online traffic to your store.

Of course, you can also employ Influencer Marketing. Or invest in paid ads on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. (But ad costs are rising and will cut your profit margins. Plus,  you need to know how to run a profitable Facebook ad and be highly skilled at scaling ads, so you don't lose a ton of cash ).

You can also find an undervalued audience and capitalize on it. Look for the best dropshipping niches without a ton of competition. Then find products that coincide with an audience hungry to buy them. For example, check out YouTube channels with low subscribers and high views. Then reach out to the channel owner.

Offer to create customized merch for their audience for a cut of the profits. (Like the billion-dollar company GymShark did in 2013). Then, use sites like AliExpress or eBay to find top-selling items in your niche. 

eCom Uprise University 3.0: Course Content:

eCom Uprise University 3.0 includes 12 modules and over 20 hours of video content and covers topics like:

  • Introduction and Fundamentals

  • 7-Figure Mindset Training (NEW)

  • Finding Your Next 6-7 Figure Winner Product

  • Creating The ULTIMATE eCommerce Brand

  • TikTok Organic (NEW)

  • Facebook Ads (1 Product Store) and Facebook Ads (Scaling)
  • TikTok Ads Mastery and Snapchat Mastery

  • $0-$5K a Day eCom Store Case Study (NEW)

  • Maximizing Profits With Your Backend (NEW)

  • CBO Success Blueprint (Campaign Budget Optimization)

image of EUU course

What’s Included In eCom Uprise University 3.0 Review: A Closer Look At Sam’s Dropshipping Training:

Sam has added fresh material for 3.0. And he provides content on new topics that include additional traffic channels like TikTok, and Snapchat students can leverage to maximize profits with their best-selling products. Sam's updated version offers a drop shipping blueprint that teaches things like:

  • How to build a high-converting store in under 2 hours.
  • How to find million-dollar winning products.
  • Tips for a Shopify store reviews software to gain social proof.
  • How to set up and scale your Facebook ads 'to the moon.'
  • His techniques on how to start and scale your online business from 0-$5K/day in less than 25 days.

Let's take a closer look at the new material  included with the price tag: 

7-Figure Mindset Training (NEW)

3.0 includes training on mindset and 'what it takes to develop the Millionaire Mindset.' Entrepreneurship is challenging. So to be successful, you need to shift your mind and develop new beliefs around money and success. Then, rewire your head using affirmations and gratitude.

Sam tells his students: “You need to live it, believe it as if it already happened.” It's also a process that requires adopting new habits like:

  • Focus On Your Goals & Believe In Yourself
  • Always Be Learning & Be Patient
  • Have A Growth Mindset & Stop Making Excuses

99% of dropshippers fail because they get impatient. Or they don't want it bad enough. In new content, Sam breaks down habits to become successful with the business model. In addition, he shares the science and tactics behind achieving a growth mindset and how to become a successful dropshipper. Change the narrative in your mind. Then you can harness the power to create and build wealth and know how to maintain it.

TikTok Organic (NEW)

Sam is turning up the heat and now regularly adds updated videos that include insider tips on how to make money with TikTok. In addition, students get a play-by-play on how to make $1000/day leveraging organic traffic on TikTok.

Then, they learn the exact process to reach millions of views with organic TikTok videos. The goal? To blow up TikTok for free. The platform still offers a host of untapped potential to get organic traffic. But you need a content and video marketing strategy that should include the following:

Sam's Tips For Content Marketing:

  • Find best selling products: Check out TikTok Made Me Buy It or #AmazonFinds to find products on TikTok.(Or use hashtags like #shop now, #gift ideas, and #dropshippers exposed).

  • Check out sites like AliExpress for products that fit the criteria.

  • Build a high-converting store: A clean and simple website

    with a super clear call to action.

  • Post-high-quality videos: 3-5 seconds with a compelling hook and scroll-stopping video showcasing the product.

Sam lists his ideal criteria for products to sell products on TikTok, including things like:

  • Have an eye-catching WOW factor
  • Meet an actual demand
  • Good profit margins (50% or 2-4X)
  • Can sell for $19.99-$39.99 
  • Easy to create daily content

Sam also shares his tips on warming up your account. He covers why TikTok ads don't last long. And how to get the most leverage from your ads before they die out. 

$0-$5K a Day eCom Store Case Study (NEW)

Watch Sam live as he records a case study series showing his exact steps on how he built and scaled a brand new Shopify store. Get an over-the-shoulder view as his online business goes from zero to $5K/day in less than 25 days. In new content, Sam shows his students how to do things like:

  • Find million-dollar winner products

  • Build his Shopify store

  • Create an ad campaign

Sam also provides students with his supplier and fulfillment recommendations. And he suggests they use Commercive. (Which he founded) to source products for fast shipping and good pricing.

He also shares his number one spy tool drop point. (Software that shows you ads that are working right now).

Maximizing Profits With Your Backend (NEW)

Sam teaches students the strategies multi-million dollar companies use to double their online revenue. Learn how to provide your customers with the best experience. And increase the lifetime of each person who visits your store.

Sam shares insider hacks on how to double your sales instantly. Pro techniques you can use right now to get your customers to buy two products instead of one. But you need traffic. And you need to be driving traffic through different sources, including:

  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
image of social media icons

Students learn how to harness organic traffic on social media sites with techniques like:

  • Use UGC content that is authentic.
  • Use less text and instead show images and creatives.

However, you need to post tons of videos to drive organic traffic. You want your videos to go viral. So your creatives need to be simple and showcase the product. And include that WOW factor.

Not only is this the easiest way to get traffic. But this is how you'll win in the age of grabbing attention. Sam outlines why you need to take advantage of reels on platforms like Instagram. And why you should take advantage of these free marketing strategies now. (Before they stop working). 

“Facebook ads reach 34.1% of the global population over the age of 13". Hootsuite

Of course, you can also utilize paid advertising on sites like Facebook ads, TikTok ads, or Snapchat ads. But you need to be prepared to cover costs and know when to pivot if things aren't working.

Sam Jacobs Pro Tip: Advanced Facebook ads have a longer shelf life. But they risk ad fatigue. So don't spend more than $100 per platform until you see what's working. Then when you know what works, you can focus on that specific platform and increase your spend accordingly.

Is eCom Uprise University Worth It? Or Is Sam Jacobs A Scam?

eCom Uprise University is worth it if you want a roadmap on how to be successful with drop shipping. Sam Jacob's course takes the guesswork out of the equation. And he provides a detailed guide on how to start and scale your online store. You also have access to an online community—a place to network and ask questions which can be invaluable for beginners.

In addition, content in the 3.0 version covers mindset. And even people who question are dropshipping courses worth it has to admit that quitting before you make money is one of the biggest challenges with the business model. But Sam Jacobs isn't a scam. If you purchase his training, you can access the material and his private group.

picture of sam jacobs youtube account

However, there are limited online reviews from third-party platforms. In addition, some comments on his YouTube channel suggest that there might be some 'smoke and mirror' stuff going on. So it's a good idea to do your research. But my dilemma is less about Sam and his program and more about the actual business model.

Drop shipping is insanely competitive. And it takes a ton of hard work. Plus, a willingness to test and fail (read-lose money) before you land a winning product. Add changes to social media algorithms and rising costs of paid ads. Combined with shipping delays and supply chain issues, drop shipping might not be the best online business to start in 2024.

Issues With The Dropshipping Business Model

The biggest issue with drop shipping is your lack of control over key aspects of your business. Because you don't hold inventory or own any stock, you rely on third-party suppliers to package and fulfill your orders. But that means you have zero control over product quality, shipping times, or fulfillment. You don't need to invest a ton of capital to get started. But you're leaving a lot of crucial pieces to chance.

In addition, it's become super easy for other dropshippers to take what's working and copy you out of your own market. So not only do you need to be the best marketer. But you need to always be on the hustle. And one step ahead of the curve to stay profitable. Or find best selling products and build a brand. (But then you need to decide on your long-term strategy; dropshipping vs ecommerce)?

Plus, you need to understand how to run successful ad campaigns. Or understand split testing to get the best conversions. You need to be willing to shift gears if things don't work. Drop shipping isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. As the market becomes more competitive, you'll need to work harder and smarter if you want to drive online traffic to your store and make sales.

I prefer lead generation-leveraging Google to drive organic traffic to websites I own and rent to small business owners. So I can make a passive income without spending money on Facebook ads or relying on the next hot trend. And lead generation requires a skill set. So it's not as competitive or easy to duplicate.


eCom Uprise University is a complete guide on how to build and scale a Shopify drop shipping store. Of course, you don't need to spend money on a program to be profitable with the business model. You can spend hours on YouTube and Google connecting the dots for free.

But if you want to start making money faster. Then Sam Jacob's training is worth the price tag. You'll learn the basics and network with established dropshippers. People who can help streamline the success of your online store. And show you how to make money with dropshipping.

An Alternate Business Model To Consider

I made some solid profit margins with drop shipping. But I could never achieve the consistent income levels I've made with my lead generation company. Building and ranking multiple websites that generate leads for small business owners. This business model has allowed me to secure a passive income. In addition, local lead generation has a higher barrier to entry than drop shipping. So it's less competitive.

Plus, because it's a learned skill, there isn't the constant threat of market saturation. I have complete control over every part of my business. So I don't need to rely on suppliers. Or get stressed over slow shipping times. Instead, I find a local business owner interested in growing their company and sell my leads for a profit, and both parties benefit. In my opinion, starting a lead generation business is the best way to make money online in 2024.

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