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Step 2

August 16, 2020


Ecomm Clubhouse by Sarah Chrisp / Wholesale Ted - The COMPLETE Review
Step 2 – Source and Choose Products That SELL

Ecomm Clubhouse's Step 2 deals with finding products and suppliers, choosing the correct ones, pricing them and placing them on your store.

Video 1: How to pick viral & top rated AliExpress products to sell

In this lesson, Sarah shows you how to find winning products on AliExpress. She has 4 criteria to follow and gives you an over-the-shoulder tutorial on how to find 20 of them for your store.

I do however feel that product research should include more than the criteria Sarah teaches.

In the past, I made the mistake of choosing products along similar criteria lines and they did not sell. For a more comprehensive list of product checks, have a look at my FREE Ultimate Dropshipping Guide

Total lesson length: 9 minutes 27 seconds

Video 2: How To Select the Correct AliExpress Supplier

Sarah goes through 4 steps to choose a supplier. Although this cover the basics, I would increase her criteria a little. Trusting a supplier with only 50 orders can be risky...

Sarah also touches on PayPal and Stripe and what you should do to make sure that your accounts do not get blocked. 

Total lesson length: 10 minutes 4 seconds

Video 3: How To Research & Spy on Winning Print On Demand Designs

In this lesson, Sarah shows you how to find winning T-shirt designs, and how to use those designs to inspire you to create even better "original" designs.  

Sarah gives solid advice on how to find designs on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Sarah stresses again not to use someone else's designs as you would infringe on their copyrights. It's better to come up with your own original designs anyway

Total lesson length: 32 minutes 41 seconds

Video 4 How To Get Custom Designs Created Using Fiverr 

In this tutorial, Sarah shows you how to take your design ideas and pass it on to a designer you find on Fiverr. 

A professional designer will take your winning idea and enhance it into an original T-shirt design.

Sarah also included a PDF document with a template for contacting designers on Fiverr.

Lesson length: 10 minutes 1 second.

Video 5 How To Get Instant Designs On Shutterstock

During this video, Sarah teaches you how to find design ideas on Shutterstock.

Be warned though, there is a Shutterstock subscription fee, so be warned. In order to obtain the rights/licence to commercially use their images, you have to pay an "enhanced licence" fee, which starts at $199 for two images... 25 images will cost $1,699 - so yes, it is expensive.   

I don't think this is the best way forward for beginners. When you're just starting out, you want to save money wherever you can, and this is a big expense straight out the gate. What happens when your t-shirts don't sell? You should try this approach once you're more established and money is coming in on a steady basis.  

Lesson length: 10 minutes 1 second.

Video 6: How To Price Products

Sarah starts off teaching you the distinction between front-end and up-sell products.

Pricing strategies for front-end products depends on your product sourcing. Sarah explains her pricing rules for products you get from AliExpress, and Print-On-Demand products. 
These are good suggestions, but nothing you won't find on YouTube. 

Lesson length: 12 minutes 25 seconds.

Step 2 - My Key Takeaways 

The highlight of this module was the inclusion of a template you can use when contacting designers on Fiverr. Sarah offers good suggestions for finding product designs for your Print-On-Demand business.


Content: 7/10 Info on both product and supplier research is very basic. 



As good as the first Step was regarding niche selection, this module was pretty average where product and supplier research was concerned.

You need to be a lot more certain of your products and whether your suppliers will be able to fulfill the orders once you get busy.

Unfortunately, Ecomm Clubhouse offers only the most of basic training.  

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