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Deepwork Labs eCommerce Accelerator by Matthew Sabia: FULL dropshipping course review (2022)

August 15, 2020

eCommerce Accelerator Program by Matthew Sabia.
This is a full module by module, review of the eCommerce Accelerator program. The program is a 12-week step-by-step program with 60+ hours (with bonuses), of 4k quality training videos. It also includes audio lessons, PDF supporting documents, sales templates and software tools. 

You should not confuse this with the Deepwork Labs Knowledge-Commerce Accelerator Program, which is a completely different program that has nothing to do with dropshipping. If you happen to stumble upon the Deepworks Labs training Programs page, you'll see that Matthew offers 3 different courses/programs. 

This is a review of the first program, eCommerce Accelerator.

Deepwork Labs Accelerator Course Overview

Ranked #3 of the Top 10 Dropshipping Courses of 2020 (See full list here)
15 hours 23 minutes
Great content to start your first Shopify store but some areas are lacking.
$47 per month (March 2020)

Introduction to Matthew

According to the offical Matthew Sabia website, Matthew is the CEO of DeepWork Labs, an online education and consulting company who has helped over 2500 students generate their first online income. He is also an accredited investor with multiple real estate investments and capital investments in major US brands.
According to his YouTube bio, Matthew went from over $50k in credit card debt to building two 7-figure businesses. He created his YouTube channel to teach upcoming internet entrepreneurs and online business owners how to build, grow and scale their eCommerce businesses. ​

Matthew has over 57k YouTube Subscribers and has had total views of his YT Channel of over 1.8 million. 

Before I get to the nuts and bolts of the course, MY DISCLAIMER:
I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE. Fullstop. I don't earn anything from doing my reviews. This means you don't get ANY bias at all. Only straight-shooting, honest opinions. Nothing more. 

What to Expect in the eCommerce Accelerator Program

  • The course will help you choose a product that works, and then you're going to scale your new business to over $200 per day. 
  • Matthew lets you watch over his shoulder as he builds a fully functional Shopify website. He shows where and how find and add winning products and runs a simple Facebook ad campaign that generates $314 in sales on camera.
  • The course also teaches you about Sales Funnels. According to Matt, if you copy his exact sales funnels, it will increase your average cart value x3 and your conversion rates x10. That's a pretty serious claim. 
  • Matt says he made his first $1.2 million online without spending $1 on paid ads. (That's insane!) In the course, he will show you exactly how he did it, using advanced free traffic.
  • He will teach you how to build automated email funnels that can double or even triple your sales within days.
  • Matt will teach you how to unlock the potential of Facebook Ads without resorting to $5 a day methods.
  •  You will learn how to leverage FB Messenger’s 88% open rates and one-click opt-ins to build massive lists of loyal repeat customers, who you can text at any time.
  •  He also teaches you how to use chatbots.
  •  Matt will teach you how to use Google Ads effectively for Re-targeting Campaigns.
  •  He also teaches you how to produce high quality Video Ads and how to rank them on YouTube. 
  •  The course offers over 25 hours of bonus content
  •  Full Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee within 14 days of signing up. 
  •  It offers comprehensive training on white labeling your own products, building a lasting brand.
  • You also get a free $150 voucher to be used on Google or YouTube Ads. 
Wow! That is a quite a lot on offer.

The question is: Can Matthew and the eCommerce Accelerator Program deliver on these promises? 

Let's see what Matthew Sabia's Accelerator Course offers you, module by module.  

The Deepwork Labs Accelerator Program Breakdown

The Accelerator Program contains 88 different video lessons, with a total of 15 hours and 23 minutes of tutorials.
MODULE 01: Start Here
This module has a single video and serves as an introduction to the course and what you can expect. Matt calls it, "The 6-Figure eCommerce Business Blueprint".
This video locks all the other modules in the course until you've watched this video, so you have to start here.

Module length: 44 minutes

MODULE 2: Quick Start Course - Getting Your First Sales Fast
In this module Matthew offers you an over-the-shoulder vantage as he builds a fully functional Shopify website. 
He offers some great tips, such as keeping it simple like the Apple iPhone website.
Matthew then finds and adds winning products and runs a simple (yet profitable) Facebook ad campaign that generates sales right on camera. 

He does move a bit quickly, but stresses that this is to show you just how fast and easy it can be to set up a profitable online business within a matter of hours and generate your first sale.
Matthew also shows you how to do this with both free and paid traffic.

Lessons include:
Building Your Shopify Website Step-by-Step, Which Shopify Apps & Plugins You Need (And Don't Need), How To Accept Payments & Setup Your Shipping Costs, Finding Winning Products, Adding Them To Your Store & Adding Up-Sells, Getting Your First Sales FAST With Free Traffic & Easy Facebook Ads.

This module contains 6 video tutorials and 6 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour and 43 minutes.

MODULE 3: Choosing Your Niche & Doing Product Research
In this module, Matthew teaches why you should not build a general store. (Hint: you are not Steve Bezos).

The key components to success (according to Matthew), are to always choose a BIG "saturated" niche, reverse engineer an alternative to a winning product, and to not choose your product(s) without knowing how to sell. 

Lessons include:
Sell Amazon Restricted Products, Use Shopify's IP Address To Find Successful Niches, Using The Shopify Exchange to Find Verified Successful Niches, Steal Your Competitors Best Selling Products, Copy Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Finding More Unique Product Ideas. 

This module contains 7 video tutorials and 7 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 31 minutes.

This module is all about the beauty of sales funnels. Matthew starts with Sales Funnels vs the typical storefront or product page.

Sales funnels dramatically increases conversions and multiplies your revenue per customer. Its best feature, though, is it helps you collect data. Data about the sales process, the product, what people respond to and who buys the product.

In this module, Matthew shows you step-by-step how to build your funnels, and how to structure your offers and choose products. He also gives you pre-made templates that you can import into your own ClickFunnels account.

Lessons include:
Case Studies: Why You Need To Use Sales Funnels, How To Structure Your Offers, Step-by-Step Funnel Building, How To Connect Your Funnels To Your Shopify Store. 

This module contains 4 video tutorials and 4 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 56 minutes.

In this module, Matt shows you step-by-step how he takes a client’s brand new Instagram account and sets up the profile for conversions. He offers the best format for your photo captions and shows you what and when to post.

Matt also shows you how to automate the account with his suggested software. Then, to automate this process, you're going to need to install apps like FollowLiker or Jarvee.

He also covers free Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit traffic.

Lessons offered:
Basic Free Instagram Traffic Method, Using Facebook Live To Get On Demand Sales, Free Facebook Traffic Hack, Free Passive Traffic From Pinterest, Free Passive YouTube Traffic, Free Reddit Traffic Hack. 

This module contains 7 video tutorials and 7 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour 27 minutes.

MODULE 6: Email Marketing Strategies
Matthew believes that at least 35% of your sales should be coming from your email list​, which is why it so important to grow a mailing list and use it correctly.

Most people go about driving traffic to their ecommerce websites with paid ads, getting a single sale and repeating that process over and over again. This is not only unsustainable but gives you little to no room to scale and grow your business.

Lessons in this module: My 8x Email Marketing Strategy, Setting Up Your Email Funnels, Effective Email Copywriting, How To Streamline Your Entire Email Marketing Process, How To Quickly Test Your Email Funnels, How To Protect Your Email List. 

This module contains 6 video tutorials and 6 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 57 minutes.

MODULE 7: Facebook Messenger Marketing 
Facebook Messenger marketing is very much like email marketing back in the 90s and early 2000s with average open rates of 88% and easy one-click opt-ins. With a single click users can be added to your mailing list as long as they're logged into their Facebook account.

This module is about implementing and leveraging Facebook messenger for your ecommerce business using ManyChat.
Lessons included: Creating Messenger Opt-ins, How to Send Broadcasts and Build Flows, Building a Support Chat Bot, Getting Facebook Comments.

This module contains 5 video tutorials and 5 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 49 minutes.

MODULE 8: Video Marketing
Video Marketing is one of the easiest ways to double (if not triple) your conversion rate. However, most dropshippers are either too lazy to utilize it, or don't know how.

Creating and adding videos to your product pages increases the quality, trustworthiness, and effectiveness of your product pages and you can't afford not to use them today.
Tutorials on: How to Create Video Products, How to Rank YouTube videos, how to run proftiable YouTube Ads.

This module contains 3 video tutorials and 3 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 40 minutes.

MODULE 9: Unlocking the Power of Facebook Ads
This module unveils the most common mistakes 90% of marketers make when running Facebook ad campaigns. Matthew also shows how to start unlocking the full power of Facebook.
Tutorials on: how to leverage scaling, how to install the FB Pixel, creating Lookalike Audiences and running your first ad, how to setup automatic retargeting Ads on Facebook, and hacking Facebook videos for Custom Audiences. 

This module contains 6 video tutorials and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour and 44 minutes.

MODULE 10: Unlocking Google Shopping & Retargeting Ads
First, Matthew takes you through you Merchant setup. Then, after Google Ads account is all setup, you upload your product catalog, with your conversion tracking in place.

Then he shows you how to set up and run your first Google Ads campaign and start driving some sales.
Tutorials on: Merchant Center Set Up & Conversion Tracking, Running Your First Google Ad Campaign (Step-by-Step), Using Google Retargeting Ads. 

This module contains 3 video tutorials and 3 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 35 minutes.

MODULE 11: Other Paid Ad Methods
Instagram is one of the best and most effective places to drive free traffic to your business and it's close to being the 2nd biggest social media platform in the world.

If you don't have a presence on Instagram and you're not running ads on both Instagram and Pinterest, you may as well not exist. 

Tutorials in this module are How to Run Pinterest Ads, How To Run Instagram Ads

This module contains 2 video tutorials, 2 supporting PDF documents and a PSD file. Total module length is 22 minutes.

MODULE 12: White Labeling Products
This module covers the process of white labeling, and private labeling your own products from beginning to end.
Matthew covers the importance of white labeling your own products, when, why and how to take advantage of fulfillment centers to store and ship your products and more.

Tutorials on: How To Use Fulfillment Centers, Requesting Quotes From Suppliers, What To Look For In a Quality Supplier, Where To Get Custom Product Packaging. 

This module contains 5 video tutorials and 5 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 56 minutes.

MODULE 13: VIP Tips & Tricks
Matthew focuses on two things in this module: How to Never Pay a Chargeback Again (brilliant piece of advice), and How to Link Exciting Products to Oberlo. The last lesson is not so much a VIP tip or trick as Oberlo as pretty widely used these days. 

This module contains 2 video tutorials and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 15 minutes.

MODULE 14: eCommerce Business Blueprints
If you want to scale your business quickly, most gurus agree that POD is the way to go in 2020.  

There are only two tutorials in this module and they are the 24 Hour Print on Demand Business Blueprint, and How to Sell Licensed Products - Superhero Store Blueprint.

This module contains 2 video tutorials. Total module length is 29 minutes.

MODULE 15: Flip Brand New Shopify Stores For $500
An extra method to get quick extra cash or some quick startup money to run ads for other projects, etc. is to flip new Shopify Stores for quick cash. 
Tutorials on: Flip Brand New Shopify Stores For Quick Cash, Shopify Exchange Relisting Loophole, How to Leverage Established Sites to Sell Starter Sites. 

This module contains 3 video tutorials and 1 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 31 minutes.

MODULE 16: Bonus - Transcendence Focus Workbook
Whether you are in the top 1% or not, we all have one thing in common: Time. 24 hours in a day. 7 days in a week. The difference is how the leverage it.

This module gives you access to Matthew's workbook that shows you how to unlock a hyper-productive mental state, known as deep work. This teaches you to manage your time effectively. 
Matthew Sabia's Transcendence Workbook

This module contains1 video tutorial and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 4 minutes.

MODULE 17:  Website Store Reviews
This bonus module offers sample reviews of websites submitted by members of the Accelrator Program. It offers valuable insights on where students went wrong and where they did well. After 30 days of completing the program, you can submit your own site for review as well.

This module contains 25 video tutorials and 1 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 2 hours and 34 minutes.

Is it a worthwhile course?

Truth be told, this is a good course with great insight into a Shopify eCommerce store.

There's not much to fault and at only $47 dollars per month, it is actually a steal.

The only thing I can fault is the business model. Dropshipping is not my Number One business model for 2020. (It hasn't been my Number One choice since 2016, actually).

If you want to know what my Number One choice is, click below.

Review Conclusion

This is the first eCommerce training program that I've come across to dive deep into using chatbots and Facebook Messenger to drive sales.

Unlike most courses that focus on only FB Ads and perhaps Google Ads, Matthew has gone above and beyond. He covers the two major platforms, but also YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

I really can't fault this course. The content is comprehensive (although some of it is dated 2018), the price is great and the added features, such as templates are very good. 

You just need to decide if the dropshipping model is the right one for you.


What I like:

  • Very comprehensive content.
  • Good marketing strategies on different platforms. 
  • Excellent price. 
  • Limited to only 100 students per month.

What I didn't like:

  • Some content is from 2018. 
  • Not the best online business model in 2020

Is dropshipping right for you in 2020?

A lot has been said about dropshipping in recent times. Some have even suggested that dropshipping was dead back in 2018, and you hear this statement every few months.

Although I don't think that dropshipping is dead, it certainly has lost some of it's appeal since the golden years of 2016 and 2017. Back then you could sell crappy products, throw together a half-assed marketing campaign and still make big bucks.

Those days are over though.

Here's a short list of why I quit dropshipping (and why you should think long and hard before starting with this business model):
  • Product research: You need to stay on top of trends. This means constantly finding trending/hot products  that lead to impulsive buys. The problem with trending products is that they reach their peak quickly, and then you need to have the next product lined up already. Dropshipping entails a constant search for new products – it never ends.
  • Supplier research: You have to find a TRUSTWORTHY supplier that: a) Provides a quality product. b) Can keep up with supply. c) Is able to fulfill all your orders, which includes packing and shipping. d) Find a local supplier in the USA (no one wants to wait 3 weeks for a product from China).
  • Rising Ad Costs: even before talks of the recession, digital marketing was becoming more and more expensive. According to Forbes, FB saw an increase in Ad costs of 90% year-on-year. This eats away at your profits.
FB Ad Costs rise 90 percent year-on-year
  • FB Ads: In order to have a good ROI you need to know everything there is to know about FB Guidelines, FB Pixel, Ad Formats, Creating Ads, Audiences, Ad Objectives, Bidding, Budget, A/B Testing, Interpreting Data, Scaling, and Lookalike Audiences. 
  • Then there are also additional factors to consider when doing dropshipping, such as Re-targeting and Email Marketing, Placing Orders, Shipping issues, Chargebacks, After Sales and Additional Costs that no one talks about, such as Shopify Apps subscriptions.
You don't hear of many new dropshipping millionaires. Even the old pros are struggling to make a million a year. And if they are struggling, with all ther experience then you will too. 

Starting brand new dropshipping venture in 2020 is still possible. You might even be lucky enough to make good money from it.

BUT, it requires a lot of hard work and skill to make it a success. The Returns on Investment (ROI) are very small where dropshipping is concerned. Here's an example of a store that is for sale on Flippa. 
This site has been operating for 8 years and has Revenue of $5,811 per month. Sounds good, but look at the Net Profit per month... 

The profit margin is only 15,9%. Is all that trouble really only worth $925 per month? Obviously not. That's why the owner wants to sell it.

In other words: you put in a lot of effort for few rewards. 

If not dropshipping. What then?

Luckily, there are other alternatives. Dropshipping isn't the only eCommerce option available to you.

Instead of Chinese suppliers, you can find local suppliers who would be willing to ship on your behalf. Print On Demand, in combination with an eCommerce store, is increasing in popularity.

Then there's also Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

But why stick to eCommerce?

What about offering services, such as SEO via your own Digital Agency? Or Affiliate Marketing? Or blogging? Copywriting? Content Marketing?

My Number One choice for the past few years running, and still showing constant growth year on year, is local lead generation.

The Lead Gen, or Rank and Rent model, works as follows:
- You build a lead generation site and rank it organically to Number One on Google's search pages. 
- As leads start coming in, you refer them to a local business you've identified. 
- As more leads come in, you build a relationship with the business owner. In time, you rent the website and all its leads to the business owner, who pays you a monthly fee.

See yourself as a virtual landlord building digital properties that you rent out for a passive income.

Here's an example of one of my lead gen sites that consistently brings in $2k a month - without any maintenance, tweaking or additional work. 
Lead gen offers true passive income.

And unlike dropshipping, there's no:
  • constant search for new, "winning/hot" products.
  • There are no new marketing skills to learn as the platforms change their algorithms. You don't need to constantly monitor and test your ad sets as you do with dropshipping.
  • You don't have to worry about marketing at all. Lead gen gets 100% FREE organic traffic from Google. 
Lead Generation makes me $50k per month, whereas dropshipping had revenue of $10k per month at the best of times.

There's no competition, really. 

Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2020 and beyond. 

Want to know more? Scroll down and follow the link. 
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