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eCommerce Accelerator by Matthew Sabia – A short review of this eCommerce course (2022).

August 16, 2020

eCommerce Accelerator Course by Matthew Sabia and DeepWork Labs.
This is the condensed, review of the eCommerce Accelerator program. The program is a 12-week step-by-step program with 60+ hours (with bonuses), of 4k quality training videos. It also includes audio lessons, PDF supporting documents, sales templates and software tools. 

If you want the FULL, module-by-module, in-depth review of eCommerce Accelerator, please follow this link.   

Deepwork Labs eCommerce Accelerator Course Overview

Ranked #3 of the Top 10 Dropshipping Courses of 2020 (See full list here)
15 hours 23 minutes
Great content to start your first Shopify store, but some areas are lacking.
$47 per month (March 2020)

Introduction to Matthew

According to his YouTube bio, Matthew Sabia went from over $50k in credit card debt to building two 7-figure businesses.

Thus far, he has helped over 2500 online entrepreneurs to make money online. 

He created his YouTube channel to teach upcoming internet entrepreneurs and online business owners how to build, grow and scale their eCommerce businesses. 

They can achieve this by using Shopify, dropshipping and the free and paid traffic methods which Matthew learned over the years.

I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE. Thus, I don't earn any money from doing my reviews. This means you don't get any bias at all, as you would from affiliate reviewers. 

What to Expect in the eCommerce Accelerator Program

Matthew states that you will learn how to:
- Choose products that allow you to make at least $3,000 per month.
- Build a Shopify website from scratch and optimize it with the right settings and apps.
- Run a Facebook Ad Campaign.
- How to set up and run Sales Funnels.
- The secrets behind Advanced Free Traffic.
- Build your own Automated Email Funnels.
- Unlock the potential of Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, FB Messenger and YouTube Ads.
- How to use live chatbots.
- Scale your business by white labelling your own products.

In addition, you also get over 25 hours of bonus content, a 14 day money back guarantee and a free $150 Google voucher for Google Ads or YouTube. 

Does the course deliver on these promises, though?

The eCommerce Accelerator Course Curriculum Breakdown

The Accelerator Program contains 88 different video lessons, with a total of 15 hours and 23 minutes of tutorials.
MODULE 01: Start Here
- This is an introductory video that tells you what to expect in the course. It's lengthy though, at 44 minutes, but you need to watch it in order to unlock the other videos. 

MODULE 2: Quick Start Course - Getting Your First Sales Fast
Matthew shows you how he builds a Shopify Store from scratch. He also finds products, and runs a FB Ad Campaign. 
This module contains 6 video tutorials and 6 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour and 43 minutes.

MODULE 3: Choosing Your Niche & Doing Product Research
In this module, Matthew teaches you how to choose a BIG "saturated" niche, reverse engineer an alternative to a winning product.
This module contains 7 video tutorials and 7 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 31 minutes.

This module teaches you the A to Z of sales funnels. His pre-made templates will help you with conversions and collecting data that you can use to convert even more. 
This module contains 4 video tutorials and 4 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 56 minutes.

In this module, Matthew shows you how to set up a new Instagram account and sets up the profile for conversions through automation. He also covers free Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit traffic.
This module contains 7 video tutorials and 7 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour 27 minutes.

MODULE 6: Email Marketing Strategies
Matthew shares his 8x email marketing strategy, how to set up email funnels, and how to streamline the entire process from start to finish.
This module contains 6 video tutorials and 6 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 57 minutes.

MODULE 7: Facebook Messenger Marketing
This module is about implementing and leveraging Facebook Messenger for your ecommerce business. It also includes lessons on creating a Chat Bot and getting FB Comments to boost your social proof.
This module contains 5 video tutorials and 5 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 49 minutes.

MODULE 8: Video Marketing
Video Marketing is one of the easiest ways to double (if not triple) your conversion rate. Matthew shows you how to create and add videos to your product pages. 
This module contains 3 video tutorials and 3 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 40 minutes.

MODULE 9: Unlocking the Power of Facebook Ads
Matthew teaches you how to unlock the full power of Facebook, by focusing on scaling, the FB Pixel, Lookalike Audiences, Auto Retargeting and hacking FB Videos.
This module contains 6 video tutorials and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 1 hour and 44 minutes.

MODULE 10: Unlocking Google Shopping & Retargeting Ads
Matthew shows you how to set up your Google Merchant Account, and then how to upload your product catalog, with your conversion tracking in place. Lastly, you learn how to set up and run your first Google Ads campaign to start driving sales.
This module contains 3 video tutorials and 3 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 35 minutes.

MODULE 11: Other Paid Ad Methods
Matthew shows you the importance of both Instagram and Pinterest and how to run ads on both platforms. 
This module contains 2 video tutorials, 2 supporting PDF documents and a PSD file. Total module length is 22 minutes.

MODULE 12: White Labeling Products
This module covers the process of white labeling, and private labeling your own products from beginning to end.
This module contains 5 video tutorials and 5 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 56 minutes.

MODULE 13: VIP Tips & Tricks
Matthew focuses on How to Never Pay a Chargeback Again (a brilliant piece of advice), and How to Link Exciting Products to Oberlo (which can be found on YouTube).

This module contains 2 video tutorials and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 15 minutes.

MODULE 14: eCommerce Business Blueprints
The business blueprints that Matthew offer you are for a Print-On-Demand business and a Superhero Store blueprint.

This module contains 2 video tutorials. Total module length is 29 minutes.

MODULE 15: Flip Brand New Shopify Stores For $500
A quick way to make extra cash is to build a Shopify Store, populate it with products for a month and then selling it on the Shopify Exchange. Matthew shows you the process. 
Tutorials on: Flip Brand New Shopify Stores For Quick Cash, Shopify Exchange Relisting Loophole, How to Leverage Established Sites to Sell Starter Sites. 

This module contains 3 video tutorials and 1 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 31 minutes.

MODULE 16: Bonus - Transcendence Focus Workbook
This module gives you access to Matthew's Transcendence workbook which shows you how to unlock a hyper-productive mental state, known as deep work.
Matthew Sabia's Transcendence Workbook
This module contains1 video tutorial and 2 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 4 minutes.

MODULE 17:  Website Store Reviews.
​Matthew offers reviews of student websites that they submitted for review. It offers a good insight into which mistakes most newcomers make. 

This module contains 25 video tutorials and 1 supporting PDF documents. Total module length is 2 hours and 34 minutes.

Is it a worthwhile course?

If we look at value for money and the course content as a whole, then you can't go wrong with eCommerce Accelerator. 

There's not much to fault and at only $47 dollars per month, it is actually a steal.

The only thing I can fault is the business model. Dropshipping is not my Number One business model for 2020. (It hasn't been my Number One choice since 2016, actually).

If you want to know what my Number One choice is, click below.

Review Conclusion

Unlike most courses that focus on only FB Ads and perhaps Google Ads, Matthew has gone above and beyond. He covers the two major platforms, but also YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, and Pinterest. More than that, he also covers the use of chatbots to drive sales.

I really can't fault this course. The content is comprehensive (although some of it is dated 2018), the price is great and the added features, such as templates are very good. 

You just need to decide if the dropshipping model is the right one for you...


What I like:

  • Very comprehensive content.
  • Good marketing strategies on different platforms. 
  • Excellent price. 
  • Limited to only 100 students per month.

What I didn't like:

  • Some content is from 2018. 
  • Not the best online business model in 2020

Is dropshipping right for you in 2020?

A lot has been said about dropshipping in recent times. Some have even suggested that dropshipping was dead back in 2018, and you hear this statement every few months.

Although I don't think that dropshipping is dead, it certainly has lost some of it's appeal since the golden years of 2016 and 2017. Back then you could sell crappy products, throw together a half-assed marketing campaign and still make big bucks.

Those days are over though.

Now, you need to sell good quality products. Have fast delivery from US based suppliers. Be a marketing wizard and have a big budget as well. 

You don't hear of many new dropshipping millionaires. Even the old pros are struggling to make a million a year. And if they are struggling, with all ther experience then you will too. 

Starting brand new dropshipping venture in 2020 is still possible. You might even be lucky enough to make good money from it.

BUT, it requires a lot of hard work and skill to make it a success. The Returns on Investment (ROI) are very small where dropshipping is concerned. 

In other words: you put in a lot of effort for few rewards. 

If not dropshipping. What then?

Luckily, there are other alternatives. Dropshipping isn't the only eCommerce option available to you.

Instead of Chinese suppliers, you can find local suppliers who would be willing to ship on your behalf. Print On Demand, in combination with an eCommerce store, is increasing in popularity.

Then there's also Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

But why stick to eCommerce?

What about offering services, such as SEO via your own Digital Agency? Or Affiliate Marketing? Or blogging? Copywriting? Content Marketing?

My Number One choice for the past few years running, and still showing constant growth year on year, is local lead generation.

The Lead Gen, or Rank and Rent model, works as follows:
- You build a lead generation site and rank it organically to Number One on Google's search pages. 
- As leads start coming in, you refer them to a local business you've identified. 
- As more leads come in, you build a relationship with the business owner. In time, you rent the website and all its leads to the business owner, who pays you a monthly fee.

See yourself as a virtual landlord building digital properties that you rent out for a passive income.

Here's an example of one of my lead gen sites that consistently brings in $2k a month - without any maintenance, tweaking or additional work. 
Lead gen offers true passive income.

And unlike dropshipping, there's no:
  • constant search for new, "winning/hot" products.
  • There are no new marketing skills to learn as the platforms change their algorithms. You don't need to constantly monitor and test your ad sets as you do with dropshipping.
  • You don't have to worry about marketing at all. Lead gen gets 100% FREE organic traffic from Google. 
Lead Generation makes me $50k per month, whereas dropshipping had revenue of $10k per month at the best of times.

There's no competition, really. 

Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2020 and beyond. 

Want to know more? Scroll down and follow the link. 
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