Oliver Denyer’s Ecommerce Freedom Review: The Fastest Way to Make Money on Amazon?

February 9, 2024

Ecommerce Freedom by Oliver Denyer is an Amazon FBA course that promises to show students how to find hot-selling products fast. Unlike other FBA courses that focus on one specific strategy, Ecommerce Freedom covers all the different ways you can discover and sell products on Amazon like private labeling, wholesale, and retail arbitrage. 

While the sales page contains success stories from Oliver’s students, it’s difficult to find real customer reviews from third-party websites. Ecommerce Freedom currently has 56 reviews on Trustpilot: 1 angry review saying the course promises are misleading and requesting a refund was difficult, followed quickly by 55 positive reviews which show signs of being faked.  

Amazon FBA is a legit online business model that works by finding products to sell for a markup on Amazon. This is usually done by buying wholesale from China, creating a private label, or finding products at a discount and selling them at full price. Jungle Scout reports that 45% of Amazon FBA sellers make $1,000 - $25,000 a month, showing that this is not a fake business.

In this article, we’ll inspect if Oliver’s promise of fast results is realistic, study if Ecommerce Freedom is worth its hefty £10,000 price tag, do a background check on Oliver Denyer, then look at some alternative options you have to this Amazon course. 

Heads up! This is a review of Oliver Denyer's Amazon FBA training, not Dan Vas's “Ecom Freedom.”

Ecommerce Freedom Pros & Cons


Teaches a legit business model

230 video lessons

Made for UK residents


Very expensive

Unrealistic timeframe for success

No refund policy

Lack of trustworthy reviews


Ecommerce Freedom costs £10,000 (roughly $12,500)

Refund Policy

There is no published refund policy for Ecommerce Freedom. However, one reviewer on Trustpilot says he was able to demand his money back from his bank. 


Ecommerce Freedom was released in 2015


Oliver seems to have actual success in the Amazon FBA business. However, many reviews of his course on Trustpilot seem to be faked, and we found a few red flags about the course.

How Fast Can You Make Money Online With Ecommerce Freedom and Amazon FBA? 

You can make money on Amazon in less than 2 weeks with Ecommerce Freedom according to Oliver. Ecommerce Freedom promises to teach students proven strategies that will give the “biggest financial return in as little time as possible.” Oliver also says to get started, you’ll only need at least 5 hours a week and £500 to spend on stock. 

While it is possible to set up an Amazon Seller Central account quickly, finding products that can make you profit on Amazon usually takes a lot of time. Since this business has become saturated, it now typically takes 1 - 2 weeks of product research before finding something with good potential. 

Even if you already have a product to sell, it can take weeks or even a month to reach the Amazon warehouse (depending on which strategy you use). Finally, when your product is ready for sales, it’ll take a while before it outranks your competitors on the Amazon search - and there’s no guarantee that it ever will!

Because of these factors and increasing competition, most people who start don’t get their dream life from Amazon FBA - let alone get it fast. For those who stick around, only 21% start seeing profits within 3 months, while over 13% have gone into deficit for over a year before breaking even and making profit.

Finally, the “proven strategies” Oliver teaches are not secret formulas. Ecommerce Freedom goes over retail arbitrage, online store arbitrage, private labeling, wholesale from China, and selling products on eBay. All these strategies are well-known and taught by a handful of other Amazon FBA coaches. So while it is possible to make a profit within three months, this can only be achieved with hard work and some beginner’s luck - just studying Ecommerce Freedom does not guarantee fast results. 

What’s in The Ecommerce Freedom Course? 

230 video lessons, group coaching calls, and 3 1-on-1 coaching calls are in the Ecommerce Freedom course. It separates itself from other Amazon FBA courses by having a lot of material that shows how to set up an Amazon FBA Seller account and the different strategies you can use for your online business. 

The 9 Things You’ll Get In Ecommerce Freedom

Ecommerce Freedom doesn’t give an outline for the course, but they do list 9 things you’ll get aside from the course:

🎁 10 “Smash Hit” Products - a list of 10 product ideas that Oliver has researched as having potential to sell well on Amazon.

🎁 30-Day Test Batch Training - training on how to import a small test batch first before investing heavily in a product that might not do well. 

🎁 Use of Oliver’s Product Concierge Service - “Product Concierge” is a middleman service that Amazon sellers sometimes use to ship products from China directly to the Amazon warehouse. When you sign up for Ecommerce Freedom, you’ll have access to Oliver’s middleman. (Note: it doesn’t specify if you can use this service for free)

🎁 Access to Oliver’s “Done For You” Product Listing Service - Most Amazon sellers write their own product listings. If you’re still unfamiliar with the best listing practices, you can let Oliver’s product listing service do it for you instead. Once again, Oliver doesn’t specify if this service is free.

🎁 Lifetime Access to the Platform - Allowing you to study at your own pace. 

🎁 Group Coaching Calls Every 2 Weeks - These calls are meant to be accountability sessions with Oliver and the rest of the students in Platinum. 

🎁 3x 1-On-1 Coaching Calls - The course disclaimer says these coaching calls won’t be with Oliver himself, but with another Amazon coach. If you want coaching from Oliver directly, you’ll have to pay an extra £1,000/hour. 

🎁 24/7 Access to a Coach via Voxer - Again, this does not mean you’ll have access to Oliver, just another Amazon coach. 

🎁 Access to a Slack Community of Fellow Students - Slack is a messaging platform. When you join Ecommerce Freedom, you can chat with other people who have bought the course. 

Are Ecommerce Freedom's Offerings High Quality?

No. The Ecommerce Freedom sales page greatly hypes up these 9 things. But on closer inspection, you'll find that they're not amazing. The 10 Smash Hit products goes to every student, so you'll instantly have competition if you try to sell those, the 30-day test batch training sounds like they'll do the test batch for you, but it's just training, and both the product concierge and product listing service don't mention if they're free. 

Is Ecommerce Freedom a Scam? 4 Red Flags We Found About The Course

Ecommerce Freedom is not a complete scam. The course contains 230 videos of Oliver teaching how Amazon FBA works, how to set up your account, and a bunch of different strategies you can use to find products. However, we found 4 red flags that you should know about before purchasing the course:

  • Misleading Promises - Amazon FBA is not something you can work 5-hours a week on and get results, and it’s definitely not as easy as Oliver makes it seem. As an actual FBA seller, this online business takes time, effort, and a lot of testing and research to make things click.
  • No Refund Policy - Ecommerce Freedom’s Platinum Coaching Course does not have a refund guarantee. Their disclaimer also contains vague language regarding refund policies. A student on Trustpilot also commented on how difficult it was for him to get a refund.
Ecommerce freedom screenshot 1
  • Lack of Trustworthy Reviews - There are 56 reviews of Ecommerce Freedom on Trustpilot. There is one long, angry, and detailed 1-star review posted on September 2023, quickly followed by 55 positive reviews posted over a short span of time. While some may be legitimate customers, the timing of the reviews plus the unnatural language of some are signs of fake reviews. 
  • Pushy Advertising Tactics - Most of Oliver’s advertisements push you to make an impulsive purchase due to limited time offers. Whether it’s freebies or a big discount, we’ve found that these same “limited time” offers still show up even if you don’t purchase right away.

How is Ecommerce Freedom Different From Other Amazon FBA Courses?

Ecommerce Freedom is different from other Amazon FBA courses because it doesn't specialize in one specific Amazon selling strategy. Most other Amazon FBA courses focus on one strategy, whether that be retail arbitrage, private labeling, or wholesale. This allows them to go in-depth into that strategy. Meanwhile, Ecommerce Freedom is more of a catch-all course, teaching you all the different strategies and tactics you can use. 

Another thing that sets Ecommerce Freedom apart is its UK-centered lessons. While the difference between getting started on Amazon US and UK is small, UK-based students may appreciate someone teaching them the UK platform. 

Who is Oliver Denyer? Is He a Legit Amazon FBA Coach?

Oliver Denyer prof pic

Oliver Scott Denyer is a British national born in March 1990. Before getting into Amazon FBA, he described himself as a freelance musician who didn’t have a secure job. He started appearing on the internet as a coach in 2015, when he began releasing videos on YouTube. In one of his early videos, Oliver says discovered Amazon FBA in February 2015, then explains how he turned £150 to £950 in just 4 days. He also launched his first Amazon FBA course in that same year.    

Oliver’s videos demonstrate his knowledge of Amazon FBA, meaning he likely has some level of success. He is also great on camera and telling stories, which gives him the qualities of a good coach. On his Instagram, Oliver posts bits and pieces of his personal life, showing that he is a real person and not just a persona built for his course.

What is Oliver Denyer's Claim?

Ecommerce Freedom Review Promise

Oliver Denyer claims that you can set up your Amazon account, find a fast-selling product, send it to the Amazon warehouse, and get your first sale in under 2 weeks. He also says that you are just one product away from creating an automated stream of income on Amazon, and that he can walk you through the process one on one. 

Debunking Oliver's Claim

Making your first sale on Amazon FBA takes a lot longer than Oliver claims. The fastest Amazon sellers make their first profit in 3 - 6 months, while 13% of successful Amazon FBA businesses say it took over a year to become profitable. This percentage is taken from successful Amazon FBA business owners, it doesn't include the thousands of people who started but failed to make a single dollar.

Is Amazon FBA Dead?

No, Amazon FBA is not dead since there are still several people making money from it. However, Amazon FBA is not as good as Oliver claims in Ecommerce Freedom. Amazon FBA was in its heyday in 2015, when Oliver began coaching. The FBA business model was not yet mainstream. So, finding high-demand, low-competition products was easy. Amazon fees were also lower. Chinese manufacturers were largely unaware of how their products were being resold.

Today, with over 1.9 million active sellers on Amazon (and roughly 4,000 more signing up daily), finding products without fierce competition is harder than ever before. Chinese manufacturers have also discovered the Amazon FBA business model. And if someone makes money online reselling their products, they can easily cut ties and sell it on Amazon themselves. This has led some people to say that Amazon FBA is dead

Finally, all Amazon FBA strategies are very well known. A simple Google search will produce detailed guides on how to do private labeling, retail arbitrage, wholesale from China, and any other FBA strategy out there. The tactics and tools used to find promising products are also all over YouTube.

Why Local Lead Generation is Our Choice over Amazon FBA

There’s no doubt that Oliver is a good teacher. With over 230 videos on the course, there’s a lot of material you can study to learn the Amazon business. But to say his Ecommerce Freedom Platinum Coaching is the best Amazon FBA course (and worth £10,000) is a stretch, especially since it doesn’t include 1-on-1 coaching from the man himself. 

Amazon FBA is no longer an easy business thanks to the fierce competition from other sellers and China. That’s why if you’re attracted to the course simply for its promises of making lots of money online, you may be interested in learning about local lead gen instead. Local lead gen is another online business model that doesn’t have nearly as much competition as the Amazon FBA space. It's also a completely passive business model, so you won't always have to be on the lookout for new products to sell! 
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