eCommerce Scaling Secrets Review: Alex Fedotoff’s Underwhelming Marketing School For Ecom Businesses

December 11, 2023

eCommerce Scaling Secrets was created by Alex Fedotoff and claims to guide experienced ecommerce business owners on how to scale their brands to six or seven figures using various techniques that Alex has perfected. It currently has four courses, Product Research Secrets, TikTok Ads $80k/Mo Case Study, the CBO Blueprint Case Study, and the 7-Figure Media Buyer Training. 

All of Alex’ courses claim to dramatically increase your online visibility and branding so that you attract more customers and convert them on the spot. His particular favorite method is Facebook ad buying, which is the reason he has given himself the self-proclaimed title of “King of Scaling Facebook Ads”.

What are you taught in eCommerce Scaling Secrets?

You are taught how to research a profitable product, create a store, and market it with Facebook ads.

All the same, the school itself offers oversimplified courses with minimal insights on how to become an ecommerce master. Further, all programs end with you highly encouraged to schedule an investment call with Alex or a member of his team. In this call, you will be asked to upgrade your program with a personal mentorship with Alex for an additional fee. While sources on this vary, private mentorship can cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on top of what you’ll pay for a course. 

This gives the impression that eCommerce Scaling Secrets is not an actual school but an elaborate sales funnel of Alex Fedotoff. Even then, Alex’ ecommerce brand techniques may not be as effective in 2024 or beyond. Limiting your online store marketing tactics to Facebook or TikTok ads requires you to be updated with new trends, and it’s unclear whether the courses offered at eCommerce Scaling Secrets are up to date.

This eCommerce scaling secrets review will uncover countless other reasons why Facebook or TikTok ads are difficult in 2023, and challenges marketers face in Alex's other courses.

I’ll also talk about my preferred business model, local lead generation, which doesn’t require confusing marketing tactics to become successful. 

Local lead generation is one of the few ecommerce business models that run automatically, needing minimal marketing (if at all) while earning you passive income each month. 


Easy-to-understand modules

Self-paced courses

Experienced mentor 


High chance of upselling

Oversimplified lessons 


Programs at eCommerce Scaling Secrets can range from $27 to $2,000

Refund Policy:

eCommerce Scaling Secrets comes with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee




eCommerce Scaling Secrets has mostly negative reviews 

What does Alex Fedotoff offer in eCommerce Scaling Secrets? 

eCommerce Scaling Secrets claims to offer step-by-step instructions on scaling established ecommerce brands to six to seven figures in a few months. This is done mostly through Facebook ads, but touches slightly on finding the right product and building a “lean e-com brand” as seen in Alex’ secret Brand Builders Academy course. 

Regardless of the program, you will be directed to an online email marketing scheduling system where you can speak with Alex or a member of his team who will then upsell you on a private mentorship. Depending on your commerce experience or needs, this coaching can cost you an additional $1,000 to $2,000. 

This would be somewhat acceptable if not for the fact that none of the programs offered at eCommerce Scaling Secrets are informative. They tease you with the promise of earning a lot of money online IF you work with Alex directly. If you do enroll in the program, you will receive oversimplified lessons - lectures that you can easily find for free on YouTube or with a basic Google search on FB ads. If you want to know more, then you need to become one of Alex’ students.

What is product research?

Product research is the process of gathering information about the item that you want to sell in your online store. This includes your target market, how much it will cost from your supplier, how much you can price it, how you will market it, and what the customer expects from it. 

It is, arguably, the most important step in building any ecommerce business

Why do I need to conduct product research for my ecommerce store?

You need to know what it is you're selling to create an effective marketing campaign. eCommerce Scaling Secrets may be helpful in promoting your brand, but you will fail to keep repeat clients if your product or service is not well-researched. 

Why promote on social media platforms such as TikTok?

TikTok is a prime digital real estate for marketing to the younger generation. To date, it currently has 1 billion active users, with most of those coming from Gen Z, or those born from 1997 to 2012. 

If your product caters to the younger crowd, TikTok ads are an effective way to reach them. This also ties in with current Facebook ad marketing trends, as experts recommend creating more influencer marketing-type ads, similar to what is seen on TikTok. 

What is included in eCommerce Scaling Secrets?

eCommerce Scaling Secrets currently has four programs, Product Research Secrets, TikTok Ads $80k/Mo Case Study, the CBO Blueprint Case Study, and the 7-Figure Media Buyer Training. 

  • Product Research Secrets -  A new system that reveals a counterintuitive approach to finding hyper-profitable products through niching. Aside from videos, you will also receive 5 free fast-action bonuses: 1) live product research; 2) how to price your products for maximum profit; 3) how to hack your productivity levels; 4) how to source from reputable suppliers; and 5) how to evolve your product line.
  • TikTok Ads $80k/Mo Case Study - Gives the exact strategies to make over $500k/month using TikTok ads. 
  • CBO Blueprint Case Study - Generates consistent 3x ROAS (return on ad spend) using Facebook ads. The program supposedly helps you profitably spend $100k/day. KEEP IN MIND that this program explicitly states that the strategies are meant for 2022. 
  • 7-Figure Media Buyer Training -  A three-part video series that teaches you how to become a successful media buyer. KEEP IN MIND that if you click on the program now, you will be redirected to the official website of Click Funnels. It’s unclear whether this is just a glitch at the time of this writing, or if 7-Figure Media Buyer Training is no longer being offered. 

How does Brand Builders Academy fit in eCommerce Scaling Secrets?

Brand Builders Academy is a secret training program of eCommerce Scaling Secrets. You won’t find the program on the school’s website and can only access it through a specific Facebook link.

That being said, Brand Builders Academy follows the same formula as eCommerce Scaling Secrets. Alex teases you with an entirely new ecommerce business model called “lean e-com brand” that could potentially earn you $10,000 to $20,000 per month. Alex doesn’t really discuss how he’ll do this, but you’re invited to schedule a call with him to find out how to become a successful business owner and ecommerce marketer. 

What is the secret behind Brand Builders Academy?

There is no actual secret behind Brand Builders Academy. Based on what Alex mentions, you will be taught how to find a profitable product, run ads, and build a store through paid traffic. This is a lesson that you can learn anywhere.

Is Facebook ad marketing still an effective strategy in 2024?

Facebook is still an effective strategy for ad buying and marketing in 2024 for any ecommerce store, but experts caution against relying solely on the platform to generate new leads. As a Facebook advertiser of your new e commerce business, you must be aware of your target market and align your marketing strategies with their specific needs. 

For example, if you are catering to an older audience, you may encounter difficulties, as most senior customers do not use Facebook often or click on Facebook ads as much as younger people. 

Some Facebook advertising trends to be aware of 

There are 3 main trends expected to shape the way Facebook advertising will be profitable in 2023. These are video advertising, influencer-style brand ambassadors videos, and shoppable ads. 

Experts say that people no longer want to see static ads on their Facebook feeds. Instead, they will become more engaged with short-form videos (edited in the style of TikTok) that get to the point in 30 seconds or less. This explains why influencer marketing videos are highly profitable and have a great click rate: The modern consumer has a severely limited attention span and gravitates towards ads that are instantly noticeable. 

Lastly, Facebook is expected to help its internal shops have better visibility with paid ads. If you have a Facebook store, you can now launch Advantage + Shopping campaigns, which boosts your ecommerce brands more efficiently. This is crucial if you already have an existing Facebook market store and will most likely be at the forefront of any Facebook automation business, such as Blueriver Ecommerce.

How does Facebook ad buying tie in with eCommerce Scaling Secrets?

eCommerce Scaling Secrets’ main lesson is Facebook ads marketing. Alex uses himself as the main success story of why Facebook ads work for scaling your business to six to seven figures. However, what works for Alex may not necessarily work for you. There are ecommerce brands that would be better marketed on other social media platforms, and believing that Facebook is the only way to scale your business is incorrect. 

That being said, it is an option you should consider, especially if you’re starting out and want to be a successful entrepreneur. Keep in mind, though, that Facebook ad buying is not as passive as Alex explains. You need to set up your campaign and keep constant tabs on it to ensure its effectiveness. 

Who is Alex Fedotoff? 

Alex Fedotoff is a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who is the founder of several 7- and 8-figure brands. Originally from Ukraine, Alex worked hard to learn English while building his companies. In his career, he’s lost thousands of dollars trying to advertise on Facebook. 

Alex eventually learned what works on Facebook and has since scaled all his businesses using the platform. He has given himself the title of “King of Scaling Facebook Ads”. He believes that anyone can use the techniques he teaches, and success is almost inevitable as long as you are diligent about implementing his strategies. 

Alex’ history is quite impressive, having moved to America knowing little to no English but determined to make his impact on the world. Eventually, he established multiple successful ecommerce brands and founded eCommerce Scaling Secrets to help more entrepreneurs scale their businesses in less time and with higher chances of success. 

As discussed in my previous review of Brand Builders Academy, Alex claims that other online business models, such as affiliate marketing, Shopify plus marketing, Amazon FBA, or even simple Google ads are not as effective for online store owners. 

Alex Fedotoff net worth

Alex claims to have a net worth of at least $20 million, and continually receives 7- to 8-figures each month PER business he owns. He also claims to have made over $100 million for his clients in the ecommerce industry. This may or may not be true, but it’s highly likely that Alex has generated most of his income from his coaching, which explains why eCommerce Scaling Secrets is heavily geared toward you becoming his student.

This means that Alex’ success, such as it is, is not precisely based on what he teaches but because he teaches. This is a distinction that needs to be made. Alex’ marketing tactic works to get you interested in his programs, but whether the lessons are actually helpful is undefined. 

Is Alex Fedotoff a scam or legit? 

Alex Fedotoff is not a scam, but his school is a little sketchy. The programs themselves offer little value to you and you will be highly encouraged to become one of Alex’ students. Still, it is possible that you could learn a lot from Alex - he does have a successful brand - but it would have been better if Alex was just upfront about how he gets clients and earns money. 

CONCLUSION: Is eCommerce Scaling Secrets worth it? 

eCommerce Scaling Secrets is not worth the price tag, even at its lowest $27 program. This is because Alex doesn't teach you any specific strategies within any of his programs, and ends all his courses with an invitation to work with him directly for an extravagant price. 

The marketing school appears to be an elaborate sales funnel for you to become one of Alex’ mentees; and if you’re truly interested in working with him, it would be cheaper to just skip the process of enrolling in an underwhelming course and simply schedule a call with Alex on his main website. 

A better option would be local lead generation. Among all the other online business models, local lead generation can earn you a decent amount of passive income each month without needing to spend on ads or creating sophisticated sales funnels. The ecommerce business is straight-to-the-point, has a low entry point, and benefits from one of the lowest competition rates out there today. 

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  1. It's full of highly successful ecommerce business owners who started from nothing and his content is worth every penny. Just watch any one of his videos on YouTube and you can tell he is actively doing what he teaches, and sharing everything.

    Alex does have a higher priced mastermind, but you cannot get in until you are making serious money, which is what makes it great.

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