Marc Lindsay & Kaleb Ufton eCommerce Wizards Review: CRO Blueprint Increases Sales 32-146%?

July 10, 2024

eCommerce Wizards is a conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform by Marc Lindsay and Kaleb Ufton. It aids in scaling e-commerce stores through revenue optimization via split tests. Their eCommerce CRO Blueprint uses three campaigns and 72 CRO changes. These changes increase revenue by 32% to 146% without extra ad spend. According to Forrester, implementing CRO strategies can lead to a 223% ROI.

The program teaches a seven-step revenue optimization process. It includes the Golden Goose method for critical tests. Participants learn profit-producing tests for product pages. Extra resources include a 14-day AdWords workshop and a 10-day Revenue Revolution workshop. There is also a private support community and a guide on avoiding conversion killers.

eCommerce Wizards' reviews are positive, but they are not independent. These testimonials come from their sales page but do not reflect every customer's experience. Assessing eCommerce Wizards' effectiveness is challenging without these independent reviews.

With this eCommerce Wizards review, we'll provide you with the program's pros and cons. We'll also discuss the program's inclusion and general information. This article will help you make an informed choice about eCommerce Wizards' revenue optimization. Additionally, we'll introduce a better alternative to e-commerce.

eCommerce Wizards Pros And Cons


eCommerce Wizards has proven success and effectiveness. Their eCommerce CRO Blueprint has an 80% success rate, above the industry standard.

eCommerce Wizards has a cost-effective solution because it offers value at a low cost.

eCommerce Wizards uses a simplified and focused approach. The course has a concise list of 72 proven CRO changes.


eCommerce Wizards has limited customization because of its structured approach.

eCommerce Wizards has no independent reviews, making the program's claim questionable.

eCommerce Wizards has Dependence on Self-Implementation. The course requires participants to apply the strategies correctly.


eCommerce Wizards is originally $197. However, the pricing option for eCommerce Wizards is currently $14.40 at a promo price.

Refund Policy

eCommerce Wizards has a 30-day money-back guarantee. They even let you keep the book with a full refund.


eCommerce Wizards' origin date is not available online.


eCommerce Wizards has a good reputation online.

July 8, 2024

eCommerce Wizards is ok. If you’ve nailed all the best practices and still want to push further, it’s time to dive into A/B testing. Honestly, there probably isn’t a secret trick here that you haven’t already thought of.


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Does eCommerce CRO Blueprint Helps You Increase Sales from 32-146%?

eCommerce CRO Blueprint helps you increase sales through proven split test campaigns. This is their primary technique for conversion rate optimization. The blueprint also has training, tools, and a community to increase sales from 32% to 146%.

Reports from Adobe back this up, showing that businesses that use CRO see an average increase in sales of 30%. The program helps increase sales by 32-146% through:

  • Core Campaigns: The program employs three campaigns targeting eCommerce funnel areas. These campaigns enhance user experience and conversion rates. They focus on various stages of the customer journey. From landing pages to checkout, each stage is optimized.

  • Seven-Step Revenue Optimization Process: The blueprint outlines a seven-step process for revenue growth. It involves identifying high-potential pages and selecting impactful CRO strategies. Implementation of these strategies is followed by continuous optimization. This ensures systematic and sustainable growth for online stores.

  • Focus on High-Leverage Areas: Optimizing product pages is vital for improving conversion rates. Implementing specific tests and adjustments on these pages leads to immediate revenue lifts. These optimizations target the highest leverage points. Users see much and rapid improvements in their sales.

  • Workshops and Extra Resources: The program has Mastering AdWords and Revenue Revolution workshops. These equip advanced strategies and practical skills. Participants learn to enhance their eCommerce performance further. The resources ensure effective learning and application.

  • Strategic Revenue Optimization: Traditional methods increase ad spending, while the CRO Blueprint optimizes revenue. Almost every test has a positive outcome with this approach. It boosts revenue without more advertising costs. Users enjoy more efficient and effective growth strategies.

  • Community Support: eCommerce Wizards users can access a private community of founders and experts. This collaborative environment is valuable for support, advice, and feedback. It helps users implement the blueprint. The community aids in achieving desired results and overcoming challenges.

What Is eCommerce CRO Blueprint by eCommerce Wizards?

The Ecommerce CRO blueprint by ecommerce wizards is a program that helps eCommerce store owners boost conversion rates. One advantage is that it boosts revenue without additional advertising expenses. The program gives a structured, counterintuitive conversion rate optimization (CRO) approach. It has proven strategies and frameworks tested across hundreds of e-commerce stores.

The eCommerce CRO Blueprint comprises 72 step-by-step CRO changes. These changes can boost sales by 32% to 146%, targeting key areas of the eCommerce funnel. The program's three core campaigns enhance user experience and conversion rates. It also includes a seven-step revenue optimization process for continuous improvement.

The program has additional resources, such as 14-day Mastering AdWords. It also has the 10-day Revenue Revolution workshops. Participants get a guide and access to a private community to avoid conversion killers. These resources provide advanced strategies and practical skills to enhance eCommerce performance.

Initially, the program is $197, but the eCommerce CRO Blueprint is now available for $14.40. The reduction aims to attract more customers, but the price may revert to $197 soon. The payment options supported by eCommerce Wizards are major credit cards and common online methods.

5 Step System by Ecommerce Wizards To Increase Your Profit And Scale Revenue

Pick Your Page of Greatest Potential

Identify the page on your eCommerce site with the highest improvement potential. This could be a product page, category page, or checkout page. The program guides you in determining which page to focus on first, ensuring the most impact on performance. You can enhance your store's effectiveness by targeting the right page.

Select a Strategy from the eCommerce CRO Blueprint

Choose a proven strategy from the blueprint to implement on the identified page. The blueprint includes 72 step-by-step CRO changes, each backed by extensive testing. By selecting the right strategy, you can address specific issues hindering conversions. This targeted approach ensures you see improvements quickly. Implementing these changes will significantly boost your conversion rates.

Implement the Strategy Exactly as Instructed

Follow the detailed instructions in the blueprint to implement the selected strategy. This step eliminates guesswork with clear, actionable steps. Achieving desired results and boosting conversion rates relies on proper implementation.

Monitor and Analyze Results

After implementing the strategy, track your conversion rates and revenue metrics. Track performance by understanding what works and what doesn't. Analyzing the results helps confirm the effectiveness of the strategy.

Repeat the Process with Additional Strategies

Once you have improved one page, move on to the other pages. Use the strategies outlined in the eCommerce CRO Blueprint to repeat. This approach enhances your site systematically, stacking wins and increasing conversions.

What Can You Get From eCommerce Wizards?

You can get a complete toolkit designed to boost revenue without extra ad spending with eCommerce Wizards. It has the eCommerce CRO Blueprint as its major product. It also has workshops on Mastering AdWords and Revenue Revolution Workshop. You also receive access to a private community, Conversion Killers guide, and ChatGPT Buying Prompts.

eCommerce CRO Blueprint

A step-by-step guide with 72 CRO changes can increase sales by 32% to 146%. This blueprint is based on over 2,000 split tests across hundreds of eCommerce stores.

14-Day Mastering AdWords Workshop

This workshop condenses insights from over $80 million in ad spending. It helps optimize your AdWords campaigns for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

10-Day Revenue Revolution Workshop

This program is designed for beginners and covers split testing basics to significant revenue lifts. Participants report revenue increases of up to 126%. This provides a solid foundation in optimization techniques.

Private Community Access

An exclusive group for eCommerce founders offers networking and support. This community enhances learning by connecting you with peers implementing the blueprint.

10 Conversion Killers to Avoid

This guide identifies common pitfalls that hinder conversion rates. By addressing these conversion killers, you can improve your store's effectiveness.

eCommerce ChatGPT Media Buying Prompts

These prompts are battle-tested and save you time managing ad accounts. They provide practical guidance for optimizing media buying strategies.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The program offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it risk-free. If unsatisfied with the results, you can get a full refund.

Who Is eCommerce Wizards for?

eCommerce Wizards is for e-commerce entrepreneurs wanting to boost their business's performance. This is done by optimizing their store for maximum conversions and sales. Through this program, store owners can increase revenue without spending more on advertising.

It also caters to current e-commerce business owners who want to free up time. These individuals want to improve revenue and reduce workload in their operational stores. The program allows them to focus on scaling their business. As a result, they enjoy a better work-life balance.

Additionally, beginners new to e-commerce will find the program beneficial. It delivers a clear, step-by-step framework that is easy to follow. eCommerce Wizards is suitable for small businesses and newcomers. The program helps these people avoid common pitfalls and speed up store growth.

Seasoned eCommerce professionals feeling stuck can also enjoy the program. The proven methods and community support offer fresh insights and actionable steps. This can help them overcome stagnation and achieve extra levels of success.

Are The Clients of eCommerce Wizards Getting Results?

Clients of eCommerce Wizards are getting results according to their sales page. Ken, a mastermind member, claims that the blueprint is better than coaching programs. In the past, he spent over $40k on these coaching programs. However, he didn't get the results he aspired to.

He added that he's been in the e-commerce game for a while. Ken is thankful to eCommerce Wizards for being responsive. He's positive that these positive changes will continue.

You can also see screenshots of clients getting results on their sales page. One result showed a 559% increase in revenue. These results came from a client from 2022. However, no names are included from people getting results - only screenshots.

Is eCommerce Wizards Worth Joining?

eCommerce Wizards is worth joining if you're a store owner seeking increased revenue. The program introduces a "revenue blueprint" focused on strategic optimization. This method has proven effective, with users seeing revenue boosts from 30% to 146%. The success rate of 80% far exceeds the industry standard of 25%.

One key advantage of eCommerce Wizards is its simplicity and efficiency. It promises substantial results with only two to three hours of work monthly. The program includes a step-by-step guide with 72 proven CRO changes. Resources like the 14-day AdWords and the 10-day Revenue Revolution workshops are also included.

There are some cons to consider with eCommerce Wizards. The program costs $14.40, which may raise doubts about its effectiveness. It promises immediate results, which may not be realistic for all businesses. The guarantee and refund policy eases some concerns, but results can vary. eCommerce Wizards offers significant value but must be committed to its approach.

Who Is Marc Lindsay?

Marc Lindsay is the co-founder of eCommerce Wizards. He is a prominent e-commerce industry expert specializing in scaling businesses. In eCommerce Wizards, he helps businesses grow through data-driven strategies and CRO. With his other company, On Growths Edge, he creates test-driven cultures. This helps scale e-commerce operations using data-centric approaches.

Marc has managed over $80 million in ad spend, showing his expertise in large-scale advertising. He has generated over a billion dollars in revenue for various businesses. Marc's data-centric approach drives growth through analytics and continuous testing. Within eight months, he has scaled e-commerce stores from $30,000 to $3 million monthly.

Marc is active on LinkedIn and has visible professional achievements in digital marketing. He contributes to interviews, podcasts, articles, and blogs. With these platforms, he shares strategies for scaling e-commerce businesses. Marc believes eCommerce growth hinges on a few monumental decisions. His insights and achievements have made him a respected name in the industry.

Who Is Kaleb Ufton?

Kaleb Ufton co-founded eCommerce Wizards and is a key figure in e-commerce and digital marketing. He is an authority on data-driven strategies and conversion rate optimization (CRO). At EKOH Marketing, he optimizes marketing ecosystems for diverse businesses. He is skilled at using analytics data to make practical recommendations. This boosts return on ad spend (ROAS) and increases email revenue.

Kaleb's skills span analytics, data science, hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Known as a growth hacker, he uses innovative strategies to drive business growth. His professional presence is marked by an active engagement on social media platforms. This is where he shares insights on digital marketing and personal interests.

Kaleb has been featured in interviews and podcasts like the eCommerce Lab Podcast. He discusses strategies for scaling businesses. He regularly contributes to articles and blogs on CRO and digital marketing. Apart from work, he loves playing the violin and piano, surfing, and being with his family. Kaleb combines tech skills and psychology to drive eCommerce growth.

Marc Lindsay & Kaleb Ufton's Claim:

Marc Lindsay & Kaleb Ufton claim they have 72 deviously subtle step-by-step CRO changes. These changes can apply to your Shopify store immediately. As a result, many have increased their sales from 32% to 146%. The best part about these steps is that you don't need to spend more on ads. Part of this claim is that this blueprint is the easiest way to scale revenue and profit.

Marc Lindsay & Kaleb Ufton's Debunked

Marc Lindsay & Kaleb Ufton's claim of 32% to 146% increased sales is enticing but needs evaluation. Key points must be examined, especially about implied effectiveness and ease of implementation. CRO can boost conversion rates and sales, but claims can be exaggerated.

Here are the reasons:

  • Average Conversion Rates: According to Invesp, the average website conversion rate is 2.35%. This is for top websites, achieving rates of 11% or more. This shows significant improvements in conversion rates are possible. However, the claim of increasing sales by 146% is very high and not typical.

  • Industry Benchmarks: According to Ruler Analytics, the average conversion rate for eCommerce websites is around 2.9%. Achieving a 146% increase would be an exception. Such dramatic improvements are not representative of typical results. Most businesses will experience more reasonable regains.

  • Effectiveness of CRO Techniques: A/B testing, site speed improvement, and user experience optimization are proven CRO strategies. Their effectiveness varies based on specific contexts and implementations. 72 changes don't universally lead to dramatic increases. This approach lacks the nuance.

  • No Additional Ad Spend: While CRO optimizes existing traffic, significant sales increases often require additional strategies. Marketing and advertising play crucial roles alongside CRO. Relying solely on CRO without considering traffic quality and volume may not yield claimed results.

  • Statistical Outliers: The claim of increasing sales by 146% likely represents the best-case scenario or an outlier. Most businesses will not experience such dramatic improvements. According to WebFX, the average improvement from CRO efforts is more modest. Incremental gains are more common.

  • Lack of Independent Reviews: The claim lacks credibility without independent reviews or sources. Real-world data and transparent testimonies should verify such claims. The absence of this information raises questions about the validity of the results.

  • Complexity of CRO: CRO is a complex and ongoing process involving continuous testing, analysis, and optimization. A fixed set of 72 changes as a one-size-fits-all solution oversimplifies CRO's dynamic nature. The process requires ongoing adaptation. Continuous refinement is necessary.

Is eCommerce Easy To Do?

E-commerce is easy to do compared to traditional businesses. The initial costs are lower, and many models, like dropshipping, require minimal investment. Basic technical skills and effective digital marketing strategies can kickstart the process. However, dedication and market research are crucial for success.

Despite being easy to start, scaling and maintaining profitability in eCommerce is challenging. Continuous effort, optimization, and adapting to market trends are necessary. While it's accessible, achieving sustained success requires more than only the initial setup.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is Much Easier Than eCommerce?

Local lead generation is much easier than e-commerce because it has lower initial investment and overhead costs. Starting costs are minimal because they focus on a basic website and local SEO. In contrast, e-commerce involves significant inventory, warehousing, and shipping investments. Tools and testing must be continuously invested in for e-commerce CRO.

The business model for local lead generation is also simpler and more straightforward. The major goal is to generate leads for local businesses. E-commerce, however, demands managing product sourcing, inventory, order fulfilment, and customer service. E-commerce CRO is complex because of user behaviour and continuous testing.

Local lead generation can yield faster results compared to E-commerce. Local businesses are often eager to pay for quality leads, leading to quicker revenue. A HubSpot study shows that businesses that focus on lead generation see a 20% increase in sales opportunities. Building a profitable eCommerce business can take 18 months to two years. Seeing significant improvements in eCommerce CRO takes about six months.


Try the local lead gen biz as an alternative to e-commerce. It's a lucrative and scalable business that generates passive income. It's also less hassle compared to other online businesses. Once your sites rank, all you need to do is maintain them and get recurring income.

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