Elijah Bryant’s Land Your First Deal Review: The Secret to Building a 6-Figure Real Estate Business

March 25, 2024

Land Your First Deal is a real estate wholesaling course for both novice and existing real estate investors. Elijah Bryant covers the basics of wholesaling land and closing deals successfully. It also teaches finding the right buyers and sellers for a specific niche – home builders. The main goal of the course is to educate real estate investors in obtaining vacant, undeveloped land at a lowest price and sell it for more than its actual value.

Student reviews mention earning 5-6 figures for their first deal. No external reviews were noted. There is a possibility that the course is still new in the online community.

According to Investopedia, land flipping is considered a fraudulent real estate deal based on FBI reports. What makes it illegal is mainly the nature of the transaction. For instance, the seller of the land and the real estate investor alleged to be conspiring by purchasing the raw land with the possibilities of some hidden issues. Then, selling it at an overpriced amount. By the time the buyer of the land chooses to sell it, unaware of the flipping transaction, they will be disappointed by the land’s real market value. However, land flipping is still considered ethical for those landowners who are willing to sell their land and for buyers who are looking for raw land in the market, regardless of the condition.

In this article, we will break down how the Land Your First Deal course works for real estate investors, if it’s worth your time and money, and whether the 6-figure earnings after learning the course is possible. Also, let’s discover a more efficient real estate investment strategy like local lead generation can increase the profit of your wholesaling business

Land Your First Deal Pros And Cons


The course promises effective strategies for locating land, controlling it without purchasing, and wholesaling it to home builders for quick profits.

Aside from the Land Your First Deal course, students can also opt for a free trial of Elijah Bryant’s EDB Academy weekly coaching calls.

One time-fee. No hidden costs

Bonus Offer: A.I. Bot Cold Caller system. Replacement of traditional cold calling method.


The investment is too expensive for new real estate investors with no background in land flipping.

The course importance of taking action. This implies that results are not guaranteed without significant effort and dedication.


The cost for Land Your First Deal course is $997

Refund Policy

No refund policy


Many students claim that the Land Your First Deal course and the coaching call program of Elijah Bryant made land flipping easier and profitable. No external reviews from Reddit or Google reviews.

What is Land Your First Deal’s Secret to Building a 6-Figure Real Estate Business?

Land Your First Deal provides opportunities to land investors to build and earn 6-figure real estate business. The course offers strategies in finding lots and flipping them. The effective approaches in finding the right market and closing deals involves this streamlined process:

Potential collaborations with home builders and landowners in the real estate market.

Discounted offers are presented to landowners based on comparable lot sales.

Purchase agreements with landowners and assignment agreements with builders signed.

Both agreements are forwarded to a title company for closing the deal within 21-35 days.

Land Your First Deal course highlights the importance of continuous learning and mastery of land flipping to drive promising results of 6-figure deals.

What Will You Get From Land Your First Deal?

The Land Your First Deal course offers a comprehensive guide to land flipping. The goal of the course is to teach real estate investors to acquire land at a lowest price and sell it more than its value for higher profits.

What to expect more from the course include:

Discover the right market for maximum profitability.

Identify builders in urgent need of available lots for construction.

Learn P&A Agreements to guarantee your compensation.

Master the art of deal negotiation, even if sales isn't your strength.

Elevate your Real Estate business to a six-figure annual income.

The "Land Your First Deal" provides a concise and effective roadmap for individuals looking to enter the real estate market without utilizing their own capital. It promises and guarantees that you'll learn key strategies for finding, contracting, and flipping deals by transforming empty lots into $5,000 to $20,000 checks within 30 days.

The course has a bonus offer of A.I. Bot Cold Caller system. This technology is efficient for deal sourcing. It reduces the reliance of imanual cold calling and optimizes any deal acquisition process.

Who Is Land Your First Deal For?

Land Your First Deal is for real estate agents, real estate investors, and landowners. Land Your First Deal is not for those who think land flipping is an ineffective real estate investing strategy and those who conclude that it won’t yield any ROI, regardless of efforts and money invested.

Are The Students Of Land Your First Deal Getting Results?

Based on reviews, students were able to access new opportunities using Land Your First Deal’s strategies.

Jazz quit her 9-5 job at a law firm in Tampa, managing attorneys' books and doing billing and collections. Before she started her land flipping career, Jaz cold-called for land deals while working her job, dedicating six hours a day in two-hour increments.

She then started her land flipping career with only $500 in her bank account and took the risk of paying Elijah’s consultation fee at $300. She followed the process of what Elijah’s course teaches. Her first deal came the day after a consultation with Elijah, making a $9,500 profit.

Jaz emphasizes the importance of leaving one's hometown for success, the benefits of wholesaling land (minimal equipment needed), and the mindset required for success in the industry.

Another student disclosed his successful real estate investment on the closed Facebook group. Chris Mills is grateful to Elijah for getting his first land deal under contract worth $12,500, gaining a profit of $5,500.

Elijah also provides proof of success from the people who worked with him. The profits his students made ranges between $5,000 - $10,000. Other students also claim to earn even 6 digits from flipping lands.

However, there are no testimonials on Reddit or Google from other course applicants or users that have clear, unbiased feedback about the course.

What Is EDB Academy?

Elijah D. Bryant Academy, or the EDB Academy, presents Elijah Bryant's live coaching call program tailored for his students. This weekly coaching session provides guidance to real estate investors, apart from the Land Your First Deal course offered.

How Much Does EDB Academy Cost?

The cost for subscribing to the EDB Academy was not disclosed online. But one of their limited-time offers include a 30-day trial to EDB Academy weekly live training and coaching program.

Does EDB Academy Have A Good Reputation?

The reviews from his students say they got positive outcomes after being mentored in the EDB Academy. Plus, taking the Land Your First Deal course made an impact on closing first deals or even earned multiple digits in wholesaling land.

Elijah Bryant was also invited to one of the episodes of Wholesale Elite Podcast on YouTube. He was given the opportunity to share his journey and all things related to land flipping and real estate wholesaling.

Elijah discusses his mindset and work ethic, emphasizing the importance of hard work in achieving success. The conversation touches on Elijah's transition from wholesaling houses to wholesaling land. They talk about how he faced the challenges during the pandemic and finding a new strategy by pulling code violations lists that include land. One of his discussions include the importance of branding and personal growth, highlighting the impact of getting on podcasts and networking. Elijah shares strategies for wholesaling land, such as using Zillow and contacting builders directly. The episode concludes with gratitude and a mention of Elijah's EDB Academy, where he helps others close land deals.

Elijah Bryant is praised for growth and mentorship offers. However, opinions on his success vary, skepticism may exist to others about whether it's a promising opportunity or a potential scam. The road to real estate success, like land wholesaling, may not be applicable to everyone.

Is Land Your First Deal Worth It?

Land Your First Deal is worth it for people who experienced the results. Eloy, a guest on the EDB Academy podcast, shares his journey in wholesaling land, closing his first deal two weeks after taking the Land Your First Deal course.

Eloy grew up in Arcadia, Florida, in a migrant family engaged in harvesting. He developed an entrepreneurial mindset early, selling tacos and Gatorades during harvesting. Eloy found his niche in land wholesaling after hearing about it on Bigger Pockets. He faced challenges but eventually closed his first deal by sending out 1,500 mailers.

Eloy emphasizes the importance of building relationships with buyers and streamlining processes, leveraging his skills in finance and data analytics to automate tasks.

Currently, Eloy is working on a probate deal, demonstrating his proficiency in skip tracing and discussing his strategy for building on the acquired land, emphasizing the need for creativity and consistency in entrepreneurship.

From this experience, the course can produce valuable results to those who take action.

Who Is The Creator Of Land Your First Deal?

Elijah Bryant is the founder of the Land Your First Deal course and EDB Academy. His course educates real estate investors on how to do land flipping with zero capital investment and close deals. He also provides coaching programs through the EDB Academy. Elijah Bryant is one of the real estate investors expert in wholesaling and land flipping. But he started with no background in real estate investing. Because of the motivation from his father’s business, Elijah pursued his entrepreneurship and marketing skills.

Elijah's interest in real estate began after watching Brent Daniel’s wholesaling YouTube podcast featuring Dan Green, making 300k in real estate wholesaling. Elijah was shadowing Dan. He observed how the phone scripts worked and can close deals after 15 minutes.

After learning from him, Elijah started cold calling sellers and established his way through wholesaling, earning checks enough to stop DoorDashing. He took a leap of faith, moving from New York to Tampa to pursue real estate investing.He took a leap of faith, moving from New York to Tampa to pursue real estate investing.

Who Is The Creator Of Land Your First Deal?

Elijah Bryant claims to have built a 6-figure real estate business from all the methods he used since the start of his career. This success is structured as a selling point to show that these strategies taught in the course have been proven to be effective. He emphasizes the importance of proper knowledge for flipping land virtually. Also, finding and selling land to home builders can be easier than selling homes.

In addition, Elijah claims that the course effectively teaches how to sell land in less than a month and maximize profit. He also implies that success in land flipping is attainable for everyone, regardless of background or previous experience.

Elijah Bryant Claims Debunked

Asserting that success in land flipping is attainable for everyone can be misleading. Real estate success often depends on various factors, including market conditions, economic factors, and individual circumstances. Success in real estate investment and wholesaling is not limited to just learning the course. Real estate investors should be flexible in learning other strategies like local lead generation for consistent and tangible results.

What Are Land Your First Deal Social Media Links?

Land Your First Deal has a presence on various social media platforms. You can check out their YouTube channel with 2.68K subscribers and 90 videos at. Explore their Instagram account with 43.7K followers. Additionally, you can connect with them on Facebook, where they have a page with 29 followers.

What Is Land Flipping?

According to Forbes, land flipping involves purchasing vacant land with the intention of selling it later for a profit. It highlights the importance of investors, such as contractors and home builders. These investors add value to the raw land through subdividing, rezoning, or developing it for residential or commercial purposes.

There are ways to start with land flipping. You can do parcel flipping or residential lot flipping.

  • Parcel Flipping: An investor enters into a contract to buy a piece of land with no intention of actually completing the purchase. Instead, the investor aims to sell their contractual rights to another investor who is interested in buying and developing the land.
  • Residential Lot Flipping: An investor buys an empty residential lot and then resells it to another investor, often a development investor. Unlike larger parcels or tracts of land, residential lots are typically located in subdivisions and already zoned for development. The process involves acquiring the lot and quickly selling it for a profit, capitalizing on the potential for development and increased property value.

How Is Land Flipping Different From House Flipping?

Land flipping and house flipping are both real estate investment strategies, but they differ in the type of property being bought and sold. House flipping involves purchasing a residential property, often in need of renovation. The goal is to increase its value through improvements and then selling it for a profit. This strategy focuses on existing structures.

In contrast, land flipping involves the purchase and sale of undeveloped land without the need for construction or renovation of buildings. Investors speculate on the land's potential value. There are factors involved, such as location, zoning changes, or increased demand for the area.

Both strategies require market knowledge and understanding of real estate trends.

Can You Make Passive Income Investing In Land?

Yes, you can with a buy and hold strategy. According to the Entrepreneur blog “How to Make Money in Real Estate: 8 Proven Ways”, instead of flipping land, focus on a buy-and-hold strategy. Invest in land with growth potential, such as areas earmarked for future developments. Hold onto the property as its value appreciates over time.

Zillow reports a notable 14.8 percent year-over-year increase in average rent as of June 2022. Many real estate investors are embracing a buy-and-hold strategy rather than opting for quick returns through fix-and-flip properties. In this approach, investors acquire properties with the intention of retaining them for an extended period. For instance, an investor might purchase a three-unit building with plans to lease each unit to tenants. Rather than selling the property, the investor benefits from a passive rental income.

Additionally, leasing the land for agricultural, recreational, or commercial purposes can provide a passive income. Conduct thorough land research to identify regions with potential for increased demand, ensuring long-term value appreciation.

A survey from the National Young Farmers Coalition reported that 61% of the farmers are unable to purchase affordable land. That’s why they are forced to lease land. This opens a lot of opportunities for landowners to earn passive income through rental from farmers.

In the YouTube Podcast of On The Market, hosts Dave Meyer and James Deaner discussed with Dan Apke, who specializes in land flipping, tackled land investing as a lucrative business model in real estate. Dan talked about the current trend of falling land prices, with a focus on rural areas where there may be attractive investment opportunities. He explained his land investment strategy, which involves analyzing specific counties, assessing market conditions, and using various financing options.

But he emphasized that land investing as a wholesaler or broker is easier than fixing and flipping houses due to smoother transactions. He discussed the challenges involved in land flipping. This includes dealing with land loans, topography issues, and city permit processes. He also included the increasing competition in land flipping, the demand for rural lots, and the potential for the business model to change in the future.

While flipping is an active income, focusing on land investment provides steady and passive income.

Is Land Your First Deal Legit?

Yes, the Land Your First Deal course seems legit based on the students’ reviews from YouTube and the main page of the course offering. However, only one external review was found. The details on the website are all about Elijah Bryant and his story. There is no relevant discourse on the legitimacy of the Land Your First Deal or success stories from other users related to wholesaling or land flipping.

The course may provide applicable investment strategies and attractive deals on land flipping. But real estate investors should be aware of the risks involved in land flipping. This includes:

Market volatility and economic fluctuations

Legal and regulatory complexities

Increasing competition

Dependency on builders

Payment uncertainties

Negotiation challenges

Overestimating profit potential

Susceptibility to changing economic conditions

Ethical concerns about the business model

Land Your First Deal Alternatives

Dan And Ron Apke

Dan and Ron’s Land Investing Online is a boot camp that teaches land flipping for income. The program focuses on using CRM and mailer systems, for mailing and making offers for success in land flipping. Utilize their provided leads to maximize the system and potentially earn significant income as a real estate investor.

Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky, a land investor and coach based in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded The Land Geek in 2013. The company provides training programs on raw land investing for creating long-term passive income. Mark offers one-on-one coaching for a year

How Does The Local Lead Generation Compare To Land Flipping?

According to Investopedia, flipping in real estate can yield substantial profits but entails risks. This business model is time-consuming, challenging to scale, and lacking passive income potential. Real estate investors should consider flipping as a strategy rather than an investment plan.

Busy professionals benefit more to alternative real estate investment strategies in generating potential passive income, such as engaging in local lead generation.

Local lead generation is a business model, providing a reliable and steady income for real estate investors. This online strategy involves building and optimizing generic websites and driving organic traffic to your digital asset. A great example is the Tree Care Site, which continues to yield a passive income of $2,000. As long as the website maintains its Google ranking, the income remains consistent.

If you are a newbie in real estate investing, this business model is a viable and result-driven strategy to establish your presence in the real estate industry. Learn how local lead generation provides an economic feasibility and passive income for your real estate business.

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