Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation Review: Make 7 Figures With Amazon Wholesaling Automation?

March 26, 2024

Elite Automation is an ecommerce automation company that provides an end-to-end management service for your Amazon FBA wholesaling business. They either create a done-for-you brand new store or handle the transfer and take over the management of aged stores. Their goal is to create an Amazon FBA wholesaling store that makes 15%-25% profits.

Amazon automation service is provided by ecommerce automation companies or a team of freelancers that will manage and run every aspect of your Amazon store. Automation services will allow you to have a hands-off Amazon business that creates passive income. An example of Amazon automation is a done-for-you Amazon dropshipping store in which an outsourced team will create and manage the store for you. The service ranges from finding and listing profitable trending products to managing customer service and suspensions. This is a high cost, high risk business.

Local lead generation is a business model that doesn’t require automation service to create passive income. As a type of digital real estate business, you create and rank a website on Google using SEO which will generate organic leads. You then rent this website to local business, which earns you predictable and passive income completely hands-off. The best part is you keep 100% of the profits. Check out local lead generation for a low cost, low risk passive income business.

How Much Can You Make With Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation can make 15%-20% in ROI minus the cost of automation. Automation companies do profit splits that ranges 70-30 to 50-50. You can make 7 figures or more working with a good team or even earn $0 if the service fails, or leave you at a negative if you paid a buy in fee.

It can cost around $20,000 to $40,000 in initial fees to start an automated Amazon store with automation companies. This does not include the capital needed to purchase your initial inventory. These companies usually operate with a profit split. You can also automate your Amazon store yourself by forming your own team of hired freelancers.

If your total revenue in a year is $1 million, you take home $140,000 profit after a 70:30 split, with a 20% profit margin. This means you would’ve invested $800,000 into your Amazon store to reach this figure. This is considering you have that much capital to invest and you get the most optimistic outcome. Most likely, it will take years of scaling before you can earn 7 figures from an Amazon wholesaling store.

Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation Review: Pros and Cons


Done-for-you store or transferred aged store.

After the 3-6 day onboarding, your Amazon business becomes completely hands off.

70:30 profit split in favor of the client.


No refund or guarantees if they do not deliver results.

They have an affiliate program that may have affected the reviews.

No price transparency.


Price is given during the call. Estimated to be around $40,000 for the initial buy in.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.




5/5 rating on BBB but be aware that they have an affiliate program which may account for the overly positive reviews.

Who Is Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation For?

  • Beginners who don’t have time to learn how to sell and manage an Amazon store and want to earn passively. Elite Automation is for those who have the capital, but not the time.
  • Current Amazon sellers who want to fully automate their business to free up their time. Elite Automation assigns a team of experts to handle every process of your Amazon business.

What Do You Get With Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation?

With Elite Automation you get a 99% hands-free done-for-you Amazon FBA wholesaling store that would be up in running in 30-60 days. The team will manage every aspect of your Amazon store, including scaling the business to 7 figures. Elite Automation also offers domestic tax exemption services and brand management services for brands that want to enter the Amazon market.

Are Clients of Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation Successful?

There isn't any real life success stories of Elite Automation clients that can be verified. There isn't anyway to verify their client result screenshots as they don't really give any information.

The reviews on BBB are dubious as they are posted on the same days or a day apart. Take these reviews with a grain of salt as there is no way of telling if these are legit.

Who Is Katie Melissa?

elite automation review

Katie Melissa is an 8 figure ecommerce seller and serial entrepreneur from Carmel, California. She is the founder and CEO of Elite Automation and the co-founder of the B2B artificial intelligence solution software, Tanzanite AI. Katie started selling on Amazon in 2016 and now also teaches her own Amazon masterclass course that only accepts 10 students per month. As of 2023, Katie also writes in the ecommerce, AI, and general online business sections for USA News.

Katie has 4.43K subscribers on her YouTube channel where she regularly posts educational content related to selling on Amazon. She has 247K followers on her verified Instagram. Katie is featured in various publications, such as in Yahoo Finance, Medium, New York Weekly, and many more.

Conclusion: Is Katie Melissa’s Elite Automation Worth It?

Amazon allows automation of your business through the use of tools and outsourcing. As long as it doesn’t violate any of their policies or terms of service, automating your Amazon store is fine. Amazon automation relies on an agency or freelancers and this done-for-you service is why it is controversial. There are many of these automation agencies that promise success but do not deliver, with some even being outright scams and running away with your buy in payment.

It is hard to tell how effective Elite Automation's services are, so I would advise you do your due diligence before deciding to sign up for this company or any other automation agencies. The alternative would be to form your own automation team and maximize the use of automation tools.

Email marketing, SMS marketing, social media management, shipment management are some of the of kinds ecommerce automation tools. Many of these automation tools have multiple features, while some specialize in depth with one particular aspect.

The Best Way to Automate Your Own Amazon Business

The best way to automate your own Amazon business is to use automation tools and hire freelancers. Instead of paying an automation company a large buy in fee, you can just create your own team by hiring freelancers from job posting sites like Fiverr, Upwork, FreeUp, etc. then maximize the use of automation tools.

Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Teikametrics, and Viral Launch are some automation tools used in Amazon. There are tools for every aspect of the business, from marketing tools like PPC Entourage to product and supplier searching tools like AMZScout. Helium 10 is the most popular Amazon automation tool. It is an all-in-one software that can help you find keywords, manage inventory, identify trends, optimize listings, and streamline advertising campaigns. Follow-up email automation is one of the most effective and used features of Helium 10. You can even pair up Helium 10 with other software to automate other features such as Axiom.ai that automates any web action on Helium 10.

Selling on Amazon FBA also helps your business as Amazon will take care of some aspects of your business. FBA in Amazon stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This means that Amazon handles every aspect of order fulfillment and shipping services. Amazon will also take care of inventory storage, returns, customer service, and other related fulfillment services. You can also use customer service tools to improve the ratings of your store. Automation in customer service means that the customer will be able to get the help and solutions they need quickly and easily without needing to interact with humans. This is done by using tools like AI chatbots, automated email responders, CRM automation, etc.

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My Best Passive Income Business in 2024

Local lead generation is my best passive income business in 2024. You don't need a huge capital to start a local lead generation business. With as little as $500 in initial investment, you can create and rank your lead generating site on Google. Operating costs are very low and you can earn up to 90% ROI.

Compared to ecommerce, you don't have to worry about competition as there are hundreds of niches and thousands of locations to select from. There are no logistics to worry about as there are no physical products. A site can stay ranked on Google for years so maintenance is very minimal. The low cost in time and money makes local lead generation a low risk business.

To scale your business, you simply have to repeat creating and ranking a website on Google and renting it out to local businesses. There is no limit to how high you can scale, and with a potential of earning up to $2,000 a month per website, local lead generation is the best business model to create time and financial freedom with.

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