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Elite Closers Review (2024) | A High-Ticket Closing Coaching Program

March 15, 2024

Elite Closers is a high-ticket sales mentorship program created by Gentry Chidester in March 2021. The program trains you how to effectively remote close high-ticket sales. The training comes with mentorship and guaranteed job placement after completion.

What is a high-ticket remote closer? What comes with the mentorship and is it actually worth it? We'll answer these questions and more in this Remote Closers review.

Remote closing is a full-time job position. If you're looking for a way to earn passive income, I suggest you check out the local lead generation business model. With Local Lead Generation, you can create financial freedom through predictable passive income.

What Is a High-Ticket Remote Closer?

A high-ticket remote closer gets a potential client to buy the high-priced product. As a closer, you typically contact a customer who already knows about the product and has shown interest. High-ticket closing is completely remote, either by phone or online. This high demand skill is growing in popularity and many courses such as Remote Closer and Inbound Closer are popping up. High ticket speaking courses, like Joel Bauer's mentorship, also increase closing rates.

Your duties include identifying the issues that are preventing the sale, outlining the advantages and benefits of the product or service you are offering, employing tried-and-true methods to persuade the client to accept the offer, and negotiating a formal contract or agreement. To thrive in this profession, you need to possess strong negotiating abilities.

Who Is Gentry Chidester?

Gentry Chidester is a high-ticket closer and mentor from Friendswood, Texas. He worked as a sales rep and later as a senior adviser for his brother Tanner Chidester’s The Elite CEOs company from 2018 to 2021. He made $25 million in remote closings and handled over 5000 calls while working for The Elite CEOs. With support from Tanner, he created his Elite Closers mentorship program.

Gentry worked as a chiropractic assistant for Bergson Chiropractic for 3 years. He was studying molecular biology at Brigham Young University when his wife, then girlfriend, got pregnant, and they married when he was 21. With 14 more years to go for his medical degree, he consulted his counselor, who warned him that by the time he graduates at 35, he’ll be half a million in debt. This pushed him to move to sales in order to earn a bigger income.

His sales career started in a call center where he sold Comcast internet from 8am-9pm. He also sold online health coaching at the same time. Soon, he moved on to door-to-door sales selling solar, which is one of the top selling industries to be in. Gentry also became an assistant manager for Great Harvest Bread Co.

Alongside his mentorship program, Gentry manages several 7-8 figure sales teams. He has over 10K high-ticket consultations and over $35M dollars in revenue. They have featured gentry in several journal articles such as Dallas News and Chicago Tribune.

Dylan Kruger Interviews Elite Closer's Gentry Chidester

What Gentry Looks for in a Company 

Leadership and Expectations: Gentry assesses the entrepreneur or business owner's leadership style and expectations for the sales role.

Communication Structure: He evaluates the communication structure and determines how leads are identified and treated. 

Marketing Integration: Gentry examines the integration processes and the effectiveness of marketing efforts in generating qualified leads.

What He Looks For in a Potential Salesperson

Active Listening Skills: The salesperson should actively listen and understand the customer's needs. 

Understanding Sales Fundamentals: Potential salesperson should understand basic selling strategies. They should also be willing to learn new sales scripts and adapt to different business conditions. 

Problem-Solving Ability: The salesperson should be competent in handling objections and finding solutions in sales conversations. 

How Gentry Handles a Qualified Lead

Lead Quality Assessment: Gentry identifies the lead's level of engagement and the information they know before the sales call. 

Rapid and Personalized Response: He ensures a quick and timely response to leads to help build trust and rapport. 

Continuous Communication: Gentry ensures continuous communication and regular interaction to move the lead further along the sales process.

What's not mentioned in the interview: The average annual income of high-ticket closers, according to ZipRecruiter, is $35K. Top earners can make up to $40K annually. 

Pros and Cons of Elite Closers


1 on 1 coaching.

Gentry has proven his sales success closing for The Elite CEOs.

14-day refund provided you meet the requirements.

Remote closing can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.


No price transparency.

Remote closing is a full-time job.

The reputation of the high-ticket product affects your sales.


They will give price during the discovery call.

Refund Policy

14 days of purchase and with less than 25% completion of program materials.


March 2021

Who Is Elite Closers For?

Elite Closer mentorship program is for:

  1. Newbies who want to learn skills to be a high earning high-ticket remote closer.
  2. Experienced high-ticket sales reps who want to learn the skills to earn up to $50k-$60k/month in commissions.
  3. For sales reps who want to be trained and placed as high-ticket closers with big companies.

Companies that need to hire sales can apply with Elite Closers to provide them with highly trained high-ticket closers. Elite Closers will replace sales reps who aren’t a good fit or decide to leave the company.

What Do You Get With Elite Closers?

Signing up for Elite Closers requires you to book a 1hr discovery call. This is where they will give you the specifics and a price tag.

Elite Closers mentorship has a free to join Facebook group with 270+ members, although it doesn’t seem very active.

They do have an active private inner circle Facebook group with 220+ members.

The intensive training program lasts 30-40 days in which they will train you to earn $5k-$10k+/Month. Top closers can earn $50k-$60k/month in 3-6 weeks. You will have 1 on 1 coaching calls to help you perfect your high-ticket sales skills.

Elite Closers guarantees placement after training. The program will help place you with high-ticket companies that can earn you 6-7 figures.

How Do You Make Money With Elite Closers?

The Elite Closer coaching program will teach you how to close up to 80% of your high-ticket leads. You will learn strategies and tips on how to converse with the lead to generate a sale. Gentry emphasizes that simplicity sells, therefore, stick to the fundamental foundations of sales.

What you will learn from the course is that understanding your customer is the primary skill you will learn to train. They will teach you how to deal with the 4 major lead objections. The 4 objections deal with:

  1. Belief in your product
  2. Timing and logistics
  3. Spouse / support
  4. Money

They discourage you from using strict scripts. The mentorship teaches you skills to listen to and plan a pitch based on what your customer is telling you instead of what you think "they want to hear". The mentorship encourages you to ask "what do you mean by that" and to never assume what the client means with their objection.

One important aspect of the program is placement. Elite Closers guarantees full-time in-house placement with high-ticket companies.

If this course doesn't sound right for you, check Inside Closer. If you plan to create your own business and offer, you can also check out the free Offer Creation course by Alex Hormozi. You can even look at other high demand, high paying skills, like Android Development with course like Coding With Mitch. Last, Mike Vestil's 7 Day Remote Closer course will also teach you the basics of the business model.

How Successful Are the Students of Elite Closers?

There are several success stories in several video interviews and screenshots on the official site. You should take these reviews with a grain of salt.

The most common mention of the program is that the most important lesson they gain is mentality. The ability to put yourself into the right mindset in order to successfully close most of your calls.

How much can you make with high ticket closing?

You can make between $17K and $181K/year with high ticket closing, according to data from Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter. The average salary for a high ticket closer is around $84.5K/year. 

Remote Closing in 2024

Sales today have gone far beyond the traditional methods of selling. As door-to-door and cold calling decrease in effectiveness, businesses look for different ways of selling their products. There is no better time to be a remote closer than in 2024.

With everything and everyone being online now, businesses create ads to drive viewers to sales funnels. Contacting these interested leads is more efficient in creating sales compared to traditional methods. Still, this makes remote closing a full-time job.

If you want to have the time and financial freedom to pursue other things, consider a passive income business model. Local lead generation makes you money online by renting out your ranked site to local businesses. This low-risk business model requires very little maintenance once set-up. Come check out Local Lead Generation if you want to achieve financial freedom.

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  1. I have spent my life in sales production, sales training and retail management. I can sell and will bring a positive attitude and work ethic as I “piss success”. Lol. Competitive by nature and a born people pleaser. I’d love some more info but I’m not going to pay you to make you money…..

  2. hello my names is jason

    im thinking about getting into high ticket closing but i work a full time job do you think its possible to learn from you and learn the skill of high ticket closing when working long day's with only 3/4 hours in the evening to learn said skill set ?

    i just wanna make sure that if i do start it wont be a waste of time or maybe i should look into something else

    1. Hi Jason. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment on my article. I’m sure you could do this part-time if you’re willing to commit to learning the skills. We have students in our lead generation program that work full time and do lead gen in the evening and weekends, and they’re making $2000-$5000+/month. Lead generation is not only a proven concept, but once you understand the business model, you can build and scale quickly. Lead gen is still my number one recommendation hands down. If you’d like more info or a chance to speak with someone in person you can use this link to schedule a call:

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