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End of the Year

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One (1) Done For You (D4U) Lead Gen Website ($299 - $398 Value)

Get 1 Lead Gen Site Done For You by our team to begin dominating any market and niche you want. Tell us how you want it and we'll get it Done4U!

Sarah's BNI Training ($300 VALUE)

Want to know Sarah's secret that has dozens of business owners bringing her HOT LEADS for SEO, Lead Gen, Swag and website deals?  

There are 1000s of business owners in BNI & they join because they’re hungry for more business. Guess who’s the expert in generating more customers for them? You are!!

In her BNI training, Sarah breaks down how to get on the BNI fast-track, what to look for when selecting a chapter, & your next moves.

Pick up this training & you'll have a army of sales people out there bringing you new customers!

Ippei's Link Prospecting  ($1500 VALUE)

Our SEO Samurai shares his ‘Trojan Horse’ link building strategy & how he prospects for powerful backlinks at scale. Watch as Ippei walks you through not only his strategy but how to set up & his system to track the entire outreach process. 

Learn the cutting-edge secrets to beat Gmail at its own game! Plus, how to take advantage of Google’s powerful mail merge to automate all the work in a fraction of the time. 

And don’t forget, Ippei’s breakthrough outreach strategy can be replicated to handle client prospecting too. If you’ve been wanting to do cold emails, this is going to be a game-changer to get more clients knocking down your door!

Damian's M & M Training ($300 VALUE)

Okay, if you’ve spent 5 minutes or more with the D-Man, either in person or on a LiveStream, you know this dude’s energy is off the charts! But what's his secret?

It’s about building the right mindset. Want to know Damien’s mindset hacks & how he’s developed unbeatable mental strength while scaling his lead gen biz in the process? Here it is!

We all know that being a successful entrepreneur is as much a mental game - Damien reveals the strategies he uses that will power your energy, sky-rocket your productivity, & boost your brain power. There’s plenty in here that will not only impact your business but it will change your life too!

Sarah's Selling Proposal ($1200 VALUE)

Want the secret to closing those big-money deals?

In this training, Sarah walks you through a REAL example of a $11,245 proposal. Learn from the sales pro & have clients begging you to take their credit card!

Being able to cut and paste is one thing but here you’ll tap into Sarah’s expertise in closing high-ticket digital marketing deals. You’ll learn the hidden purpose behind each section & how to gain trust with your prospect by positioning yourself as the expert in your field. Here’s to more 5-figure deals in your future too!

Limitless Prospecting 1, 2 & 3 ($2997 Value)

Get the inside scoop on how some of our most successful Job Killers scaled their biz & the unique strategies they used to super-charge their income.

Including these game-changing tactics:

  • How Hayden grew to $250,000 a year by positioning himself as the expert in his niche
  • Taking warm leads turning them into scolding hot prospects with Paul
  • Ippei's "Mafia Closing Technique" that's perfect for beginners
  • Mia's Eugene Review blueprint that tears down any friction points
  • Using the power of reciprocity with Kris
  • Sky-rocketing your prospecting with Peter's outsourcing game plan
  • Los shares how he lands clients who are desperate for our LG skills
  • Blake's cold email on steroids strategy
  • Linda's power words that have clients eating out of the palm of her hand
  • Josiah's price anchoring approach that locks in SEO clients for the long-term
  • Calvin & Dan share the secret tax benefits of barter deals
  • Kelly's method to find business owners who are hungry to scale

And so much more!

Whether you're stuck for your next move or need a serious confidence boost to get your sales rocking, Limitless Prospecting is worth it's weight in gold.

Psychopathic Sales ($1994 Value)

Feel like Connor McGregor creaming Aldo as you close client after client using killer one-liners and sales strategies that Dan's used to make millions of sales.

Reload 2015-2018 ($3996 Value)

Every year for the past 5 years, DJK has gotten the Crew together in Vegas and helped them scope in on their 2nd half of the year! Get Locked and Loaded with 4 years worth of Knowledge Bombs!

VIP ACCESS ($9860 Value)

Piles and Piles of Swipe Files to scoot out to your lead gen prospects via Cold Email!

LinkedIn Prospecting ($495 Value)

Wondering how to close pros on the biggest biz platform to date? Look no further!

In this premium package, Dan customizes his sales expertise to fit in the lock that is LinkedIn. Don't stay locked out!

Callsling GameChanger ($1500 Value)

You in Hot Water Because Your Clients Complaining They Don't Check Email? Enter the GameChanger! This Machine takes your forms, flips them to Calls that can then be slung directly to your client's cell. It doesn't get more convenient than that! 

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