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Endless Options Review – Tested the Openers, Here’s What I Learned

December 1, 2020

Due to COVID and clubs being shut down.

Over this past year I've used Tinder a lot to get dates.

Sometime around March of this year, I started seeing an ad by this guy named Jesse Jhaj...

Endless Options... where he promsied to share his top secrets on how to be the most successful on these dating apps after they've spent over 6 figures testing out different bios, pickup lines, etc

Since Tinder was the only thing I was using to get dates at the time, I figured why not and decided to invest in this course.

Here is my review of it.

The Core Tenants of This Course

If I had to distill the core lessons I learned in this course its as follows:

  1. Make sure you have great pictures (hire a professional photographer if you're serious, have candid pictures of you laughing, plus also have pictures with you socializing)
  2. Have a killer bio that you shows that you're a man that's going somewhere in life, a rocketship
  3. Have a witty opener instead of the usual "hey", split test it
  4. After the opener, don't go on and on, try to get her off the app asap, get her phone number
  5. Work on building an awesome instagram profile
  6. Get good with voice memos

For me, I was already doing a lot of what this course is teaching

So if anything this course was a re-affirmatoin for me.

If I look back on my history with Tinder and personally asking women I met on the app, "what drew them to me?"

They always said it was either my photos or my tinder bio.

I know that this course advertises magical openers and such, but once you purchase the course, you realize that actually the main thing that the course teaches you is to make your photos really good and your bio.

I tested all the openers that this course showed, and tbh I didn't see much of an improvement from what I was already naturally doing...

At the end of the day, in my experience, your photos & bio has to set you apart from other men or you won't have much of a chance even with the most crafty opener imo.

Here's where I disagree with this course.

This course almost makes it seem like you don't need to work on your life, just create the bio that appears like you're a man that's high value and the women will flock to you.

Well the problem with that is that its almost false advertising, sort of like male version of cat fishing.

If you really don't have cool things going on in your life, you may trick a girl into going on a date with you but you will not be able to keep her longterm. 

As for me, I've been an internet entrepreneur since 2014 and I've built a pretty successful online business for myself in lead generation.

Not to toot my own horn here but I'm actually living a lifestyle of the top 3% 

Because I have an internet business I can travel whenever I want and work from anywhere I please. You can check out my instagram here.

And yes I do link my Instagram account in my tinder bio

What this course re-affirmed to me is women's nature. They are hypergamous aka constantly looking for men that's of higher status or of higher class.

Let me just post this video here, Stephiscold explains this very well 

"If you want women long-term you need finances"

There is no doubt that nothing has given me more confidence with women than working on my money & getting on my grind.

Plus getting my physique right. 

Most guys are lusting and chasing after women when in actuality they should be working on getting their body & money on point first.

How Do I Get My Money Right?

My biggest issue with some of these dating guru's is that they're too focused on the lines and surface level shit 

You can go buy clothes, learn lines and even get professional photographs for your tinder account but if you don't have ambition and actively working on improving your life then all of the above is only temporary short-term fix at best.

And I've come to find out that its not necesarrily about the money, but its the confidence a man exudes when he has abundance of resources.

Coach Redpill goes deep on this subject

Money isn't everything.

But money is a huge pillar if you're looking for lasting results when it comes to success with women.

The next two are working on your physique and your alpha male personality.

But imo money is the biggest pillar that men should be chasing, not women.

You don't go get the money for women, but its for your own happiness.

Especially your ability to earn passive income.

Check this out.

I build websites like these that make me money while I sleep.

I have over 50 of these sites now and these sites in total make me about $50K per month.

That's not including the money I'm making from this blog.

What's cool about making $$$ from these sites is that once they're ranked in Google, I can leave them alone and they keep making money for me on autopilot. 

Many of these sites I haven't touched since 2014 and still making me $500 to $2000 per month.

This ability for me to make PASSIVE INCOME gives me feeling of abundance therefore I am simply a much more confident & happier person today.

It all started because at 25 years old, I decided to forget chasing women for a while and focus on building my life up.

I took action and I joined this lead generation coaching program back in 2014.

I began surrounding myself with winners (successful entrepreneurs) that I met inside the program.

As my income went up, my lifestyle very naturally become more and more like that of a high value man.

I started to own nicer clothes, cars, apartments.

I went from a beat up Honda accord to owning my own Tesla P100D, the fastest 0-60 mph car on the road.

From living in a small 1 bedroom apartment, to living in a sky rise luxury apartment with ocean views in San Francisco.

I started to travel the world more. Eat at fancy restaurants without batting an eye.

Staying at famous 5 star hotels in Tokyo....

You're kidding yourself if you think that becoming successful as a man isn't one of the most important thing when it comes to your ability to attract women into your life. 

Having a cool lifestyle as a man is like catnip to chicks.

As a man, you should not want to be part of some girl's life, your life should be so dope that she wants to qualify herself to be in yours.

Today I can honestly say that my business is more important than what any one girl can bring me.

I have a burning passion now in entrepreneurship that I valued more than trying to get girls.

And with women, when you stop chasing them, that's when they get interested in you.

We've all heard that before if we've studying any dating material, to not be "needy"

But by owning my own business, I was actually being that person authentically, and not some act.

And I have to say, going after my financial goals by starting my own local lead generation business had the biggest impact on my dating life.


Endless Options is not bad, I picked up some things here and there but there wasn't anything in it that magically increased my Tinder success 10x fold. 

If anything it was a re-confirmation on all the things I already knew about just being successful with women in general.

For me I was already quite successful on Tinder I feel like because I had the lifestyle and instagram account to signify to women that I was a successful dude.

Yes there's always room for improvement, even with the level of success I have with my lead gen business, I can still say lame shit on Tinder that can turn a women off 

But when you can show girls that you have a cool life and your a guy that's successful or ambitious that goes a long way and gives you a lot more chances imo.

The conversation I keep it casual and be pretty direct direct in setting up dates.

If anything Endless Options main lessons weren't really gimmicks but to actually have compelling bio and photos that display you're a high-value person.

Sure you can fabricate that appearance of a high-value man with finessing your photos and bio but imo the better fix is to actually develop yourself into a high-value man otherwise you're gonna have a hard time getting the 2nd date.

Take it from me, as a guy that went from not having much options with women to now having an abundance of women in my life as well as the ease I have in getting dates & keeping women in my life.

Here's what worked for me with women with a shadow of a doubt. A night & day difference.

Re-shifting my main focus away from "getting women" to "becoming successful in life".

Darius spits straight fire in the above video.

Here is the key.

You wanna be so busy with your own purpose or business that you can't help but to put women on the back burner 

This is how you become a real man that women desire & chase

My advice is to start your own side-hustle as soon as possible. Don't just go to your job that you don't even like that much and have that be your only source of income.

You should have multiple streams of income because as a man, you want the feeling of abundance when it comes to money. Multiple streams of $$$ hitting your bank account every month, I'm telling you nothing makes you feel more confident and stand taller as a man.

I would start my own online business, my #1 pick is lead generation.

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