Roland Frasier’s EPIC Network Review

April 4, 2024

Roland Frasier’s EPIC Network is a learning platform that offers programs on Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), consulting for equity (CFE), and the most profitable ways of “exiting” or selling a company. The platform’s main selling point is teaching students how to acquire a business without spending money out of their pockets – the “Zero Down” or acquisition using other people’s money (OPM).

The 5-Day EPIC Challenge is the most popular among the EPIC Network's programs. It is available for free, and it outlines the EPIC Network’s primary model, the zero-down acquisition. What makes it attractive to entrepreneurs and newbies is its idea that the “no money down” business acquisition doesn’t require high credibility, credentials, and experience. Knowing Roland Frasier’s credentials (an accountant and lawyer), it may be a little hard to believe this model.

In this article, you will learn about EPIC Network’s learning and mentorship programs, the courses’ pricing, Roland Frasier’s professional background, and whether the “zero-down” business acquisitions model is really for everyone.


EPIC Network Pros and Cons


The platform’s most popular program, the 5-Day Epic Challenge, is free with only one upsell of $47 for unlimited time access to videos.

Learn from experienced coaches and experts.


Isn’t recommended for new entrepreneurs.

A very high learning curve for M&A.

Limited proven success stories on zero-down acquisition from students.


The 5-Day EPIC Challenge is free with an upsell of $47 for unlimited time access. Consulting For Equity costs $4,995 for the CFE Masterclass and $9,995 for the CFE Live. Exit Ready Platinum and Certified cost $4,995 and $14,995 respectively. 7-Figure Business in 7-Days costs $7. The cost of membership to the EPIC Board isn’t posted in their website.

Refund Policy

All programs in the EPIC Network have a no refund policy.


The Epic Network was founded in April 2020 and is currently based in San Diego, CA.


One of EPIC Network’s programs, the 5-Day Epic Challenge, has a 4.6 score from Trustpilot, with 179 reviews.

Is it Really Possible to Buy a Business with No Money Down?

Yes, it is possible to acquire a business with no money down, but it can either come from a very special relationship with the seller or you have to have some degree of credibility and good credentials. The need for these conditions contradicts what EPIC Network teaches – the platform positively asserts that acquiring a business with no money is for “everyone.”

Zero Down, Roland Frasier's book

It is also important to distinguish between acquiring a business without spending a penny out of your pocket and the “no money down” acquisition. First, you can actually buy a business without spending your own money, but someone has to spend money to realize the acquisition. This means you have to take some loans and/or attract investors. Either way, you have to have credibility and credentials.

Second, zero-down acquisition literally means the seller is not going to receive any money at the closing table. In this case, the seller has to receive some other form of payment, especially if there is no special relationship (you’re not buying the business from a close relative). An example of this non-monetary compensation is stocks from another business venture. Again, the buyer needs to have some credibility to pull this off.

What Are the EPIC Network's Programs?

The EPIC Board

The EPIC Board is the EPIC Network’s 12-month-long mastermind program with limited membership. If you’re accepted into the EPIC Board, you can take advantage of the following:

  • Three 2-day in-person events

  • Private access to EPIC Investor Advisory Groups

  • Unrestricted access to EPIC Network’s 30-day training series or the EPIC Deal Team Sprints

  • Weekly live mentorship calls

  • Interaction with industry experts from Roland’s network

  • Access to the quarterly “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Roland Frasier

  • Access to the EPIC Board’s private community and WhatsApp group

  • Access to Roland’s exclusive content vault

The price of the EPIC Board membership isn’t available publicly. To apply, you need to contact one of Roland Frasier’s partners, DeAnna Rogers.

EPIC Board advantages

Consulting For Equity

Consulting For Equity (CFE) teaches Roland Frasier’s model of exchanging expert advice for equity instead of regular consultancy fees (the course also teaches students how to receive 2X-5X higher fees). The CFE has two training options, both of which are unavailable at the time of writing. However, you can opt-in your email to receive a notification when it’s open for new enrollments.

CFE Masterclass

The CFE Masterclass is an 8-week live group mentorship and workshop with Roland Frasier and a cadre of coaches. The course includes the following:

  • 3 Step Consulting For Equity Blueprint

  • “Half-Day Consult” Sprint

  • Level 10 Client-to-Equity Roadmap

  • “Get You First Client” Deal Sprint

  • 5 “Group” Closing Strategies

  • 3 Done-For-You “Level 10 Experience Consult Kits”

  • 21 Equity Consulting Checklists, Agreements, Scripts, Models + Templates

  • Lifetime access to the CFE Deal Community

The site doesn’t specify any requirements or prior interview before joining. The CFE Masterclass costs $4,995.

Exit Ready

Exit Ready is an 8-week coaching and certification program focusing on teaching students the fastest way of exiting (or selling) a business. The course modules consist of the following:

  • Module 1 – Understanding Exits and Multiples

  • Module 2 – Optimal Structures and Maximum Valuations

  • Module 3 – Enhancing the Experience

  • Module 4 – The SPV Model

  • Module 5 – Exit Ready Operations

  • Module 6 – ACW Criteria for Exits

  • Module 7 – Planning Your Exit Correctly

  • Module 8 – Buyers and Executing Your Exit

Students can choose between the two-course options, the Exit Ready Platinum and the Exit Ready Certified. The Certified version has additional benefits, such as the course certification, one-hour consultation with Roland’s M&A/exit attorney, a 2-day in-person meet-up with Roland and his team, and more. Exit Ready Platinum costs $4,995 and Certified costs $14,995.

7-Figure Business In 7 Days

7-Figure Business in 7 Days is a 30-minute webinar showcasing how Roland Frasier and his partners leveraged AI technology in creating a 7-figure business in 7 days. This webinar was mainly about a case study of using AI technology in creating content (course modules, social media posts, etc.) and earning money from them. The 7-Figure Business in 7 Days costs $7.

The 5-Day EPIC Challenge

The 5-Day EPIC Challenge is the EPIC Network’s free introduction to its paid programs. It is a 5-day live training event that breaks down Roland Frasier’s strategies in acquiring businesses with “No Money Out of Pocket.” The EPIC Challenge is basically the shorter version of the EPIC Board’s learning content.

Who Is Epic Network For?

The EPIC Network’s programs are for successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, but some of its courses are specifically designed for certain types of students. For example, the CFE program is meant for consultants, high-ticket coaches, authors, agency owners, and service providers. Exit Ready is for business owners who want to sell their company (or are preparing to do so).

Also, a big chunk of the platform’s content is about Merger & Acquisitions (M&A). So, if you’re specifically interested in M&A, the EPIC Network can offer you a lot of materials and expert advice from its resident coaches, primarily from Roland Frasier.

What Do People Say About Epic Network?

The EPIC Network’s main platform itself doesn’t have a lot of reviews. However, one of its programs, the 5-Day EPIC Challenge, is highly popular with over 10,000 participants. It is also well-reviewed, with a score of 4.6 from Trustpilot.

Here are some of the participants’ feedback.

EPIC Challenge Trustpilot review 3
EPIC Challenge Trustpilot review 2
EPIC Challenge Trustpilot review 1

Note that all of these reviews praise the EPIC Challenge’s presentation and do not provide testimonials of successful “No Money Out of Pocket” acquisitions. You can find testimonials of successful zero-down acquisitions on the EPIC Network’s website, which you should take with a grain of salt.

Jordan West EPIC challenge success acquisition comment
Kenny Gregg EPIC Network success story feedback
Jeff Barnes EPIC Network success story feedback

Is EPIC Network Worth It?

Yes, the EPIC Network’s programs are worth your money if you’re one of those entrepreneurs the courses are designed for. Its paid programs aside, the free 5-Day EPIC Challenge is definitely worth participating in if you’re interested in various M&A strategies. Also, if you plan to sell a business, Exit Ready should prove useful.

The only thing you should be critical of is EPIC Network’s claim that acquiring businesses with no money out of pocket or “zero-down” doesn’t need credibility, credentials, or experience. Take a look at the Reddit post below.

Reddit post on zero down acquisition

Here’s an interesting answer from another Redditor.

Redditor answers zero down acquisition myth

Who Is Roland Frasier?

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier is a “retired” attorney and entrepreneur who is also a co-founder/principal of 5 Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing companies. He has founded, scaled, and sold over 2 dozen businesses with sales ranging from $3 million to under $4 billion.

Roland has interviewed Sir Richard Bronson, the Spanx founder Sarah Blakely, and many other industry leaders in his podcast, Business Lunch. He is currently the CEO of All Channels Media LLC and principal in,,, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Fully Accountable, War Room Mastermind, Big Block Realty, Everbowl Restaurants, Real Estate Worldwide, and Scribe Publishing.

With a genuine passion for business and deal-making, Roland continuously seeks investment opportunities, and companies to acquire, reposition, and eventually sell. His noteworthy recent partnerships and clients are Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Harper-Collins Publishing, FedEx, and Uber. His expertise lies in scaling businesses through acquisitions, strategic alliances, and marketing initiatives.

What Is the Scalable Company?

The Scalable Company, or, is a learning platform for business scaling and growth founded by Ryan Deiss, Roland Frasier, and their partners in 2020. They teach the “7 Levels of Scale” and are also offering a mastermind program, the Founders Board.

Who Are the Other Co-Founders of EPIC Network and Scalable Company?

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss is the founder and CEO of The Scalable Company. He was a marketer turned entrepreneur and founder of many other companies such as, Scalable Equity, LLC, and Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Richard Lindner

Richard Lindner

Richar Lindner is the president and co-founder of, a digital marketing education platform. With a team of 50 professionals worldwide, Lindner is an executive leadership expert working with brands like Harper-Collins, Uber, Maropost, Entreleadership, and Etihad Airlines among others.

Local Lead Generation - My Number 1 Business for Creating Passive Income

Acquiring a business with zero money out of pocket is doable, but with enough buyer credibility and credentials – a simple change of mindset won’t give that. Also, the Harvard Business Review estimates that 70-90% of acquisitions fail. Clearly, M&A is just not something an aspiring entrepreneur should be starting about.

Alternatively, those without any entrepreneurial experience should first aim to be a full-fledged business owner instead. And in my opinion, local lead generation is the best model to start. It has a low entry cost but will also require you to be adept at various skills such as digital marketing, SEO, client acquisition, and more.

Local Lead Generation VS Other Business Models

All you need to do is build a website, rank it at the top of the search engine results at your select local keywords, and then rent it out to small businesses as a stable source of leads. A ranked website can let you earn $500-$3000 for a longer period and you can also scale your local lead generation business along the way. This valuable entrepreneurial experience will help you earn credibility as well as bolster your business portfolio. Better than jumping into M&A right off the bat.

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