Brent And Molly Orwell’s Expand Your Horizons Academy Review (Is It The Best Multi-Level Marketing Course?)

March 18, 2024

Expand Your Horizons Academy is a business education website that teaches students the skills needed to become expert high ticket sales specialists. The online lessons cover creating a business, identifying business opportunities, leveraging social media marketing tools, and more. EYH Academy also has a multi-level marketing program where they encourage students to earn commissions from selling high ticket products from Enagic.       

As an industry, online sales of high ticket products have seen significant growth in the past years. For example, Statista reports that online personal luxury goods reached over 60 billion euros across the world in 2021. A Glassdoor feature also says that high ticket sales professionals in the US earn an average annual income of $73,673. It’s definitely a profitable industry despite the fact that there is so much competition and it’s usually takes more work to convince buyers to spend on high ticket items worth $1,000 or higher.

We discuss what EYH Academy is, plus how its lessons and programs can help students gain experience and overcome challenges as high ticket specialists. We also take a closer look at who the founders are, what people have to say about Enagic, and which business model may be a better alternative.  

Expand Your Horizons Academy Review: Pros And Cons


A supportive community. Many Expand Your Horizons review mention that being part of the private Facebook group is a big advantage. Through this, students get to ask questions, exchange ideas, interact with, and receive support from trainers and fellow learners.

A free 4-day trial. EYH Academy offers a 4-day free trial period. This way, students can access the brand’s online business materials and resources without spending any money.

The website displays many positive student testimonials. A quick browse on their official website reveals that numerous learners have benefited from EYH Academy’s programs. These accounts even display the members’ names and photos, adding legitimacy to their testimonials.

Continuous mentorship. Unlike typical online course programs, EYH Academy provides continuous training to learn about the latest industry updates and strategies. Users who want to receive coaching pay for the service per month.


Training will cost you every month. Other programs only charge one-time fees to grant students lifetime-access to their modules. For EYH Academy, members will have to pay AU$129 as a monthly subscription to keep learning. The cost could accumulate over time when a person decides to stay in the program for a long time.

Lack of negative reviews. The company has an overwhelmingly positive 4.9 ranking on Trustpilot. 114 reviewers gave them a 5-star rating while the remaining 1 left a 4 stars. Some potential learners may feel doubtful or suspicious about this.

Some users dislike the multi-level marketing (MLM) aspect. Not all learners appreciate that EYH Academy works closely with Enagic, a company selling alkaline ionizers and water purification products. Also, this is not explicitly mentioned anywhere in the EYH website. 

No refunds allowed. Their official website is clear on this: EYH Academy does not issue partial or full refunds. This applies not only with the monthly subscription but even for those who sign up for a 12-month membership. Instead, users can request for a membership cancellation.


Expand Your Horizons Academy was launched in April 2022 by Brent and Molly Orwell.


Members are invited to join the exclusive, student-only Facebook group. The group was created on February 10, 2022 and currently has 295 members.

Refund policy:

Refund policy: On their website’s Terms & Conditions, the company clearly states that they do not issue refunds under any circumstances. According to them, members need to be aware of the monthly renewal date to avoid problems.

How Much Does Expand Your Horizons Academy Cost?

Expand Your Horizon Academy costs AU$129 per month (US$83). They also offer a free 4-day trial. This can be an excellent way to test out and explore what the EYH Academy program is, along with its online course lessons, marketing opportunities, and more.

According to the website, there is no lock-in contract. This means students may cancel the trial anytime before it ends. However, there is no refund policy for those who avail of the paid monthly version.  

What Is Expand Your Horizons?

Expand Your Horizons Academy is an online education platform that teaches students to become high ticket sales specialists through online course lessons and mentoring. The company also serves as a multi-level marketing platform for Enagic, a Japan-based company that manufactures and sells alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines across the world. Through this, students gain business experience and earn commissions

Based in Australia, EYH Academy was founded in April 2022 by Brent and Molly Orwell. Expand Your Horizons aims to equip members with the skills needed to create wealth, expand their mindset, and level up their lifestyles.

In an AccessWire feature, Molly Orwell shares, “We have built a solid trusted brand in the marketplace. We have exclusivity, our coaches and trainers are exclusive to EYH.” She also adds that they are “committed to staying up to date on innovative training.”

What Will You Get From Expand Your Horizons Academy?

Expand Your Horizons Academy students can expect to get lessons on high ticket sales and self-development. They can also get access to masterclasses taught by industry experts, plus a private community where members and mentors support each other.

1. Online Education Platform

The EYH Academy online course primarily teaches about: 

  • Creating high ticket sales business
  • Using social media marketing to build your business and brand
  • Using automation systems and tools to boost business efficiency
  • Pursuing business opportunities and achieving financial freedom through mindset coaching
  • Creating engaging content and building business relationships
  • ... and more.

2. Expand Your Life & Business

The program also invites learners to focus on self-improvement. For example, the 21-Day Method to Expand Your Business & Life challenges participants to enhance their business skills while also improving their self care and goal setting practices.

3. Expansion Sessions

Students can also experience receiving ongoing training and masterclasses from Brent and Molly Orwell and their team, including Martin W. Ball, Melanie Brandt,Owne Hone, Emma Makepeace, and others.

4. EYH Community

Expand Your Horizons’ private Facebook group is where students and mentors can connect in a supportive environment. This community also hosts online and in-person events and training sessions.

How Does Expand Your Horizons Academy Help You Make Money?

Expand Your Horizons Academy helps students make money by teaching them to promote and sell Enagic products. Enagic is a company from Japan that manufactures and sells water alkalinization and filtration machines.

EYH Academy online course students first have to buy and use Enagic machines before they can start marketing and selling the products. Aside from actual sales commissions, they can also make more money by inviting people to join and become sellers themselves. EYH members receive a cut from sellers that sign below them because this business uses the multi-level marketing structure.

Since Enagic water machines are costly, potential earnings and commissions can be high. However, among the most common challenges with MLM is that it can be difficult to recruit a network or sell products in the first place, even for those with extensive experience and skills in sales and marketing.

Who Is Expand Your Horizons Academy For?

Expand Your Horizons Academy is for interested students who are “ready to take a leap, to be courageous, and create a legacy of abundance and impact,” their website sites.

In general, EYH Academy is ideal for any person willing to:

  • Build their own business and embrace entrepreneurship as a career
  • Complete and implement lessons from the EYH online course
  • Develop new skills and experience to chase business opportunities
  • Ask questions and receive mentorship from coaches
  • Participate in and support others as part of a community
  • Engage in and earn commissions from multi-level marketing sales and recruitment

Who Is Expand Your Horizons Academy Not For?

Expand Your Horizons is not a program for everyone since not all may take an interest in their online course and the business model they promote.

Browsing through their website, we learn that EYH Academy is not for people who are:

  • Unready to start and build a new career in business
  • Unenthusiastic about learning skills from modules and mentors
  • Unwilling to build a social media presence
  • Looking for get-rich-scheme opportunities

Are Students Of Expand Your Horizons Getting Results?

Expand Your Horizons students are achieving positive results, as seen on online testimonials. Case in point, we see many success stories on the EYH Academy website. Members are sharing how the online course, coaching, and community have benefited them in different ways.

For example, Abbie Muscat describes the company’s training as “second to none and always the most up to date.” Abbie also applauds the “continuously inclusive, supportive community” for making her EYH experience meaningful.

Thomas and Majentah of Forever The Weekend say EYH resonated with them “on a really deep level.” The program eventually helped them gain the skills and confidence to escape their day jobs and pursue building their own business. 

On their YouTube channel Expand Your Horizons Academy - EYH Academy Reviews, we get short video testimonials. Overall, most students share about how the platform has opened their minds, helped them find opportunities, and changed their lives for the better.

Interestingly, not one person on their website and on YouTube videos specifically mention their experience with Enagic or the amount they’ve earned from MLM leads and commissions.

What Are The Internet Saying About Expand Your Horizons Academy?

The internet has mixed opinions on Expand Your Horizons Academy. While the platform has excellent Trustpilot ratings from their students, we see some Reddit users tagging EYH Academy as a scam.

Expand Your Horizons Academy on Trustpilot

Expand Your Horizons Academy has an excellent 4.9 rating out of 115 reviews on Trustpilot. Majority of students’ reviews gave the company 5 stars with only 1 person giving them a 4-star rating.

One of their clients, Amanda Cuscuna, wrote that EYH is a life changer. She also shared that it challenges her and Heath to “keep moving forward” and strive for success.

Meanwhile, Sheree Milne says they love the weekly Zoom meetings “where they share more knowledge and experience from a wide range of people.”

Gehamat Shibasaki points out that the lessons are “very easy to navigate through.”

Of course, it is also worth mentioning that EYH Academy has zero negative reviews on Trustpilot. This can be really difficult - if not impossible - for most businesses to achieve. 

Meanwhile, Enagic only has a 3-star rating out of 73 Trustpilot reviews. A certain Jane Doe said that Enagic should “distance themselves” from Lifestyle Hustlers and EYH Academy, labeling them as “scammers.”

Sam, on the other hand, encourages people to avoid Brent and Molly “like the plague,” adding “I will be making a formal complaint.”

Expand Your Horizons Academy on Reddit

On Reddit, users are posting both positive and negative reviews for EYH Academy. For example, NationalAd9249 describes the platform as a business “built on morals.” 

Redditor shawry_1982 says EYH (or Lifetime Hustlers, as they were previously known) did not receive “any commissions” at all, adding the “amazing compensation plan” sets it apart from competitors.

Sorry-Ad-3745 labels EYH as just “another front for Enagic, a.k.a. the magic overpriced water filters.”

GetRichOrTryCrying also claims they have already reported EYH to the government.

Is Expand Your Horizons Academy Worth It?

Expand Your Horizons Academy is worth it for beginners who want to become a high ticket specialists. You can take advantage of the free 4-day trial just to see if this program is right for you. Otherwise, you can simply cancel before the trial ends.

If you decide to continue, take note that you’ll have to spend roughly $83 per month. Your expenses could accumulate over time the longer you stay with them. Also, keep in mind that while being a high ticket specialist can be potentially rewarding, the market can be extremely competitive. Plus it’s always a challenge attracting casual buyers to purchase high ticket products, such as Enagic water machines and packages that range from $4,000 to $12,000.

Is Expand Your Horizons Academy The Best Multi-Level Marketing Course?

Expand Your Horizons Academy is a good multi-level marketing course but may not be the best one as of yet. Fact is, there are many other MLM courses that have been out in the market for years. These online course options also have well-balanced reviews from their students. Moreover, most of them only require one-time fees, instead of monthly subscriptions.

For example, here are some top MLM business courses on Udemy: 

Who Are The Creators Of Expand Your Horizons Academy?

The creators of Expand Your Horizons Academy are Brent and Molly Orwell. They launched the EYH Academy in April 2022. According to the couple, their goal is to help clients achieve success as high ticket sales specialists. As such, their online course lessons cover everything from teaching business skills and social media strategies, to identifying business opportunities, to earning high-ticket sales and commissions, and more.

In a press release published on AccessWire, we read that Brent and Molly Orwell’s mission for EYH Academy is to “provide passionate entrepreneurs with information, resources and support from industry experts and business creators.” On their website, Brent and Molly describe themselves as “full-time travelers, business mentors, social media marketers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and unschoolers.” With their experience as online business owner, they hope to inspire any person to create and experience their dream lives.

Brent and Molly are formerly known as Lifestyle Hustlers. Although they’ve since rebranded, some of their online social media accounts still reflect the name.

Brent and Molly Orwell Social Media Presence

  • On Instagram, Brent & Molly have 30.2K followers. They also have the Lifestyle Hustlers account with only 20 followers.
  • On Facebook, Brent & Molly have 71K likes and 74K followers. Their Brent & Molly - Lifestyle Hustlers page is still up online and has 23 followers.
  • On YouTube, Lifestyle Hustlers - Brent & Molly has 4.07K subscribers.
  • On Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Brent & Molly used to host the podcast show The Lifestyle Project. They had a total of 13 episodes with the last one uploaded in December 2021.

Who Is Brent Orwell?

Brent Orwell is a business owner and business coach from Sunshine Coast, Queensland in Australia. In the BrentAndMollyOrwell website, we read that Brent used to spend over 80 hours per week working in electrical wholesale. He eventually decided to become an online business creator and has since achieved success. Relying on his skills and experience, he managed to create multiple income streams “all while traveling Australia and living in a caravan with his family.”

Together with Molly, he co-founded subscription-based educational academy EYH Academy where he now shares the lessons he learned as a business owner. In the platform, he teaches their students how to “create opportunities, abundance and wealth.”

Who Is Molly Orwell?

Molly Orwell is the co-founder and co-creator of EYH Academy. As Brent’s wife and business partner, Molly “entered the world of online business after becoming a mother for the first time.” She initially started a photography business but would later explore other business models on the internet. As an online business owner, she now travels to different countries with her husband and their two children.

Molly attended St. Columban’s College from 2002 to 2006. She used to work in the insurance industry before her days as an online business creator and mentor. 

What Is The Connection Of Brent And Molly Orwell to Enagic?

Brent and Molly Orwell are connected with Enagic through their online education platform Expand Your Horizons. EYH Academy not only teaches students but also introduces the best MLM business opportunities out there. The students can then earn from commissions by promoting and selling Enagic’s alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.

Enagic is a Japan-based company established back in 1974. According to their website, the company currently operates in 42 locations in 25 countries. Enagic is a legit business and is a member of the United States’ Direct Sellers Association (

Do Brent And Molly Orwell Have A Good Reputation?

Brent and Molly Orwell generally have a positive reputation online. On social media, we see the couple actively posting and engaging with their followers. In a recent post, Brent shared about a strategy call he hosted and one of his contacts replied it was “one of the best calls” they’ve had.

Meanwhile, one of Molly’s followers commented about how ready she is to defend her and Brent against critics.

On Trustpilot, Kym Norman says Brent and Molly are “honest, genuine people” working towards success while “helping others along the way.” Sam also describes them as “real” and “down to earth” trainers.

On Reddit, courtneybcrowley clarifies the EYH Academy founders are not running or promoting pyramid schemes.

Brent And Molly Orwell's Claims:

Some of Brent and Molly Orwell’s claims are:

1. EYH Academy is for any person ready to “create a business and life on your terms.”

Their website also implies that the online course platform can be people’s ticket to success and a way out of their 9-5 day jobs as they build “a legacy of abundance.” 

2. EYH Academy is the world’s leading high ticket sales company. 

On Trustpilot, EYH writes that they are “the worldwide leading high ticket sales platform.” Trustpilot confirms that this About section displays “information written by the company.”

Brent And Molly Orwell's Claims Debunked:

1. Most EYH Academy success stories do not specifically mention their businesses.

While there are many positive student testimonials on their website and YouTube channel, majority do not go into specifics. Most only mention how the lessons, community, and coaching have helped them develop new skills or find new business opportunities. However, none of them specifically mention which businesses they have built and how much they’ve made after joining the program. Also, none of them mention Enagic or the MLM business model in their testimonials. Interested customers looking for detailed information may see the lack of information on these areas as a red flag.

2. No other online sources or lists mention EYH Academy as one of the world’s leading high ticket platforms. 

Aside from their About section on Trustpilot, we see no other websites that confirm EYH Academy is a “worldwide leading high ticket sales platform.” As a business, EYH Academy is fairly new in the high ticket industry since the Orwells only launched it in April 2022. Their connection with Enagic, while praised by some, is a source of mixed opinions online. Although Enagic is a legal business with offices across 25 countries, some do not trust it as a business model. In fact, here are several criticisms on Reddit threads and Trustpilot reviews. 

Also, the Federal Trade Commission issued a Cease and Desist Demand in 2021. According to the government agency, Enagic USA “unlawfully advertised that its Kangen Water products treat or prevent Coronavirus.”

What Is A High Ticket Seller?

A high ticket seller is a person who sells expensive, high-value products or services that usually cost $1,000 or more. These specialists provide personalized, customer-centric approach when dealing with potential clients. They guide every person as they move through the sales process, ensuring that they have a quality experience every step of the way. With their skills, high ticket sellers make a lot of money by earning a commission from each sale. 

Can You Make Money For Being A High Ticket Seller?

Yes, you can make money for being a high ticket seller. High ticket sales professionals in the United States may earn an income of $73,673 to $122,348 per year, reports Glassdoor. Meanwhile, Cole Gordon of Remote Closing Academy claims some of his students earn anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000 per month after taking his high ticket sales course.

High ticket sellers collect a percentage of commission from sales. Usually, this means 10% to 15% of the total price of the product or service. According to Statista, the big-ticket category includes “furniture, vehicles, luxury goods, and high-end consumer electronics,” among others.

Expand Your Horizons Academy Alternatives

  • Next Play by Richie Contartesi is a 3-step accountability system designed for teaching sales representatives, leaders, and teams to hit their goals and boost their earnings. The goal of this customized coaching program is to equip their students to make up to $20,000 in monthly net commissions within 90 days.
  • Inside Closer by Mike Barron is an online course that tackles different high ticket sales techniques. As a result of their lessons, successful high ticket closers may make as much as $1,000 to $2,000 per day.
  • Millionaire Closer by Dylan Blyuss provides tools and training for high ticket closing so learners may have opportunities to earn anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000 per month.

Conclusion: Is Being High Ticket Seller Profitable?

Yes, being a high ticket seller can be potentially profitable. With this business model, specialists enjoy a high profit margin. In addition, you will only be working with a small number of customers. However, it may not be an ideal career path for everyone.

Case in point, among its challenges is that high ticket selling requires greater effort in marketing. You need to come up with the best ideas to attract potential buyers. So while the commission earnings can be big, there will be times when you will make fewer sales per month than your goal. Competition can also be difficult since there are many high ticket industry experts out there, aiming for the same target customers as you. Also, achieving and maintaining long-term success may be hard since you essentially function as a middleman in this business model. Business could fail anytime, leaving you without a product or service to sell. 

Local lead generation

Lead generation is a superior alternative for those who want to make money faster and easier. To begin with, the initial investment is significantly lower. For example, building a website from scratch may only cost you at least $500. Your next goal would then be to rank that site online. Once the site gets a good search engine ranking, you can then offer it for rent to business owners who need traffic and leads. Competition is also not as fierce as high ticket selling since you’re only going against 4 to 5 local business websites for your target keywords. I, for one, earn $2,000 a month from this tree care site I built years ago. I own several of these sites and they generate me a passive income of $52,000 per month. I also teach a lead generation coaching program for those who want to learn my effective lead gen strategies.

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