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Facebook Ad Account Disabled, How to Fix It!

December 4, 2021

Got your Facebook ad account banned? You appealed for it? But swiftly rejected? 

What to do?

Let me guess, you tried to create a new Facebook ad accounts by using your friend's account and got swiftly banned immediately?

Its called digital footprint and Facebook don't play games. They're tracking so many factors to re-identify advertisers that have already been banned & then re-ban them as quickly as possible.

Facebook's #1 goal is to make the user experience is as great as possible, they don't care about the lil' advertisers that they deem might be running ads that hurt user experience.

This is a huge problem for advertisers because it only takes 1 small mistake to piss off Facebook and get sent to Facebook exile. 

In this guide I'm going to show you how you can create a whole new clean Facebook ad account without digital footprints. So you can start running ads again.

How do I know about this? I used to run huge volume in the weight loss affiliate marketing niche on Facebook ads, which is notoriously hated on by Facebook so I'm used to getting my ad account shut down left and right, the solution is to have a system that allows you to create brand new legitimate Facebook ad accounts at will.

When you begin to scale huge numbers on Facebook Ads, you will inevitably run into an issue of getting your ad account shut down, due to number of reasons.

First, you may have accidentally violated their Facebook ads policy.


You did everything right but basically what happens on Facebook is that as your spending big $$$ on ads, they will eventually exhaust large portions of your audience.

Also called ad fatigue.

As more people look at the same ad, they begin clicking "Hide Ad" or "Report Ad" 

Each time people hide or report the ad, it dings your ad account and the trust factor of your ad account goes down, as this continues & your ad account gets dinged enough times, Facebook's algorithm can decide to shut your entire ad account.

"Your ad account has been flagged for policy violations. Any ads you're running have been turned off. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact us."

As you can see, even if you're running a clean ad, you can get shut down due to running big numbers which equals even more opportunities for your audience to down vote your ad.

Sure you can try appealing the ban, but 9/10 Facebook support is pretty useless when it comes to be reasonable with you on why you should get your account back. They really don't give a f**k.

So lets get into it, creating new FB ad accounts that you control that's gonna allow you to run ads again like you've never been banned before.

First thing to understand, Your Ad Account has a Trust Grade

Ok so once your ad account has been shut down, it's not just the account that has been compromised. Its your identify as well that Facebook keeps a record of to ensure that you can't just start running ads again with a different account.

Facebook keeps track of many different factors to identify you, from your IP address to credit cards, we will go over all these different factors down below and how to get you a fresh new version of each so that you don't leave any digital footprint.

Now some of you might be asking, do I really need to get all of this?

Well, yes & no.

Some of you might claim that you were able to get a new ad account going and start running ads without doing all of this.

But what you might have not known is that the more of these factors you can get right the higher your trust grade on your ad account, which means your ad account will last much longer.

Each factor you don't get right, the lower your trust grade and your ad account might get banned in 1-2 weeks.

At the top of this list are the most important factors that they're tracking that you definitely want to make sure you do correctly.

1. Brand New Facebook Account

This one is obvious but what kind of Facebook ad accounts matters.

First of all, if you had a business manager account, & you get one of your ad accounts banned, then yes you can still run ads on other accounts, but again your trust score for that entire BM account is now much lower, so other ad accounts simply may not last long.

The best way is to continually have access to 5-10 business manager accounts, keep using each BM account until you get about 5 ad accounts suspended, then you just replace it with a new BM account.

First of all if you created a brand new Facebook ad account from scratch, it has very low trust value.

You want a Facebook ad account that someone has been using for at least about 1 year.

You can use friends & family's account but once you run out of that.

What I use is Craigslist, and just pay someone like $50 to $100 to allow me to use their FB ad account.

Ask for their ID & Password, and have them also send you a screenshot of their driver's license, this is gonna be needed later on.

2. Brand New IP Address (NOT VPS)

I learned this the hard way, after trying so many VPS and still swiftly getting my new accounts banned. 

I learned that VPS IP address versus real, land-line internet IP address are different and Facebook knows the difference.

A real IP address is someone else's internet at their house. From all the tests I've done this seems to be one of the strongest trust factors.

You gotta think that so many people have tried masking their IP address at this point to try to un-ban themselves.

Whether you use VPS or other IP masking services, trust is never as good as having a legitimate IP address at someone's home.

There's 2 different methods to get these clean IP addresses.

Method #1

Let's say you have a friend that's never ran Facebook ads before so you know he has a clean slate.

You first buy a cheap laptop for $100-$200

You can buy pretty cheap, refurbished laptops on eBay 

You ship the Laptop to your friends house, tell him/her to boot the laptop up and have them install Teamviewer.

Teamviewer allows you to remote access to that laptop from your computer anytime you want.

And you just leave the laptop on all the time.

You now have access to a computer on a brand new, clean legit IP address and this is the computer you're gonna be using to run your new FB ad account.

And what would be even more ideal is to use the Facebook ad account of your friend that actually lives at that house, because Facebook has recorded a history of that house & its IP address logging in and out of that Facebook account for quite some time.

This really proves to Facebook that the account is real versus some fake account that someone snatched to run ads with.

Method #2

Some internet providers offer multiple IP addresses, for example, I had comcast Xfinity and with their business internet service, I was able to acquire 35 different IP addresses.

I bout 7 laptops and had them all connected via ethernet to my modem and each laptop had its own unique IP address. Legit land-line IP address with the most credibility not that VPS junk.

I simply used Craigslist to get other people's Facebook account and I would log into them from these laptops. Also remember to get a copy of their photo ID.

You may get this error message from time to time because the IP address has changed from their home to my laptop business account IP.

"Your ads account has recently been flagged.because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you're running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook."

This is when you need to submit to Facebook that pic of their photo ID and your account will be ready to go in 2-3 days.

3. New Ad Materials

Use the same ad copy or images can tie you back to the banned account and hurt your trust score. So the following is all the different element of the ad itself that you wanna watch out for.

1. Don't use the same ad image

2. Don't use the same ad copy

3. For sure don't use the same pixel (make a fresh new pixel, collect data again, no big deal def not worth linking to the old account)

4. For the landing page of the ad, use a brand new domain

Ultimately you want to appear as a different advertiser, now your landing page content might be the same, it would probably help if that changed up from time to time as well but it's not necessary to change after each ban. It would be too much work and other advertiser might use very similar landing page so they won't just immediately ban 1 version at once.

4. Use New Credit Cards

Make sure you're not using the same credit card you used in your banned account.

It can still be the same name on the card, but it has to be brand new number.

Either report the card as stolen and get a new credit card with new number.

Or create a business account with your bank and create employee credit cards (I use Bank of America)

Do not use VCC, they have very low trust value, actually using a VCC has caused me a lot of issues.

5. Scale Slowly

There's no exact number to how fast you should scale, but I like to go slow, maybe 20-30% more ad spend per day.

I like to also limit how much ad spend I rack up on one ad account.

What was working well for me is to limit to around $3K ad spend per ad account per month until the ad account ages for 2-3 months and then bump up to around $5K per month.

To spend more $$$ I'd rather have multiple seperate ad accounts spending money.

Even better would be to have multiple business manager accounts on seperate IP addresses that I'm accessing through teamviewer.


Know that Facebook can ban ad accounts even if you're following their Ad policy to a T.

Just because overtime your ads will be reported as spam by your audience, when you get enough of those, your ad account's trust grade drops and their automated algorithm will just go ahead and ban your account.

And Facebook has never been that helpful at unbanning my ad accounts.

Many waste so much time trying to create new ad accounts that get banned within few days.

This is all because Facebook is using multiple ways to keep a digital footprint on you.

If you follow this guide to a T, it will finally give you a fresh new ad account with no footprints that will last you much longer.

Ultimately, I've branched out to creating more longterm traffic by ranking websites in Google using SEO instead of just using Facebook ads.

Relying only on Facebook ads proved to be way too volatile for my liking.

How I generate Leads using Google's Search Engine and Make $50K per Month

This is my primary business.

I rank simple websites like these, for local businesses and they pay me monthly for it.

I own these websites.

Facebook can't just ban my account out of no where and my business comes to a screeching halt.

Ranking in Google provides far more stable & consistent traffic.

In 2020, they're more strict than ever before, especially in the wake of recent privacy scandal that Mark Zuckerberg is battling.

This is why I don't think its a great idea to get into businesses like dropshipping or affiliate marketing that rely on Facebook ads.

My recommendation is mastering the ability to generate traffic through Google.

We have a coaching program that teaches you exactly how you can do this. Read below...

We don't just teach people how to rank in Google, but we combine it with the model of setting up lead generation sites that generate leads for local businesses and they pay us monthly for it, best part is once the site is ranked its pretty much passive income!

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  1. Thank you for your post. I have a very small online business and I was using IG ads but they kept rejecting my ads for no reason at all. Each time, they would re-activate my ad and apologize for the mistake. Eventually, Facebook refused to re-enable because they said I was consistently being rejected. But after many months this just naturally happens even though I was doing everything right. I am a very small business and want an easy way to resume advertising without having to buy a new laptop and use some else's account. Do you suggest I use influencers or promote on those pages where people invite you to promote on their pages? Is there a way I can speak to someone higher up on the facebook team to appeal again???

  2. Hi Ippea, thank you for your post,

    i actually commented but it didnt work!

    I was banned from advertiisng due to a copyright claim.

    to get around this I'm going to bbuy a new laptop and stick it at my girlfriends house and use her facebook etc, only problem is she logged into my IP before on her phone so thats a bit worrying?

    I'll use a new credit card thats still in my name though as you suggested.

    Also, on my phone ive got the facebook messenger app, so i'm worried that I can't create and post to the instagram account for the business from my phone either?

    Thank you,

  3. Great Post.

    Is it an issue if you are using a new card (Your name) under your FriendsundefinedFamily Account? Doesn't it need to match the name, birthday, and address as on the profile?

  4. Hi, is there a way I can get back the money in my ad acct? less than 24hrs of adding $300 into Facebook ad acct with a debit card, Facebook lock the acct and ask to be secured. I’ve sent all documents I can think of including bank statement yet acct remained lock. The frustrating part is they only reply once and it looks automated. Used another email again to recover the acct and its still the same response.
    Now I don’t care about the facebook page or the business manager acct, I just want my money back but I don’t know which avenue to go about it, because there’s no response from fb. Even the new acct I opened to make a report about this in the help centre was banned after 2 reports.

  5. Hi Ippei,

    This article has been incredibly helpful! We have had 4 ad accounts disabled in one day today and we have increasingly been having issues with them. As far as we know we aren’t breaking any guidelines and every time we contact Facebook they immediately turn our ad accounts back on. However the algorithms have obviously got it in for us now in some way that we don’t fully understand.

    I am assuming now that our Business Manager is at risk of being switched off soon and urgently trying to work out how to work around this. I have a few questions I’d be super grateful for your thoughts on:

    Do you need to connect your ads to a different Page? Our Page has hundreds and hundreds of good reviews built up over several years that we really don’t want to lose.

    Is it ok to share any of these elements with your new BM account?
    – Page access
    – Pixel
    – Custom Audiences

    Do you think using a .com rather than a domain would be enough for the landing pages we use in the new BM account? Or indeed if you team were to use .com email addresses rather than their .co.yk ones on tnew account?

    Thanks again, this is the most useful blog post I’ve read in years!

  6. The problem with FB is that they use AI for everything. In most cases, the solution you require might be able to be resolved with a flowchart approach. But, when a company accepts payment for products or services, it is imperative they also offer a way to contact someone – a human – in the even things go awry. FB disabled our account – we have had one for five years with our online business – and there is NO way to circumvent the circle that keeps taking you back to the same form that requests the same info already sent in. A human needs to be reachable thru call or online chat to help resolve issues, especially when you are paying money for the service. FB doesn’t have that.

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