Top 63 Faceless or Copy Paste YouTube Channel Ideas

November 23, 2023

The top faceless or copy-paste YouTube channel ideas are entertainment, animation, tutorials, explainers, and motivation channels. These ideas and 58 others are proven to have vast audiences and high potential to create multiple viral videos. You can build these YouTube channels without showing your face or sometimes even without using your voice. 

You need to be careful though as you do your research into faceless YouTube channel ideas. There's a lot of misinformation online from people who are just after your click. You will be led to think it's ok to do one thing, like copy TikTok videos, but the truth is it violates YouTube's copyright policies. We will also show you how to copy-paste videos the right way, so you don't get banned on YouTube.

While YouTube is one of the top online business ideas you can try to make money online, its biggest problem is you're building on rented property. YouTube can suddenly change its rules and you'll be left scrambling to comply or lose your income. You don't have that problem when you own the asset. This is the biggest reason you should check out local lead generation before deciding on any online business idea.

#1. Funny Animals Channel

Many people love animals that's why it's one of the top faceless YouTube niches. While it is difficult to do National Geographic-style videos, you can start with something easy - funny pet videos.

People love watching funny cat or dog videos, and you don’t need to show your face. You don’t even need to have your own pets! You can compile funny pet videos from different sources and put them together. like the MAI PM channel.

Of course, you don’t have to confine yourself to cats and dogs. You can focus on other animals if you want to make yourself unique. Maybe collect funny zoo or farm animal videos.

#2. Animals Facts Channel

If you feel like there are too many funny cat videos online, you can then educate people about interesting animals. You can focus on different breeds of one animal, rare animals, a category of animals (like spiders), or animals in a certain location (like Hawaii).

There are people who are interested in learning fun facts about different animals. You can also share about how to take care of them as pets. Animal Facts is a channel that started sharing information about different animals but now they are focused entirely on different dog breeds.

#3. Inspiring Animals Channel

Instead of funny cat videos, you can also make one focused on inspiring animal stories instead. You can compile stories on heroic animal deeds or amazing animal rescues like the Awesome Animals channel.

Pro Tip: 

You can multiply your faceless YouTube channel ideas by having one focus per idea. Is the channel entertaining, informative, or inspiring?

#4. 3D/VR Animation Video Channel

Watching 360° 3D/virtual reality faceless videos are amazing. You can actually interact with the faceless YouTube video. You can click and drag your mouse around to see the entire scenery while the scene is unfolding! Check out 3D VR 360 Videos

Right now, the tech is very new and not a lot of creators have the talent to produce 3D/VR YouTube videos. So, if you’re up to learning a new skill, this can be a pioneering opportunity that can be hard to copy in the next few years.

It’s definitely something that you can niche down into different areas. There’s not much storytelling yet, which I believe is a video idea worth exploring.

#5. CG Animated Short Films Channel

The CGBros channel is a hub for short films using CGI and VFX tech. Instead of funny cat videos, they compile 3D short films. And they don’t make films. They just copy-paste the films that are submitted to them with permission to use. This is a great way to create amazing content without too much work.

Producing 3D short films takes a lot of work, which is probably not realistic for one person to do. But a compilation channel is definitely doable.

#6. Animated Fairy Tales Channel

With animation, you can go in a lot of different directions. Like the English Fairy Tales faceless YouTube channel, it focuses on English Fairy Tales. Since there are many fairy tales in the world, you could focus on fairy tales from other countries or in other languages. You can even translate fairy tales. There are many possibilities for this YouTube video idea.

How do I copy and paste on YouTube without copyright?

You can copy and paste ideas on YouTube. Ideas don’t have a copyright. However, most content has a copyright - music, movies, speeches, poetry, audiovisual productions, etc.

So, you can’t simply copy and paste videos with copyright. Here are some tips on how to start a faceless YouTube channel while avoiding copyright claims.

  1. Use copyright-free music. Remove the music from the old video and get royalty-free music from YouTube’s audio library.
  2. Don’t use the original video track as-is. Replace video segments from the original video with stock photos and videos. You can insert these in an alternating pattern - 2 seconds of the original + 10-15 seconds of stock footage.
  3. You can parody or criticize a work but make sure that you are criticizing the work continuously. You can’t have long pauses or intervals with no input from you.
  4. Get written permission. This is the safest way. The CGBros approach of aggregating videos and promoting them to the world is the best win-win approach to building a YouTube channel. 

Alternatively, you can check out Thomas Garetz' No Face YT for an in-depth faceless YouTube tutorial.

#7. Animated Comedy Channel

There’s a lot of space for animated comedy videos. Hundreds of comedy shows have been shown through the years on TV. They all just differ on the story lines, characters, and angles. Sometimes, you can even copy paste the idea of a show or sitcom and just introduce a unique angle. You can find a lot of animated comedy channels

For this faceless YouTube channel idea, though, you need a good scriptwriter, along with a talented animator. Or you can copy the CGBros channel idea and just compile comedy videos from different sources.

#8. Animated Parody Channel

Parody is a subcategory of comedy, a specific kind of comedy. People love to watch well-written parodies and they have good potential to become viral if you parody a popular movie or show. This idea has a lot of possibilities and you will never run out of shows to parody.

#9. Animated Podcast Channel

I didn’t think there would be animated podcasts but the Distractible podcast is showing how it's done. The animation is not even complicated. It’s just avatars that vibrate when they’re talking. It works because the hosts make it work with unscripted, funny banter. You need hosts that have outsized personalities and who can carry a conversation.

Podcasts can be on any topic so this channel idea can have a lot of possibilities.

#10. Animated Kids Channel

One of the biggest channels in the world, Cocomelon, is a kids' channel with animated nursery rhymes and stories. Their audience is probably not suitable for ads though. But if you can target a slightly higher age level, then toy companies can run ads to your channel and you can make it work with Adsense and brand deals.

#11. Animated Scary Stories Channel

There are many fans of scary horror stories judging from the number of scary movies that come out every year. Movie franchises have also been built on iconic characters like Freddy Krueger and Jason so this idea has many possibilities.

You can even get the stories from Reddit communities focused on scary stories.

#12. Animated Book Reviews Channel

Animation has also been used in book reviews. A popular animation technique in book reviews is whiteboard animation. Channels like the Swedish Investor and Fight Mediocrity have used whiteboard animation to do many book reviews on their faceless YouTube channel.

This format has become popular because more people prefer to watch book summaries rather than read the entire book. 

Pro Tip: 

To find unique ideas for a YouTube channel, start by looking at popular channels. These channels already prove there’s an audience for the idea. You can then niche down and see if there are other popular channels in that YouTube niche. Then, find a unique angle that you can use to make the channel unique. One way to find a unique angle is to mash two ideas from popular channels together.

#13. Animated Mindfulness Channel

The rise in interest in mental health has driven the popularity of guided meditation & mindfulness channels. Amazingly, there is an animated mindfulness and guided meditation channel called Headspace. This is another idea you can copy and paste.

#14. Animated Business Explainer Channel

Explaining complex topics is easier with animation. This coupled with an increased interest in business and entrepreneurship gave rise to faceless business explainer channels like Young Entrepreneurs Forum. These channels don't just explain business concepts but they also have inspirational stories, business book summaries and other business-related content.

#15. Animated Finance Explainer Channel

There's also been an increase in interest in personal finance and becoming more financially literate. That's why there's been an explosion of animated finance explainer faceless YouTube channels. Similar to animated business channels, finance channels also feature inspiring stories, book summaries and many finance-related topics.

#16. Animated Science Explainer Channel

Another interesting topic for faceless YouTube videos is Science. It’s great for students, teachers, and science buffs. It’s especially helpful for kids who don’t have access to high-quality education. Being a global platform, YouTube helps in spreading knowledge all over the globe while rewarding the enterprising individuals who do it.

#17. Animated Self-Help Explainer Channel

The interest in business and making money has also spurred the rise of self-help channels. Similar to business and finance channels, they feature book summaries, stories of interesting people and many success concepts. 

This, though, has also given rise to fake gurus among business, finance and self-help niches. With many channels copy-pasting ideas into a faceless channel, it’s so easy to become a fake guru. It’s going to be challenging to build up credibility.

#18. Art Tutorial Channel

YouTube is a great platform to teach what you know and there is an audience for art learners. There are many things you can teach, you can teach painting, watercolors, or sketching, so there's a lot of possibilities in teaching art. The great thing is you don't have to show your face. You just need to point your camera on the paper or canvas or whatever you're using to draw.

#19. Art Explainer Channel

Some people may not have the skill to teach art, but they may have the knowledge to explain it. Like the Great Art Explained channel, you can talk about great art pieces from history. You can focus on art in a specific region or a specific culture and explain it in an engaging way.

#20. ASMR Channel

ASMR is a unique phenomenon. Apparently, there is an audience that likes the stimulation of certain sounds or visuals. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.It is used to describe the tingling sensation that a person may feel when they hear certain sounds like whispering, tapping, typing or popping bubble wrap.

This can be done without showing face like Coromo Sara.

#21. Beauty Channel

It may be difficult to do a faceless beauty channel but the Cute Polish channel did it with nail art tutorials. You can also try focusing on just parts of your face like zooming in on the eyes or getting models instead of doing it on your own face.

#22. Baking / Cake Decoration Channel

Baking and decorating cakes is an art and like other art channels we just mentioned, you can do a tutorial or a compilation of different cake art styles. Or you can also approach it like a cooking tutorial. You can show how to bake cookies, muffins, bread, and others. You can even focus on regional baking specialties.

#23. Cooking Channel

We already mentioned cooking, so this is straightforward. These are mainly cooking recipes but before you go and think that this is already saturated, remember that something new is always being developed in almost any field. New recipes, new experiments, new variations. You can feature these on your faceless channel.

You can go with specific cuisines, experiment with using new ingredients and even trying out new techniques in cooking. You can hire

How Do I Copy and Paste on YouTube Without Copyright?

You can copy and paste ideas on YouTube because ideas don’t have a copyright. However, most content has a copyright - music, movies, speeches, poetry, audiovisual productions, etc.

So, you can’t simply copy and paste videos with copyright. Here are some of the things that you can do to avoid copyright claims.

  1. Use copyright-free music. Remove the music from the old video and get royalty-free music from YouTube’s audio library.
  2. Use the content in the public domain. These are content that anyone can use because they no longer have a copyright.
  3. If using potentially copyrighted content, don’t use the original video track as-is. Replace video segments from the original video with stock photos and videos. You can insert these in an alternating pattern - 2 seconds of the original + 10-15 seconds of stock video.
  4. You can parody or criticize a work but make sure that you are criticizing the work continuously as it is playing. You can’t have long pauses or intervals without any input from you.
  5. Get written permission from the copyright owners. This is the safest way. It takes work but it's worth doing the work. Follow the CGBros model and have the owners submit their videos and permission to you.

#24. DIY Crafts Channel

Crafts were a hit during the pandemic when locked up parents needed a diversion for their locked-up children. Even with the pandemic lifted, crafts are a great way to keep the children engaged and take their attention away from their gadgets.

There are a lot of crafts that can be done with various materials so it really depends on your imagination. And if you run out of ideas, you can copy ideas from other channels, and from books.

#25. Cryptocurrency Explainer Channel

Cryptocurrency is also a new technology in the finance space, but it’s also built on a technology called blockchain that goes beyond just finance. While many are curious about cryptocurrencies and how they will impact the world of finance, the vast majority still don’t have a clue about crypto.

And with the number of scams in this industry, it needs more people that have the integrity to explain it without dumping crypto into their audience. You will never run out of content because it seems that there’s always something new in crypto.

#26. Cryptocurrency News Channel

If there’s always something new, then there’s always news in crypto. There’s news about new ones and there’s news about existing ones. You can focus on the big coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum or go niche with the altcoins.

But like I said earlier, there’s a big need for reputable crypto influencers and if you have the knowhow, this is a high-CPM market that can be very rewarding as well.

#27. Comedy Channel

Comedy makes another appearance on this list, but this time without the use of animation. There are many funny ideas that you can copy that elicit laughter, like the Bad Lip Reading channel. The channel edits videos of public events by replacing the audio with made up dialogue and the result is hilarious. Because it’s a parody and the videos they copy are in the public domain, it’s unlikely to be slapped with a copyright claim.

Another comedy idea you can copy the always popular pranks and fails compilation although for this one, you will likely need to ask for permission from the video owners.

The great thing with comedy is you can think up many possible ideas and you can copy from different sources. Just add your unique twist.

#28. Entertainment News Channel

Many entertainment websites now use social media as sources for entertainment news. You can copy the same strategy and create a faceless entertainment new channel. You can just give the news straight from the celebrity’s social media channels or you can give your commentary as well.

If you do this, it’s better to stick to a theme. There are channels that focus on K-pop stars, movie franchises like Star Wars, or any category you can think of.

#29. Weird Experiments Channel

These experiments are not science experiments. They don’t even have to make sense, but Haerte Test has made viral videos by having cars run over watermelon jelly and filming the experiment.

Think of something wacky and you might just have an audience for it.

#30. Video Game Channel

Gaming is one of the tried and tested niches on YouTube. Although, it’s harder to go viral with just gameplay now, it’s not impossible to build a following even if you don’t show your face. The guys at Vanos Gaming play games without showing their faces because there’s no need. The star of the show is the game.

#31. Gaming Highlights Channel

If you are not a good gamer, you can just collect highlights all over the internet. Make sure to give credit to the video owners and ask for their permission to be safe, but most gamers would be thrilled to have their gameplay shared with the world because it promotes the channel and helps give them exposure. It’s a win-win.

#32. Local Geography Channel

Give local geography lessons and tours and promote your local tourist spots. A lot of people are interested in travel videos and you don’t have to go far from home to make a channel that can draw an audience.

#33. World Geography Channel

There are many interesting things in our past that piques the curiosity of people. If you have the expertise or the desire to research these things, you can make a famous channel like Origins Explained.

#34. History Explainer Channel

There are many interesting things in our past that pique the curiosity of people. If you have the expertise or the desire to research these things, you can make a famous channel like Origins Explained. Explain how events unfolded or what made certain things possible. You could even go explore alternate endings with a series of "What-If" videos.

#35. History Facts Channel

You don’t even need to explain events in history. It is possible to research historical facts and share them on your channel as top 5 or top 10 lists. You can do the research yourself or hire freelancers to do the research for you. There are passionate history buffs that would gladly share this info with you.

#36. Gardening Channel

Another idea is gardening. With concerns over inflation driving food prices up and general distrust over processed food, there’s a renewed interest in gardening and growing your own food. People who want to live off the grid, grow their own food and this can be handy if geopolitical tensions escalate into something worse.

#37. Home Improvement Channel

People love to improve their homes and with the high cost of hiring carpenters and handymen, many would like to do it themselves. This DIY mentality looks at YouTube for tips and tutorials. You can make a general home improvement channel or you can go niche down further like the next example.

#38. Power Tools Channel

You can make a channel reviewing power tools, and give YouTube tips and tutorials on how to best use these power tools. Some of these power tools are expensive, some need getting used to, some need maintenance, and some may have customizations. There's no shortage of topics in exploring this niche idea.

#39. Woodworking Channel

You can cover specific areas of home improvement  like woodworking. You can hire a carpenter to do it for you sorry. It's not necessary for you to be the one with the skill. Just hire someone and then film them as they work on different things.

#40. Horror Channel

Some people are attracted to scary stories and supernatural phenomena. They're fascinated with ghost stories and seek them out on YouTube.Many people share their bone-tingling experiences. Some of them may be fabricated or not real so be careful when copying those. Maybe some of them are just driven by imagination. Still, horror stories have a real and hungry audience. Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not important. What’s important is there's an audience that believes in them. You can even sell ghost-hunting equipment through affiliate marketing for added income.

#41. House Tours Channel

Faceless House Tours channels blew up during the pandemic when everyone was stuck in their houses. Today, these channels are still popular especially luxury houses that give the audience a peek inside the lifestyle of the rich and famous. They are also a great way for real estate agents to market and sell properties. 

You can partner with real estate agents to provide YouTube content to you and maybe even get a fee for posting their properties on your channel.

#42. English Language Channel

English is considered a universal language of the world because many countries use it for communicating across cultures. It’s used especially in business and with the surge in freelancing and outsourcing, interest in English as a Second Language and a language for business communication has grown.

There are many ways you can attack this idea such as focusing on grammar, business communication, conversational English, etc. And there is an opportunity for faceless channels because some learners listen during their commute and so focus on the audio aspect rather than the visual aspect of learning the language.

#43. Other Language Channel

There’s also a trend towards learning other languages and not just English. Spanish and Mandarin have a huge demand for learning for business outsourcing purposes. If you know multiple languages, consider putting up language learning channels.

You can also pair this with learning a country’s history and geography. People that want to learn a specific language eventually get curious about the countries where the language is spoken so you can expand your topic ideas to related topics.

#44. Luxury Channel

From the 1980s to the 1990s, the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous was a popular TV show. Until now, the lifestyle of the rich is still a fascinating topic. Many people are interested because deep inside they have aspirations to become rich and they want to see what lies ahead for them. At the very least, many people are curious how the rich live and spend their money. Feed that curiosity.

You don’t need to show your face because you are not the star of the show. 

#45. Math Tutorial Channel

Khan Academy was able to raise billions of dollars in funding by providing Math, Science and Computer Programming tutorials online. Even with Khan Academy’s success, there are still many channels that provide math tutorials. Different people have different ways of learning, so there is an opportunity to continue teaching math in different ways.

#46. Mental Health Podcast Channel

There is renewed interest in mental health in recent years, especially during the pandemic. It’s now seen to be just as important as physical health. The PsychHub podcast has been regularly talking about dealing with grief and loss, ADHD, panic attacks, and anxiety, among other topics. 

In this area, there is an opportunity to deliver important information. There are passionate professionals who would willingly serve as resource people in interviews and podcasts. There would be no shortage of expertise in this topic. Many of them will work with enterprising individuals who want to shine a light on this topic

#47. Christian Motivation Channel

Christianity is one of the most enduring religions in the world. With more than a billion believers who want to have a deeper relationship with God, there is a hunger for this topic idea. But you still have an audience that can get easily bored or distracted so it's important that even if this is a serious topic, you need to approach it in an engaging and compelling manner.

#48. Christian Prayer Channel

There is also demand for Christian prayers. Many Christians are not confident with their relationship with God or their ability to pray and therefore they go to YouTube for inspiration on how to communicate with God. Sometimes the prayers are not for them but for other people and that's why they seek inspiration from other sources.

#49. Motivation Channel

Motivation is a very hot topic. Everyone wants to be motivated and inspired. So there is a vast audience for the motivation niche. And this audience wants to consume a lot of motivational content. They also like to listen to famous personalities - people who have authority. And they have a tendency to consume content from their favorite personalities. 

That’s why channels like Motiversity do really well. As new motivational speakers come up, there is still an opportunity for new channels to discover these hidden talents.

#50. Original Music Channel

Music is a touchy subject because of copyright. The best way to start a music channel on YouTube is to create original music. You can always aggregate content from other creators and this is the best way to build a music channel - help other musicians by showcasing their work.

#51. Guided Meditation & Music Channel

Meditation or focus music is another popular topic. This is content that is consumed all the way to the end. It’s usually allowed to run in the background while the listener works. The downside here is you can only run ads at the beginning and the end of the video because no one likes to get interrupted when their focus or meditation music is playing.

#52. Music Tutorial Channel

Another good tutorial topic is music. You can teach beginners all the way to master-level skills. Beginners are the largest audience but master-level content has a wow factor that people just consume for the entertainment value. No need to show your face because their attention is on the instrument and how you play it.

Reactive visualizer tech used in piano channels like Rousseau, serve as a guide for those who want to learn how to play the piece. In the beginning, stick with music in the public domain to make sure you don’t encounter copyright issues.

#53. Local News Channel

Some popular local spots can use some independent news coverage. The Disney Food Blog started as a food blog but evolved into a news channel for everything about Disney Theme Parks in the United States. 

You can create your own spin on the local news and feature local tourist spots, government offices and local businesses. As your channel becomes popular you can do sponsorship deals with local businesses in addition to YouTube Adsense income.

#54. Science Experiments Channel

If weird experiments can build a following, science experiments can have its own audience. It attracts students, teachers, parents, science buffs and even ordinary folks as long as the experiments are engaging. Bill Nye the Science Guy has built a career on TV and the Internet sharing cool science info and experiments.

#55. Science Explainer Channel

Even without experiments or animation, a full science explainer channel can build a following. And with science having many branches and discoveries being made almost everyday, you can build an audience like the BrainyDose channel which specializes in human psychology..

#56. Science Fiction Channel

Science fiction has a lot of fans. You can tell by the number of blockbuster sci-fi movies and streaming series. You can share futuristic ideas and gather ideas from different sources. The great thing with science fiction is it’s fiction. You don’t need to make it factual. It depends more on your imagination. Of course, it’s more believable if it's based on real science.

#57. Space Explainer Channel

While the study of space is a branch of science, it deserves special mention here because of the amount of attention it attracts. With the intrigue and possibilities that space travel has, many people are curious to know more about this subject. You can cover space technology, NASA, SpaceX, the space race across different companies and countries. You can even mix both science and science fiction in your space channel.

#58. Sports Highlights Channel

Sports has its fair share of viral videos. There are a lot of sports fans all over the world and with different kinds of sports available, you can do different kinds of sports highlight channels. The challenge though is copyright. Some sports organizations zealously guard their copyright, like FIFA and the UFC. You could start with other sports or sports in other countries where copyright enforcement may not be as strict.

#59. Tech Reviews Channel

Tech review channels are one of the highest-paying niches on YouTube because of the high CPM. people want to make sure that they are buying the right kind of gadget. Since most gadgets can be quite expensive, people want to listen to credible 2nd opinions. You don’t need to show your face because most people are interested in the gadgets themselves.

You can also do an unboxing video, teardown, and customization if that can be done and if you have the budget. Normally, if you have a popular channel, you can get brand deals and get free gadgets to review.

You can also review software so this is not limited to just gadgets.

#60. Tech Explainer Channel

In addition to tech reviews, you can do explainer channels that give walkthroughs on how to use certain tech, how to take care of them and things to do to maximize their value. Sometimes user manuals are not helpful and you need a credible person to explain things to you using everyday, non-technical  language.

#61. Time Lapse Channel

Have you ever wondered how ants eat a marshmallow? That’s what timelapse seeks to answer. I would put this on the level of weird experiments that have their own audience. However, there are interesting time lapse videos as well such as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly or a plant growing from a seed.

These videos though need specific knowledge in running filming equipment over a long period of time and editing them down into entertaining time lapse videos..

#62. Toy Reviews Channel

Kids love toys and even parents watch toy reviews because they want to make sure that the toys their kids want are safe to play with. Some of the biggest kid channels are toy review channels.

Then there are “toys for the big boys”. Complex Lego sets, robots, model planes, etc. are compelling subjects for working individuals who want an outlet from the stresses of life.

#63. Transportation Channel

With advances in transportation, there are a lot of possibilities with a transportation channel. You can feature airplanes, cars, trains, motorcycles, and boats. You can do reviews, breakdowns, and explainers. You can crossover with the luxury niche and focus just on expensive cars or supercars.


Also, I created an article if you want to learn different ways to make money on YouTube without showing your face. It helps you to startup your faceless YouTube channel. 


Starting a faceless or copy-paste YouTube channel is simple. These ideas are proven and you can make yours unique by introducing a unique angle in your niche.

Be careful as you learn more about this business idea because there's a lot of misinformation. You don't want to put in so much time, money, and effort only to have it taken away by the YouTube algorithm. Copy-paste these faceless YouTube channel ideas the right way.

But even then, you are building on rented property. What may be acceptable now, may change in the future. If YouTube decides to shut you down or your competitors maliciously report you to YouTube, you'll be facing an uphill battle.

Build on your own digital land. Build online assets that you own. This is the safest way to make money online and in my opinion (and more than 7,000 people agree with me), the best way is local lead generation.

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