Jacqueline Vagar and Sal Habibi’s FBA Growth University Review (3 Hidden Dangers Waiting For You in Amazon FBA)

March 15, 2024

FBA Growth University is an FBA course by Jacqueline Vagar and Sal Habibi to teach you to generate income using Amazon FBA. It contains a step-by-step process to sell on Amazon and will show you how to earn a living by selling everyday products on Amazon, replacing the need for a 9-5 traditional job. 

In this FBA Growth University review, you will learn Jacqueline and Sal's important keys to success in this business model. However, there are 3 hidden dangers to Amazon FBA that will counteract the tricks taught in this program.

While Amazon FBA can be a good starting point, local lead generation offers a great opportunity to generate passive income and gain time freedom. By securing top positions on search engine results pages, you can drive online traffic and attract more customers to your business given that 4.95 billion internet users actively searching for business and services.

Pros And Cons Of FBA Growth University


It's cheaper for lifetime access to their inclusions.

Jacque and Sal are successful Amazon FBA sellers.

100% money-back guarantee incorporated by lifetime support.

 A lot of emphasis on personal support


Limited slots for only 50 students every batch.

 FBA Growth for product research is costly. 

It's a 12-week course, you need 3 months for this course.


$997.00 for lifetime access

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee plus lifetime support


Established on 2021


Featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo. Also have over 1,000 members as of the moment.

3 Hidden Dangers Waiting For You In Amazon FBA

1. Inventory Management Issues

One of the hidden dangers of Amazon FBA is inventory management issues. It's a common mistake that FBA sellers make, and can lead to lost sales and decreased organic ranking if not properly managed. In today's world of online shopping, customers expect convenience and fast delivery. In fact, 68% of US consumers expect their items to arrive early three days after purchase, and 70% of them are unhappy if their order arrives late. So, if you want to keep your customers happy and keep an excellent reputation, it's important not to run out of stock.

If you don't, customers might buy from your competitors instead, which could help them move up in the search results while you lose sales because of your poor inventory management.

2. Competition and Pricing

Selling on Amazon comes with hidden dangers, one of which is the fierce competition among the vast number of sellers. In the US alone, there are over 500,000 third-party sellers on Amazon, and worldwide, there are 9.1 million sellers, with 2.3 million being active. In 2020 alone, a staggering 1 million new sellers joined the platform. With so many sellers vying for customers' attention, managing pricing has become one of the biggest challenges for FBA sellers.

To succeed in such a crowded marketplace, FBA sellers must develop effective pricing strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

3. Intellectual Property Infringement

According to Amazon's Brand Protection Report, Amazon spent over $700 million and hired 10,000 people in 2020 to protect customers and brands on the platform from fraud and abuse. The report also states that Amazon removed over 6 million suspected counterfeit products from its stores in 2020, and blocked over 10 billion suspected bad listings before they were published. And in 2021, Amazon invested over $900 million and employed 12,000 people to protect customers, brands, selling partners, and Amazon itself from counterfeiting, fraud, and another form of abuse. 

However, despite these efforts, intellectual property infringement remains a major risk for FBA sellers, as legal action and potential suspension of selling privileges can have serious financial consequences.

What Do I Get In FBA Growth University?

You will get lifetime access to FBA Growth University lifetime 45 step-by-step course videos plus over 50 pages of PDFs, active seller community access, access to 1 on 1 mentoring and also you will get 7 bonuses. 

Step-by-step video course + 50 pages of PDFs

Module 1: Setting yourself up for success with Amazon FBA

  • What to expect with Amazon FBA: a breakdown of the process and timeline for sellers
  • Mindsets and practices you need to build a successful business
  • Create your Amazon seller account with ease: a step-by-step walk through

Module 2: Everything you need to know to find and source a winning product

  • How to use our software tool to find a winning product
  • Learn the most common product selection mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Understanding your profit potential - including an estimated profit calculator pdf
  • How to find the right supplier to source your product
  • Relationship building with your supplier and the art of negotiation
  • How to make your product stand out from the competition

Module 3: Creating a successful Amazon brand

  • The importance of branding and how to build your own winning brand for Amazon FBA
  • Everything you need to know about patents, trademarks, and brand registry
  • How to create A+ content for your brand
  • A complete breakdown of UPC, GS1, and FNSKU codes
  • How to create a draft listing for your product
  • How to create product labels for your supplier
  • Product photography, packaging design, and product inserts 101
  • Using Helium 10 portals for your brand

Module 4: Preparing for your product launch

Everything you need to know about Product Inspections and Product Approval

Shipping Your FBA Items: How to Create a Shipping Plan

How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Product Listing

How to Optimize Your Listing

Why You Should use Helium 10 Portals & Shopify?

Module 5: A complete guide to launching, ranking, & PPC

  • Ranking to Page 1: Everything you need to know
  • The importance of reviews and how to get them during launch week
  • Understanding PPC and how to optimize your strategy
  • What you need to know about replenishing inventory, cash flow, and operations

7 Bonuses

Bonus 1: 1-ON-1 Live Zoom calls

Bonus 1-on-1 calls to offer you personal feedback during important stages of your journey such as prior to launching your 1st product after you reach your first $1k in sales after you reach your first $10k in sales, and after you reach $25k in sales.

Bonus 2: FBA Growth community

A private community exclusive to students where you can ask questions, chat with other members, exchange ideas, organize meetups, host zoom calls,etc

Bonus 3: First product evaluation

Exclusive access to message them via Skool Private DM where they offer their input and advice for your first product idea prior to you investing in it.

Bonus 4: Pre-launch Strategy Guide

Full launch strategy that has helped them get their products ranked to page 1 and become Amazon’s choice.

Bonus 5: Supplier contract template

Free template on how to approach suppliers as a professional to get the best rates and service.

Bonus 6: Brand expansion session

 After your first product launch, you can schedule a free live zoom call with Jacque and Sal to discuss expanding your brand and get their advice on scaling.

Bonus 7: PPC mastery class 

In this module, you will know how to run PPC campaigns to promote your products and scale them even further.

Is FBA Growth University Worth It?

Yes, FBA Growth University can be worth it. This FBA course teaches you everything you need to know to grow a successful Amazon FBA business, including advanced strategies for researching products, finding suppliers, marketing, and keeping track of inventory.

Moreover, FBA Growth University provides personalized coaching and support in navigating Amazon seller central, which also allows sellers to receive expert guidance and feedback on their specific Amazon business needs.

After all, Amazon FBA is a lucrative platform for several reasons. It lets sellers take advantage of Amazon's massive customer base of over 300 million active users worldwide. This gives sellers a significant chance to reach many people and make a lot of money.

While Amazon FBA offers significant potential for generating passive income, it can take a few months or years to achieve success. In contrast, local lead generation can be set up quickly and start generating income within a few weeks by creating leads for local businesses.

Is FBA Growth University Legit?

Yes, FBA Growth University is a legit course and not a scam. It provides step-by-step guidance on product research, sourcing, and launching, as well as marketing strategies and techniques to increase sales and grow a profitable Amazon business. Also, I've read positive reviews and testimonials from some of the course students. However, it is important to conduct your own research and due diligence before investing in any online course, including FBA Growth University. 

Who Are The Founders Of FBA Growth University?

Jacqueline Vagar and Sal Habibi are the founders and mentors of FBA Growth University. They shared a passion for entrepreneurship and wanted to avoid being chained to nine-to-five jobs. Their entrepreneurial spirit led them to discover success on Amazon. Jacqueline and Sal both have launched multiple successful products and earned Amazon's choice status.

Jacqueline Vagar is from a small California town. She has been selling on Amazon for 2 years and is a mentor at FBA Growth University. Jacqueline successfully launched 4 products and achieved Amazon's Choice status 4 times, earning over $250k between 2020-2021. 

Sal Habibi is a successful entrepreneur who dropped out of college and found his success on Amazon. He has launched 7 successful products, earned Amazon's choice 5 times, and made over $656k between 2020-2021. Sal now shares his experience and knowledge by mentoring others at FBA Growth University. His goal is to help new Amazon sellers avoid the mistakes he made and guide them on the path to success on Amazon.

Why Jacqueline And Sal Teaching At FBA Growth University?

Jacqueline and Sal teach at FBA Growth University to help entrepreneurs build and grow successful Amazon businesses. The team is composed of individuals with expertise in eCommerce, sales and marketing, and technology, who share a common dedication to helping people succeed on Amazon. 

Sal is part of the consulting team that explains to potential students what FBA Growth University offers, and Jacqueline's teachings on Amazon FBA aim to help more women enter the world of business and achieve financial independence.

Jacqueline And Sal’s 7 Important Keys To Success On Amazon FBA

Jacqueline and Sal identified several key factors that have contributed to their success on Amazon FBA.

  1. Conduct thorough market research to find a product niche with high demand, low competition, and good profit margins
  2. Create high-quality product listings with interesting descriptions, clear images, and accurate information. This can help attract customers and improve your search rankings.
  3. Set competitive prices for your products to attract buyers and increase sales. 
  4. Manage your inventory carefully to avoid stock-outs or overstocking, which can cause lost sales or storage fees.
  5. Provide excellent customer service to build customer loyalty and positive reviews. Respond to customer inquiries promptly and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
  6. Use Amazon's advertising platform to promote your products and increase visibility. 
  7. Continuously analyze your sales data, customer feedback, and market trends to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to your strategy.

By focusing on these key areas, you can increase your chances of success in the Amazon FBA business. But for them, the major key to having a successful Amazon business is finding the best product. But the problem is, how to find the best product to sell on Amazon? 

6 Ways In Finding Best Products To Sell On Amazon

  1. Identify a profitable niche: Start by identifying a niche that you are interested in and have enough demand to make it profitable. You can use Amazon's Best Sellers and Hot New Releases sections to get an idea of what products are popular.
  2. Research competition: Once you have identified a niche, research your competition to see what products are already being sold. Look for gaps in the market that you can fill with your own product.
  3. Check for demand: Use tools like Jungle Scout or Helium 10 to find out how many units of a product are sold each month. Look for products with high demand and low competition.
  4. Analyze profitability: Once you have found a product with good demand, analyze the profitability. Look at the cost of manufacturing, shipping, and selling the product, and determine whether you can make a profit.
  5. Evaluate the potential for growth: Consider the potential for growth in the niche. Look for products that have room for improvement, such as new features or designs, that can set your product apart from the competition.
  6. Test your product: Finally, test your product before launching it on Amazon. Get feedback from potential customers, test the product yourself, and make any necessary improvements.

FBA Growth University Alternatives

  • Amazon Beginner Mastery - Amazon Beginner Mastery is an Amazon FBA course by Crescent Kao. Crescent claims that the program has helped thousands of Amazon sellers earn multiple figures using his 5-step process. The course focuses on private label and covers FBA strategies like Amazon listing optimization, Amazon PPC, and many more. Amazon Beginner Mastery costs a onetime payment of $1,997 and offers five monthly payments of $599.
  • FBA Elite - Looking for more KDP course options? These choices rank from cheap to expensive and include the Self-Publishing School, Publishing CEOS by Alex Kaplo, and Audiobook Income Academy by the Mikkelsen Twins.
  • Ecom Limited - Ecom Limited is a step-by-step guide by Yaniv Itskovich. The course contains 12 hours of training material discusses the 8 modules that teach everything you need to know to create an Amazon private label business. This course is for beginners with zero experience and current Amazon sellers who want to scale their businesses. It costs $497 for lifetime access.
  • Freedom by FBA - This 10-module Amazon FBA course by Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai contains videos, worksheets, and other helpful tools. Designed for beginners who want to start their own Amazon FBA sellers, this course has received many positive reviews on Trustpilot.  
  • Smart FBA - This agency provides complete Amazon FBA services to help investors build a profitable passive income stream. 

Why Local Lead Generation Is My Top 1 Recommendation?

Local lead generation is my top 1 recommendation where you generate leads for local businesses and sell those leads to them for a profit. It's a lucrative industry, with the US lead generation market expected to reach $3.2  billion by this year. What I like about local lead generation is that it's a low-cost business to start. You don't need to purchase inventory or deal with shipping and handling, which can be costly for other business models like Amazon FBA. Instead, you focus on generating leads for local businesses.

Local lead generation is also a scalable business model, allowing you to start small and grow your business as you generate more revenue. It's also less competitive than other business models, such as Amazon FBA, as you can focus on a specific niche.

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