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FBA Mastermind Course Review – Pat Harris | Top 6 Mistakes New Amazon FBA Sellers Make

March 31, 2023

FBA Mastermind Course is an Amazon FBA training and mentorship program by Pat Harris. The course teaches beginners how to sell on Amazon using the private label method and how to avoid the common mistakes. It includes Pat's mentorship on how he succeeded with a $100,000 per month Amazon FBA Product. You can sell on any Amazon market from any country. This FBA Mastermind Course review will detail what it’s all about and how it works.

There are hundreds of Amazon FBA mastermind courses out there, with many being ineffective. What makes this Amazon FBA course stand out? What are the common mistakes that an FBA seller makes? Are students of the FBA Mastermind Course successful? Is selling private label products on Amazon even worth it in 2024? Read along and we’ll answer these questions.

While fulfillment is handled by Amazon, freeing up more of your time, you still need to put in the work of researching products and building and maintaining your brand. If you are looking for a passive income business model, check out local lead generation. By creating and ranking your site on Google, you can earn passively by renting it out to local businesses. You don't have to worry about issues with products, high competition, customer complaints, or any other problems that plague Amazon FBA.

Top 6 Mistakes New Amazon FBA Sellers Make

New private label sellers on Amazon usually make 6 common mistakes. These mistakes have a substantial impact on the success of your new Amazon FBA business. Here are the top 6 common mistakes:

  1. Barcodes - New sellers often make the mistake of buying UPC barcodes cheaper from 3rd party sellers like Barcodes Mania or Nationwide Barcode. Amazon is strict with UPC barcodes. You can get 10 different Amazon allowed UPC barcodes for $250 from, or apply for a GTIN exemption and use Amazon FNSKU barcodes instead.
  2. Account Suspension - New sellers may review manipulations, sales rank manipulation, or 3rd party services that provide black hat tactics to boost your product and brand ranking. Amazon has efficient ways of catching these and will suspend or ban your account.
  3. Differentiation - The common mistake of selling what's already being sold on Amazon. The same product will have a hard time competing against more established sellers with more reviews. Add value and variation to your product.
  4. Seasonal Items - Look at the sales data to check the history of sales. You can use Google trends to check search volumes. This will help you determine which top selling products are only seasonal. For example, cheeseboards are top selling products during the Christmas season but have low sales the rest of the year.
  5. Patents - Be sure to avoid patented or trademarked products, or your listing and account might get suspended. Generic products don't have patents, but complex products may most likely have patents.
  6. Not Enough Research - You have to make sure that the product has good sales volume, is in high demand all year round, and does not have too much competition. Pat recommends using Helium 10 to find keywords, identify trends, optimized listings, etc.

Amazon FBA vs Dropshipping

fba mastermind course review
fba mastermind course review

Pat highlights the many downsides of Amazon dropshipping. With dropshipping, you cannot build a brand as Chinese companies rarely put your brand on their products. Building up your brand is important for long term success in Amazon private label as compared to short term methods such as the wholesale formula.

Long shipping times, which take 1-2 weeks, are an important issue when doing dropshipping. You’ll find it especially hard to compete with Amazon Prime shipping timeframes. Check out Amazon Dropshipping vs FBA for a detailed comparison of the two business models.

Pros and Cons of FBA Mastermind Course


One-on-one mentorship by Pat Harris himself. The course is also updated regularly.

Free Facebook group and a Discord mastermind group exclusively for students.

14-day money back guarantee.

Pat sets realistic expectations. Unlike many others trying to sell courses, he doesn’t mention high figures that you can earn but simply says that it is up to how much time and work you invest in it.


Pat is the only coach. The mentorship has limited slots because of his availability.

His methods are effective but require a lot of time and effort to be invested.

Pat is still fairly new to Amazon FBA and mentorship.


$397 for the standalone course. $1,997 for one-on-one mentorship.

Refund Policy

14 Day money-back guarantee.


Founded in 2020.


Positive reputation with legit reviews.

Who Is The FBA Mastermind Course For?

The course is for anyone in the world who wants to make money online by selling private label products in the US Amazon marketplace. The main training of the course is geared towards beginners who want to become an Amazon FBA seller.

The mentorship could prove very helpful for current sellers who want to improve their business. Pat mentors the coaching program himself and is known in the Amazon FBA community as a knowledgeable seller.

Who Is Pat Harris?

Pat Harris is the sole mentor of his FBA Mastermind Course. He gained popularity by posting options trading and Amazon FBA videos on his social media accounts. Pat has been selling on Amazon FBA since 2019. He also started options trading in 2021, using Robinhood, and does affiliate marketing for the softwares and tools that he uses for his Amazon business.

After his videos received positive reception, he started offering a product validation service in which he would make a detailed 5–10 page report on your selected product in order to determine if it would sell successfully or not. His Instagram grew to 387K followers, while his TikTok has 198.4K followers and YouTube has 106K subscribers. Eventually, this led him to create his FBA Mastermind Course in 2020.

What Do You Get With the FBA Mastermind Course?

fba mastermind course review

There are 2 packages offered in the program. The 2 offers are:

The FBA Mastermind Course (Course Only)

This $397 course-only option includes the complete A-Z training of the process, from creating your Amazon seller account to advertising your niche products. The training materials are updated regularly with new videos uploaded daily. In addition, you get 1 month access to the private community discord, as well as discounts for the tools (Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Viral Launch).

The training is organized into 9 sections, each with specialized video training and a PDF guide. You will also have access to downloadable templates.

Section 1: From the Beginning

This section comes with 6 videos and links to further resources that teach the important ways to protect your brand, products, and business. The lesson centers on 5 important things you need to take care of when starting your Amazon business.

  1. Trademark

  2. Brand Registry

  3. LLC

  4. Hijackers

  5. Brand Name Basics

Section 2: Product Research

Section 2 has 14+ videos and a PDF that teaches you 6 techniques for finding a profitable product to sell on Amazon. Before you look for a product, you will learn about restricted products, categories, and certifications.

The primary focus of the section is how to find profitable products using 6 different techniques (both paid and unpaid). You will learn how to find main keywords for your product research, listing, and advertising campaigns. In addition, you will also learn about checking if a product has a patent or trademark. The section ends with an overview lesson on how to use Helium 10 (the recommended tool for product research).

Section 3: How to find a supplier and ship from China to Amazon

Effective product sourcing is very important to ensure quality products for your private label. In this section, you will go over important techniques on finding good suppliers for your products on sites like Alibaba or You will learn how to properly approach and negotiate with suppliers, and how to arrange payments.

Section 4: FNSKU / Carton Labels / UPC Barcodes

This short but important section teaches you everything you need to know about creating a shipping plan. You will learn how to generate the FNSKU barcode and the carton labels you send to your supplier before they ship your items.

The section also covers UPC barcodes, how and where to get them. You are also provided with updated tracking information required for shipments.

Section 5: Setting up your listing

In 4 videos, section 5 will teach you a step by step process in creating your listing inside the seller central. You will learn how to create variations in your listing, add coupons, and how to get a strike through on your sale price. Additional links are available to walk you through the complete listing optimization process to increase your chance of winning the buy box.

Section 6: PPC | Amazon Ads

This section comes with 4 training videos that teach you 4 types of campaigns and how to set them up. The 4 types of campaigns are:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Auto Campaigns
  4. Exact Match

You will also learn how to optimize your ads for a higher ROI. In addition, you’ll learn tricks on how to effectively estimate your PPC bids. Pat also teaches you his proven PPC launch strategy.

Section 7: How To Get Reviews & Increase Sales

The section goes over 5 different techniques on how to get reviews that will increase the chances of your listings winning the Amazon buy box. The 5 techniques are:

  1. Vine Program

  2. Use Micro-Influencers

  3. Requesting Reviews

  4. Using Discord

  5. Product Inserts

Section 8: How to fulfill your Etsy, Shopify, Ebay orders using Amazon

Pat encourages selling your products on other sites such as Etsy, and Shopify to maximize profits. This section is dedicated to teaching you how to have those orders fulfilled by Amazon.

Section 9: Advertising

This last section teaches you Pat’s proven method on how to run Facebook/Instagram ads that target your niche audience. You will also learn the difference between group and page targeting.

The FBA Mastermind Lifetime Course and Mentorship

For a one time fee of $1,497, the mentorship includes the same 9 section training but with lifetime access to the private mastermind group discord. You will also be able to avail yourself of up to 5 product analysis reports from Pat for free (separately, the service costs $349 per product). There are limited slots for this mentorship, as you will be taught by Pat Harris himself.

FBA Mastermind Course Student Reviews

Students of the course have reported good enough success. The success stories posted on the official course site show realistic and outcomes. Here are some of the student successes:

Best Amazon FBA Course in 2024

If you are looking for one "master course" for Amazon FBA, you won’t find any single one. Good courses define their own strategies to establish their own brand. Pat’s FBA Mastermind focuses on product research to find the right profitable product (Pat spends a few weeks to even a month searching for profitable products with little competition). FBA Mastermind Course sells success through hard work in finding the right products.

Some other popular Amazon FBA courses are:

Amazing Selling Machine is an Amazon course that focuses on marketing as the key to success. This means that regardless of what product you choose to sell, you just have to focus on the marketing aspects and keep pumping money into ads. The lack of real world examples of success from this method leaves the Amazing Selling Machine with much to be desired.

Marketplace Superhero is another popular private label Amazon course that specializes in teaching you how to sell undiscovered products profitably on Amazon in both the US and Europe. This effectively creates more possibilities for you. However, different laws, regulations, and possibilities, as well as currency exchanges and shipping issues, may prove a significant barrier.

FBA Boss Academy by Kevin Pak teaches you how to create a successful Amazon Private Label e-commerce by leveraging various tools that improve efficiency. That said, FBA Boss Academy highly encourages you to use exactly the tools Kevin P uses, which makes this course quite limiting and forces you into a box. 

Every legit course has its own pros and cons. You can also check the beginner Amazon FBA selling course of Your Selling Guide by Nikki Kirk and FBA Growth University by Jacqueline and Sal. Be sure to do your due diligence and figure out what style is for you before deciding to take a course whose specialization matches your goals.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It in 2024?

Many people say that Amazon FBA is dead or that it is saturated with competition that new sellers stand no chance. Many new sellers join Amazon expecting to find a get rich quick business and quit when they find out the reality. In most cases, it takes a while before your Amazon business turns a profit.

20% of sellers turned a profit within 3 months. 17% of sellers took 3-6 months to turn a profit, and 23% of sellers turned a profit within 6 months to a year.

If you are willing to put in time and hard work into finding a great profitable product, building and maintaining a brand, learning and staying updated on Amazon processes, then you can definitely still find success as an Amazon FBA seller.

Downsides of Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a solid business model that I've found some success with. The problem is, there are many variables that are out of your control. Most popular niches and categories are saturated, and it doesn't help that many manufacturers and suppliers are now entering the market themselves, making it impossible to compete with price. Increasing Amazon fees is also lowering the ROI. World events are also constantly affecting your Amazon FBA business.

These uncontrollable problems are why I prefer local lead generation over Amazon FBA. With local lead gen, you receive a steady and predictable income no matter what happens as long as your site remains online. As you deal with local businesses, you don't have to worry about competition. You don't have to deal with customer complaints, supplier issues, or maintaining your business constantly.

Local lead generation is very easy to scale; you just have to keep repeating the process. A site can stay ranked on Google for years before you need to even update it. This creates a true passive income business model that delivers stable, predictable income. Local Lead Generation can bring you the time and financial freedom you desire.

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