Flat Fee Mastery Review – What’s inside Nick Wood’s rank and rent course?

March 13, 2024

Flat Fee Mastery is a free online training by Nick Wood that teaches you how to pre-sell websites for flat fee retainers each month with the rank and rent business model. Rank and rent is about building websites that offer a local phone driven service, ranking them on Google and funneling the leads to a local small business owner who wants more customers each month. This free course is just an introduction to Nick's paid course. This Flat Fee Mastery review will reveal how Nick's rank and rent training compares Dan Klein's original local lead generation training program where Nick learned everything from. In short, Nick only teaches you how to do flat fee deals while Dan teaches you how to close any kind of deal.


Nick reached over 7-figures in revenue pre-selling digital real estate. 

Nick teaches you all aspects of the business model.

You learn how to do flat fee deals with local business owners. 

This business is sustainable in the long-term because you control how you run your business.


Nick only teaches you how to offer flat fee pricing to your clients. Some clients may not be open to it initially and other forms of pricing may be better such as a percentage of deals closed, pay-per-lead, and hybrid deals. 


Flat Fee Mastery is free. 


The course material includes 8 introductory training videos explaining each step in the rank and rent process.


Free Facebook group and Discord channel.


Nick learned rank and rent in 2016 from Dan Klein.

Nick Wood Learned Local Lead Generation from Dan Klein

In 2016, Nick joined Dan Klein's local lead generation training program. After getting sidetracked, he committed to fixing his situation and spent over $1.2 million in ads testing every kind of niche. Eventually, he found a formula that worked and a couple of years after joining, starting making over $100K per month. 

Over the years, he shared how much success he was having in the private Local Lead Gen Facebook group through several posts. Check out the video below to see Nick Wood's rank and rent journey.

All the success Nick had wasn't enough for him. In the following interview, Nick picks his mentor Dan's brain on what it would take to grow his business to over $1 million in revenue per month. 

Dan's advice clearly had a positive effect on Nick Wood's business because Nick is absolutely crushing it right now and helping others do the same.

Who is Nick Wood?

Nick Wood is an online entrepreneur from Huntsville, Alabama. Before joining Dan Klein's training program, he sold home security systems door to door. When he was 19 years old, he joined a two-year humanitarian effort in West Africa.

In 2016, he learned the local lead generation business model but almost gave up in 2019 due to "shiny object syndrome". He then spent $50,000 trying to start a software company that never took off. With barely any money and $60,000 in debt, which his wife didn't know about, he was borderline depressed.

After getting back into the local lead generation business model, he scaled his business to over 7-figures and sells his own digital real estate course, called Digital Landlords. 

Nick is the self-professed, "King of Digital Real Estate". He's taught over 300 students how to pre-sell lead generation sites and strictly get paid a flat fee every month for the leads you generate. On the Nick Wood YouTube channel, he has over 4.41K subscribers and posts content each week about the business model. 

Nick Wood Net Worth

Nick Wood has an estimated net worth of between $1 and $3 million when you factor in that he makes over $100,000 every month and sell his training program for a few thousand dollars. His goal is to build up to a net worth of over $100 million. 

What's inside Flat Fee Mastery?

1) Before You Start

In this first video, Nick gives you a preview of what you're going to learn in this free course. He breaks down his path to reaching over 6-figures per month with rank and rent. 

2) Picking a Niche

In this video, Nick talks about the different things you should be looking for in your niche research phase.

3) Building a List

After picking out your niche and city, he teaches you how to build your list of potential clients. His method is by looking for business owners who are already paying for leads since they are already open to buying for leads. 

4) Setting up an Ad

In this video, Nick touches on how to get leads quickly using paid traffic on Google. This is to help you generate leads and leverage those leads to pique the interest of your potential clients. He shows you how to provide leads in advance. 

Nick breaks down where to go to create a simple one page website on Weebly you can use for your paid ad. 

This is as much as Nick teaches in this program about generating leads. One student confirmed this on a comment they made about Nick's course. 

5) Call Your List

Nick now shows you how to call local business owners and offer the leads you generated with your paid ads. He emphasizes the importance of using the business owners' first name when talking with them. 

6) Sending Free Leads

After having met a business owner who is ok with taking free leads, you send them 3-5 free leads. This is the technique I implemented when I got started with local lead generation in 2014 and is one of the best ways to close deals. Leads in advance do all the selling for you because you're not just asking for a business owner to pay you, you are providing value first, which makes it easy for business owners to trust you.

7) Overcoming Objections

Nick talks about how to overcome a couple of objections you may deal with and has you write some objections you think you may face. He then goes into how you can think of a way to overcome that objection before it comes up. 

8) Closing the Deal

The last video is all about what you should do to close deals. One of the more important things he mentions is having a Zoom meeting with clients. 

Is Ranking and Renting Digital Real Estate a Scam?

Ranking and renting digital real estate is not a scam because building websites and generating leads works. You own the websites you build and you can create Google Business listings for your websites. As long as your digital properties are ranked atop the search results, they will generate leads which you can send to local business owners. Business owners who already pay for leads will pay you for leads if you come to them with consistent hot leads. Read my in-depth article that addresses the question, "Is Digital Real Estate a scam?"

Of all the examples of digital real estate, lead generation is, in my opinion, the best way to make money online. For ideas, check out some rank and rent websites that others have successfully ranked and rented.

Flat Fee Mastery Success Stories

Marjohn Oviedo is from North Carolina and worked with his dad at his mowing company for several years. He also started a marketing agency for a year. After only 90 days of being in Nick's program, he made $4,000 in flat fee revenue. He fell in love with the business model after learning how it works and credits Nick with the coaching he provides. 

Jerry Ward is from Spokane, Washington. After joining Nick's course, he grew his business to $30,000 per month in flat fee revenue. What helped him grow his business from $10K per month to $30K was how Nick taught the importance of the sales process. Taking Nick's coaching helped him see that he needed to have confidence in his skills and made good of the tools within the program.

My Results with Rank & Rent

Building simple websites, ranking them on Google and sending the leads to local business owners allows you to make money online passively. 

After choosing the niche to generate leads for and ranking the site in your town, sending leads to a local business owner is easy. If you offer leads in advance, a business owner will have a hard time turning down at least a conversation about doing potential business together. 

Once your site is ranked on Google, it will generate leads automatically without you having to do much else to the site. You will simply continue to get paid every month by your happy clients. 

I built a tree care website in Grand Rapids, Michigan over 7 years ago and it still pays me $2,000 every month because I continue sending them exclusive leads.

Local lead generation

To scale your business, all you have to do is build more sites, rank them on Google, and send the leads to local businesses who want more work every month and who don't want to deal with companies like HomeAdvisor and Angie's List. 

Nick Wood learned Rank & Rent from Dan Klein.

I may be biased but imo you should learn from the original mentor.

Dan Klein vs. Nick Wood's Rank & Rent Program

Dan Klein's Lead Generation Training Program

Dan Klein has been coaching this lead generation business model since 2014. I was one of the original students that year and became a top student. Today, I work closely with Dan to help people quit their 9 to 5 jobs by teaching them the valuable skill of generating leads for local small businesses using online properties that generate free organic traffic. The program now has over 7400 students.

You get step-by-step video training on every part of the business model. There are two live coaching calls per week hosted by Dan and other successful coaches.

You learn all about sales, current strategies, how to build your business, and how to grow as entrepreneurs. Everything you get in the original local lead generation training program is second to none. Nick Wood's course is good and focuses a lot on pre-selling lead gen strategy, but it just doesn't provide you with the team, contacts, resources or support that Dan's program has.

Here's why Dan Klein's program is better than Nick Wood

  • Dan Klein has a lot more business experience, over 25+ years of business experience whereas Nick Wood started his own business 7 years ago
  • There's more software & refined training that Dan has developed over the years
  • Dan's training has better SEO / Ranking training because Ippei (me) is one of the coaches and my skills in ranking is much stronger than Nick's knowledge
  • Dan's group has over 7400 students so there's much more of a robust community
  • Dan's group has more leadership, not just Dan but Ippei & 10 other leaders that each do special roles like on-boarding, first 90 day accountability coach, weekly live coach, SEO coach, sales coach & more

So if you want to learn Rank & Rent from the original mentor himself, Dan Klein

The person Nick Wood actually learned Rank & Rent from...

The go here to check out Dan's Rank & Rent program.

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  1. Hello Ippei,

    What does yours and Dan Kleins course cost?

    And how does pay per lead work when billing clients in contrast to the one single fee method Nick Wood uses?

    Can you set it up on autopilot so you don’t have to be hassled too much (for us introverts who don’t like to be micro managed daily [that would feel like a ‘real’ job and that whole draconian work place office big INC culture Frederick Taylor and his scientific management created that unfortunately made the whole 9-5 culture the way it is many places-where a human is just a cog in the machine instead of a free sentient being pursuing their own path] and just want a way to bill the clients so we get paid and they get all their leads and we keep them honest with us so they pay us for every single lead we generated for them that month)?


    1. Our program costs anywhere from $3K to $8K depending on the package you go with and we have payment plans. We use softwares to autobill our clients even if its pay per lead, so we don’t have to micro-manage.

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