Felix Wisniewski’s Flipping Medical Commodities University Review: Can This Training Make You A Full Time Income In 2024?

March 5, 2024

Flipping Medical Commodities University is a diabetic supplies reselling course created by Felix Wisniewski. Felix shares techniques he incorporated that helped him become a six-figure earner by the age of 21. FMCU covers pricing guides, client and buyer tracking, offline and online advertising strategies, trends adaptability, product selection, startup costs, and legal aspects of the business. It is also based on the market of the United States.

According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, on a global scale, there are over 529 million diabetics. By 2050, this number is expected to rise by 1.3 billion. With this increase, it is expected that the demand for diabetic supplies will also follow. The founder of Flipping Medical Commodities University guarantees that with the proper effort and strategy, you’ll be able to make $10,000 per month on autopilot. However, is this truly possible in 2024? What are the potential legal and ethical roadblocks you need to know before investing in this business model?

In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits and downsides, price and added costs, course content, suitability, results from students, legality, ethics, and the founder’s background. I’ll also share why his claim of making over tens of thousands of dollars per month is incredibly difficult.

Flipping Commodities University Review: Pros & Cons


Potential for high income: If you have the free time and work ethic or manpower, then this opportunity has the potential to make you wealthy. You’re also going to need luck on your side and you live somewhere where there are many sellers and buyers.

Low barrier of entry: To start, all you need is your phone, signs, and a capital. You’re not even required to create a website or go on social media.

Repeat clients: Diabetis is a chronic illness and both Type 1 and Type 2 need to check their blood sugar levels. Therefore, should you invest in test strips and other related products, you can expect repeat clients.


Ensure acceptable items: Although it is potentially profitable, you need to ensure that you’re only accepting suitable secondhand products. First, they need to be legal and not from insurance. They also need to be in good condition.

Need for consistent effort and multitasking: If you want to earn a sizable profit, you need ample time and effort to succeed. There are many tasks for you to accomplish. You also need to be patient and persistent.

Question of ethics: Your customer base is mainly low income, so you will deal with diabetics selling their supplies to help feed their family, unsafe neighborhoods, and questionable sources of items. In 2016 alone, there have been news reports where two men stole diabetic test strips from a local CVS. In the same year, a man fell through a roof and his backpack was discovered to have contained $6,000 worth of test strips.

Refund Policy

The Flipping Medical Commodities University has a refund policy when purchased through Udemy. This enables a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Flipping Medical Commodities University was founded in December 2021.


The Flipping Medical Commodities University has mostly positive reviews. These are from video testimonials shared on the free webinar, as well as from Udemy reviews. However, a former student, owner of the Hustling and Driving channel on YouTube, shared that despite earning well through the business model, he stopped. He indicated that he was concerned about the laws regarding reselling insulin.

How Much Does Flipping Medical Commodities University Cost? 

Flipping Medical Commodities University’s cost is $347 for a one-time payment or $197 for two installments. The optional onboarding fee costs an extra $99. Students can also save 25% if they purchase the course via Bitcoin, by texting Felix at 732-890-0814, The course is also available on Udemy, with the pricing dependent on the location.

Flipping Medical Commodities University startup costs

Besides the price of the course, students need to pre-purchase the products, have offline advertisements, and/or spend for gas traveling to local areas. Felix states that members can start for as low as $50. However, it is more lucrative to have a $500 capital since this results in more profit. In 2022, the course founder highlighted the importance of offline marketing for beginners, to which he recommended using yard signs. In his YouTube channel description, he links to blank yard signs which cost a minimum of $34.25, not counting the shipping fee. He also included a link to SignStaple, which is used for bandit signs that are priced at $129.95.

In 2023, Felix updated his course to include internet marketing strategies. This means that for those who want to begin selling online, they have to consider costs for building, hosting, and designing a website. They also have to include shipping fees to their business expenses.

What Is Flipping Medical Commodities University?

Flipping Medical Commodities University is a course on reselling unused diabetic supplies that is based on the US market. It contains lessons on ethical standards, marketing, buyer and shipping lists, products acceptance, and negotiation tactics. This program best fits people with an entrepreneurial mindset. It was created by Felix Wisniewski. The course is available through the website startfmcu.com. And in 2024, it is also accessible via Udemy. However, purchase through the platform does not provide access to the private Facebook group.

Felix started selling the course in December 2021. It began as a program to resell diabetic testing strips. It was in July 2023 that he updated the course to include online marketing tactics, as well as selling insulin pens and meters. The training program now has over 2,000 students.

What Do You Learn In Flipping Medical Commodities University?

You will learn in Flipping Medical Commodities University about the diabetes market and how to adapt to it, profitable opportunities, pricing strategies, marketing tactics, and building a reputable business. It will also teach you regarding supplies such as test strips, insulin pens, and blood glucose meters.

The program contains lessons on market dynamics, trends, and high-demand merchandise. Students will also get lectures regarding competitive pricing, as well as how to attract a solid customer base. Besides that, the course teaches how to gain repeat clients, grow customer loyalty, provide good customer support, and build credibility.

Flipping Medical Commodities University course content

Flipping Medical Commodities University’s course content has 57 lectures in 2024. This is further divided into 8 sections that include the introduction, marketing execution, mechanics, negotiations, shipping and selling, automation, social media templates, and success tips. It has a total duration of 4 hours and 32 minutes.

For the introduction section, it includes a short welcome video followed by the onboarding. After this, the marketing execution section comes next with 19 lectures on creating signs, flyers, stickers, magnets, postcards, brochures, push cards, and business cards. It also has lessons on setting up a contact number, website branding, buy and sell apps, Craigslist ads, as well as Facebook advertising, marketplace, business pages and groups.

Meanwhile, the mechanics section has a total of 11 videos. It tackles expirations dates, medicare/medicaid boxes, common beginners mistakes, price sheets, buyer meetups, pharmacy labels, different box conditions, merchandise brands, and business framing. Then, the negotiations section has 7 video lessons that talk about box inspection, lead calling, and bargaining tactics.

As for the selling and shipping section, it has 6 lectures, which covers invoices, label removal, box cleaning and test strips mailing. Regarding the automation section, it has 4 lessons on Craigslist hiring, bandit signs, Quickbooks, and taxes.

Regarding the social media templates section, it has 5 videos about multiple pickups, client tracking, barcode system, mail kids, and internet marketing. And the tips for success section with 3 lessons, covers consistent marketing, deals in different states, and scaling.

How Does The Flipping Medical Commodities University Help You Make Money?

Flipping Medical Commodities University helps you make money by teaching you lucrative ways to resell diabetic supplies. The founder promises that this business model can double or triple your initial investment. It has lessons on pricing so that you can earn a substantial profit. It also has advertising techniques to help you attract clients, whether it's offline or online. Moreover, it teaches students what products to avoid selling.

Who Is Flipping Medical Commodities University For?

Flipping Medical Commodities University is for individuals who have an entrepreneurial drive, especially those with an interest in healthcare. It’s also for those who don’t mind driving around, since initially, you'll be dealing with local sellers and clients. Additionally, it’s for people with adequate social skills since it involves dealing with people on a constant basis, including finding sellers, meeting up with clients, and follow-up contact. There’s no LLC, license, or degree required to start, just consistent hard work.

Who Is Flipping Medical Commodities University Not For? 

Flipping Medical Commodities University is not for people looking for a passive side gig. It requires a ton of effort just to discover sellers and buyers alone. So, if you don’t have a lot of time in your hands or you are not a hard worker, this isn’t for you. It’s also not for people who aren’t considered “jack of all trades” or aren’t multitaskers. Although you don’t need to be an expert, flipping diabetic supplies needs several tasks to set up.

Are The Flipping Medical Commodities University Students Getting Results?

Yes, the Flipping Medical Commodities University students are getting results based on testimonial videos in the free webinar video published on startfmcu.com. One student shared that she was able to earn $13,000 two and a half months into reselling. Another woman shared that she invoiced for $900 within one week of trying it out. Meanwhile, another student stated that he had $700 profit when he purchased 18 boxes of test strips. There was also one who spent $820 and got $2,165 in revenue. Whereas, another course student had a $4,000 profit 3 weeks into starting their business.

Is Flipping Medical Commodities University Worth It?

Flipping Medical Commodities University is worth it if you’re only planning to sell diabetic testing strips that were purchased over the counter. You will need to buy in bulk to make the most profit. These are in-demand since diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar levels multiple times a day. This practice is also completely legal, as long as you purchase those that are not covered by insurance.

A YouTuber who owns the Hustling and Driving channel shared that he earned most of his money through reselling insulin. However, this is illegal since it is only available through prescription. Although he stopped, he mentioned that he found the business model profitable.

Who Is Felix Wisniewski?

Felix Wisniewski

Felix Wisniewski is the creator of the Flipping Medical Commodities University or FMCU. He is also a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, as well as property owner of several family rental units. He began reselling diabetic supplies in 2015. And in 2016 he earned six figures, when he was only 21 years old. He stated that this business model enabled him to rake in over $80,000 in profit in his first year alone. His Flipping Medical Commodities University has a Facebook group with 3,755+ members.

He also has over 52,500+ subscribers on YouTube with the handle @GiantLifestyle, where he gives advice on finances, productivity, as well as tips in the courier, trucking, real estate, pallet flipping, and credit businesses. On Instagram, he has more than 3,938 followers with the handle @iamgiantlifestyle. Because of entrepreneurial success, he was able to pay off his parents’ mortgage and invest into real estate.

Felix Wisniewski's Claims: Earn $10,000/Month on Autopilot

Felix Wisniewski claims

Felix Wisniewski's claims that you can earn $10,000/month on autopilot applying the lessons from Flipping Medical Commodities University. He states that in your first month, you can expect around $1,000 to $2,000 in revenue. By the second month, you can have $2,000 to $3,000 earnings. And in the third month, you can have up to $5,000 of profit. He also shared that he hired two childhood friends of his and since then, was able to predict $10,000 to $12,000 of monthly income. He says that since diabetics need these products, they are like mini rental units that can provide monthly income. 

Felix Wisniewski's Claims Debunked

Felix Wisniewski's claims are debunked because reselling diabetic supplies is just like any other business that requires tons of money and effort upfront before you can actually make a profit. He said it himself in his free webinar that the most difficult part is finding your first client. There are also several significant factors that apply to your success including location, the right advertising option, number of sellers, and legality.

First off, students need to find sellers that will give them the secondhand diabetic supplies they need for reselling. They can find this through offline and/or online advertisements. For local sellers, students need to prepare gas money for driving around. For online ones, they need a website or at least shipping for those located far from them. They also need to ensure that the products given to them are in good condition and are actually saleable.

Once they get their products, they now have to find diabetic clients to resell to. As a former student pointed out, these will often be people who don’t have insurance or are underinsured. Meaning, to make substantial profit, you need to be reselling in volumes.

There’s also nothing stopping your customers from cutting off the middleman and directly negotiating with those that have extra diabetic supplies. Additionally, should the retail price of these products go down, resellers are forced out to close down their business.

And then, there’s the problem of returning items that are not suitable for selling. This won’t be much of an issue for those who have local suppliers. However, for those who want to scale their business and receive items through shipping, they will be dealing with customers who misjudge the condition of their items. If you choose to send back unsuitable products, you have to hire additional personnel to handle returns. And if you don’t, you will be dealing with negative reviews that tarnish the reputation of your business.

As you can see, this business requires finding sellers and keeping them, ensuring suitable secondhand items, nurturing repeat clients, handling product distribution, and ensuring excellent customer service. Unless you hire someone else as you work or bring in a team, you will find it hard to make this a lucrative opportunity.

What are medical commodities?

Medical commodities are products used in the healthcare setting, which includes wound, surgical, and urological care. It also covers equipment, consumable supplies, and pharmaceuticals.

The Flipping Medical Commodities University by Felix Wisniewski discusses reselling specifically medical commodities in the form of diabetic supplies.

Is flipping diabetic supplies legal?

Yes, flipping diabetic supplies is legal if the products acquired were bought over-the-counter. On the other hand, it is illegal to sell prescription supplies, especially if they are covered by Medicaid or Medicare. This practice qualifies as insurance fraud.

While selling secondhand diabetic supplies isn’t against the law, there are some questions as to its ethics.

Is it ethical to sell extra diabetic supplies?

Yes, it is ethical to sell extra diabetic supplies if they are bought from diabetics who no longer have any use for them. These excess products would have been thrown away. Sellers make it possible for uninsured or underinsured individuals to get these supplies at an affordable cost. Meanwhile, it is unethical to flip them if they are stolen or sold by diabetics who need them but desperately need money.

For instance, diabetic strips, which are laminated sheets that require a drop of blood and a meter to monitor glucose, are a popular commodity. According to a 2019 article from the New York Times, a single box retails in pharmacies for more than $100. These strips are needed by both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics since they have to monitor their blood sugar 5 to 10 times a day. Without the middlemen, the price for this item alone reaches up to thousands of dollars per year out of pocket.

The prices for these diabetic supplies were the outcome of the dealings between insurers and manufacturers. The manufacturers offer an attractive rebate to the insurer to become their chosen supplier. They’ve set a high list price for their products too.

What Is Retail Arbitrage?

Retail arbitrage is the practice of purchasing products from a retailer at a cheap cost and then reselling them for a profit on other platforms. These items are bought wholesale, at a discounted rate, or are secondhand. It also includes purchasing products locally and then selling them online.

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Local Lead Generation: Hassle-Free + Lucrative Opportunity of 2024

While Flipping Medical Commodities University is a legitimate course for flipping diabetic supplies, local lead generation is much more lucrative and hassle free method. The former relies heavily on luck and hard work. You need to have existing sellers and clients in your area especially for beginners. You also need to dedicate a lot of time and effort when setting up your business even before making a profit. 

With a local lead generation biz, you have a monthly source of income since you are renting out your site to a client. There's no physical product, and so, there's no need for shipping fees or dealing with returns. This ensures that you're not under constant stress and effort. Moreover, with local lead gen, you have a 90% profit margin, with sites have up to $3,000 per month  It's also a passive source of income.

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