How Many Followers Do You Need for Amazon Influencer Program? (5 Tips To Get Accepted Easily)

February 19, 2024

The Amazon Influencer Program does not require a specific number of followers for applicants upfront. There is proof online that some influencers are approved with less than 10 followers, while others report that they are rejected even with 100K. Reddit comments and posts of existing influencers reveal that Amazon's approval team has different methods of accepting applicants. Aspiring Amazon Influencers and online entrepreneurs must have high engagement rates in their chosen social media accounts to get approved. Amazon checks traffic, views, impressions, and more to ensure that potential influencers have high enough engagement. If your metrics are not stellar, you will not be approved.

According to Business Insider, the Amazon Influencer Program can offer a 1% to 20% commission per successful sale, depending on the Amazon product your customers buy. This translates to around $1,000 to $10,000 in passive income monthly. In his YouTube channel Buildapreneur, Spencer Mecham even mentions earning $500 per day ($15,000 monthly). It shows the potential of the Amazon Influencer Program as a profitable online business model.

While the program can be a lucrative option for many influencers and content creators, this business model has its set of challenges. Its two main issues are income stability and business scalability. And, the uncertainty of the number of followers a potential Amazon Influencer needs is one of the most sought-after answer in the online landscape. Let’s uncover more details about the Amazon Influencer program’s required follower count and the significance of engagement metrics. Plus, you get to learn five valuable tips to get accepted easily into the program.

How Many Followers Do You Need for Amazon Influencer Program?

You need at least 8 followers for the Amazon Influencer Program, according to Reddit user Nocheese1. This person claims to have only 8 TikTok followers with 15 videos having over 200 views and a 10% engagement rate. Nocheese1 was accepted four days after the initial Amazon Influencer application. However, there’s no set number of followers to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program. Amazon doesn’t have written specifics on how many followers an aspiring Amazon Influencer must have prior to his/her application. It’s good to note that having a greater chance of getting approved entails obtaining a significant following and active online engagement.

Some influencers get approved with only less than 200 followers on their social media accounts. Reddit user KungPaoPenny had 86 TikTok followers and Stunning-Falcon-1773 had 140 TikTok followers when they got accepted.

Other influencers try to build a follower base of at least 1,000 to 5,000 before applying to the Amazon Influencer Program. This range has become the widely known unofficial standard based on information from platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Google. There’s also no limit to the number of times you apply to the program. Reddit user Future-flora applied three times (with a 1%-5% engagement rate) before getting approved on his/her fourth try with a 5%-30% engagement rate.

Amazon Influencer applicants who have an existing Amazon Associates Program account get approved easily, according to Reddit user Saceog. He/she got approved with 8,500 followers using a YouTube account that is connected to his/her Amazon Associates account. Alternatively, Saceog’s active TikTok account with 15,500 followers was rejected. This means that Amazon also checks the longevity of an influencer’s account as one of the program requirements. Reddit user Beezwas×4444’s TikTok account with 450K followers was denied, while his/her Instagram account with 130K followers got approved.


There’s no set number of followers needed to qualify for the Amazon Influencer Program. However, these factors help increase your chances of getting approved:

  • High follower engagement
  • Social media account longevity
  • High-quality content
  • Existing Amazon Associates Program account

How Many Followers Do Successful Amazon Influencers Have?

Successful Amazon Influencers have 2K-30K followers on different social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. This number depends on an influencer’s level of online popularity. Duline Theogene’s 2024 article on AMZ Advisers reveals that about 60% of online consumers purchased a product in the last six months because of various influencer recommendations. The more followers an influencer has, the higher their income potential and reach will be. Top Amazon Influencers like Ryan Mulvany (@Mr. Deals) and Ashley Marquez (@Teach Create Motivate) even have over 400K followers. You just need to find the right techniques to succeed in the Amazon Influencer Program.

Is Follower Count More Important Than Engagement Metrics To Become an Amazon Influencer?

No, follower count isn't more important than engagement metrics to become an Amazon Influencer. Many content creators who have a follower base of around 50K to over 300K get denied because their social media account doesn’t have enough engagement. Follower count is as important as engagement metrics. Influencer marketing factors such as site traffic, bounce rate, average session duration, click-through rate, and social interactions are crucial to getting approved for the Amazon Influencer Program even with a small following.

Can You Still Make Money as an Amazon Influencer With a Small Following?

Yes, you can still make money as an Amazon Influencer with a small following, given that you have a good engagement on your chosen social media account. Your loyal followers can help you share posts and spread product recommendations on different social media platforms. Another good way to increase profitability is by completing your Amazon Influencer account and building a visually appealing Amazon store. This lets potential customers and followers know that you are legitimate. Your Amazon Influencer profile is a strategic tool for promoting integrity in the program.

5 Tips To Get Accepted Easily Into the Amazon Influencer Program

  • Tip #1: Grow your social media following. It’s strategic to increase your follower base on different social media platforms before signing up for the Amazon Influencer Program. While Amazon hasn’t stipulated a specific number of followers, having a massive following can help you generate high engagement. This approach also entails identifying your target audience and focusing on a specific niche. By doing so, you get to offer more value to your potential customers.
  • Tip #2: Create relevant, high-quality content. You must develop written or video content that applies to your target market. It should be original, informative, creative, high-quality, and up-to-date. Amazon will also check your existing content to make sure it complies with their terms and conditions. Remember, valuable content is critical for retaining your followers.
  • Tip #3: Engage with your audience. Reactions, comments, and reposts will help you drive better engagement between your followers. It’s important to think of fetching and interactive content to motivate your follower base to connect with you. So, make sure to respond to messages and comments quickly.
  • Tip #4: Monitor your influencer marketing KPIs. Measuring your social media performance enables you to optimize posts and marketing strategies according to your target audience’s behavior. Some common marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) include search and website traffic, social media engagement, click-through rates, conversions or sales, and impressions. Your online metrics will help you grow your following and improve engagement.
  • Tip #5: Collaborate with brands and other influencers. The influencer marketing industry grew by 29% from 2022 to 2024, as per Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2024 article. This means that there are many brands and influencers you can partner with. Collaborating with businesses allows you to build strong industry connections before applying to the Amazon Influencer Program. It will also help you build a good reputation for your soon-to-be Amazon Influencer store.

Amazon Influencer Program FAQs

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is a sub-category of Amazon’s affiliate marketing programs that allows influencers to make money from product recommendations. Potential applicants need to apply to the influencer program and create an Amazon Storefront where they can create content for Amazon customers and their own followers. It is Amazon’s way of driving brand awareness for their sellers and generating increased revenue through influencer marketing.

What is an Amazon Influencer?

An Amazon Influencer is a content creator or social media influencer who advertises Amazon products through a specialized affiliate link, an Amazon Storefront, or Amazon’s diverse platform features. Amazon Live and Creator Connections are some examples of Amazon Influencer marketing online tools. Amazon Influencers earn fixed commissions whenever a customer or follower makes a successful purchase. Their earnings depend on set commission rates based on the Amazon Influencer Program terms.

What are the Amazon Influencer Program Requirements?

An active social media account (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube), a sizable following, good engagement performance, and original content are the Amazon Influencer Program requirements. While Amazon mentions follower count and social media engagement, they didn’t stipulate specifics to these two requisites.

How To Become an Amazon Influencer?

To become an Amazon Influencer, you need to create an Amazon account, read the terms and conditions, apply to the program, and build your Amazon Influencer Storefront. Additional steps include going through the onboarding and creating high-quality content. You can find other essential information, such as conditions of use and operating agreement, on the Amazon Influencer page.

How Much Do Amazon Influencers Make?

Amazon Influencers make around $500 to over $10,000 monthly on average, depending on the product category, average order value (AOV), and sales volume. Promoting many in-demand products increases your potential Amazon sales. Your marketing strategies should also be tailored according to consumer demand and buying behavior. In fact, Amanda Perelli’s article on Business Insider reveals YouTuber Jeremy Sciarappa earning over $16,000 monthly doing review videos.

How To Find Influencer on Amazon & Their Storefronts?

To find Influencers on Amazon & their storefronts, head to the Amazon Live section or check out the #FoundItOnAmazon feed. This article also discusses finding influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Is the Amazon Influencer Program Worth It?

Yes, the Amazon Influencer Program is worth it, given that you make $5,000 to $10,000 monthly. This income range is possible and scalable if you utilize Amazon Live, Creator Connections, Amazon Influencer Storefront, The Drop, and Inspire. You can also take advantage of the Amazon Bounty Program and other Amazon subscriptions like Amazon Prime. However, learning these online features requires considerable time and effort. You need to do in-depth research on these tools, consumer purchase behavior, and market demands to succeed in this industry.

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Why Local Lead Generation is Far Less Complicated Than the Amazon Influencer Program

Local lead generation is far less complicated to start and scale compared to the Amazon Influencer Program. Building your Amazon business entails growing your follower base, fostering good social media engagement, and constantly creating high-quality content. This process requires an extensive amount of time and dedication.

Statista’s February 2024 data shows that 39% of brands globally worked with up to 10 influencers while 12% mentioned having worked with over 1,000 influencers. This means that being an Amazon Influencer in the 21st century is profitable. In fact, some of the best Amazon Influencers in the world, like Jamye Hunter and Lisa Cameron, have worked with numerous businesses. However, attaining a sizable following takes a lot of hard work, from creative content generation to doing live streams daily. You also reduce your potential revenue when you aren’t active, even for a few days.

The local lead generation business model is easier than getting accepted into the Amazon Influencer Program and maintaining your influencer page. All you need is to create content and a website for a specific niche service. You can rank your microsite organically on search engines like Google by using SEO or proven digital marketing strategies. Once your niche website is ranked on the first page of Google, you don’t need to worry about constantly originating content or attaining a massive follower base to drive traffic. You can then sell the leads you acquire to local business owners.

If you want a scalable online business that offers $20K-$50K in passive income monthly, start a lead gen biz today!

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