Carlton Weiss’ Foreclosure Academy Review — Are The Students Of The Academy Successful?

March 15, 2024

Foreclosure Academy is an online program by Carlton Weiss. It teaches you how to make money by turning other's foreclosures into your own personal ATM machine. Carlton guides you through proven systems that generate profits ranging from $10,000 to $125,000 per deal. It helps you locate owners who have tax foreclosures and connect them with the remaining funds from their foreclosures.

Foreclosure Academy is all about foreclosure business. The primary goal of the program is to familiarize you with the foreclosure industry and its potential for generating income. You will gain valuable knowledge and skills in conducting foreclosure transactions. It includes effective cold-calling techniques.

The foreclosure business offers a profitable opportunity to make potential profits ranging from $10,000 to $125,000 per deal. Yet, it also has drawbacks. It requires specific skills and knowledge. You need to have effective cold-calling techniques and an understanding of foreclosure processes. Also, you may encounter legal complexities and potential issues with properties. Is Foreclosure Academy the best option to start this business?

Local lead generation is a more profitable opportunity compared to the foreclosure business. With the rank and rent model, you focus on optimizing websites to appear at the top of search engine results. This attracts targeted leads for local businesses. Once the websites are ranking well, you can rent them out to business owners, earning passive income month after month. It allows you to enjoy a passive income stream without the complexities and risks associated with the foreclosure market.

Foreclosure Academy Pros And Cons


It offers a 30-day money-back.

You can download every section in pdf format.

It allows you to help people reclaim their money.

Carlton offers a payment option.

You don't need an investment.


This is not a "quick-money" scheme.

Foreclosure involves legal complexities.

Their bonuses have a limited slot.

This is not for absolute beginners.


Foreclosure Academy costs $497 or you can pay 3 of $197 with 15 days apart.

Refund Policy

Carlton Weiss offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Foreclosure Academy started in 2022.


Foreclosure Academy's private community has already 1.9K members.

Are The Students Of The Foreclosure Academy Successful?

The students of the Foreclosure Academy are successful. You can find a lot of review articles stating how comprehensive and effective the course is after enrolling in the program. Also, you can find different testimonies on its website. It shows the capability of the academy to help its students to make income through the foreclosure market.

Christina McGinnis is also a student of the academy. After finishing the program, she found a client, then a few days after she received an email and she's getting 40% of the foreclosure tax, which is about $33,000. She claims that it is a 4-month paycheck for her and she made it with less than 20 hours of work.

Joshua Davis closed his first deal after 4 months and does not know when the next deal will be. It took him almost a month of hard work and earned a $23, 000 payout after helping his client to recover 57 grand in surplus funds.

What Do You Get In Foreclosure Academy?

With Foreclosure Academy, you get access to 37 classes divided into 4 courses. These classes provide webinars and include videos, PDFs, and online books to support your learning. Also, you will be part of an exclusive Facebook group where you can interact with coaches, and take part in online classes.

Member’s Area

Inside the Member's Area, you'll find the first lesson that acts as an introduction. You can download a 56-page guide, watch an introductory video, and get the link to join the exclusive Facebook group.

Foreclosure Secrets Course

It focuses on finding leads, locating those leads, and the paperwork & attorney help needed to move forward on those leads.

  • Module 1: Foreclosure Secrets - In the first lesson of the foreclosure course, you'll find a 34-minute video that covers tax sale overages and mortgage overages. There's also a 14-page downloadable book providing detailed explanations. You'll learn how to use a hidden government system to help homeowners reclaim funds paid into their mortgages.
  • Module 2: Lead Generation Secrets - In this module, you'll access an informative video lasting about an hour. It provides vital insights into lead generation. You can also download a 30-page book for a comprehensive understanding. It teaches innovative methods to create a private list of high-quality leads, giving you a significant advantage in the market.
  • Module 3: Skip Tracing Secrets - You'll learn here how to find contact information for your leads through a 24-minute video and a 15-page book. The module covers free and paid methods, including using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. It also emphasizes the importance of taking action and implementing your knowledge.
  • Module 4: Lead Outreach Secrets - This module teaches you how to approach property owners through a 17-minute video and a 13-page book. It provides a sample phone call script, letters, and tips to build trust with potential leads. It shows strategies to address objections and contact leads via phone, voicemail, text, and letters. This module focuses on the importance of rapport and offers guidance for successful follow-up and closing deals.
  • Module 5: Overage Paperwork & Attorney - Module 5 is a 30-minute video and a 51-page book that guide you on hiring an overage attorney and completing the paperwork. While not all states need an attorney, the course covers ways to simplify the process both in person and online. You'll also learn how to avoid upfront fees and pay attorneys only for their services on a contingency basis.
  • Module 6: Outsourcing Secrets - This module is about outsourcing and how it helps save time. It teaches you to hire virtual assistants for non-essential tasks. By delegating work, you can focus on important business aspects and expand your reach. It's recommended to gain experience before hiring assistants.
  • Module 7: Auto Dialer Secrets - This module teaches you how to use an auto-dialer to save time and improve productivity. You'll learn how to make automated calls using a free version of the software. The auto-dialer allows you to upload a list of numbers and make calls without manual dialing. It also offers advanced features for personalized messages and prioritizing leads. By utilizing this tool effectively, you can enhance your sales calls and increase the likelihood of closing deals.
  • Module 8: Business Setup Walkthrough - The last module teaches you how to establish a strong online presence for your business. It covers the importance of a logo, website, professional contact details, and email address to build trust with clients. The module provides customizable templates for a logo, website, and letterhead, saving time and money. Fast Track program participants don't need to complete this module as their coaches and assistants handle these tasks.


If you join the Fast Track program, your lessons will end here. The Fast Track students have coaches and personal assistants who handle all the work, so the remaining lessons are not required for you.

Business Setup Walkthrough Part 2

Part 2 has five sections, each focusing on different aspects of setting up your business website.

  • Installing Xampp: This section guides you through the installation of Xampp, an essential tool for running your business.
  • WordPress Installation and Setup: Learn how to install and set up WordPress, the platform for your business website.
  • Installing Essential WordPress Plugins: It covers the process of installing important plugins for the functionality of your WordPress website
  • Theme Customization: Explore how to customize the appearance of your WordPress theme to align it with your brand.
  • Moving WordPress from Local Server to Live Website: Learn the steps to transfer your WordPress website from a local development environment to a live server for public access.

Foundations Of Overage Business Course

This course provides practical guidance on applying the knowledge you've gained. It includes an interactive Q and A session to assist you in implementing what you've learned. You'll gain hands-on experience in using the strategies and techniques taught in the program. This section focuses on the secrets of locating both the owed money and the individuals who owe it to you. There are 18 lessons in this course, including the Introduction and Part One of Q&A.

These lessons are:

  • Introduction and Q&A
  • Q&A
  • Tax Leads Outreach
  • CRM Insight
  • Role-Playing and Q&A Part 1
  • Role-Playing and Q&A Part 2
  • Role-Playing and Q&A Part 3
  • CRM Insight/Googling Lead
  • Role-Playing and Q&A Part 4
  • Another Q&A Session
  • CRM Contact Tab
  • CRM Skip Tracing
  • Skip Tracing Workshop
  • CRM Contact and Opportunities Tabs
  • Finding Leads on
  • Using
  • Researching Court Dockets
  • Finding Additional Leads

Foreclosure Secrets Implementation Training Course

The course provides helpful resources for your success. You can listen to recorded group calls on the website and learn a lot from them. Joining the "Private Members Only Community" allows you to take part in these calls. You'll also have weekly calls with your coach and community to track your progress and identify areas for improvement. It's a simple and supportive system to help you excel in the course.

This will lead you through the final four sections:

  • Emotional Resiliency | Weekly Leadership & Mindset Call
  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset | Weekly Leadership & Mindset Call
  • Self-Discipline | Weekly Leadership & Mindset Call
  • Unwavering Purpose | Weekly Leadership & Mindset Call

Bonus 1: Lifetime Access to Private Members-Only Community

As a member, you gain exclusive access to a community where our team of Foreclosure Secrets Experts is available round the clock. They are ready to address questions you may have while you navigate through the process of building your business.

Bonus 2: Done-For-You Professional Website

This bonus is for 25 people only. It offers a convenient solution for those in need of a professional website. By following simple video instructions, you can create your own personal website within 30 minutes. It teaches you how to become professional with potential clients. It costs only around $50 per year for domain and hosting, cheaper than printing business cards.

Bonus 3: Close 800% More with Our Auto-Dialer

This bonus gives you a FREE tool to connect with 800% more leads every day. Say goodbye to manual calls and enjoy the convenience of the auto-dialer. It even has a "quick connect" feature, ensuring an immediate "hello" for the person on the other end. This offer is only for 50 people.

Bonus 4: Virtual Assistant Outsource Secrets

In this bonus, you'll learn how to outsource tasks from day one, such as calling, mailing, and researching. It's a simple way to delegate and focus on what's important. It is only for the first 100 people only.

What Is The Fast Track Program?

The Fast Track Program is a special service by Foreclosure Academy where they take care of the research, lead generation, calls, and paperwork, and even offer a virtual assistant (VA) service at a low cost. You'll learn while their team does the work. This program gives you all the benefits of the Foreclosure Secrets program. It includes bonuses and automation assistance. This is ideal for those who have limited time because of a job, want to see quick results, or cannot commit to full-time work.

Foreclosure Academy has a dedicated team that hires and trains VAs for their clients. Once you join the Fast Track course, they will hire a VA for you at a discounted rate of approximately $3-$5 per hour, or $350 per month.

Who Is The Founder Of Foreclosure Academy?

The founder of Foreclosure Academy is Carlton Weiss, who is also the founder of Private Wealth Academy. Carlton, formerly a private investigator, specialized in investigating private trusts. He created Foreclosure Academy to help individuals secure their rightful funds from foreclosure sales. The academy commits to aid people secure the funds they are owed and strives to ensure their rights are defended.

Who Is The Foreclosure Academy For?

The Foreclosure Academy is for individuals who are eager to learn and excel in the real estate foreclosure business. It may not be suitable for absolute beginners looking to start from scratch. This program may not provide benefits to beginners. As there is a possibility of investing time and money without guaranteed results. It's important to consider this before opting for the program as a beginner.

Is Foreclosure Academy Worth It?

Foreclosure Academy is worth it for those looking to learn the foreclosure business. With three payment options of $197 spaced 15 days apart, it offers a reasonable deal. The program emphasizes that there is no need to buy property or make investments, as you can start the business for free. For those who prefer a faster approach, Carlton provides a Fast-track program where the academy's team takes care of the teaching.

The program itself offers comprehensive lessons, covering every aspect of the foreclosure business. It includes detailed videos and step-by-step instructions for setting up your website. It teaches how to use tools like WordPress, plugins, and themes. Also, you also receive great bonuses for its price.

How Does Foreclosure Academy Work?

Foreclosure Academy works by following a simple process:

  • Using an online database, they find individuals who have lost their homes under foreclosure.
  • They contact the government office to determine the amount of money remaining in the previous owner's name.
  • A contract is signed, and they transfer the money to the new owner, taking a 40% finder's fee.

Is Foreclosure Business Profitable?

The foreclosure business can be profitable, with significant opportunities to earn a large income. The system has the potential to generate an impressive amount of $13,698,630 in collectible funds per day. It is according to reputable experts JP Morgan. Also, there are approximately 3,000 tax foreclosure sales happening every day, according to the FDIC. This means a vast pool of potential clients and limited competition in this field.

On average, you can earn finder's fees ranging from 30% to 40% by assisting former property owners in claiming their money. With the average finder's fee amounting to $30,000, it's a significant opportunity to help individuals in need and earn a significant income. With 3,000 homes going into foreclosure each day in the US alone, there is a constant demand for foreclosure assistance. By providing valuable services, you can help individuals who have lost their homes and generate earnings from that. If this business model doesn't good for you, check my top most profitable online businesses in 2024 for alternatives. 

How Will You Benefit From The Foreclosure Business?

By doing foreclosure business, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Help Property Owners: Many property owners are unaware of how to reclaim the money they paid for their foreclosed property. By learning the process, you can assist these owners in reclaiming their funds from the government.
  • Recover Remaining Amount: After the government recovers its defaulted payment from the sale, the remaining amount can be claimed by the property owner. Through follow-up with the bank or lending institution, you can guide the owner in retrieving this remaining sum.
  • Earn Commission: If the property does not belong to you, you can still earn a commission ranging from 30% to 40% from the property's sale. This means you can make an income by helping clients who have experienced foreclosure claim their entitled cash.
  • Target Uninformed Clients: Many individuals who lose their homes are unaware of their entitlement to this money. By finding these clients online and offering your help, they will cooperate and provide the information for you to claim the funds.

Foreclosure Academy Alternatives

  • Wholesale To Millions - Wholesale To Millions by Khang Le (King Khang), is a real estate brand that helps both new and experienced investors. This program teaches the proven 3-step process: finding distressed properties, negotiating deals, and connecting with investors to sell the properties. By following these steps, anyone can replicate Khang Le's success in real estate wholesaling.
  • Awesome REI - Awesome REI is an online school that helps beginners enter the real estate industry without experience, upfront capital, or technical skills. They provide regular updates with new courses to improve cash flow.
  • Investor Creator - Investor Creator is an apprenticeship program by Brad Smotherman. Brad teaches you the blueprint he used to become a 7-figure real estate investor. The program claims to help 100 students to build their own empires.
  • Overages Blueprint is an online course that teaches how to make money through a “loophole” in the government’s system. In this course, students learn how to make money by helping owners recover their overage funds from foreclosed properties. 

Why Local Lead Generation Is The Better Option For Beginners Than Foreclosure Business?

Local lead generation is the better option for beginners than the foreclosure business because of its simplicity and effectiveness. With the rank and rent model, beginners can create high-ranking websites and rent them to local businesses seeking leads. It minimizes risks and provides a potential source of passive income while assisting local businesses. Once set up, the system can generate leads and income on autopilot through optimized websites and effective marketing. It allows beginners to earn income without constant active work.

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  1. They falsely advertise. It is not as easy as they say as just picking up the phone and calling. They say you can get money back if you make a certain amount of calls. They trick you with the wording. Saturated market. Better off doing something else.

    1. When people talk about easily making money online, that’s a red flag. There is always work that needs to be put in. Even in our local lead generation business model.

  2. I have left several messages for a return call but that has not yet happened.
    Now asking for immediate membership refund from both Fast track programs. Have no confidence in their company.

    1. Carol-

      I encourage you to file a complaint with the BBB. I did. Maybe if more people reported these scam artists they would be shut down!

    1. Hi E.P. thank you for you interest in local lead generation. You can book a call with this link: One of our coaches would be happy to answer any questions and give you more insight about our local lead generation program and how it can help your business. Thanks for reading and best of luck with your book and online biz.

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