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Forte Management Group Review (2024): 4 Major Issues with the Amazon Automation Model

August 9, 2023

Forte Management Group is an amazon automation company. It was founded by Travis Chisenski and Lisana Locke in 2022. They are a logistics company and a wholesale distributor. There isn't much information about them. In this article, we will discuss Forte Management Group, their CEOs, and their process. 

Amazon automation companies provide a lot of potential for passive income. There is a large investment involved and if you don’t have the capital, there are other business models. Business models like local lead generation don’t require a hefty capital. You would only need to build your own digital property that incurs free traffic. 

4 Major Issues with the Amazon Automation Model 

1. It Can Breach Amazon's Policies

A lot of creators like to point out that dropshipping is against Amazon's policies. However, you can dropship on Amazon legally. There are certain guidelines you need to follow. If not, your account may get suspended. If you plan on using an amazon automation company, familiarize yourself with Amazon's seller agreements. Since the automation company will handle order fulfillments, you won't be able to assure how the product is shipped. 

2. Expensive Down Payments 

Amazon automation companies always require a down payment for you to get started. They use this capital to build your online store, purchasing and delivering your orders. A new seller approximately spends around $3,836, according to JungleScout. There is a tremendous difference in just starting your own store instead of using automation companies. 

3. Less Control Over Your Business 

As a business owner, you always get the final saying decisions regarding your store. If you’re just starting out, it isn’t advisable to use an automation company because there may be aspects of the business that you’re unaware of. This takes away your control and moves it to the automation company, who will make most of the decisions for you. 

4. No Guarantee of Success 

Working with a team of professionals who have proven success with their business model doesn’t mean you can achieve the same. They can only apply their knowledge for your business, but it doesn’t mean that you can actually reach the entirety of your goals following the same model. They take no liability if they don’t and you can only mark it off as a poor investment. Some of these companies even make success seem guaranteed, when that's far from the truth, causing some to wonder whether Amazon automation is illegal

What is Forte Management Group? 

Forte Management Group

Forte Management Group is an automation company based in the United States. They market themselves as an e-commerce growth agency and wholesale distributor. They handle both logistics and order fulfilment. With over 11 wholesale forte warehouses scattered in Florida, they’ve helped over 200+ clients achieve their goals. Their company mission is to help regular investors get access to the 4.8 trillion dollar ecommerce market. 

Forte Management Group: Pros and Cons 


They provide 24/7 open lines for communication 

They're upfront about the investment you need to make. 

They do all the logistics and research for you. 


The cost is expensive.

They provide any information 

They have zero reviews and testimonials from outside sources. 


Over $40K for the initial investment , but to get the exact number, you will have to book a call 

Refund Policy

They don't have information of refund policies. 




They have zero reputation. There are no reviews or testimonials posted asides from those on their company website. 

Who are the Founders of Forte Management Group? 

Travis Chesinski

Travis Chesinski founded Forte Management Group in January 2022. There isn't information about other entrepreneurial endeavors in the corporate world before founding the company. However, he is known for his music career. He started recording in 2021 and served as a DJ at local parties before getting discovered by a music producer. You can access his music through YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music! He has over five songs and has a certified gold album to his name. There are 2 articles about his musical success posted on different websites underneath alternating titles.

Lisana Locke

Lisana Locke is the co-owner and founder of Forte Management Group. She has an associate degree in Merchandise Marketing and a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management. She has experience in different industries. She worked in social media management, events management, marketing, and public speaking. Currently, she has 3 business ventures. She is the CEO of Forte Management, the founder of the International Abundance Movement,a self-employed entrepreneur and does coaching on investing. 

Lisana Locke's Work Experience on LinkedIn

How Many Employees are Working at Forte Management Group? 

Aside from the company owners, there isn't any information about their employee. According to their website, there are 400+ employee working in Forte Management Group. 

What Services Does Forte Management Group Provide? 

Forte Management Group' services
  • State Tax Exemption Services - Aside from automating and managing your business they provide ways to exempt your business from certain state taxes. 
  • Logistics and Product Research - They find the best products based on analytics and current trends to fill your store. 
  • Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management - The Forte Management Group has many warehouses in Florida. They will store and deliver your products to customers for you. 

  • Store Optimization - Once they've built you a full store, they will also continue to manage it for you and bring in more customers.  

  • Client Support Services - For any concerns you may have with your business, you can contact them and they usually respond within the day.  

How Much Does Forte Management Group Cost? 

Like most automation companies, Forte Management Group does not provide an exact cost. However, according to the questionnaire you take to schedule a call, you need to prepare a minimum of $40,000 of the initial down payment. There are other monthly costs, but that would only be revealed once you get started with their process. 

Frote management group's questionnaire

What is Forte Management Group's Process? 

Forte management group's timeline
  • Building Your Store - Once you get started, they start implementation. They will build and set up an online store for you within the first month. They do all the logistics and research for you and provide products you can sell. 
  • Leveraging Distributors - Once your store is up and running, they leverage their connections with distributors to get you more customers. 

  • Cross-Selling on Platforms - After your store is fully functional and your store's performance is good, they will help you build a new profile on a different platform so you can cross-sell your products. 

How is Forte Management Group Rated? 

Since its founding in January 2022, they claim to have helped over 200+ clients. There aren’t any outside sources on clients who have used their services. They have zero testimonials or reviews outside of those provided on their website and Travis Chisenski’s Instagram page. 

Forte managements group's testimonials

What Days Are Forte Management Group Open? 

Forte Management Group offers 24/7 support services to clients and can be reached via WhatsApp. Their business hours are from 9am - 5pm EST. 

Conclusion: Is Forte Management Group Worth it? 

Forte Management Group is a fairly new company, so it’s tough to decide. Their business has nothing that sets them apart from other automation companies. They also don’t provide a lot of information about their own process or what you can expect. However, they are pretty upfront on the amount of investment you may need to take. Most automation companies don’t even provide an estimate before the call to get you started. 

As an investor and business owner, working with another company requires a lot of trust. You are entrusting your capital to this automation company and if they fail, that immense sum goes to waste. Forte Management Group does not have any other reviews and no actual evidence of what they can deliver. Their investment cost is also slightly higher than most automation companies, but they don’t offer any different services. 

If you’re looking for an automation company, Forte Management Group wouldn’t be by first suggestion. But their company is more upfront than others and if that’s something you value, then Forte Management Group might be for you. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t require an enormous investment and allows you to control the results, then you may be interested in local lead generation.

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