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Vik Strizheus’s Four Percent Group Review, 4% Challenge Scam or Legit? Non Affiliate

August 16, 2022

This is the course review for the Vick Strizheus Four Percent Group Course.

We'll go over what it is and if it's worth the investment. 

I'm going to layout some of the challenges that students may face with this course and how you can avoid the common pitfalls. I'll also talk about how affiliate marketing compares to the popular local lead generation online business model that offers you a passive income.ddd

Who Is Vik Strizheus?

Hailing from Ukraine, Vik was determined to make a name for himself as an entrepreneur.

He grew up in a middle-class family who moved to the States while he was a pre-teen and not knowing a lick of English.

Living a life of going to college, getting a degree and a job that only allowed you to take vacation once every so often wasn't part of Vik's plan as an adult.

Over time, he became the founder of the 4% Percent Group.

If you Google Vick Strizheus, you'll notice that he has a storied past of going to prison for committing an insurance scam of $30,000. 

He's personally addressed this saying that he made mistakes in the past and he's learned from them.

Allegedly, Vik also had another issue involving his other product, Big Idea Mastermind, where he was found guilty of switching people's affiliate links to his own so that he'd make more money.

For the sake of this review, we'll give Vick the benefit of the doubt and just take a look at his current business model and what you'll actually get from the 4% Group.

What To Expect

First of all, the 4% Success Challenge is a part of the Affiliate Marketing Academy.

This is an affiliate subscription program that teaches you how to go from zero to $10,000 in sales by selling other people's products starting from nothing.

If you've read other reviews maybe on Reddit or Quora, you've already learned where the 4% comes from.

Vik talks about how out of 100 marketers, 20% take action to succeed.

Of that 20%, only 4% will actually do what's necessary to achieve success on a whole other level.

Once you jump into this program, you'll learn the following:

Time to jump into what this course is all about. 

Affiliate Marketing Academy Review

How To Have The Right Mindset

Mindset is key when going into business.

Your success is most definitely tied to how you approach your business.

Vik encourages you to listen to an audio from Earl Nightingale called "The Strangest Secret in the World".

If you know who this early 1900s radio personality and author was, you'd know his famous words where he said,

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal

- Earl nightingale

Vik recommends you to listen to this entire audio everyday so that you can wire your mind for success.

The truth is that not everyone is born into a good situation and the only way to achieve a high-level of success is to get your mindset right first.

Once that's done you'll be hyper focused and dedicated to doing anything necessary to succeed not only in business, but in life.

What are you willing to do to succeed?

Great question for all of us to ask ourselves.

Vik does a lot of motivating in this program throughout the 30 sessions and speaks on how to build up your confidence so that you can succeed at this program.

Consistency is key and giving up shouldn't be an option.

I agree with that all the way. If you give up at the first sign of problems, you're not even giving yourself a chance.

Affiliate Marketing Business Setup

When getting started in any business model, there's always a starting point.

With affiliate marketing, you need to get all setup with the tools necessary to be productive.

Vik shares what basic tools you're going to need and why:

Which each platform, you'll get a free trial which is great so you can get a feel for them. 

You're also going to need to get a custom domain for tracking purposes.

This way, you'll be able to get the most out of your site.

Don't worry, Vik shows you how to get all of these tools setup and linked up.

When it comes to conversions, you're going to want to track these.

If you don't, how are you going to know if things are going well with your campaigns?

You won't. 

No matter which ad platform you use, you'd be wise to track your conversions.

If not, you can find yourself spending hundreds of dollars without knowing.

When you track them, it'll be easier to make necessary adjustments and optimize.

Once you have your conversion tracking setup, I highly recommend that you test it to make sure it's going to properly track them.

Believe me...

I took this for granted once before thinking I had it all setup and boy, was I wrong!

I missed out on some valuable data.

If I didn't pick up on it in time, it could have cost me more money because I wouldn't have been able to make adjustments to my campaigns when I needed to. 

Vik shows you how to choose affiliate marketing programs and how to join them.

Expect there to be an application process.

In my course review of Kallzu Ads, I spoke about how William Meers, your guide through that course, interviewed an affiliate manager who really did a great job at sharing plenty of tips for people when applying to affiliate platforms. 

Some of the tips & tricks he shared are:

  • What affiliate managers look for in new affiliates
  • The importance of authenticity when working with an affiliate manager
  • What hot niches you can get into

Ad Copy

This is a highly important aspect of the advertising world. 

Your ad copy is one of the aspects of an ad campaign that can make or break it.

If it's on point, you'll be the proud ad manager of a successful, converting campaign.

If not, you're just going to be gifting the ad platform, be it Facebook, Google or LinkedIn, all of your precious ad spend. 

When it comes to copy, you need to do a good job at articulating what you want your ideal audience to do.

Don't think that by you just saying...


...this is 50% off, buy today or there won't be anymore..."

...that your ad's going to convert.

Not gonna happen. 

Coming off salesy isn't going to help your case.

People on Facebook know by now what an ad is because each ad says 'Sponsored'.

Even kids know this which means that you don't have to act like you're selling if it's already obvious.

The more natural you sound, the better your chances of catching someone's attention. 

Obviously, your image and calls to action need to also be dialed in and to the point.

If you can call out your ideal audience, be simple and direct, you should be in a good place conversion-wise.

The point here is that your ad copy needs to be the best it can be so you can make the most sales possible. 

Using Different Traffic Sources

We all know which platforms have a large number of people on them on a daily basis and you probably have your preference.

The point is that these platforms are great sources to generate traffic.

If you have a product or service you need to sell, why wouldn't you go to one or multiple platforms and promote?

It's common sense.

Vik talks mainly about how you can generate traffic by making videos on YouTube.

Although this course is more inclined to generate leads on YouTube, he teaches you some display ad network paid strategies as well as other platforms you can generate paid traffic on.

ippei... do you know which platform is best for generating leads?

My question to you would be:


What are you selling and who's your target audience?

That will give you a better idea as to which platform will give you the best ROI.

Obviously, since LinkedIn has a more professional audience, you aren't going to promote something that's more for a younger audience.

For a younger audience, you might want to go with Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok and Facebook. 

You have to do your due diligence to ensure you run the most cost-efficient campaigns. 

Ignore this aspect and you can expect to not make any money. 

Is This Program Legit?

If you're looking for some free strategies on how to generate traffic, you're going to be disappointed with this course.

There's no SEO training here. 

For that, you might want to check out Matt Diggity's Affiliate Lab course.

Truth is, the only people making money with 4 Percent Group are the affiliates that promote it.

Vick recommends that throughout the training. 

This is similar to the network marketing / MLM model where you recruit people for the sole purpose of promoting the business opportunity attached to the program and not the actual material.

In my opinion, this isn't a sustainable business model because there's only so many spots on the first page of search results for Youtube.

Not only that, running ads on social media is getting so much more expensive by the day.

More and more marketers are crowding the space which makes the cost of running ads rise.

If you don't know how to monitor conversions the right way, you're only going to see your ad spend go through the roof with no results to show for it.

You could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a matter of days testing different aspects of your ads to see what works all while your face looks like this kid.

You can try the display ads (which have failed me in the past) and hopefully you get some results, but what if those ads don't do as well as you thought?

You're going to be real frustrated.

Then you're going to spend more money testing.

This is just too expensive of a business model.

Affiliate marketing isn't my thing here at the end of 2020 and moving forward into 2021, much less generating paid traffic on social media. 

I'm much more inclined to invest my money in local lead generation with free organic traffic.

How does that work?

Why Local Lead Generation Is My #1 Online Business

I generate leads organically and locally by ranking on Google. 

How exactly?

Check out this site that I have ranked at the top of page 1. 

This is a lead gen site that I built in 2014 which offers limo services in Lansing, MI.

I got it to rank at the top of page 1 for the keywords that are relevant to limo services.

Any keywords you can think of that folks would type in to find limo services in Lansing, Michigan, this site ranks for. 

Keywords such as:

  • Limo services Lansing
  • Lansing limo services
  • limo company Lansing

Just to mention a few. 

Once this lead gen site ranks, the leads are going to flow into the site because it's sitting pretty at the top of the search results.

That's what I call, prime real estate.

It's like sitting at the front of the line for the leads.

allow me to ask you this...

What do you do with the leads once they come through your lead gen site?

You send them to a local business owner willing to take on more customers.

Then you just come to a mutual agreement as far as the commission goes. You can do a monthly flat fee or a percentage.

That limo site I showed you above makes me $750 per month on autopilot and has been doing so ever since 2014.

Once I rank the site, there's little else that I have to do to it. 

That's the closest thing to passive income in my opinion. 

Here's what the process looks like from start to finish.

The goal is to obviously scale by building out more websites.

The more you build, the more leads you generate and send to local business owners which means, more Benjamins for you.

It's such a great business model and also very versatile because you can jump into recession proof niches.

Business owners are going to view you as heaven sent when you drive more business their way.

You can really change their life with the work we do.

Knowing that we have that effect is priceless. 

Worried if there's any market saturation?

Don't be.

There are so many niches and keep in mind that each niche in each market is different.

It all comes down to what the competition is doing.

You're taught how to do your due diligence so you can choose which niches are the best for you. 

In the coaching program we're in, you learn everything you need to make this work.

Our private Facebook group is also a big deal because of the amount of support you receive.

Not to mention all of the resources and contacts within the group. 

On top of it all, we go to Las Vegas every year for our event so we can, level-up (Ciara voice), by learning new techniques and skills which only make us all that more prepared for the entrepreneur life.

I'm so glad I took that call from my mentor and now friend, Dan, back in 2014.

I was working at an auto parts counter in Detroit, my life just oozing away in the 9-5 lifestyle.

I jumped into the program and got to work immediately.

Fast forward to today, I have over 50 sites making me money on autopilot.

Go find another business where you're going to find those types of passive returns.

These are the reasons why I choose local lead generation with free traffic over affiliate marketing.

Wanna change your life?

Tired of living the 9-5 rat race life?

Thinking a career change is the right move for you and your family?

Click the link below and jump on a call with us to see if this is a good fit for you.

If you're ready to put in the work, are coachable and are ready to be your own boss, let's chat.

See you on the inside.

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