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In this review, y'all git the ins and outs of Greg Mercer's Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

Specifically, you'll get answers to questions like

  • Is Freedom Builder Bootcamp worth the money?
  • What exactly does Greg cover in his course?
  • How does FBB compare to other Amazon FBA Courses?

The best part?

I'll show ya the good and the bad of Greg's FBA course as well as reveal how selling on Amazon compares to the best bidness model in 2020. 

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I gambled my money with a lead generation coaching program that turn'd out to be the best investment of my life.

Hows that?

 I got freed from my 9-5 in 7 months by making and ranking simple websites that generate leads for local businesses (who happily push a silver my way for delivering them on-demand customers )

When I hit 20k per month, I took a few months and traveled throughout Europe with some friends

(gotta reward yourself once in a while, right?)

After I scaled my lead gen biz to 7 figures, I fell for my FOMO and went out to experiment with private label Amazon FBA (ton of hype around it in 2016)

Having pumped up my perseverance  with my first online business, I stepped hard into FBA, buildin' 3 brands over the course of about three years. 

Here's one of the best months

While I did make some decent cash with FBA, it took too much on-going work (no passivity imo), so I decided to cash out towards the end of 2019. 

Learn more about how I scaled my income to 52k per month below

All that said:

Let's get into Jungle Scout's Freedom Builder Bootcamp.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp Review

Who is Greg Mercer?

Greg Mercer is the founder and CEO of Jungle Scout, an Amazon FBA tool and resource provider. 

greg mercers freedom builder bootcamp fba training course

After growing up in Washington DC and creating a couple side hustles, Greg went to college and studied civil engineering. 

Upon graduating at 22, he "got a real job" working as a corporate civil engineer in Pensacola, Florida. 

Engineer by day, entrepreneur by night. 

After learning the pattern of his 9-5, Greg began spending each evening researching wholesale products that he could eventually sell on Amazon. 

In 2013, Greg got his first sale, and later that year, had roughly 3 dozen products selling on Amazon, which eventually enabled him to match his job income. 

He sold on Amazon for another year, then his next creation took shape:

Wanting to speed up his product research, he began to develop a chrome extension that pulled the publically available product info from Amazon and enabled him to sort and display in more helpful ways. 

Greg launched the first version of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension in 2015, garnering his first 12 customers that day.

Here's a glimpse at the original Jungle Scout

greg mercers freedom builder bootcamp fba training course

Now Jungle Scout has grown, offering a multitude of tools and education for aspiring Amazon FBA sellers.

greg mercers freedom builder bootcamp fba training course

Now that you know that Greg is the real deal (not some course-pushing guru), let's get into the nitty gritty of his bootcamp.

greg mercers freedom builder bootcamp fba training course

Module 1: Getting Started

This module has a complete overview of the Amazon FBA process. 

Greg shows how someone can get started from literally nothing (no experience or product ideas necessary), but you do need to have developed your mindset to persevere when you hit obstacles. 

What you need to do to go from newbie to expert level as a seller on Amazon.

Greg drops the exact steps to get started with the Jungle Scout tools: 

mod 1 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

At the end of each section, Greg has put in "Time for Action" steps that show exactly what to do at each point in the process:

mod 1 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp
mod 2 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 2: Product Research

Throughout his product research section, Greg shares:

  • His product selection blueprint (his process for vetting good products)
  • How to be certain that your product choice isn't a dud
  • Determining the difference between a winning niche and a saturated one. 

In this module, Greg shares the 4 step process of taking your product research to the next level. He calls his blueprint: "customer-driven innovation"

The Process of Customer-Driven Innovation

Step 1: Evaluate Product Ideas

In this section, Greg primarily talks about what products not to pick, sharing a long list of categories that he recommends staying away from. 

  • High Competition
  • High Seasonality
  • Easily breakable (glass, ceramic, etc.)
  • Food, drink, supplements, or topicals
  • Complex (electronics, lots of moving parts, etc.)
  • Patented or requires licensing (New York Yankees hat, Mickey Mouse shirt, etc.)

I developed a quick way to sort out which categories I wanted to push products out in.

Here's the spreadsheet that I used. 

I've inserted the categories on the side, but you can change them out for your potential products sub-categories as well. 

(no, there's no opt-in here)

Step 2: Read Competitors Listing & Reviews on Amazon

mod 2 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp
To get the most out of this step, develop a system to make short, yet thorough notes of each product you read. 

I used a google spreadsheet to be able to easily compare the best products in the category I was looking to go into.

mod 2 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

I learned that strategy through the lead gen coaching program, where there's a section of training called "Due Diligence," where my mentor teaches how to find the low hanging fruit of the niche. 

Here's the template that I used to evaluate my categories:

(no, there's no opt-in here either)

Step 3: List Customer Complaints

As you read through the good and bad reviews of your product ideas, take some notes on what the customers are praising about the product, but, even more so, keep an eye on what they are complaining about.

Why watch out for the negative?

Because if you can improve or correct the negative parts of the product, then, in the long term, you'll outsell your competitors who haven't put in the time to innovate.

Step 4: Turn on Your Innovation Mindset

mod 2 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Now that you know what the customers like and don't like about the product, now is the time to innovate.

When it comes to innovation, there's 2 central questions:

  1. What aspects of the product can you make better?
  2. How can you improve on the areas that customers most complained about?
mod 3 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 3: Sourcing

Throughout his sourcing section, Greg drops info on the following points:

  • Copy Your Competitor's Supplier (ethically, of course)
  • His Supplier Outreach Process (Vetting and Negociating with Your Suppliers) 
  • Cultivating solid, lasting relationships with your manufacturers

Greg shows how to use Jungle Scout's Supplier Database, which enables you to see which suppliers have experience and which products they manufacture, all within Jungle Scout's platform. 

mod 3 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

This is one of Greg's newer tools, just coming out last year. 

Having this database really sets Greg's course apart from many other Amazon Courses, which only teach you how to navigate

greg mercers freedom builder bootcamp fba training course

Module 4: Shipping

Throughout his shipping module, Greg covers the following:

  • How to Master the Shipping-to-Amazon Game in no time flat
  • The Specific Tasks You Must Do to Ship Your Private Label Products
  • What a Freight-Forwarder is and Using One to Save Money on AMZ Storage

The elephant in the room of this module is inventory management

Greg teaches you how to manage the level of inventory you have at Amazon's Fulfillment Center (fancy title for their warehouses) and how many units you have at your freight forwarder.

mod 4 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

You have to determine how much you have stored against your average rate of sales, so you can time your next order from your supplier. 

Timing is important because otherwise you could be stuck storing a lot of extra inventory (and Amazon's long term storage costs are no joke)

mod 5 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 5: Listing Creation

Throughout his listing creation module, Greg covers the following:

  • Hacking Amazon's A-9 Algorithm and pop to the top of the search results.
  • Exponentially increasing your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and your sales with Greg's 7-Step Pristine Listing Formula
  • 10X-ing your conversion rates with his BluePrint

What's Greg's Listing creation strategy?

It's more of a tool than a tactic.

Another component of Jungle Scout's tool kit is the Listing Builder.

You can integrate it with your Amazon account, and then it provides a score for your listing, based on the words in each section. 

(if you are familiar with Google Page Speed, JS's LB is basically that, but for Amazon listings)

mod 5 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

You'll sign up and then come to this page, where you can copy and paste your listing from the tool to Amazon or integrate your Seller Account with JS to analyze your current listing(s). 

mod 5 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

All in all, Greg's listing builder is pretty slick and I found it accelerated my listing optimization considerably. 

mod 6 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 6: Product Launch

Throughout his launch module, Greg covers the following:

  • How to Build Your Sales Momentum from Day 1
  • Get Immediate Organic Sales by Ranking Top 5 for several of your products' profitable keywords
  • Win the #1 New Release Badge for Your Product Category

The two biggest parts of launching a product on Amazon are getting sales and reviews. 

Greg shows how to get those 2 elements in his sixth module. 

The bulk of his lessons show walkthroughs of using two more features of Jungle Scout, namely, the promotions feature and the email campaigns feature. 

mod 6 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

The promotions feature gives sellers the opportunity to offer discounted products via coupons in a much more controlled way than doing them directly through their Amazon Seller Central portal.

Putting out promotions are like turning the key in your car, they get the engine moving. 

Here's a bit on Greg's email campaign feature:

mod 6 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

The email campaigns enables immediate follow-up with customers to request that they leave product reviews. 

When I started on Amazon, to keep the story short, I had to use a lot of different tools on a lot of different platforms. 

So the fact that Greg has a lot of these tools built right into the Jungle Scout platform makes selling on Amazon a lot simpler than back in 2016. 

mod 7 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 7: PPC Advertising

Throughout his Pay-Per-Click module, Greg uncovers the following:

  • His proprietary PPE Strategies for Accerating Rate of Sales
  • Buying Your Way to the Top of Amazon's Search to Begin Winning Over Your Established Competition
  • Acquiring Priceless Amazon Search Real Estate from Your Competition's Listings

If you've set up Facebook PPC Ads, I think you'll find that Amazon Sponsored Ads aren't all that different. 

[Beginning of Module 7]

Greg first gives an intro, showing where ads on Amazon show up, both in the search results

mod 7 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

and on the product listings themselves (below)

mod 7 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

After showing how to set up Amazon PPC campaigns, Greg went on to showcase several tactics seller can employ using the JS tool "Keyword Scout."

The tool's got a lot features.

Why bring it up in the PPC Section?

Because of it's helpfulness inside of the Amazon ppc auction. 

(notice how it pulls in the number you'd need to bid to have a high chance at winning the bid?)

mod 7 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

When integrated with a seller account, Keyword Scout can find keywords that would be helpful to each active ppc campaign.

Pretty powerful integration if you ask me.

mod 8 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 8: Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry, while it is an added initial cost, Greg demonstrates why, in the longer term it is worth it, by enumerating on the following:

  • How to Get Started with Amazon's Brand Registry Process
  • Getting Complete Control Your Product Listings
  • Protecting Your Brand from Hijackers

Getting started with Brand Registry isn't difficult, it's the prerequiste trademarking that tends to take a long time *3-6 months*

Here's some insight from Greg on how to get your brand trademarked in the United States:

mod 8 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Find out the specific brand requirements from Amazon here:

Is the effort worth it?

Here's a few of the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

how to register your brand with amazon
Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry
  • Utilize a dedicated internal team for submitting intellectual property infringement claims
  • Access Top of the Line Content to Level-Up the Display of Your Product Listings
  • Enjoy Amazon's Monitoring Your Brand for You
  • Get Increased Visibility via Alternative Advertising Routes & Interactive Media
  • Take Advantage of Accelerated correction of incorrect listing contributions and variations

While there's a lot of benefits to have Amazon watch out for your Brand, know that they can't protect you from every attack your brand can recieve, but they can provide expedited solutions for a lot of them.  (consider this the fine print lol)

mod 9 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 9: Scaling Your Business

When it comes to scaling an FBA business, Greg is an experienced professional. He scaled his wholesale FBA product business to 3 dozen products in about 12 months of consistent effort. 

In this module he covers the following:

  • Multiplying Your Products Over and Over
  • Snowball Past Successes into Future Product Launches
  • Create Multiple Assets Diversifying Your Sales
  • Establish Automated Processes to Incrementally Increase Your Systems

If anyone has the process down pat for scaling an Amazon business, it's Greg. 

mod 10 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Module 10: Advanced Seller Strategies

Throughout this module on Advanced Seller Strategies, Greg uncovers the following:

  • Learn the Ins & Outs of Lead Magnets that have been proven to increase sales
  • Add Backend Sales Funnels and Numerous Brand Sites
  • Send More Traffic to Your Listings via Social Media

What is a Lead Magnet?

Have you ever given your email address in exchange for a free pdf or report?

Here's one of Jungle Scout's lead magnets:

(tap the image to open entire pdf)

mod 10 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Here's the lead magnet opt-in:

(tap to see the complete opt-in page)

mod 10 greg mercer freedom builder bootcamp

Pros and Cons

of Freedom Builder Bootcamp


  • Course is Less Expensive than Most
  • Greg is an experienced Amazon Seller
  • Integrated Tools with Training (Jungle Scout)
  • Facebook Group for Course Members


  • Only Monthly Coaching Sessions (other courses offer weekly)
  • Facebook Page has few likes and followers. (19 likes as of July 29, 2020)
  • FBB Facebook Group only has 412 members. 

A Few Comments on Freedom Builders Bootcamp:

Out of all the FBA courses that I've been through, I'd say that it's pretty much a toss-up between Greg's course and Private Label Masters. 

If you want more mentorship by an experienced Amazon Seller, you'll probably want to go with Private Label Masters, as Tim is live weekly and is very active in his facebook group. 

If you want near-complete integration of all education, tools and systems, you'd best go with Greg's Freedom Builders Course. 

In 2014, the issue I faced was more capital-related than anything, I had recently graduated college, and was paying off debt while only making about 2k a month, so I didn't have the 15k needed to start an Amazon FBA business

  • 2-3k for the course (education is key to success)
  • 5-7k for inventory, shipping, inspection (all that)
  • 2k for PPC Ads (to launch and rank listing)
  • 3k for Brand Registry & Trademarking (the legal stuff)

So my main option was the local lead generation course. 

But after I had my FBA excursion from 2016-2019, I gathered from experience that selling on Amazon wasn't all it's made out to be. 

There's a lot of little things that need to be constantly managed and tweaked (like listing copy and ppc keyword bids) and then you always have to track where your inventory is (being made, shipped, or at Amazon). 

It really came down to that I wanted a more passive business model that I could work once and get the asset set up and then not have worry about it. 

Lead gen is that for me

(and Patric)

Amazon FBA is OK, but Lead Gen is Better, Here's Why

Amazon FBA

  • Market Saturated - Only 6000 niches
  • Expensive to Start (Need 15,000 dollars)
  • Low Barrier to Entry (Anyone can duplicate product)
  • Low Profit Margin (~30%)
  • No Control - Amazon can Shutdown Account
  • No Passivity - Lots of Moving Parts (Shipping, Ads, Launches)

Lead Generation

  • New Opportunity in Every Zipcode
  • Affordable to Start (few hundred dollars)
  • Requires Skills to Rank on Google
  • Little Overhead, High Profit Margin
  • Complete Control - You own the Website
  • Passive once Ranked - Just Deposit Mailbox Money

When Amazon FBA and Lead Generation come head to head, Lead Generation comes out ahead imo. 

Here's a couple reasons why:

Number 1: Control (Can One Decision Shut Down Your Business?)

With Amazon FBA, Amazon Corporate can say you or one of your listings has violated their Terms of Service and close down your account and they don't have to tell you why, because you are operating on their platform. 

Do you want Jeff Bezos to control your business or do you want to own your business?

Update April 15, 2020: Many Amazon Affiliates just got burned because Amazon cut their affiliate program's commissions in half in April 2020 (Sources: CNBC ArticleReddit Conversation).

With Lead Generation, you own the site that generates leads for the local business, so they have to keep paying you.

For example, here's a site that's been paying me since 2015

Number 2: Entry (How Hard is it to Copy Another Person's Business?)

With Amazon FBA, it is super easy for someone else to copy your business. All they need to do is find your supplier on Alibaba (Like Kale and Taylor show in Week 3), reword your copy, find similar images and boom, they are in business, basically selling your exact product. 

With Lead Generation, someone else can copy the website pretty easily, but they will have a hard time moving it up to the top of the page like I have. #uniqueskillset

Therefore, there's a high barrier for someone to overcome who wants to copy my business. 

That's why local lead gen is better than Amazon FBA.

Lead generation has personally changed my life. 

I went from living in a tiny apartment in Detriot MI in 2013, working a 9-5 at a carparts store pulling in 2k a month. 

Now, I live in a high rise apartment in San Francisco and make 52k each month via my lead generation properties. 

That's my 6 year transformation.

Imagine where you'll be 6 years.

Learn more about lead generation by using the button below

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