Max Tornow’s Freedom Business Mentoring Review – Top 3 Challenges Consultants Deal With

October 17, 2023

Freedom Business Mentoring program by Max Tornow is an online course that teaches you how to create an online coaching business using what Max calls the Full Stack Coaching Method. Max uses this method to help you figure out your strength and monetize it by coaching other people to improve that skill.

If you're a coach or consultant, your clients require a lot of attention if you're going to make thousands of dollars per months and keep customers long-term. You've got to provide students with the possibility of having 1-on-1 coaching sessions, host live coaching calls at least once per week, keep the course material up to date, clearly present the course content in video format on a seamless platform and hire/train a sales team so you can focus on the coaching. 

But to reach this level, you need a course that will adequately train you on the best coaching strategies. Do Max's teachings in the Full Stack Coaching Method align with these penultimate coaching goals? 

Coaching requires a lot of work and effort by the business owner. It's not really something that you can outsource and bring in passive income. So, if you're looking for something you can set and forget that will continuously bring in passive income, consider local lead generation. You build local service sites that rank organically and forward the generated leads to local small businesses.


Max has been a mentor to over 2,000 people, helping them reach financial success as coaches and consultants. 

4 live coaching calls each week for support. 

Lots of content covering all aspects of building and running a consultancy.


Max teaches his students to not create YouTube channels or market on Instagram, but does himself.

Group coaching calls have between 50-100 people. Difficult to get questions answered or not feel rushed when getting a question answered. 

Max used to work with the Real Social Dynamics team, who had the reputation of abusing women. 

Rumors are that Max has copied a lot of his YouTube videos from other online gurus, such as Dan Lok, Alex Becker, and Andreas Baulig.

No refunds.


Freedom Business Mentoring costs between $2,500 and $3.500.

Refund Policy

No refunds allowed.


12 week coaching program with over 100 hours of video training. 


Private Freedom Business Mentoring Facebook group.


Mark used to work as one of the RSD Product coaches, who had the reputation for abusing women. Mark has several students who found success with his training. When you look for Max Tornow reviews, you'll get mixed reviews of people who think he's great and others who don't. 

Top 3 Challenges Consultants Deal With

1. Lead Generation

If a consultant doesn't have a marketing strategy, they won't make money. There are many ways a consultant can generate leads. Leveraging paid traffic ads on social media and YouTube will help you grow your brand awareness. If you post content over time and provide value to your followers and subscribers, people will view you as a trustworthy authority. The problem is many coaches or consultants don't know how to get started online or don't take the time to plan out their content. They don't realize they can create video content once and upload across all platforms to save on time. Planning out content, a sales funnel, and creating ads to promote your service is essential to grow your coaching business.

2. Keeping up with Client Demands

When people invest thousands of dollars in a coach's program, they are expecting to receive mentorship and support above and beyond what they were promised. A business mentor needs to always think about how to provide support for their students and how to teach every kind of student. If there are students who are more advanced, a higher ticket level program might be needed. For students who are not grasping the information as quick or who need more help may benefit from accountability groups. Coaches and consultants must be able to discern who is who and how to take care of everyone. Depending on the business model, it might be necessary for a coach to make running a business easier through partnerships with other companies and helping students find who to outsource work to. 

3. Innovating New Ideas

As a coach, you must look for new ways to help give your students an edge in their market. These ideas help you grow the anticipation of weekly coaching calls among your students. The more new ideas you provide your group, the more enamored with the group and coaching your students will have. This can bring more referrals to your business, too. If you don't innovate or keep up with marketing trends to share with your students, people will tire of your coaching and lose faith in you. As a result, you won't run a successful business. If that happens, you can expect negative reviews to appear on platforms like TrustPilot and YouTube. This will only damage your online reputation and can make you lose out on money.

Freedom Business Mentoring Course Overview

Week 1 - Fundamentals

In week 1, Max gets into what the fundamentals of the coaching and consulting business model. 

Week 2 - Massive Self-Confidence

Week 2 is a mindset module and Max helps you gain confidence as a coach or consultant. 

Week 3 - Choosing Your Audience

Max helps you find out who your ideal audience is. 

Week 4 - Learn About Your Audience

In week 4, you dive into learning about your ideal audience. Max has you get more specific when thinking about who your ideal client is. You get into who they are, what their interests are and more. This section is important because once you find out important information about your audience, you can then think about what content to create. 

Week 5 - Find Pain Points

During this week, you discover the struggles of your audience. By recognizing their issues, you can clearly explain how you can solve it through the content you create for them.

Week 6 - Create & Validate an Offer

This section is all about how to establish yourself in a niche with a unique selling point. They teach you how to create a sentence that explains what you do in an authoritative, simple way. 

Week 7 - Learn the Coaching Tools

In this section, you learn how to set up a coaching session or lesson. If you've always wanted to be a course creator, this lesson will show you how to make it happen. 

Week 8 - Accomplish Breakthrough

This section will show how to accomplish breakthrough with reaching out to potential clients. 

Week 9 - Arrange Strategy Sessions

In week 9, you are shown how to setup strategy sessions with potential clients. 

Week 10 - Sales

In week 10, Max shows you his strategies to closing deals during the strategy sessions you setup with potential clients. 

Week 11

In this week, Max shares his last comments. 

Week 12

In week 12, there is an upsell to higher ticket coaching provided by Max.

Who is Max Tornow?

Max Tornow is an online coach born and raised in Austria who lives in Paphos, Cyprus. His full name is Maximilian Tornow. Prior to becoming an online coach, Max was known as RSD Max from the Real Social Dynamics pickup program. He got his start with RSD through a free internship, managing their social media accounts on Facebook and Tumblr. Max didn't mind working for free because he wanted to be mentored by the RSD team. In March 2013, he was invited to become one of the RSD coaches. 

As a coach, he released his first online program called The Natural, which taught men how to become a natural with women. The strategies taught in this course by Max were less aggressive than those methods taught by RSD Julien and RSD Tyler. In 2018, Max rebranded after all the drama with RSD and began using his original name, Max Tornow. 

In 2019, he shifted gears and focused on helping people turn their knowledge into an online coaching business through his Freedom Business Mentoring program. 

On his Max Tornow YouTube channel, he posts content about how to make money becoming a consultant and has over 89K subscribers. 

On his Instagram account, Max has over 72K followers and post similar content to that of his YouTube channel. Max also hosts The Max Tornow Podcast where he teaches coaches and consultants to start and scale their online business.

Max Tornow Net Worth

Max Tornow has an estimated net worth between $2 million and $8 million when you factor in that he has built two multi-million dollar businesses. He generated over $1 million in revenue from The Natural program and has coached over 1,800 people become coaches and consultants. 

Full Stack Coaching Method Success Stories

David helps men in their dating and relationship life. Before joining Max's program, David was a theoretical physicist but wanted to do something else. That something else was helping men improve their dating life. After only 4 weeks of joining David's program, he generated 34K Euros. What he took away from the course was the importance of understanding your client.

Davide is an Italian who helps businesses grow their online brand without using paid ads. He grew his business to over $60K in 6 months while working his 9-5 job. This was all possible because he implemented everything step he learned from Max. Davide still wants to work his 9-5 job to invest the money he makes back into his business. He recommends this course to anyone of any age.

Freedom Business Mentoring Review: Is it worth it?

Freedom Business Mentoring is worth it if you want to learn how to take your coaching business to the next level. Max dives into the importance of understanding who your audience is and learning what their pain points are so you know how to create content to attract them to your program. He also shows you how to set up your coaching lessons and how to close deals. 

However, the rumors that Max has copied Andreas Baulig's coaching program and only translated it into English is of concern. That would make this program non-original. According to the same rumors, Andreas Baulig got his content from other online coaches like Dan Lok and Sam Ovens.

Full Stack Coaching Method Alternatives

The 90 Day Pipeline by Ahmad Munawar is an online course that is geared toward helping you generate leads on LinkedIn for your consulting business. His focus is on helping you build an efficient lead generation funnel. Many of Ahmad's clients have generated many leads for their business after implementing Ahmad's strategies.

Price: The 90 Day Pipeline costs $8,000.

More Info: 90 Day Pipeline Review

The Consulting Memo by Taylor Welch is not so much a course on coaching. It's a compilation of all the methods, strategies, tests, mistakes, advice, and more that Taylor has put together. Every month, his team sends you all of this data so you review it and maybe learn something from it. There are things in this memo that may help you as a coach or consultant. You even get a physical copy mailed to you.

Price: The Consulting Memo costs $15 per month.

More Info: The Consulting Memo review

Digital Freedom System by Lucas Lee-Tyson is a course that teaches you how to make money online, creating educational videos without building an audience on YouTube or posting content every day. He shows you how to put together an online course so you can get paid passively. In his program, you will also get trial access to his software, which you can host your course on.

Price: Digital Freedom System costs $97.

More Info: Digital Freedom System Review

Authority Income Accelerator by Justin Saunders specializes in client acquisition through Instagram ads. It is for consultants, agency owners and course creators looking to scale their business from $10k per month. They will help your business frame your offer better, create ads you can run on Instagram and provide you with sales scripts to close your clients. Then, they set up the AIA system they built to automate the backend. Authority Income Accelerator started in 2019 and has helped over 500 students.

Price: $2000 and up

More Info: Authority Income Authority review

Is becoming a consultant profitable in 2024?

Becoming a consultant is profitable in 2024 because many people look towards online coaches to help them improve some aspect of their personal or business life. [Check out this review on Let's Jazz It Up mentoring program and 30X Life by Brad Sugars]

The problem with being a coach or consultant is that it can turn into a job with all the moving parts and things that require your attention, such as maintaining the curriculum up to date, providing support to your students, and even hosting coaching calls. 

If you have a passion for coaching, then none of it will feel like work, but the probability of you overworking yourself and burning out is high. 

Becoming an online coach is like any other online business model. You can make money. But being an online coach doesn't have the benefits the local lead generation business model has. 

Local lead generation will pay you a predictable income without all the hassle of a coach

Local lead generation allows you to build your digital assets and have them pay you on autopilot each month. 

You build simple websites and Google map listings, rank them on Google and a local small business owner pays you every month for exclusive leads. You don't have to do any of the work your website offers. There is also no need to even speak to the leads.

Your website funnels all the leads directly to your client and you can monitor the entire process using a call tracking software.

Over 7 years ago, I built this tree care site in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To this day, it pays me $2,000 every month and I haven't had to do anything else to them after I ranked them on Google. 

Local lead generation

The best part of this business model is that you don't have to guess when you are going to get paid. You tell your client when they have to pay you. Most times, you can automate the payment to process on a certain day each month or even at the end of the week. 

The level of control and passivity you have in this business is second to none. If coaching is your thing, go for it.

But to learn how to create a business that doesn't require you to spend all day or week working on it, check out the local lead generation training program.

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