Perrin Joseph’s Freelance Prodigies Review – What Digital Skills Can You Learn From This Community?

March 8, 2024

Freelance Prodigies is a digital learning community in Skool by Perrin Joseph that focuses on teaching web development skills for building your own agency. The community offers a complimentary course covering client prospecting, sales, and high-ticket services. Freelance Prodigies is a public group with over 1,5000 members and currently ranks as the 9th top paid business community on Skool. Perrin provides you a free insider view of Freelance Prodigies, including discussions, forums, free training materials, and testimonials.

While Freelance Prodigies lacks reviews outside its website and community, internal student feedback emphasizes the effectiveness of its content. Many students report successfully acquiring clients and making substantial profits. Additionally, some members have started projects involving SaaS (Software as a Service).

This Freelance Prodigies review will comprehensively explore the digital skills offered by the community and the free courses available. It will also detail the advantages and disadvantages, monthly fees, the target audience, and the overall value of the course. The article also introduces the creator and his other available offerings. Finally, we will suggest an alternative option to creating your own agency that focuses on generating monthly passive income.

Freelance Prodigies Review: Pros And Cons


Public Access: Freelance Prodigies is a public community in Skool where you can browse and check the discussion inside.

Free Resources: Freelance Prodigies offers many free resources like free training and advice from Perrin Joseph.

Cheap Monthly Subscription: You can join Freelance Prodigies for only $17 per month.


Required Level: Freelance Prodigies sets a certain level to access free courses and recorded live calls that may 

Still New: Freelance Prodigies just launched in January this year.

Limited Reviews: Freelance Prodigies has no reviews outside its website and community

Refund Policy

Freelance Prodigies has no refund policy.


Freelance Prodigies started on January 2024.

Member Size:

Freelance Prodigies has over 1.5k members.


Freelance Prodigies receive good reviews from their websites and testimonials from their community members.

What Digital Skills Can You Learn From Freelance Prodigies?

The digital skills you can learn from Freelance prodigies are selling your services, no-code tools expertise, mindset mastery, freelancing, how to run an agency and create high ticket websites. It focuses on teaching you the ins and outs of starting and scaling your own agency.

Sales - The Power of Persuasion

Sales - The Power of Persuasion focuses on boosting your confidence and effectiveness in selling your services. It equips you with proven strategies and techniques for the digital industry. These skills are crucial for winning more clients and driving business growth. 

Build Without Limits, Code-Free

Build Without Limits, Code-Free teaches you how to use no-code tools. It enables you to build impressive websites and designs with no need for traditional coding skills. This learning aspect is to empower you with the ability to create visually stunning and functional digital projects easily and efficiently.

Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery provides strategies for overcoming challenges and viewing failure as a path to success through the 21-day Mindset Mastery. This learning component focuses on building a resilient and positive mindset to thrive in any professional environment. It's a straightforward approach to transform how you think about obstacles and setbacks and turn them into opportunities for growth and success.


Freelancing includes learning how to find clients, manage projects effectively, and deliver impressive results. This comprehensive approach provides you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the freelancing industry.

Run An Agency

Run An Agency teaches you how to shift from being a developer to adopting an agency mindset. The program guides you through the process of managing an agency, including how to assemble and lead a team effectively..

High Ticket Websites

High Ticket Websites focuses on key software and tools that enhance the value you offer to clients. This knowledge leads to better client retention and the potential for higher revenue. You'll gain the skills to provide premium services and charge higher prices. 

How Much Does Freelance Prodigies Cost?

Freelance Prodigies costs a monthly subscription fee of $17. It makes it more affordable than other paid communities in School because of its recent launch. However, Perrin Joseph advises acting promptly, as the platform's addition of more valuable content can lead to an increase in the monthly fee. By December, Freelance Prodigies expect to increase the subscription cost to $299 per month.

What Are The Courses Inside Freelance Prodigies?

  • Our Purpose: Our Purpose teaches you how to create and grow a successful online community. It begins with an introduction to Skool and potential revenue for content creators, followed by strategies for starting and pricing your community. It also guides you on effective posting and community engagement. 
  • May The Games Begin: May The Games Begin is a dynamic course focused on mindset enhancement and sales skills. It guides you through understanding trust dynamics, the human mind, and becoming your best self, including insights into subconscious reprogramming. The course features a 21-Day Mindset Challenge to reinforce learning with an advanced sales guide and effective client-finding strategies, particularly for high-ticket email marketing clients. It becomes accessible once you achieve Level 3 within the Freelance Prodigies program.
  • Recorded Live Calls: Recorded Live Calls are a valuable resource that becomes available once you reach Level 4 in the program. This free resource offers you access to recorded Q & A sessions with leading experts in the industry. It's a great opportunity to gain insights and advice from top professionals.
  • Pro Members - Mentorship: Pro Members - Mentorship is an in-depth course that you can access with a $17 monthly subscription. It guides you through the initial steps of freelancing, covering essential topics like what to sell, basic and advanced sales strategies, and how to acquire your first 1-3 clients within a week. The course also provides insights into effectively stealing clients from competitors and the secrets of social media growth.

Who Is Freelance Prodigies For?

Freelance Prodigies is for web developers who aim to enhance their skills and stand out in the competitive field of web development. Data USA reports that approximately 1.2 million web developers exist in the U.S., and Zippia adds that the country currently employs over 459,382 web developers. This community is also ideal for freelancers aspiring to start their own agency. It offers learning opportunities in client prospecting and high-ticket services, along with one-on-one mentorship with Perrin and his team. Additionally, individuals looking to improve their web development skills can benefit from Perrin Joseph's tutorials, which include lessons on Figma, SaaS Website Builder, and building real-time cursors.

Freelance Prodigies Review Online

Freelance Prodigies reviews online mostly from their website and within the community. It has no external reviews likely because of its recent start on Skool in January 2024. Despite this, the Web Prodigies website has received a lot of positive feedback from students. Dev Aryan is a university student who found the Freelance Prodigies mentorship extremely helpful. He like learning about sales pitches, client interactions, and scriptwriting. 

Goel Mansi secured a major deal worth INR 70,000 (approximately $850) with an Indian client and expects to increase it to $5000. Mansi expresses gratitude to Freelance Prodigies for their guidance. She calls Perrin the best she's ever had. Lastly, Abel also experienced remarkable success in the program, going from no job offers to receiving three in just three weeks. Abel strongly recommends the Freelance Prodigies mentorship program to anyone aspiring to succeed in freelancing.

Are The Community Members Of Freelance Prodigies Getting Results?

Yes, the community members of Freelance Prodigies are getting results. Recent success stories from clients of Freelance Prodigies highlight the community's helpful role in their achievements. Hunter Martin is a 23 years-old aspiring software developer. He shares an update to the community on his progress. He is working on his first SaaS project, which leverages LinkedIn and Reddit to attract users. Hunter aiming to reach a revenue of $1,000. You can see below how encouraging Perrin Joseph was as a coach.

Nenad Miodrag is a software engineer boasting over 30 years of experience across a range of projects and applications. Nenad shared screenshots of his smart city transportation project. The images depict a real-time bus network monitor displaying crucial information like the bus's location, speed, passenger count, driver details, and route. These achievements illustrate how mentorship from Freelance Prodigies can help you develop skills to work on diverse digital products.

Is Freelance Prodigies Worth It?

Yes, Freelance Prodigies is worth it if you are a web developer aiming to enhance your digital skills and establish your own agency. The program offers one-on-one mentorship with Perrin Joseph that focuses on critical aspects like starting an agency, understanding common early failures, basic sales techniques, and acquiring clients within a week. It also provides insights into effectively growing your social media presence. This makes it particularly beneficial for beginners seeking to learn digital skills from an experienced web developer. The training materials are accessible with a $17 monthly community membership, which includes live Q & A sessions with Perrin Joseph every Tuesday.

However, it's important to note that the monthly fee for Freelance Prodigies might increase as Perrin adds more content. This means that even if you join now, future content updates could raise the price to $299 per month by December, which could be a financial consideration for some.


  • High Ticket Coaching University - High Ticket Coaching University (HTCU) by Armin Shafee is a community that mentors people in high-ticket coaching. It teaches how to set high prices for your services instead of going for cheaper options. 

What Are The Current Rank Of Freelance Prodigies In Skool?

The current rank of Freelance Prodigies on Skool is 50th among all communities and 9th among all paid business groups. This is an impressive achievement considering that Freelance Prodigies was only established in January.

Who Is Perrin Joseph?

Perrin Joseph is an experienced web developer with over seven years in the industry that specializes in building web apps. He is a Senior React Engineer and agency owner. Perrin loves using the latest technology to make web applications that are easy to use and look great. He has worked with both small startups and big Fortune 5 companies and helped them earn over $20 million in revenue. Perrin founded Web Prodigies, which is where Freelance Prodigies came from. He's also a member with several groups on Skool, including the Skool Community, The 10k Club, and MaxFree.

Perrin Joseph offers a variety of digital services. This includes designing websites that are impressive and user-friendly, developing custom websites, and building sales funnels that turn visitors into customers. Additionally, he offers integrating various systems for a smoother online experience, and improving your website’s search engine ranking to beat your competitors.

What Are The Other Services Offered By Perrin Joseph?

The other services offered by Perrin Joseph are:

  • Website Bundle: The Website Bundle is a comprehensive service package to boost your online business. It includes custom website design, development, and hosting, coupled with organic SEO to improve search rankings. The bundle features highly effective sales funnels and automation integration for streamlined operations. It also offers email marketing, an all-in-one CRM software for customer management, and tools for lead generation and prospecting. Additionally, the package provides review management, seamless contracts and payments handling, innovative two-way SMS marketing using AI, and an AI-powered chat widget.
  • Mentorship Bundle: The Mentorship Bundle offers in-depth guidance from industry experts through one-on-one weekly coaching calls and a roadmap. It includes lifetime access to both course materials and a community, with no additional fees. This bundle emphasizes holistic development that covers mental health and fitness, freelancing strategies, and agency standard operating procedures (SOPs). Additionally, it offers practical training in running Meta ads, lead generation, and unveils social media secrets.
  • Promotions: The Promotions service offers a range of effective online marketing strategies. It includes Instagram story shoutouts, and a featured link in your bio to drive traffic. You'll also get lifetime access to a supportive community, Instagram keyword DM automation for directing users to your URL, and a dedicated YouTube video with a link in the description to promote your offerings.

Conclusion: What’s A Good Alternative To Starting Your Own Digital Agency?

Building and renting digital assets is a good alternative to starting your own digital agency. This approach, known as local lead generation, involves creating digital assets with an initial investment of around $500. You then use SEO to rank these digital assets higher on Google to generate leads organically. You can rent out these assets to local businesses in need of leads, potentially earning a monthly passive income ranging from $500 to $3,000.

In terms of competition, local lead generation stands out as a winner. In web development, you're competing with millions of developers in the US. However, local lead generation focuses on ranking locally, where competition is typically between 10 to 15 companies or websites. It makes it much less crowded.

Back in 2015, I created three service websites in just 15 hours. It includes ranking them in search engines. Since then, these sites have been generating $2,000 per month for me. Over almost 8 years, this tree site has generated me over $168,000 from my satisfied client. If you're interested in learning how I achieved this and owned over 50+ lead generation websites, consider joining my local lead gen coaching program.

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