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Keala Kanae’s Fullstaq Marketer Review: 4 Hidden & Overlooked Costs in 2024

March 18, 2024

Fullstaq Marketer is an affiliate marketing course by Keala Kanae. It was designed for beginners to online businesses, non-tech savvy individuals, and those in need of assistance with niche selection. It was created with the goal of using paid social media advertisements to drive website traffic.

For novices seeking to learn affiliate marketing, Fullstaq’s step-by-step instructions and responsive support network are convenient. However, there are many hidden expenses and additional costs that need to be disclosed before investing thousands of dollars in the program.

And so, in this article, I’ve compiled the most recent reviews from real students of Fullstaq Marketer. You’ll learn about the positive and negative aspects of the training. Moreover, I will go over reviews for members of the Fullstaq Elite package. I’ll also break down each of the hidden costs, in addition to uncovering the prices of the courses available. You’ll learn about the claims of Digital Freelancer, an ad campaign for Fullstaq. Additionally, I’ll give you background information about the founder of the company.

Does Fullstaq Marketer have a $15,000 upsell?

fullstaq marketer elite pricing

Yes, Fullstaq Marketer has a $15,000 upsell. It is also referred to as the Elite Mastermind package. It contains a package of Fullstaq Marketer courses including Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, and Master Labs. In addition to that, individuals who bought it instantly gain the Class II Affiliate Status. They can also participate in the weekly calls and exclusive Facebook community. Moreover, they receive the bonuses such as the 30-day email copy, 3 proven ad templates, high converting affiliate funnel, and 4-week tutoring.

Fullstaq Marketer Review: Pros & Cons


Perfect for beginners to affiliate marketing: Fullstaq Marketer is most suitable for beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing. The teaching method is also simplified. The program even provides profitable niches for those who are unsure of what they want to sell.

Step-by-step teaching for paid advertising methods: The specific kind of affiliate marketing that Fullstaq Marketer LLC teaches is through the use of paid advertising. Members are given step-by-step instructions on how they can achieve this.

Responsive online community & supportive coaches: Members of Fullstaq’s Facebook group are highly responsive. There are also coaches that can help resolve any issues.


Hidden costs and massive upsells: One of the biggest drawback of Fullstaq Marketer is the lack of transparency regarding pricing of their courses and additional costs. Only the BLC has a clearly stated ticket price. The cost of other programs that the company offers aren’t disclosed on their official website.

Founder has a history of creating an MLM company: The founder of Fullstaq Marketer LLC also has a history of starting a multilevel marketing company called Empower Network.

Right to delete negative comments in Facebook community: Under Fullstaq’s Terms of Use page in the No Whining section, it states that positive posts are required for students. Furthermore, they indicate that they have the right to delete anything negative, and that non-compliant members will be removed.


The price for Fullstaq Marketer is $39 ticket cost for the 2-and-a-half-day Business Launch Challenge, $997 for Fullstaq Accelerator, $3,000 for Traffic Labs, $5,000 for Conversion Labs, and $8,000 for Master Labs. As for Fullstaq Pro, interested individuals need to contact support through email or phone call.

Refund Policy

Fullstaq Marketer LLC has a 14-day refund policy.


It was officially registered on December 19, 2019.


Fullstaq Marketer is popular due to its engaging social media advertisements and the Business Launch Challenge (BLC). However, former students pointed out that after finishing BLC, they were offered a $15,000 upsell, a price leap from the $39 ticket price they previously paid for. They also shared that they had to pay for software and advertising to participate in the program.

What Do You Get With Fullstaq Marketer?

With Fullstaq Marketer, you get the Business Launch Challenge, Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, and Master Lab. These can be purchased individually or through Fullstaq Elite. The program aims to provide top-tier strategies and an all-in-one resource for affiliate marketing.

The Fullstaq Pro program is also available, which includes List Launch Pro, 83 Winning Subject Lines, Email Marketing Pro and Mind Control Hacks. It gives expert-level assistance to those who want to earn 6-7 figures at an accelerated pace. It also helps individuals scale their affiliate marketing business.

Fullstaq Marketer courses

  • The Business Launch Challenge enables individuals to launch an online business. Accordingly, it ensures results in 48 hours. It is held virtually through Zoom. 
  • Fullstaq Accelerator is a training package that gives foundational knowledge on how to convert. It also allows this regardless of the niche selected.
  • Traffic Labs helps boost website traffic. It enables laser-targeted traffic from visitors that are ready to purchase the products or services offered. 
  • Conversion Labs shares methods on how to utilize storytelling, live presentations, persuasive copy, and language in order to convert. It also aims to create enticing offers for audiences. 
  • Master Lab is centered on investing, money management, and strategic tax planning. Its goal is to help students continue to grow their business.

Fullstaq Pro training programs

  • List Launch Pro provides step-by-step instructions on how to create email lists that will remain profitable for years to come. It also discloses common pitfalls of email marketing.
  • Email Marketing Pro focuses on growing email lists. It gives simple yet effective changes on email lines that can help boost sales.
  • Mind Control Hacks contains language techniques on how to command the attention of audiences. These strategies result in increased sales.
  • 83 Winning Subject Lines are crafted by Fullstaq Marketer’s very own in-house copywriter. The maximize the chances of emails being opened and clicked.

What is the Fullstaq Marketer cost?

The Fullstaq Marketer cost is the $39 ticket price for the Business Launch Challenge, a 2.5 day training program. For the cost of the Fullstaq Marketer courses, Fullstaq Accelerator is priced at $997, Traffic Labs is valued at $3,000, Conversion Labs has a $5,000 value, and Masters Labs is valued at $8,000. As for hidden additional costs, there’s a $100 estimated expenses for the Business Launch Challenge, $80-$700 for Zero Chase Media paid advertising, 14-day free trial or $69-$299 per month for ClickMagick, and $15,000 (or $5,800 limited-time discounted) for the Elite Mastermind package. All Fullstaq Pro pricing requires contact with the support team.

Fullstaq Marketer hidden costs & additional expenses

#1 Business Launch Challenge required software - $100 estimated additional expenses
fullstaq marketer overlooked costs

The Business Launch Challenge required software include ClickFunnels, GetResponse, and Bluehost. In total, these software have an estimated cost of $100. ClickFunnels has a 30-day free trial for their premium plans and a free account available. Meanwhile, GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. And while Bluehost does not have a free trial, its cheapest hosting plan costs $2.95 per month for first-time users, which renews at the regular rate of $10.99. This plan already includes free website domain for 1 year,

These are needed for creating a sales funnel. They will also be verified prior to participating in the event. If these tools aren’t purchased according to the deadline, the student won’t be able to proceed in the challenge.

In case, they have technologies that function the same way as the ones required, this is acceptable. However, it should be noted that the tutorials in the training will be specific to the ones required. Therefore, mastery of the replacement software will be needed since there won’t be training materials or support available. The only exception is Clickfunnels. It is essential for creating landing pages, and if another software would be used, issues may occur.

#2 Zero Chase Media paid advertising - $80 to $700 per month
zero chase media - fullstaq marketer advertising partner

Zero Chase Media paid advertising costs $80-$700 on a monthly basis. For 100 clicks monthly, the price is $0.80 cost per click or $80/mo. Meanwhile, for 250 clicks monthly, the cost is $188/mo. or $0.75 cost per click. As for 500 monthly clicks, it is priced at $360/mo. ($0.72 cost per click). Moreover, for 1,000 clicks monthly, the cost is $700/mo. ($0.70 cost per click). Reviews from Fullstaq Marketer students disclose that the most common plan they select is the $360/mo. Plan.

#3 ClickMagick for tracking clicks - free trial, $69 - $299 paid plans
clickmagick cost fullstaq

According to one of Fullstaq’s FAQ pages, one of the third-party tools to be used is ClickMagick. This software is for tracking clicks bought via Zero Chase Media. It is used during online sales  funnel training. As of 2024, it has a 14-day free trial, with paid plans priced at $69-$299. The starter plan costs $69/mo for up to 10,000 clicks per month. Meanwhile, the standard is priced at $149/mo for up to 100,000 monthly clicks. As for the Pro plan, it costs $299/mo for up to 1,000,000 clicks per month.

#4 Elite Mastermind package - $15,000 or $5,800 at limited-time discount
fullstaq marketer elite price

The Elite Mastermind is a package course usually offered after the students of the Business Launch Challenge complete their training. After the 2 and a half day intensive program, participants are given the option to proceed with additional materials for the price of $15,000 or $5,800 for a limited-time discount. This includes Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, and Master Labs. They will also receive a Class II Affiliate Status, can join the online community, and be eligible for weekly calls. Besides that, there are also bonuses included, such as additional training, as well as templates for ads and emails.

What is the Fullstaq Marketer refund?

The Fullstaq Marketer refund is a 14-day policy for all their digital products and events. This is valid from the original time and date bought. Refund requests and questions are processed through getting in touch via email For the Business Launch Challenge’s “Double Your Money Back” guarantee, refund conditions include the individual attending all 3 days of the event and having submitted a link. This also covers BLC Plus participants. Regarding queries for the Fullstaq Pro products, the support email is

What is the Fullstaq Marketer Login?

fullstaq login

The Fullstaq Marketer login is a web page that contains links to sign in to the courses under Fullstaq Marketer and Fullstaq Marketer Pro. Affiliates of the program can also log in through them. Members are required to provide their email and password to gain access to their accounts.

What do you get with the Business Launch Challenge?

With the Business Launch Challenge, participants will get a 2.5 day-training based on Fullstaq Marketer’s Vertical Selling System™. They will also receive done-for-you funnels and websites, which were tested by the company for conversion. Additionally, the Fullstaq team will run ads on behalf of the participants. Tutor assistance will also be available throughout the event. Moreover, business coaching will be provided from a member of the team of certified advisors. With this breakthrough session, which lasts for about 30 minutes, they will talk about an action plan for after the end of the Business Launch Challenge.

The intensive training has over 4,500 participants. It is focused on launching an online business from the ground up. The Fullstaq Marketer program will teach affiliate marketing beginners how to use paid ads. There’s also a “Double Your Money-Back Guarantee” which covers the ticket price of $39.

What happens each day of the virtual event?

For the first day of the Business Launch Challenge, the founder of Fullstaq Marketer LLC, Keala Kanae, delivers a keynote speech. After this, proper software setup is ensured. The first day is usually on a Friday and is only a half day. As for the second day, the participants are broken down into small groups. This day is aimed at setting up products, launching funnels and websites, and preparing for leads and traffic. Regarding the third day, it is focused on follow-up sequences and how to utilize them in turning leads to commissions and sales.

It is required to attend all sessions because they are closely related to each other. If a participant misses a day, trainers will not slow down or go back to the lectures. For this reason, a high level of commitment is needed for the virtual event.

The Business Launch Challenge is held on an as-needed basis. In 2023, a session will be held on September 15th to 17th, or Friday to Sunday. The schedule for the first day is 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Pacific time. As for the second and third day, they will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Business Launch Challenge results disclaimer

The Business Launch Challenge results disclaimer is present upon scrolling down on the web page. It states that the testimonials presented are Keala’s and his clients’ who have undergone training and years of trial-and-error, and that they are only for example purposes. For this reason, the results are not typical. Accordingly, the average participant cannot expect to match them. Moreover, it states that positive outcomes rely on experience, work ethic, and background. The disclaimer also discloses that by submitting email information on the site, it gives Fullstaq Marketer LLC the authority to send promotions via text, phone calls, and email.

What is the Fullstaq Marketer Affiliate Program?

The Fullstaq Marketer Affiliate is a commission-based earning opportunity for customers of the company. All Fullstaq affiliates are considered as independent contractors. They receive payments through PayPal, in USD. Moreover, there are two classes of Fullstaq Marketer affiliates: Class 1 and Class 2.

Class 1 affiliates are customers who bought qualifying front end products. They are eligible to receive up to $100 in commissions, depending what they sold. They can also become Class 2 affiliates, if they refer to 5 qualified backend products. Meanwhile, Class 2 Affiliates are customers who purchased back-end products from Fullstaq. Their commissions are eligible up to 30%.

What are Fullstaq Marketer Reviews?

Fullstaq Marketer Reviews are positive and negative feedback from students of the program derived from the Complaints Board, 99consumer and Trustpilot websites. Positive reviews compliment the supportive staff and online group, founder’s speeches, as well as the step-by-step training PDFs. Meanwhile, negative reviews point out refund problems, expensive pricing, and hidden additional costs.

Fullstaq Marketer reviews from the Complaints Board website are showing an overall rating of 4.2. This is from a total of 16 reviews.12 individuals reviewed it 5 stars, 1 gave it 4 stars, 1 person reviewed it with 2 stars, and 2 people gave it a 1 star rating. The most recent positive comments complimented Fullstaq’s clear step-by-step instructions for the Business Launch Challenge PDFs, as well as the support from the founder, staff, and online community. Whereas, 2023 negative reviews disliked the website issue during a refund request, expensive training, and 14-day money-back guarantee.

Fullstaq reviews from the 99Consumer site are showing a total rating of 3.6 stars from 32 reviews. 12 people gave it 5 stars, 8 raters reviewed it as 4 stars, 5 ratings gave it 3 stars, 2 people rated it 2 stars, and 5 individuals gave it a 1 star rating. 2023 positive reviews mentioned the excellent staff, detailed materials, and the motivational speeches. Negative reviews criticized the high costs and lack of transparency in terms of additional expenses.

Fullstaq Marketer LLC reviews from Trustpilot shows an overall rating of 4.9, coming from 1,109 people, as of writing. About 93% of these were 5 stars, 5% were 4-star ratings, 1% were 3 stars, less than 1% were 2-star ratings, and less than 1% were 1 stars. Recent 2023 comments shared that the support staff were excellent and that the training experience was pleasing. Negative feedback stated that quality of information during the Business Launch Challenge was lacking and some reviews were faked.

Fullstaq Marketer positive reviews

  • In a comment made on April 24, 2023, a Fullstaq student praised the Business Launch Challenge manuals that gave step-by-step guidance. They also shared that Keala’s mindset tips were helpful. Moreover, they expressed gratitude for the staff, the founder, and the sales generated from the training. (From the Complaints Board website)
  • Another April 2023 comment made 3 days prior, said it’s been a couple of months since they joined the program. They shared that the online community provided reliable assistance. They also stated that the founder and his team were inspiring. And that, as a grandmother to 9 and having raised 4 kids, she could not wait to have more free time using the training. (From the Complaints Board website)
  • A review posted on May 30, 2023 shared that Fullstaq exceeded their expectations. They said that the staff made the tasks easier through their support. Additionally, they exclaimed that Keala’s speeches provided motivation. (from the 99consumer website)
  • Meanwhile a post on May 28, 2023 stated that the training materials were detailed and simplified. They also praised the staff for their positivity and knowledge. (from the 99consumer website)
  • A comment with the date of experience on August 21, 2023 stated that the tutors were exceptional and hands-on with the students. They also shared that they liked the inspirational info provided. (From Trustpilot)
  • A student commented, with their date of experience on August 18, 2023, that they were pleased with the weekend training. They also praised the learning experience, business platform, and the speakers. (From Trustpilot)

Fullstaq Marketer LLC negative reviews 2024

  • According to a verified customer’s comment on April 23, 2023, they were having issues with their refund. When trying to log in so that they can contact support, the website displays an error message. They made a purchase of 1/22, for $99. (From the Complaints Board website)
  • In April 2023, another commenter stated that after being in the program for 2 months, spending a total of $12,000, and getting in touch with Fullstaq’s support network, they realized that it didn’t fit them, and that they were overspending. They added that the 14 day money-back guarantee wasn’t sufficient because during this period of learning, time passed quickly. (From the Complaints Board website)
  • Based on a review made on the 23rd of July 2023, despite their initial excitement about the event, they were disappointed by the program. They contacted the company for the refund because the actual training program could be easily finished in 3 to 4 hours. They shared that there was a lot of self-promotion from the founder, as well as an offer of a program that costs $15,000. They also found the lack of information about successful members dissuading. (from the 99consumer website)
  • According to May 22, 2023 comment, the guarantees of the program were overblown. There were also high costs before earning profits, which weren't transparently presented. They shared that they were faced with two choices. The first one was to do it solo and dedicate 5-40 hours per week, which would take months to many years to become profitable. The other option was to spend more money for the Elite program. They also stated that they failed to see positive outcomes with the recommended methods. (from the 99consumer website)
  • A former member, with date of experience on August 20, 2023, shared that the 3-day Business Launch Challenge contained mainly childhood stories and personal experiences from the team as well as the founder. Being new to affiliate marketing, they found the information presented lacking. (From Trustpilot)
  • A recent review with date of experience on the 19th of August 2023, stated that most of the Trustpilot reviews were fabricated. They added that these were generated on a daily basis and had the same content. Moreover, negative feedback wasn't only from other course creators but from legitimate individuals who paid for the training.  (From Trustpilot)

Fullstaq Marketer reviews for Elite Mastermind

Fullstaq Marketer reviews for Elite Mastermind from two students are based on a 2023 article from NoBSIMReviews and a 2022 post from the JustAnswer website. For the positive review, the founder of the review site, Mark, shared that he has earned $900,000+ of affiliate commissions due to his Fullstaq training. Meanwhile, a former student was seeking legal advice for a refund because of unforeseen expenses of up to $600 per month, in addition to the $15,000 cost of the program.

Positive review of Fullstaq Marketer’s Elite Mastermind

fullstaq elite review

There are many positive reviews of Fullstaq Marketer’s Elite Mastermind posted as testimonials in Fullstaq’s website. However, the most notable one is from Mark Charles, founder of NoBSIMReviews. Based on his article posted on August 8, 2023, he stated that he has earned over $900,000 in commissions because of what he has learned from the courses. Additionally, he mentioned that he has been a member of Fullstaq since 2017.

According to his post, he learned how to create YouTube ads, Google ads, and Facebook ads as paid advertising methods for traffic. He was also taught about the Google Keyword Planner to aid in his campaigns. Moreover, he signed up on Clickbank and was able to discover products for promotion. Besides that, Mark learned how to craft sales funnels.

He elaborated that because of his training, he has profited $942,000 on a single affiliate program. In his blog, Fullstaq Marketer is his top recommendation for making money online.

He stated that it ranked first out of 700 systems he has tested.

As indicated on his LinkedIn profile, Mark is from the United Kingdom and has 4 connections and 29 followers on the platform. Moreover, the About page on his site states that he founded the website in 2016 and has more than 2,000 reviews in it about the stock market, influencers, and online businesses. It should also be noted that, Mark Charles stated that he has been a member of Fullstaq in 2017. However, the company was officially founded in 2019, which could be an error or he has been a member of AWOL Academy before its rebrand.

Negative review of Fullstaq’s Elite Mastermind courses

A negative review of Fullstaq Marketer LLC’s Elite Mastermind comes from a 2022 post on the JustAnswer website. The former student sought assistance from a lawyer on the platform. They wanted a refund because of the unexpected $500 to $600 monthly expenses. They have already paid $15,000 for the courses, with money that they loaned. They have contacted Fullstaq but were told that they weren’t technically eligible because the request wasn’t processed in the refund window.

The individual shared their story of how they weren’t aware of the additional costs of running the online business after taking out a loan. They stated that, although there is a 14-day refund, this was not sufficient to see whether the program was providing any results. The attorney who responded to her post, named Zoey, disclosed that Fullstaq was legally registered in Nevada and even had a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. She added that since it was BBB accredited, the company would be willing to come to an agreement with its customers. And that, a consumer complaint can be filed as a first step.

Besides that, due to lack of information about the recurring fees, Zoey stated that formal complaints could be filed at the state attorney general’s office and the Federal Trade Commission. Another solution offered was opening a chargeback dispute with the card carrier or bank. And as a last resort, a local or a consumer rights lawyer could be contacted.

What are Fullstaq Marketer Reddit?

Fullstaq Marketer Reddit are reviews from the social media platform, specifically the subreddits r/Affiliatemarketing, r/Scams, and u/webtraffictoolkit. For positive comments, students were satisfied with the courses. They shared that it helped them make money and work for other businesses too. As for the negative feedback, Redditors exclaimed that they discovered that the price for onboarding an advanced training was $15,000. Another commenter was worried that it was a scam due to the unusually expensive pricing.

Fullstaq Marketer positive Reddit reviews 

  • A member who took the training course in May 2023, shared that the program was good.
  • Another Reddit review, posted in 2022 stated that they purchased the Accelerator course. Accordingly, the training helped them work with 4 other companies. They also have several leads and are starting to earn money.

Fullstaq Marketer LLC negative Reddit reviews

  • A Redditor commented in July 2023, and shared that they took the weekend course. Accordingly, it taught them the basic concepts of digital marketing. However, they discovered that the sites used in the training were affiliated and that there were monthly charges required. Additionally, they shared that it costs $15,000 to proceed with additional courses. They also felt sorry for the older adult audiences who were seemingly pressured. They thought that the tutors were mostly students of Fullstaq as well.
  • In a post made 3 years ago, a spouse asked for advice about a situation regarding their wife. She was searching for an income stream and stumbled upon Fullstaq and affiliate marketing. She has already spent about $1,000 on a course. But then, she told her partner that there was another program that promised to give them $15,000 income. This course also had a money-back guarantee. The spouse immediately thought it was a scam, however the wife was excited to try it out.

Is Fullstaq Marketer Legit?

Yes, Fullstaq Marketer is legit. It was officially registered in 2019, with its founder as Keala Kanae. It features legitimate courses on affiliate marketing, utilizing paid social media advertisements. However, former students of the training program share that there were hidden costs and additional expenses that weren’t disclosed to them. For the Business Launch Challenge, the price only covers the ticket, not the cost of the required software. Additionally, after the training, students were offered the Fullstaq Elite, which costs $15,000 or $5,800 at a discounted price, a massive course price compared to the initial fee of $39.

Who is Keala Kanae?

Keala Kanae is an entrepreneur, online marketing coach, and the CEO of Fullstaq Marketer LLC. His full name is Nathan Keala Kanae Jr. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a former resident of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Keala Kanae education & experience

  • Keala Kanae has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from 2000-2016 from the University of Hawaii at Manoa logo.
  • From 2000 to 2001, he worked at Smile Entertainment as the director for marketing and sales, as well as the social media marketer.
  • After this, he was employed at Exodus Entertainment as the CEO and director of sales for 2 years, from 2001 to 2003.
  • Following this, he served as the Internet Sales Director and CEO of KK Auto from 2003 to 2005.
  • He held the same position for two companies after this, namely Stanton Mortgage from 2005 to 2007 and then Oahu Lending from 2007 to 2008.
  • He then became the Social Media Consultant for the company Self for a year starting 2010.
  • After this, he worked in a similar role for as a coach for 1 year and 12 months, from July 2011 to October 2012.
  • It was in October 2015 that he began working on AWOL Academy as a co-founder. This lasted until December 2018.
  • In 2019, he rebranded AWOL to Fullstaq Marketer where he currently works as the CEO and founder.

Keala Kanae social media presence

Keala Kanae has 92.6k followers on Instagram, with the handle @kealakanae. On YouTube has has more than 48.6k subscribers as @realkealakanae.And on Facebook, he has garnered 41k followers as @n.kealakanae.

Keala Kanae media coverage

Keala Kanae was featured in Yahoo Finance in a 2020 article. It highlighted his background as a coffee shop worker and his coaching business launch in 2016, helping over 30,000 clients. He was also featured in, a publication based in Salt Lake City Utah. It discussed his eBook launch that was aimed to help families find an alternative source of income. Additionally, an article from the now-discontinued HuffPost Contributor platform covered his AWAKEN Live experience in 2017. 

What is the Keala Kanae Net Worth?

Keala Kanae net worth in 2024 is $5 million. Fullstaq Marketer LLC, a company he founded in 2019, has a yearly revenue of $20 to $50 million. Moreover, Huffpost and Forbes wrote that he made $1,000,000 from the first year alone of AWOL Academy. And back in 2017, his annual revenue was $30 million.

How Kaela Kanae Makes $524,325 in 4 Days

How Kaela Closes the Sale in 4 Days?

Kaela closes the sale in 4 days by promoting the offer through a live webinar which can only be replayed in 24 hours. After that, a sales page with a shorter version of the webinar is constantly played to promote the offer until the sale is closed. The whole process only takes around 4 days, which creates a sense of urgency and prompts quick decision-making from potential buyers. 

Key Takeaways

  • Know Your Customer: Understand your audience's wants, needs, and desires. 
  • Create an Irresistible Offer: Aside from stating the product the price, mention other features such as additional benefits and product guarantees.  
  • Promotional Strategies: Use email and text messaging to drive audience to the registration page.  
  • Repeat Customers: Focus your marketing efforts on customers who have purchased from you in the past. 
  • Post-Purchase Engagement: Encourage buyers to promote your business to their network through word-of-mouth. Authentic feedbacks make your business more trustworthy. 

What are Keala Kanae Reviews?

Keala Kanae reviews are feedback from students, which are both positive and negative. For positive reviews, members of his course remark that he is a proven marketer who rewards his affiliates handsomely. Regarding negative reviews, students state that the courses are expensive, additional costs are hidden, and that loans were recommended for those who need financial assistance.

Keala Kanae positive reviews

  • Skilled marketer: Keala demonstrates his marketing skills through his engaging social media advertisements. He has a thorough understanding of how to catch the attention of audiences.
  • Current wealthy status: He has also proven that he makes money online, showing that his programs have a substantial membership.
  • High affiliate commissions: Affiliates of Fullstaq Marketer can earn up to 30% for back-end products and $100 for front-end products.
  • Supportive tutors & online community: The exclusive Facebook group that Keala provides for his students is filled with tutors, as well as members, who are responsive to queries.

Keala Kanae negative reviews

fulltaq marketer loan recommendations
  • Hidden course pricing & additional expenses: For Fullstaq courses, many students complain that Keala does not disclose the price of packages and additional costs. They only learn about it once they go through the training.
  • Seemingly low startup cost followed by huge upsell: Keala’s ads indicate that the Business Launch Challenge is only $39. However, this is only the ticket price and doesn’t cover the cost of required software expenses. Additionally, after finishing the training, students are offered the $15,000 Elite Mastermind package.
  • Promotes loans for students: Because initial expenses seem to be low, audiences that gravitate towards the Business Launch Challenge are those still seeking to build wealth. As a solution, Fullstaq Marketer, suggests loans, and even has a dedicated webpage for their recommended providers.
  • Past companies with dubious histories: In the past, Keala has founded the Empower Network, an MLM company that filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Additionally, Fullstaq Marketer is a rebrand of his former company AWOL Academy, which he founded in 2015. Reports indicate that AWOL wasn’t providing the results that students were hoping for, which eventually led to Keala and his partner to split ways.

Keala Kanae Claims: ‘World’s Greatest’ Internet Marketing Program

Keala Kanae claims

Keala Kanae claims that Fullstaq Marketer is the “world’s greatest internet marketing training.” His ad campaigns guarantee thousands of earnings daily, no technical skills required, and underestimates necessary effort. He has launched a series of social media advertisements called Digital Freelancer that was seen YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. In his ads, he displays his material possessions, shows his ATM balance, and lays down on a bed of checks. He also shares a story of him before becoming a wealthy affiliate marketing where he worked in a coffee shop, lived in his mother’s basement, and had no money to pay for his girlfriend’s birthday gift. The audiences are then funneled into Fullstaq Marketer.

Exaggerated claims on profit

Keala kanae Exaggerated claims on profit

Although earning money from affiliate marketing is legitimate, Keala’s ads provide an unrealistic portrayal of income. It also takes a while to learn and set up systems, which can prove to be frustrating for beginners. Depending on the niche, product, and company, commission rates vary. And for the vast majority of the time, it is actually only a small percentage. Moreover, in the early stages, it’s normal to see little to no profit. There are also many factors that can impact the success of a person when trying out affiliate marketing.

Downplayed need for technical knowledge

keala kanae Downplayed need for technical knowledge

In the Digital Freelancer ad campaign, Keala also mentions that there are no technical skills required to join the Business Launch Challenge. While this is true to some extent, reviews from actual students state that some participants were unable to proceed due to the technical aspect of the program. There have been instances where older members of the event were overwhelmed, and as a result, discontinued the training. Additionally, the number of participants can reach up to hundreds in one Zoom call, making it difficult to receive one-on-one technical assistance from the tutors.

Minimized required effort

Keala Kanae Minimized required effort

In one of the ads, Keala states that by working for only 2 to 3 hours daily, individuals can earn a 6-figure income. And that, this can be achieved in only 3 to 12 months. However, starting a new business requires a lot of upfront effort. Additionally, beginner affiliates need to familiarize themselves with a wide number of methods that include backlinking, copywriting, email marketing, website creation, click training, conversion optimization, retargeting, SEO, and automation. The learning process alone can take months.

What are the reasons for becoming an affiliate marketer?

  • Affordable startup cost: You can start a business without dealing with the costs of launching a product, hiring employees, maintaining inventory, handling customer service, or managing fulfillment.
  • Flexible working hours: You are in charge of how much time you want to spend so that you can succeed in your venture. Individuals can work and learn at their own pace. Some can even start part-time.
  • Proven online revenue stream: Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular sources of income online. Many companies have affiliate programs, which means that opportunities are endless. 
  • Useful digital marketing skills: For individuals who have a passion for promoting, this is the ideal business model for you. It centers on having an online marketing skill set, with the addition of some technical know-how. Apart from working for your own company, you can also utilize skills you learn as an affiliate marketing to help other businesses thrive.
  • Passive income opportunity: Affiliate marketing can also be a dependable source of income for experienced individuals.
  • Work-from-home venture: Affiliate marketers can work anywhere in the world and in their chosen schedule. This is ideal for those who prefer to start a business in the comfort of their homes or while traveling.
  • Valued industry: Rakuten Advertising conducted a poll where 90% of advertisers said that affiliate marketing is important. Additionally, according to Statista, the United States marketing spend will reach $8.2 billion by 2022 alone.

How much can you make as an affiliate marketer?

How much can you make as an affiliate marketer

You can make $39k to $75k per year as an affiliate marketer. According to PayScale experienced affiliate marketer have annual income averages to $52,590. The bottom 10% earns an estimate of $39,000 per year. Meanwhile, the highest 10% has a yearly income of $75k. However, as Bill Widmer, a digital nomad with 8+ years of experience, it takes around 6-12 months to profit from affiliate marketing. He added that on the 2-year mark is when affiliates get to earn enough to replace their full-time job.

Fullstaq Marketer Alternatives

  • Alternative 1: Super Affiliate System is an advanced-level course by John Crestani. It teaches students how to scale, automate, and target data.
  • Alternative 2: The Affiliate Lab is an SEO course by Matt Diggity. It helps members monetize, rank, and create highly-converting websites.
  • Alternative 3: Project 24 is a training platform by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler. It highlights the use of blogging to attain financial freedom.

Is There a Better Way to Generate Leads?

Yes, there is a better way to generate leads. You can earn as much as $3,000 ranking per website, with only a budget of $300-$500 startup cost. Your profit margin is also as high as 95%. Moreover, it will not get as saturated as affiliate marketing since it drastically lowers your competition by targeting audiences from a specific location. It is called local lead generation. Using my unique method to start lead gen biz, you won’t even need paid advertisements. 

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