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Get Her Hooked Program Review – Is Tripp Advice a legit way to attract women?

March 22, 2024

In this article, I'm reviewing the Hooked Program by Tripp Kramer from Tripp Advice.

This program is all about how to get women hooked on you.

We'll go over what Tripp says is the best way to go about it and how I was able to achieve success with women.


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Who Is Tripp Kramer?

Originally from Chicago, dating coach Tripp Kramer was the type of guy who was always friendzoned in college by every female he was interested in.

That sucks.

After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to see if he could finally figure out what it took to be successful in the dating game.

There were times that he would go out 2-3 weeks straight with that goal in mind as well as learning how to get over his anxiety and fear of approaching women.

Going out this much gave him the chance to meet more people.

In time, he reached the point where he was able to attract many women without having to lie or try any weird tricks.

What did Tripp decide to do?

He created a YouTube channel to help other men with the same issues he had to overcome and reach levels of success with women they could only imagine.

Today, he has over 930K subscribers on his Youtube channel and created the Tripp Advice platform where he creates online courses to further help men in their journey.

Let's now get right into the review of the Get Her Hooked Program and see what it's all about.

Get Her Hooked Program Review

What Are Women Attracted To

To start off this program, Tripp helps you understand what it is that women are attracted to.

He gets into the mental aspect of things and states that attraction is an emotional reaction for them, not a logical one.

Men are more logical while women are more emotional.

There is a problem though.

When you watch movies, television shows and see models in magazines, attraction is portrayed falsely, he says.

Hollywood hires people that are good looking, but all they're doing is entertaining.

That's their job.

Physical attraction is a bonus for sure but, there is more to attraction than just the physical aspect of things.

Tripp mentions that anyone can build attraction but that it's all about building inner qualities.

He then gets into what you can do to maximize your outer qualities.

You're not doing this to make more girls like're doing this for you

- TRipp Kramer

The following steps are what Tripp says will makes things easier for you and make your life better in general.

These 4 steps are pretty legit. 

When it comes to your health, wealth, appearance and lifestyle, you have to simply level up in all aspects of life.

This will no doubt allow you to live a life of abundance.

With good health you'll be able to process your emotions better and live longer.

If you're on top of your wealth and focus on growing in this aspect, you'll have more access to more women, resources and experiences.

Overall, you'll just feel better.

Especially if you use your wealth to enhance your appearance.

Tripp then gets into what you can do to build your inner qualities.

He breaks it down into 3 things which he calls, TED.

TED Stands For...

  • TENSION: It's up to men to build up the sexual tension between themselves and a woman. If you can't do this, then she won't feel as if she's in the presence of a man which is what women want (This is accomplished through eye contact & a commanding tone)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: If you want to make a woman feel happy, make yourself happy FIRST. Prioritize the way you feel and she will follow because it's contagious
  • DOMINANCE: This has to do with knowing what you want and following through. With dominance, your goal is to lead the interaction to sex and following through

Tripp says that if you have all of these traits that he shares in this video, you're going to be successful when building attraction with women.

He then touches on two rotten inner qualities women hate:

  1. Neediness - this is when you're seeking validation from a woman (Texting her so much when she doesn't answer, trying to always get reassurance in a relationship)
  2. Predictability - if you're too predictable, women get bored and it will be so much more difficult to engage them

Tripp also explains what you can do so that you don't reflect either of those qualities.

Along with this video is another video where he and Wade Alters from talk a bit more about how you can maximize your outer qualities.

If you can get everything you learn in this section right, you'll be in a better position to attract the women you're attracted to.

Still, there's more to learn.

Let's move on to the next section.

Meeting Women

Tripp then talks about how to meet women.

Many guys don't really know what the best way to meet women are.

Most guys meet them through traditional, easy ways such as being introduced by friends, family or even online dating.

There are better ways though.

More Social & Casual Settings To Frequent...

  • Parties
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Events/Meetups
  • Sidewalks
  • Coffee Shops
  • Stores
  • Restaurants

Keep in mind that the more you go out and meet women you don't know, you'll get much more comfortable with approaching women.

The moral of the story is to use all of the ways available that exist to meet women.

They're everywhere!

There really is no excuse to not be interacting with women.

First Dates That Lead To Sex

Tripp says that there is a big myth when it comes to sex and it's that women don't like it but reward men with it.

This is a big ol' lie fellas!

Women love sex and if you can NOT buy into that myth, you won't be so uptight each time you go out.

They want to have sex; but only with a guy who they feel true attraction for.

Now, not all women are going to be ok with sleeping with you on the first night.

That's fine.

Tripp does talk about first dates that lead to sex.

He recommends that you come off as "The Lover" instead of a provider.

If you give off sexual energy without coming on too strong, you're going to show her what your intentions are.

Lead with sex first and then you can develop an emotional connection

Tripp Kramer ‧ Dating Coach

Tripp then explains how you can set up the date.

It starts off by texting her.

If she's interested in you, she'll text back.

Don't drag on the conversation too long and make sure you setup the place to meet.

Ideally, you choose a place that's close to where you live.

That way, it's easier to get to your place so you can have sex in case things escalate.

Tripp also says that you need to continue to build attraction often but not overdo it so that you don't push her away.

The next step is to find a way to transition to the location where you want to have sex.

Again, ideally your place.

Let her know you want to show her a piece of art at your place or maybe that you want to share some wine.

It's up to you to come up with a way to draw her interest to your place.

Remember, don't come off creepy or desperate.

Be the lover and don't get in the friendzone because if you do, you're not going to have any sex.

Friends Into Lovers

Tripp talks about how you can avoid the friendzone and then become a lover.

For clarity, the friendzone is when a woman treats you like a friend and never a lover but, YOU want to be with her.

How do you even get to this place?

Tripp says that it comes down to the fact that you didn't make your intentions clear with her.

You weren't honest about them.

She thinks you just want to spend time with her as friends but you think she'll want to eventually have sex with you if you come off nice.

This is wrong because she just starts to see you as a "brother".

This is the worst place to be in.

Never take this backdoor way to try and have sex with her by playing it off like you don't.

He does talk about how you can use her to your advantage.


Using her to meet other girls!

Just make sure to not repeat what you did by getting into the friendzone with all of the women you meet.

That would be a waste of time.

Now, how do you avoid the friendzone?

Next, Tripp goes over what he calls, the "Friend Zone Escape Plan"...

Friend Zone Escape Plan

  • Go away and reinvent yourself with the 4-step attraction amplifier
  • Learn how to build attraction
  • Re-engage and build attraction as if she's a stranger

Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to getting as far away from the friendzone as possible.

Pavlov's Booty Call Method

In this video, Tripp talks about what you can do to make sure you have a successful booty call.

The first thing you want to do is to ensure that the woman you like is into you as much as you are into her.

Make sure you're looking for the same thing.


Tripp mentions that you need to really make sure because if she thinks that a relationship is possible and you don't, that can be a problem.

Be clear about your intentions from the jump.

Now, what or who is Pavlov?

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist who would notice that everytime he was going to feed his dog, his dog would start salivating because he knew whenever Ivan went into the room, he would get fed.

Something similar happens on booty calls.

Tripp says you need to give her amazing sex.

When you do, everytime she gets a text from you or sees you, she'll already get hot and heavy for you.

That's where you want to get her.

He talks about 4 mindsets that are going to make you better at sex.

Most guys don't get how sex works but...

It's all about making it powerful for the woman and yourself as well.

Tripp does a great job at going in depth with these mindsets.

They'll help you understand not only her body but yours too.

I think it was great that he emphasized the importance of being creative.

Creativity is what will set you apart from other guys and that's something women will want from you as well as the experience you can provide her.

If you're creative, you aren't predictable.

At the end of the day, you need to just relax and get out of your head.

It's important to pay attention to what women like during your interaction.

Too many guys get anxious and only think about themselves which negatively affects their performance.

Don't be that lame guy.

If you mess this up, don't expect too many booty calls if any.

Now, Tripp gives a real good tip when it comes to having a successful booty call.

What is it?

By limiting the relationship to just sex.

Don't let it go any further than what it already is and that's done by creating boundaries.

Girlfriend Generator

Moving forward in this program Tripp gets into what are some of the most important things you need to look out for if you want to get into a relationship.

Getting a girlfriend really isn't that hard according to Tripp.

He says that it all comes down to what you want out of the relationship.

Do you want to get married, have kids etc.?

You should know the answer and be honest.

He then asks the question, what's the best kind of girlfriend?

Simply put, one that compliments your lifestyle.

These are some really good points to pay attention to.

So many people don't and they end up in bitter, toxic relationships.

If you can find a woman that has all of those good qualities, you'll most likely have an enjoyable relationship.

At the end of the day, Tripp reminds you that there are always more women out there.

If you're in a bad relationship, get out.

Be realistic about how you and your girl are together and if you need to walk, do so.

This is all about being smart, patient and paying attention to the more important things.

If you do so, you can end up in a really good relationship, one that's fulfilling and that lasts a long time.

How To Get Your Ex Back

Do you want to get your ex girlfriend back?

Well if you do, this video is for you.

If not, move on.

Relationships break up all the time.

Like, everyday.

Tripp has an opinion about getting back with your ex.

Tripp Kramer

-Dating coach-

I don't believe in it, I really don't

Before you even decide that you want to get back with your ex, he wants you to ask yourself if you really think she's the one for you.

There are so many other women in the world.

So many different experiences you can have with different women.

If you close yourself off and reserve yourself for a women who doesn't want you, you're the one that can lose out big time.

Tripp says that relationships end because sometimes they just run their course.

There was probably also a loss of attraction.


Why it is that you want her back?

There's a myth that exists where people use the excuse that their ex is their soulmate.


Tripp thinks it's all a joke.

There isn't one person for everyone.

I agree with that.

I'm all about an abundance of everything in life including women.

Still, Tripp gives you a few steps to follow so that you can get your ex back.

These steps are so vital if you really do want to get her back.

Remember, even if you do all of that, it may not work out.

This is why you need to follow those steps FOR YOU and not because you want her back.


If you go through those steps and then she denies you, at least you're a new man ready to take on the world that won't get all depressed.

You'll feel good with a positive outlook ready to conquer the dating scene.


In this section of the program, Tripp takes about 15 minutes to answer some questions from students in his program.

The questions he does a good job of addressing are...


  • How do you handle shortcoming?
  • What if I'm too nervous talking to strangers?
  • What if she's not calling or texting back?
  • What if she's unreceptive to your physical advances?
  • How do you handle tests from a woman?
  • What if you have sex with a woman and she disappears?
  • What if you setup the date & she flakes?

These are questions that all guys have at one point or another in their life.

Especially guys in their early 20s.

Definitely some good knowledge bombs dropped by Tripp in this video.


Along with your purchase of this program, you get access to 3 bonus training courses.

THey are...

  • Effortless Flirting
  • The Date Machine
  • Text Shark

Let's now take a look at what it took for me to have success with women.

How Focusing On My Business Boosted My Dating Life

I was able to have success with women when I prioritized my business first. 

Prior to getting into lead generation, I worked at auto parts counter in Detroit.

I had no motivation and life was dull.

Especially with women.

After having joined the lead generation coaching program and working hard at it, I was able to reach over $50K each month in passive income from building, ranking and renting sites like the one you see below.

After seeing this type of income hit my bank account each month, I was overcome with a new sense of confidence.

What do we know about confidence?

Women are really attracted to it.

It wasn't just because of the fact that I finally got my finances in order.


It was the fact that I was now living a life of abundance.

The best part?

I wasn't doing it to attract women.

I was doing it for me!

ippei kanehara

My life was is much better that now, women are the ones that have to qualify themselves to me in my life.

It has nothing to do with arrogance.

Trust me.

It's all about working as hard as you can do create the lifestyle you want to live.

I dreamed of being able to travel anywhere in the world, drive a great car and do what I wanted whenever I wanted to.

Check out my laptop lifestyle here.

With local lead generation, it all came a reality.

I recommend that any young man get his finances right before he tries to go out and attempt to attract women.

Set your life up first and the women will be attracted to you for your confidence, ambition and desire to grow as an alpha male.

Do this and they'll definitely get hooked.