Glowithgia Review (2024): 4 Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

August 26, 2023

Glowithgia is an online brand based in London, UK. It was created by Gia Anahs and centers on entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and personal growth. She creates content for beginners on several platforms, teaching ways to make passive income through affiliate marketing and ecommerce. She runs an affiliate marketing business, ecommerce store, and freelancing business. 


Glowithgia is an affiliate for Legendary Marketer, an online program created by David Sharpe. He hosts a 15-day online business builder challenge in which you get to learn everything you need about affiliate marketing, build an online business plan and have your email list and sales funnel set up. The course costs $7 to start, which seems like a good deal. However, there are upsells included throughout the 15 days, which can equal to around $2,500-$10,000. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t require a lot of capital upfront, you may be interested in local lead generation.

David Sharpe has been in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing industry for over 10 years and is well known.  However, there are some controversies surrounding him. Primarily, this would be his connection to Empower Network, a long running MLM fraud. David had already left the company before its investigation in 2015, but that didn’t stop people from making the connection between the two.

Legendary Marketer isn’t a scam. They are a legitimate course that sells actual products and provides information. However, their sales tactics can be shady. They reel you in with low prices and continue to upsell throughout the 15-day challenge. This would not include the maintenance costs of running your own affiliate marketing business. They also offer pro commissions in which you can be an affiliate for their company and pay a monthly fee so that you can unlock certain commission rates. 

4 Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make 

1. Prioritizing Sales

A common mistake that beginning affiliate marketers make is prioritizing sales instead of content. Affiliate marketing is a content-based business. This means to generate long term passive income you must produce high-quality content that customers would actually want to view so they’re more inclined to purchase through your affiliate link. 

2. Not Utilizing Evergreen Content 

Evergreen content is content that stays relevant. It can be a niche that branches out and allows you to have a range of topics or it can be a niche that people use in their everyday life, so the trend doesn’t die down. As an affiliate marketer, it’s important to find a niche that you’re interested in so you can produce high-quality content. However, you should also pay attention to trends and fads to see if a certain niche can yield long-term income. 

3. Not Diversifying Income Streams 

Affiliate marketing is a great online business model if you’re looking to get started with little capital. However, it’s not really stable as demand for certain products can be affected by trends and seasons. Diversifying your income streams through using several methods of affiliate marketing and partnering with multiple companies can allow you to stabilize your income by ensuring cash flow from other streams if your primary one diminishes. 

4. Not Utilizing Email Marketing Right Away 

Email Marketing is a huge part in affiliate marketing. 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month, according to Salecycle. It’s important to build an email list while starting out, as this allows you to build long-term customer relationships.        

email marketing revenue

What is Glowithgia?


Glowithgia is a brand created by Gia Anahs. She runs multiple businesses underneath this brand name. On YouTube, she shares content about affiliate marketing, freelancing, ecommerce, and other online business ideas for beginners. Gia Anah’s also runs a self-care ecommerce store and a complimenting self-care blog. She is a part of several affiliate programs, one of those being Legendary Marketer and is a brand ambassador for spiritual, beauty, and skin care products. Her social media presence is active, and she also provides freelancing services. 


The information she provides is all based on experience. 

There aren't any negative reviews. 


She's still fairly new so there isn't much reviews. 

Glowithgia and Legendary Marketing

The 15-day online business builder challenge is an online course hosted by David Sharpe. He teaches high-ticket affiliate marketing and how to set up your business in the course of 15 days. Glowithgia is an affiliate for David Sharpe and has created a landing page where you can sign up with her affiliate link for $7. 

glowithgia and legendary marketing


Their starting cost is low. 

They teach everything you need to know to set up your business. 

David Sharpe is a well known digital marketer. 

Their students have found success with their teachings. 


There are several upsells throughout the 15-day challenge. 

The coach, David Sharpe has history with an MLM company that partook in illegal activities 

There is a monthly cost to receive pro commissions. 


$7 to start + $2,500-$10,000 in upsells 

Refund Policy

30-day money back guarantee for the $7 challenge. 




They have positive reviews however, a lot of people don't like all the upsells included. 

Glowithgia Solopreneur E-book 

“How to become a Solopreneur” is a free e-book that Glowithgia offers on her landing page. It covers how you can get into a mindset of being your own boss. She teaches you how to build up your brand and the best paths to take if you’re just starting out, such as using social media to reach a broader audience and hiring virtual assistants to keep track. 

glowithgia free ebook

Ecommerce vs Freelancing 


Buying and selling of physical and digital products.  

  • Bigger profit margins.
  • Can be automated.
  • Requires low maintenance 
  • You need to worry about inventory. 
  • Income is based on how many sales you can make. 

Self-employed work with several clients on a per-job or per-task basis. 

  • No capital needed.
  • Control over your own time. 
  • You can do it from anywhere.
  • It takes a while before you can get your first gig. 
  • It's not passive.

Who is Gia Anahs?


Gia Anahs is a freelancer, content creator, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, and holistic hair and skin care advisor. She is based in London and runs multiple businesses under the brand name Glowithgia. At 18, she was working as a tattooist before eventually quitting after 3 months. She then started working as a holistic skincare advisor but got laid off due to budget cuts. In 2021, London went into full lockdown and without any source of income, she looked for ways to make money online. She tried multiple business models, such as dropshipping, print on demand, and selling e-books online until she found success in high ticket affiliate marketing. 

Glowithgia YouTube Channel

Glowithgia runs a YouTube channel dedicated to online businesses. The channel started in 2020 and has amassed over 11k subscribers. She has shared 33 videos, all discussing different ways to make passive income online and run an affiliate marketing business.

Glowithgia YouTube Channel

Glowithgia TikTok

Glowithgia’s TikTok account has over 6k followers. She started sharing content in 2021 and she uses her platform to share motivational speeches and advice. Her content covers entrepreneurship, self-care, and making money online through freelancing and digital marketing. 

Glowithgia Instagram

Glowithgia runs 3 Instagram accounts. glowithgia focuses on spirituality and self-care. It has amassed over 62k followers. She posts artwork from unique artists to help her followers be enlightened. glowithgiaa is dedicated to entrepreneurship and digital marketing. She shares videos and posts about how to create passive income online. It has over 100 followers. glowithgia_ centers on self-care, life hacks, and DIY projects. The account has over 32k followers. 

Glowithgia Fiverr

Glowithgia offers several freelancing services on Fiverr. She created her account in 2020 and has over 88 reviews as a seller. Her services include in social media management, digital marketing, and design. She creates logos, social media accounts, YouTube thumbnails, and custom tattoos. Her services can go from $5-$200 per order. 

How Do You Get Your first Job On Fiverr? 

A good way of boosting your credibility on Fiverr is taking their tests, according to Glowithgia. She recommends you choose gigs that suit your own personal interests and skills and take all the tests that are related to that. This helps boosts your credibility with potential customers and also works well with Fiverr’s algorithm. As a beginner seller, offer lower rates than your competition so you can build up your reviews. You should pack your description with different keywords and see what’s working for other sellers within your niche. You can also guarantee speedy delivery to put yourself ahead of your competitors. 

Glowithgia Ecommerce Store

Glowithgia runs an ecommerce store on her own website. She sells organic and handcrafted spiritual self-care products, including beauty and skin care. It is a London-based store and offers worldwide shipping. 

glowithgia ecommerce store

Does Glowithgia Offer Refunds?

Glowithgia’s website has a section for Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee, but they don’t have any policies set in place yet and the section is blank. 

Does Glowithgia Have An Affiliate Program?

Glowithgia has a globaby program where you can become a brand ambassador. When you become an affiliate or a globaby, you receive a 25% discount and 15% on all sales made through your referral link. The program is currently closed and is not accepting new ambassadors. 

Glowithgia Redbubble

Glowithgia runs a print-per-demand business on Redbubble. She sells various original designs for stickers, t-shirts, and phone cases. She has over 90 products in her store with 8 collections. 

Glowithgia Spiritual Self-Care Blog

The Self-Care Guide is a series of blogs written by Gia which can be accessed on Glowithgia’s eCommerce store. It discusses various topics on spirituality, skincare, and healthcare. 

Glowithgia Reviews 

As a freelancer and entrepreneur, Gia has nothing but good reviews. Her brand is still fairly new so there aren’t much reviews out there. As a content creator, people also find her content to be educational and helpful as she gives her honest experiences with many business models she’s tried. 

Conclusion: Is Glowithgia Legit? 

Glowithgia is a legitimate online entrepreneur. All the content she shares is based on her own experiences and all her products are real. Her Instagram account, glowithgia is one of the top 3 influencers for the keyword healingcrystals, according to starngage. Currently, she is focusing on affiliate marketing and most of her YouTube content teaches you how tips on being an affiliate marketer. 

glowithgia top 3 influencer for healingcrystal

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model if you have little capital. You won’t need to invest in inventory or worry about storage and order fulfillment. However, your income is directly correlated to the amount of sales you make and your affiliate commission percentage. If you want to earn a decent income, you would need to sell a lot of low-ticket items or sell a few high-ticket items which can take time and paid advertising. If you’re looking for a business model that requires little capital but doesn’t rely on advertising, you may be interested in local lead generation. This model doesn’t need advertising or hard selling. All you need to do is create and rank a website on Google which would generate free traffic for you. You can then rent out a piece of this digital real estate to local business owners. 

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