Joey Babineau’s 30 Day Google Ads Challenge Review: Can It Boost Your CPA Marketing Campaigns?

April 9, 2024

Joey Babinaeu’s 30 Day Google Ads Challenge is an online mastermind program that teaches how to manage a profitable Google ads campaign using cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate offers. The training runs on Powerhouse Affiliate, which is an education platform also founded by Joey Babineau. He helps you make money by teaching affiliate marketing strategies that leverage Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords. 30 Day Challenge focuses on generating fast online traffic through Entry Point Income Pages. It’s ideal for beginner affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs interested in CPA marketing.

There are no other reviews online for the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge aside from the student testimonials on the course website. They claim that Joey Babineau’s training is an effective CPA marketing course. CPA marketing works by directing users to your affiliate link. You earn commissions for each action users make, like buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter. The advantages of using Google Ads with CPA marketing is the ability to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. It’s also a good source of traffic since 63% of people click on a Google search ad, according to The Social Shepherd.

The challenges of CPA marketing are high financial risk from ongoing ad spend, intense competition, and dealing with the Google algorithm. The business model is demanding because you need to monitor your ad metrics and optimize campaigns to earn more commissions. You can make $1,000 or more with Google ads CPA marketing but you need the right strategy.

This 30 Day Google Ads Challenge review will look at the pros and cons of Joey Babineau’s training. We’ll also explore if it’s a good CPA marketing program and if Google ads are effective in boosting your affiliate campaigns.

30 Day Google Ads Challenge Review: Pros and Cons


Includes training on other affiliate marketing skills like paid advertising, data analysis, and website tracking.

No upsells or supplementary training. You get full lessons and consultations.

You can watch the step-by-step video tutorials at your own pace.

The course is consistently reviewed and updated with the latest affiliate marketing practices.


You need to invest in paid external tools to apply the lessons in the training. There’s also an additional $100-$200 cost to set up your domain name and hosting account. 

Results are not guaranteed within the set 30 day challenge timeline.

Joey Babineau’s claim that he isn’t a “guru” is fishy because he promises fast results with his training.


One-time payment of $97 for lifetime access.

Refund Policy

14-day refund policy. Money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with the course. 




30 Day Google Ads Challenge has no other reviews or ratings aside from the student testimonials on the course website.

Can Google Ads Boost Your CPA Marketing Campaigns?

Yes, Google Ads can boost your CPA marketing campaigns because it offers targeted advertising, immediate traffic, and measurable results. 30 Day Google Ads Challenge uses the paid traffic from a Google ad campaign to direct users to affiliate offers and increase your conversion rate.

According to Gitnux Marketdata Report 2024, Google ads campaigns reach 80% of online audiences globally. Using the Google Search Network helps your paid ad reach the right people based on their preferences, location, and online activity. You can use an attribution model to track which advertising method or ad gets the credit for the sale.

Google ads work by paying Google to show your content to users searching for keywords related to your product or service. Advertisers bid an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.11-$0.50 on their target keywords. The amount you bid along with your ad's quality score, determines your ad placement on the search results page. You pay the bid amount for each click your ad receives. Pay per click advertising (PPC) works well with CPA marketing because you earn commissions when users take action from your Google search ad, like answering a form, downloading an app, or buying an affiliate product. 

It takes 3 to 6 months to see results from Google ads depending on your advertising efforts and ad group strategy. Other marketers like Aaron Young from Define Digital Academy claim that you can start seeing results with Google ads in as early as 7 days. You can measure your impression and share metrics after the first week of launching your ad campaign.

What is the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge?

The 30 Day Google Ads Challenge is a step-by-step CPA marketing course that teaches how to build sustainable online assets using Google ads. Their strategy is to create Entry Point Income (EPI) Pages to generate fast online traffic to affiliate offers. 30 Day Google Ads Challenge helps students earn daily commissions within 30 days. The course runs on Joey Babineau’s Powerhouse Affiliate platform. 

30 Day Google Ads Challenge covers 10 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Achieving Success Quickly
  • Lesson 2: Live Examples of Success
  • Lessons 3 to 5: Niche, Brands, Domain & Website
  • Lesson 6: Insider Content & Monetization Strategy
  • Lesson 7: EPI Pages
  • Lesson 8: Website Tracking & Optimization
  • Lesson 9: Beginner to Advanced Traffic Setup
  • Lesson 10: Data Analysis & Campaign Management

What Do You Get With the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge?

You get training videos, live tutorials, and access to the Powerhouse Affiliate forum with 30 Day Google Ads Challenge. You can reach out to other affiliates, coaches, and trainers to get more valuable insights. There’s also an option to join Powerhouse Affiliate’s in-house affiliate program and promote the course yourself. There are no upsells or bonus offers included in the course.

Who is the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge for?

The 30 Day Google Ads Challenge is for:

  • Aspiring advertisers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Business owners interested in CPA marketing

Are the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge Students Getting Results?

Yes, students of 30 Day Google Ads Challenge are getting results based on testimonials on the course website. However, some of the featured reviews are for Powerhouse Affiliate, and not specifically for the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge. The course itself has no verifiable reviews on other websites or online forums.

Jan Vargas from Los Angeles, California joined Powerhouse Affiliate in 2017. The training helped him earn 6-figure monthly commissions. His latest earnings as an affiliate reached $139,000 in 30 days. Jan calls the course a "unicorn" to mean that it's a rare affiliate marketing training.

Roger Gogan shares that Powerhouse Affiliate’s training materials helped him earn 6 figures in one year. He says that this CPA marketing course is different because he learned more from their training material than with other programs.

Who is Joey Babineau?

Joey Babineau is a digital marketing expert and affiliate marketer who started Powerhouse Affiliate in 2014. He studied Business/Commerce at the University of New Brunswick. He also attended St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. Since 2015, Joey has spent over $6 million in Google ad spend. He has helped over 100,000 affiliates by providing training and resources in CPA marketing, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Joey wrote the book "Unstoppable Online Income" about his journey from being a bartender to a successful online marketer. He also runs the website Day Job Hacks where he shares tips and strategies for making money online. Joey lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. 

What is Powerhouse Affiliate?

Powerhouse Affiliate is an online education and training platform that teaches affiliate marketing strategies. It offers training on media buying, paid traffic sources, Facebook ads, and Google ads optimization. Premium members of Powerhouse Affiliate join an exclusive community of digital marketers and 7 figure affiliates. You also get access to downloadable high-converting landing pages, affiliate funnels, and a 24/7 support desk.

Does Joey Babineau Offer Other Services?

Yes, Joey Babineau offers other services like Affiliate Marketing Certification, Website Traffic Certification, CPA Marketing Certification, Email Marketing Certification, and Native & Display Ads Certification. He also offers 1-on-1 affiliate marketing coaching sessions for $215/hour or $115 for 30 Minutes on Powerhouse Affiliate. Joey offers business guidance and personal finance advice through Vault Media Inc., which is an online media company he founded in 2007.

Joey Babineau’s Claims

Joey Babineau claims that Google search ads are the fastest way to get results with CPA affiliate marketing in 2024. 30 Day Google Ads Challenge guarantees you’ll earn commissions in just 30 days, even with a small ad budget. The strategy can help you go from $0 to $6,000,000 as an affiliate with no prior experience. Joey also claims that the 30 Day Google Ads Challenge is not like any other “guru” course. He teaches a multi-strategy program to help students create multiple streams of income online.

Joey Babineau’s Claims Debunked

Joey Babineau’s claim that you can get fast results with CPA affiliate marketing isn’t realistic. Paid ads on Google or social media can bring in instant traffic but it takes time to convert this traffic into meaningful actions. You need at least 2 months or longer to optimize your ad campaign and understand your target audience. 

The course page already explains 3 reasons why affiliate marketing is hard, including uncertainty, competition, and campaign theft. Joey Babineau’s disclaimers show that earning $6,000,000 per year or $3000-$100,000 per month isn’t typical. His training cannot guarantee the same results for other students who enroll.

How Much Can You Earn in CPA Marketing With Google Ads?

You can earn $23,000 or more per month in CPA marketing with Google Ads, according to Joey Babineau. Yes, Google ads is really profitable because a beginner CPA affiliate marketer can earn a minimum of $200 per day if they target a high-converting keyword. However, you need at least a 30-50% conversion rate to achieve these results.

According to Abishek, a digital marketer from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, you can earn $90 per lead depending on your affiliate offer. He says it’s possible to earn thousands with CPA marketing overnight if you join a good affiliate program and follow the right strategy.

Is Google Ads a Suitable Platform for Beginners in CPA Marketing?

No, Google ads is not a suitable platform for beginners in CPA marketing because you need an existing budget, knowledge in keyword competition, and cost management skills. Search engine marketing on Google is also prone to ad fraud. This happens when scammers deceive advertisers into thinking that fake activity on the ad network is real user behavior. You're paying for clicks and actions that don't exist.

Sonny Tee, CEO of Sumo Growth LLC, shares that CPA marketing is a rip-off because Google is not supportive of CPA marketers. Google has strict ad policies on spamming and aggressive promotion of affiliate offers. He shares an experience of spending $500 on Google ads that only resulted in $100 worth of sign-ups. Sonny also explains that CPA networks often have minimum payout thresholds. If a beginner affiliate can't meet a certain amount of earnings, they won't be able to access the money right away.

The disadvantages of Google ads are expensive ad budgets for high-competition keywords and a steep learning curve for conversion optimization. So if you don’t know which Adwords to bid on, you lose money instead of making it. According to Wordstream, the average click-through rate (CTR) for Google ads is only 4-6%. It can be lower if you’re competing with other CPA affiliate marketers promoting the same products. 

Is CPA Marketing a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business Model?

Yes, CPA marketing is a profitable affiliate marketing business model because it pays for each user action, not just sales. Some affiliates earn a few hundred dollars monthly. Top performers in less competitive niches can make over $1,000,000 per month. However, CPA marketing also has challenges like investing in paid ads which can be risky if not managed properly. Affiliate marketers need to balance their ad spend against potential earnings.

You can increase your chances of success with CPA marketing by leveraging Google ads automated bidding and programmatic advertising, which uses machine learning to optimize your bids in real time. Integrating Google Analytics with your Google Ads account can provide deeper insights into user behavior. This helps you make data-driven decisions and improve ad relevance. Smart bidding strategies like adding negative keywords can also reduce wasted spend so your ads appear higher in Google search.

A user from Reddit shares how they were able to make $1200 in 2 months from CPA marketing. They tried promoting offers using Facebook and Google Adwords but didn't see results even after spending $100 on ads. They spent another 7 months figuring out a strategy before earning $450 from Google ads and Bing. They also mention that CPA marketing with Google ads isn't an overnight get-rich-quick scheme.

Local Lead Generation is the Best Online Business for Generating Free Traffic

Local lead generation is still the best online business for generating free traffic because it leverages organic search engine optimization (SEO) instead of paid ads. It’s a more sustainable and cost-effective way to build an online presence compared to CPA affiliate marketing. Google ads with CPA marketing relies on investing in paid ads and constant monitoring. You can’t earn consistent passive income from this model.

Local lead gen focuses on creating websites or digital assets that rank high on search engines for specific local services. This business model draws in potential customers actively searching for those services. As a result, you reduce advertising costs and increase the likelihood of reaching genuinely interested leads. The steady stream of targeted visitors from lead gen sites are more likely to convert. You get a higher return on investment from your digital assets.

Moreover, local lead generation is less competitive than CPA affiliate marketing because you’re targeting specific local markets and niches. It combines the benefits of low startup costs, minimal competition, and the ability to generate high-quality, free traffic through well-executed SEO strategies. For anyone looking to build a long-term, lucrative online business, local lead generation is the best option.

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