Oliver Pestalozzi’s Google Ads Masters Review | Will You Learn From a Former Google Strategist’s Tactics?

September 27, 2023

Google Ads Masters is a Google Ads training course created by Oliver Pestalozzi, a former digital strategist at Google for over 2 years. It’s a comprehensive online workshop that teaches you how to start, manage and improve Google Ad campaigns. In this program, Oliver will show you the exact strategies he used when he managed multi-million paid ad campaigns for his clients at Google, from building a keyword list to creating ads and choosing the best bidding strategies. 

Becoming a Google Ad specialist can be a thriving career. $2,900 to $4,000 is the average salary of Google Ad specialists in the US can range from $2,900 to $4,000 per month. And top Google Ad earners make $6,250 per month, according to ZipRecruiter. While the job is still in demand, there are still potential downsides to this career path. 

First, learning Google ads can be overwhelming. It involves analytical and technical skills. Oliver’s Google Ad training course offers great learning materials. But if you’re new to digital marketing, you may still find yourself on a steep learning curve. And just like any other job, you need to work 40 hours if you’re doing this full-time. Even if you work as a freelancer or as part-time, the job is still time-consuming, making it more difficult for you to look for other ways to earn money. 

In this Google Ads Master review, we will discuss the program’s course curriculum, some pros and cons and Oliver Pestalozzi’s credentials. Let’s find out if this is the right advanced Google Ads mastery course for you. 

Will You Learn From a Former Google Strategist's Tactics?

Yes, you will learn a lot from a former Google strategist, especially like Oliver Pestalozzi. Apart from his extensive expertise  in managing Google Ads, he has also attended and hosted multiple online marketing conferences. So, if you really want to expand your knowledge on paid ads, it's best to learn it from someone with deep credentials. 

As mentioned, Oliver will teach you the exact framework he used for his high-paying clients. This includes selecting high-performing keywords, optimizing Google ads, conducting in-depth competitor analyses and leveraging Dynamic Search Ads (DSA). All these steps are crucial to the success of your ad campaigns. 

Google Ads Masters Review: Pros and Cons


Successful Course Creator: Oliver Pestalozzi, the creator of Google Ads Masters, is a former Google insider. He has a long and successful track record in managing advanced Google ads and Google display ads. 

Comprehensive Course Coverage:  The workshop has in-depth course coverage. It covers everything you need to know about Google ads or Google AdWords, from its basic principles to advanced strategies. 

Bonuses: The course also offers helpful bonus modules, including basic lessons on paid ad tools. 

Video Testimonials: Oliver’s Google Ads Masters course has received a lot of good feedback from successful business owners


Limited Time Offer for Other Bonus Items: You can only unlock other bonuses when you enrolled last July 31. Some of these bonuses include lifetime direct access to Oliver’s priority mailbox, private Facebook messenger group and guaranteed 2023 course updates. 

Lack of Reviews Other Sources: There are only a few reviews you can find online, which is understandable since it's relatively a new course.   

Lack of Social Media Presence: It’s also hard to find Oliver Pestalozzi’s digital footprint on major social media platforms. And there’s still no update on Google Ads Masters’ Facebook page.  

It’s a Bit Expensive: The course is more expensive than other digital marketing courses. 


 Google Ads Masters is priced at $297.

Refund Policy

Oliver offers a 30-day 100% refund policy. You can simply email REFUND and he will process a full refund, with no questions asked.


Oliver Pestalozzi has 1k followers on LinkedIn. His Facebook Page, Google Ads Masters has 367 followers. 


Google Ads Masters provides comprehensive training on Google Ads, Google display ads and video ads. 

Is there a Google Ads Masters Free course?

Unfortunately, there is no Google Ads Masters free course. However, there are tons of free related Google Ads courses you can access by signing up on Google Skillshop. Some courses available here include Google Ads certification, AI-Powered Ads, Google Ads Search, Google Academy and Google Ads Search Campaign. 

What is the Google Ads Masters Course Curriculum?


Oliver Pestalozzi introduces himself and provides a brief overview of the course. 

Here’s what’s included in this section: 

  • The right way to approach the course 

  • Oliver’s personal and professional background 

  • Course Overview

I. The Basics (4 Lessons)

This section covers the fundamentals of Google ads and display ads. 

Here’s what you will learn in this module: 

  • Google Ads history and overview 

  • Account creation 

  • Account and interface navigation

  • Understanding account structure

II. Google Search (16 Lessons)

This section covers some basic to advanced lectures on Google Ads. Most of the lectures here cover text-only paid ads. 

Here’s what’s included in this module: 

  • Ads auction
  • Creating a keyword list
  • Recommended tools for your keyword list
  • Design approach campaign structure 
  • Keyword match types
  • Creating effective Google ads 
  • Recommended extensions 
  • Bonus: Conducting competitor analysis 
  • Selecting the best bidding strategy 
  • 3 Key Tips to Succes
  • Campaign monitoring 
  • Campaign optimization
  • Campaign management 
  • Smart campaigns 101
  • [Advanced Lecture] Oliver’s recommended strategies for local-service based businesses 
  • [Advanced Lecture] Remarketing list for search ads 
  • [Advanced Lecture] Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

III. Google Shopping (12 Lessons)

In this section, you will learn more about the best strategies for Google Shopping ads, including how to create product feeds, manage campaigns and measure success.  

Here’s what’s included in this module: 

  • Introduction: What is Google Shopping and W/hat is Google Shopping Ads? 

  • Google Merchant Centre 101

  • How to create a product feed effectively?

  • Choosing the right campaign type

  • How to optimise your standard shopping campaign?

  • Performance max

  • Performance max optimisation FAQs 

  • How the Biggest and Best Retailers Do It?

  • [Advanced Lecture] How to use feed rules to beat your competition? 

  • How to run shopping campaigns in multiple countries? 

  • Google Shopping for a Shopify Store: Complete Guide

IV. Display Campaigns (9 Lessons )

This module teaches you how to create a display ad campaign from scratch. 

Here’s what’s included in this module: 

  • Introduction 

  • Targetting on the display network 

  • Audience targeting in practice 

  • Content targeting in practice 

  • Campaign structure 

  • Creating display ads 

  • [Advanced Lesson] How to use dynamic ads feed for personalised ads 

  • Viewable CPM: A bid strategy unique to display campaigns 

  • Campaign Creation: Complete demonstration

V. Video Campaigns (5 Lessons)

This module focuses on how to create a YouTube ad campaign. It covers technical aspects, including YouTube ad formats, bidding strategies and YouTube ad sequencing. 

Here’s what’s included in this module: 

  • Understand YouTube Ad Formats 

  • Bidding strategies for YouTube ads 

  • The best way to start with YouTube Ads: Full campaign walkthrough 

  • YouTube campaign structure 

  • [Advanced Lesson] Ad sequencing on YouTube

VI. Other Campaign Types

Oliver Pestalozzi also covers other campaign types, including: 

  • App campaigns 

  • Discovery campaigns 

  • Local campaigns 

VII. Golden Bonus Content

Google Ads Masters offers interesting bonus lessons that can help you create and manage ad campaigns. 

  • Google ads editor 

  • Google data studio 

  • Should I apply recommendations from the recommendations tab? 

  • Notes: How the pros keep track of their changes

  • [Advanced Lesson] Seasonality adjustments to maximise revenue during sales periods

Is Google Ads Masters Legit?

Yes, Google Ads Masters is legit. While the course is relatively new, I would still recommend it because of Oliver Pestalozzi’s strong credentials. As mentioned, he is a former employee of Google. He has also successfully managed multi-million paid ad campaigns for many clients. A lot of successful business owners and executives also vouched for him, based on video testimonials posted on his sales page. 

Apart from Oliver’s extensive expertise and professional background, the course offers comprehensive coverage. So, if you’re interested in learning Google Ads or display advertising, Google Ads Masters is an excellent choice. 

Google Ads Masters Testimonials

Cara Chen - Altitude Tea’s Founder and CEO 

Cara is the owner of Altitude’s Tea. According to her, she knew already that Google Ads could significantly help her business. However, she couldn’t get the best results. She also mentioned that she almost gave up on paid ads until she found Oliver’s workshop. After completing the course and applying what she has learned, her monthly bookings have increased by 50%. 

Eliot Scali - NOTWASTED'S Founder and CEO

Eliot Scali is the owner of NOTWASTED, Natural Wine Delivery. According to Oliver, his business was struggling to make profits for years. After investing in Google Ads, NOTWASTED has generated $230,000 in revenue in just 8 months. He also mentioned that they’re now managing paid ads in-house, which significantly reduces overall costs.

Who is Oliver Pestalozzi? 

Oliver Pestalozzi, the founder of Google Ads Masters, has an outstanding background in digital marketing. He spent more than two years working as a senior digital strategist at Google's Head Office in Sydney, Australia before resigning in 2020 to start his own digital marketing agency, Pestalozzi Digital. Oliver graduated with honors from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of International and Global Studies degree. 

Oliver has a proven track record of successfully managing multi-million dollar ad campaigns for clients. He is also an experienced instructor, having taught paid ad campaigns both online and in group seminars. However, it appears that Oliver has been focusing on revamping his social media accounts, including his Facebook page and YouTube channel. As a result, he has not been active in social media recently.

Oliver Pestalozzi's Claim

  • Oliver claims that you will learn these lessons in the simplest and most effective way.
  • Oliver claims that his refund policy is straightforward. He even said that he would personally process your refund request immediately

Challenges that Make Oliver Pestalozzi's Claims Difficult 

  • Master Search, Google Shopping and Display Advertising require technical skills. These lessons can be challenging even for experienced digital marketers.

  • Although there are no complaints yet about Oliver’s online workshop, getting an immediate and full refund through email requests can be misleading. He could've provided an exact time-frame for more clarity. 

Is Leveraging Paid Traffic Worth it?

Yes, leveraging paid traffic is worth it for businesses looking for quicker results to increase brand awareness. A carefully planned and well-implemented Google Ads campaign can also help boost sales. According to HubSpot, 75% of businesses say that paid traffic is their most effective marketing campaign. Another study from WordStream also revealed that business owners who invested in Google search ads can expect an average ROI of 240%.

However, investing in PPC advertising can be costly. The average monthly expenses for paid ads (including display advertising) of startups to small businesses can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Medium-sized businesses to larger enterprises spend about $15,000 to $20,000 per month on PPC ads. 

Apart from costs, managing Google ads is also a lot of work. Here are some tasks you need to do when managing PPC campaigns: 

  • Conduct an in-depth competitor analysis 

  • Perform keyword research 

  • Create a budget plan

  • Develop bidding strategies 

  • Monitor campaigns 

With these tasks, you need to spend hours of daily work to ensure your campaigns are on the right track. This is one reason many business owners today still hire a digital marketing agency or a PPC expert, so they can focus more on other important tasks. 

Google Ads Masters Alternatives 

  • Paid Traffic Mastery - This is another paid ad training course created by Kasim Aslam. It covers basic and advanced lectures on Google Ads, YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads. 
  • Productized Profits - Productized Profits is an online course created by Luca-Lee Tyson that teaches you how to generate leads using Facebook Ads. Overall, it’s a valuable course, especially if you want to leverage Facebook’s platform for your business. 
  • Pay Per Click Maverick - Pay Per Click Maverick is a course created by Brandon Spears. Similar to Google Ads Masters, it also teaches you how to create Google Ads effectively. However, this course also provides some tips on how to offer Google Ads services for your future clients or employers.

Local Lead Generation: Better Money-Making Option than Google Ads Masters

Learning Google Ads is a valuable skill, whether you’re a business owner or a digital marketer. It is a proven essential recipe for success in any digital marketing campaign. Depending on your goal, a data-driven Google Ad campaign can boost sales or expand your network reach. A recent study shows that the average ROI on Google Ads is 800%, so for every $1 spent, you can get $8 back. Of course, achieving this level of success depends on your strategies and execution.

Becoming a Google Ads specialist is also worth it if you will dedicate yourself to working 8 hours every day. As mentioned earlier, the job is still in demand and the average salary can range from $2,900 to $4,000 per month. 

But if you're tired of working 8 to 10 hours per day and now looking for a better opportunity to make money online, local lead generation is my #1 recommendation. Like Google paid ads, lead generation is also a vital digital marketing campaign for every business. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say lead generation is their biggest challenge, but it is also their biggest priority. Another study from Forrester reveals that companies with robust lead generation strategies have a 50% higher conversion rate than those without.

You can have a thriving career as a Google Ads specialist with a decent salary range. But like any other employee, there’s always a risk of job loss. Not to mention, online job scams are also on the rise. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 14 million people were exposed to job-related scams in just the first quarter of 2022. 

Local lead generation provides you with an opportunity to earn money passively. With this investment, you don’t need to worry about getting fired by your employer or online job scams. And unlike other online business models, the startup cost for local lead gen isn’t that expensive. For $500, you can start building and ranking your local lead generation site using free online marketing strategies like SEO. 

Compared to Google Ads, local lead generation is also much easier to understand. You can  easily automate its operations, giving you more time to enjoy or look for other opportunities to make more money. The profit margin with this business model can range from 85% to 90%, making it the most profitable online business model in 2023 and beyond!  

Local lead generation

Check out my Grand Rapids Tree Service site. This site generates $2,000 monthly. And the best thing about it is I am earning passively, doing nothing but collecting commissions. Scalability is another reason I prefer local lead generation. Because of low startup and maintenance costs, you can build multiple sites for more income streams. So, if you have built 5 service sites that generate $2,000, you earn $10,000 of monthly passive income! 

Are you ready to earn real money online while you sleep? Take our local lead gen course now!
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