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Graham Stephan Review: Top 10 Lessons & Weekly Mentorship Review (Is it legit?)

January 13, 2023

3.24 million people follow Graham Stephan on his Youtube channel to learn about personal finance, real estate and passive income.

After going through his channel, 10 important lessons (videos) stood out to me.

Let's get into what those are.


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Who Is Graham Stephan?

Graham was raised in Santa Monica, California.

After turning 18, he got right into real estate.

Since then, Graham has sold over $130 million dollars in real estate and many of his clients even include well known celebrities.

He's a part of the Oppenheim Group which is a professional real estate brokerage and has close ties to the Selling Sunset show which they are featured on.

Around 2016, he decided to start a YouTube channel which now earns him over $1 million dollars each year.

Graham's content is all about personal finance, passive income, real estate and more.

What stands out about Graham is that he saves 99% of his income!

You heard that right.


How many people do you know would save that much money while earning well over 7-figures each year?

Not many.

In an interview with Chelsea Fagan of the Financial Diet YT channel, he explained why he saves so much.

He literally thinks it's fun to build his wealth.

Graham Stephan


I get so much enjoyment from not spending

No wonder Graham Stephan's net worth is $6.5 million dollars.

The way Graham views money and the way he's on top of his finances is definitely worthy of trying to imitate.

After viewing a good portion of his videos, 10 of them stood out to me.

Let's get into what those are.

Top 10 Lessons I Learned From Graham

1. Thoughts On Paying Higher Taxes - Joe Biden Response

As Graham states, "In any tax plan, there will be winners and losers".

Everyone can't be pleased.

The new tax proposal that President Biden put in place, is a tax increase for those people making over $400K per year.

Graham is one of those people who fall into this category.

So do I.

At the end of the day, Graham doesn't mind being taxed higher at all.

His only wish is that the money we're taxed is put to a good cause and properly accounted for.

He says that he'd like there to be some kind of benefit for everyone involved. If that were to be the case, no one would have an issue with higher taxes.

Everyone's benefiting so, why would they, right?

I think Graham clearly has a valid point here.

Graham even says that governmental expenditures should be audited and that the net benefit versus the cost of each item should be evaluated.

At that point, it would be easier to make a decision as to if spending needs to be reduced or increased for something that will help save money in the long term.

If this were to happen, that would be positive because then we'd be able to see how and where our money is being spent as well as the progress being made.

This would definitely solve the issue of everyone focusing only on how much more taxes they have to pay.

This video was uploaded November of 2020 during the election so, at that point, that tax proposal was still a proposal.

2. Why Rich People Are Cheap

How many times have you heard the saying that "rich people are cheap"?

I've been hearing that since I was a young kid.

It's definitely a common stereotype.

Is this true though?

Graham digs deep into the psychology of being wealthy.

He references the Fidelity Millionaire Outlook Survey.

This survey analyzed the investing attitudes and behaviors of more than 1000 millionaire households.

88% of those were self made and 78% were previously middle-class or poor.

This proves that not every rich person was born rich or even privileged for that matter.

They actually took years to reach millionaire status and accomplished it because they worked hard, saved alot and invested long term.

They weren't wasting money.

They were frugal from day one and they kept that type of mindset over the years.

Graham asks, "which income bracket is more likely to use a coupon"?

the surprising answer...

People who earn over $100K per year are twice as likely to use a coupon than those earning under $35K per year.

Think about this.

Most millionaires took years to get to where they are now.

Isn't it logical to think that they're going to want to do what's necessary to keep the money they worked so hard for over the years?

Of course it is.

I think that instead of saying that rich people are cheap, it might be better to say, rich people are SMART.

Too many people who come upon a fortune, blow it.

Think about athletes, musical artists and even lottery winners etc.

A large amount of them have to file for bankruptcy a few years after they get rich.

If you end up being rich, save your money and invest it correctly.

Your future generations will be grateful for it.

Graham Stephan


Wealth isn't made without careful discipline, understanding of opportunity cost and seeking the best value possible

3. Why The Middle Class Are Financially Ruined

Graham breaks down what the American budget is taking into consideration that the average household income is $63,179 per year.

According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey, after everything the middle class spends, they have nothing to save.

Graham talks about what the biggest mistakes are that the average person is doing and how to fix them.

Housing - Never spend more than 1/3 of your income on rent. He recommends you "house hack".

Buy a home with an extra guest house, basement or extra units and rent out the empty space.

Transportation - Almost the same amount of money spent on housing is spent on transportation. Graham says that you should go get the most affordable and reliable car you can.

It's worth it to hold off getting the car you want at a lower price.

Taxes - We all know we need to pay them. 

Graham says that the best way to save money and invest is to make sure you're taking advantage of your employer's 401K

Keep in mind that for every dollar you contribute is another dollar you reduce your taxable income.

Depending where you work, your employer might even match whatever you contribute which basically means you're doubling your investment.

Food - Avoid going out and buying out of laziness. You can go out once a week with friends or family at a restaurant.

Don't go to Starbucks or any restaurant when you have coffee and food at home.

Insurance - Shop around for good insurance rates

Take your time to shop around.

It will pay off.

Debt - Cut back as much as you can in any other area on this list and pay down your debts.

This is a huge priority.

Clothing - Evaluate what you really have and need. 

Graham recommends you stop shopping or cut it down by 50%.

Vices - Ask yourself if your vice adds value to your life. 

If not, make some changes and cut back by at least 20%.

The moral of the story is that the middle class is financially ruined as long as they live paycheck to paycheck.

If you fall into that category, you should put these simple tips into action and if so, things will definitely look up in 35 years.

4. Why Millennials Aren't Buying Homes

First of all, Graham establishes what a millennial is. 

He states that according to the Pew Research Center, millennials are between ages 25-40 today in 2021.

One of the first reasons Graham gives as to why millennials aren't buying homes comes down to affordability.

Something that gets in the way of being able to afford a home is the fact that many millennials are still paying off student debt.

Also, if you mix that with the fact that there hasn't been much of a wage growth, there's just no way most people will be buying a home.

The second point he makes is the concentration of growth in bigger cities.

Young people are chasing a higher paying career in those cities and renting instead of buying because it's cheaper to.

In many cities, it takes years to even be able to afford a 20% downpayment.

No regular person is even going to attempt to buy a home because of that.

The next point is that there's a mental shift in the mind of millennials.

They just want to be able to relocate anywhere they want at a moments notice for a higher paying career.

Society is moving away from buying and owning when you can share and rent.

There's less of a hassle and you keep more money in your pocket.

Renting is definitely the more convenient avenue.

I know this from experience even though my financial situation has gotten better.

I moved to San Francisco with my business partner Shiv and we rented out a condo in a skyrise apartment.

If we need to pick up and move somewhere, it won't be much of an issue.

Graham does mention that there are some downsides to renting though.

  • Payment isn't fixed
  • Not building equity
  • Can't improve it
  • Asked to leave

Developers and landlords are loving the increase in demand for rental properties because they're able to capitalize on it.

There is definitely more money to be made.

This is why apartment buildings are being built all over the place.

If you're smart, investing in real estate like this is a smart move going forward.

Graham says that you can also buy single family homes now because there are many people who don't want to rent.

Whoever wants a single family home will also be more willing to pay a premium as more and more apartment buildings are being built.

5. How To Retire Early From Real Estate Investing

Graham loves many things.

His favorite topics are...

  • real estate investing
  • passive income
  • financial independence
  • retiring early

Graham is at the point in his life where his rental income covers his expenses so he can pretty much do whatever he wants.

How awesome is that?!

He's invested, saved and followed the following strategies for over a decade.

Let's see how you can retire early from real estate investing.

Graham emphasizes the importance of first adding up your expenses be them necessities or discretionary.

This is so that you have an idea of how much money you're going to want to earn through rental income.

The first goal is to earn enough rental income to cover all your basic necessary spending.

The next thing he says you should do is save up for a down payment.

Ideally, 10-20% of the properties purchase price.

Next, buy a 2-4 unit building that you can move into as well.


You qualify for Conventional Owner Occupied Financing.

This means that you'll get lower interest rates and a lower down payment.

This is a great hack no doubt.

Graham also says that you should fix up the property.

By doing so, the property will then be worth more than when you bought it.

Graham only looks at 2-4 unit properties that need light rehab because it's just easier to turn around.

Properties that need simple renovations are the best to shoot for.

Simple renovations include...

  •  New Counter Tops
  • New Paint
  • Bathroom Tiles
  • Remove Carpet

He never tries to rearrange floor plans or add more space.

After you do all of the previous steps, you then rent out the units.

This is the best part.


The rent from your units will cover your property expenses.

Makes sense, right?

Graham then says that you should do a Cash Out Refinance where the bank gives you a brand new loan based off the higher price of the property after you fixed it up.

You then profit the difference in cash.

It's genius really.

Graham easily explained how it is that you can retire early from real estate.

It's really a rinse and repeat process.

After watching this video, you might be a bit inclined to getting started. 

In ten years, "retirement" is very possible if you dedicate yourself to this process and are disciplined.

All you have to do initially is save up for the down payment as well as renovations.

Also, he says that you shouldn't spend any of your extra rental income.

This all might seem very complicated but it's all very possible.

Why not give it a try?

I thought that the way Graham explained everything made plenty of sense for a total newbie in real estate.

6. Real Estate Investing For Beginners: Expectation vs. Reality

In this video, Graham debunks 5 common myths about real estate investing.

Expectation 1: Real Estate Investing Is Passive

This just isn't true. 

There's plenty of work that needs to be done before the income ever becomes passive.

This is because there's plenty of renovations that you're going to have to do. 

Also, don't think that the process of finding the right property is an easy one.

No, no, no.

It may take a few weeks or more to find it.

The reality is that real estate investing isn't going to be any kind of passive unless you do a lot of work up front.

Expectation 2: In Order To Invest In Real Estate, You Need To Do The Repairs Yourself or Be a Good Handyman

Graham says that this just ain't a requirement.

It can honestly be cheaper sometimes to pay someone to do a job for you.

If you pay someone to do a job, keep in mind that the repair costs are a tax write off against your rental income.

This is ONLY possible if you pay someone else.

Not if you do repairs yourself.

Expectation 3: It Takes A Lot Of Money To Start

As Graham says, "a lot" of money is different depending on what market you're in.

He says that it often takes 10-25% as a down payment to begin investing.

Expectation 4: It's Often Like The TV Shows

TV shows are way more about drama than about the true intricacies of real estate.

Any issue you might come across in the real world of real estate isn't so dramatic as on the shows.

Those issues are just inconveniences really.

Not a big deal.

Expectation 5: You'll Make A Lot of Money Investing In Real Estate

The truth is that you won't initially make a lot of money.

You'll be able to make more money as you start owning more properties.

Expect it to take a decade or two for you to earn a nice income.

Graham says that it can be a slow, frustrating job but if you stick with it over time, you'll get there.

It comes down to how dedicated and serious you are about making money with real estate that will determine if you're successful or not.

7. How To Manage Your Money Like The 1%

Graham shares a CNBC article which reported that if 60% of Americans had a $1000 emergency, they'd go into debt.

This is a sad truth.

Why is that?

Financial education just isn't taught well in the school systems and as a result, many people don't know how to manage their money properly.

This is why Graham posted this video where he shares a few steps to help you manage your money.

First, he says that you should track your expenses and reduce unnecessary spending.

This is something that so many people ignore.

Wealthy people on the other hand always track their income.

Graham recommends you do so for the next 60 days using

The second point is to create an emergency fund.

This just means that you've saved up roughly 3-6 months worth of expenses.

This money isn't for reckless spending.

It's only for an emergency where you'll be able to pay your bills and eat if you lost your job.

Graham himself saves 1 year of expenses at all times.

His third point is to take advantage of employer sponsored retirement plan matching.

This simply means that if your employer offers a 401K match, you should always take it.

It's free money!

If you're self-employed, you can make your own employer contributions especially since it can help reduce your taxes.

So many people don't even take advantage of this unfortunately.

Next, Graham recommends that you pay off your high interest rate debts.

You can either pay off the highest interest debt you have first or pay off the smallest balances first.

No matter what, your high interest rate debts need to be payed off as soon as you can.

The fifth step is to invest in yourself.

Go out, buy books to increase your knowledge and learn a high income skill.

If you need to invest in a coaching program, go ahead and do it.

I invested in myself back in 2014 by joining the lead gen program and it was the best decision I ever made.

As a result of learning those high income skills, I now earn over $50K per month on autopilot.

Graham also suggests that you invest in an Roth IRA because it will allow you to invest your after-tax money.

When you get to your 60s, the profit you'll earn is 100% tax free.

This will be a result of investing over decades.

The final step Graham talks about is to invest in taxable accounts.

For this, you can spend money in real estate, trade stocks or start your own business.

This is all about increasing your income even more.

It might all seem overwhelming but, Graham recommends that you take it one step at a time.

Years may pass before you finally increase your income but the point is, you should follow these steps.

By doing so, you'll live a much better life.

8. What You MUST Know About Acorns Investing


Not that type of Acorn.

We're talking about the investment app called, Acorns.

It's basically an app that helps you automate your investing.

The feature that stands out with Acorns is the "Round-Up Feature".

What is it?

It's where you invest your spare change on any purchase.

For example, if you paid $2.50 for a cup of coffee, you can have Acorns round up the cost of the coffee to $3 and let them invest the extra $0.50 on the app.

You get it?

The whole point of this app is to automate your investing and do it consistently.

Acorns is what's called a Robo Advisor.

It's an automated software that picks your investments for you while taking into account how long you want to invest your money for.

They have pre-determined funds if you want to invest long-term or short-term.

They'll provide you with a set of questions and based on what you answer, you'll be recommended a pre-determined fund.

Graham has a few issues with Acorns though.

First of all, he can't stand the word "Fee".

Acorns isn't a free service and there are always fees.

Now, there are different pricing tiers.

With the $1 per month pricing tier, it's free only for college student under 24 years old.

If you're not under 24 and only want to use the round up feature, things get questionable.

Graham breaks down why with the following example.

If anyone has less than $3000 invested, Acorns isn't the cheapest option in comparison with Fidelity or Vanguard.

If you have more than $3K invested, Graham says that Acorns is worth it because you'll be getting more value for your buck.

The $3 dollar pricing tier allows you to set up an IRA account.

Of course, with this tier, the more you invest in a Roth IRA the better but, there are other cheaper options if you have less invested.

The $3 dollar pricing tier is average according to Graham.

With this package, you get a checking account and debit card but again, there are many cheaper options available to you.

There's also a $5 dollar package that's geared towards investment accounts for kids among other things.

Acorns is good because you really don't have to worry much at all about your investing.

The Rounding-up feature is a really clever way to draw people in.

If you're decided on using Acorns because you don't want to think about it at all, it's best for you to invest more money.

All you'd do is just watch your money grow over time.

According to Graham, Fidelity is the better option if you aren't looking to invest so much money because there isn't a $1 per month fee there.

Acorns is definitely for those who don't care much about investing and won't do anything else at all with their money.

It all comes down to what you want.

9. How To Get A Perfect Credit Score For $0

Having a good credit score is important!

You don't need me nor Graham to tell you.

In this video, Graham shares 5 different ways for you to be able to build up your credit score to a perfect 800.

Here's what Graham says makes up 100% of your score and that you need to pay attention to...


On Time Payment History

Always pay on time


Credit Utilization

Don't keep a balance


Length of Credit History

Start your credit ASAP


Total # of Credit Lines

Have a mix of credit


# of Credit Inquiries

Limit hard inquiries

In a nutshell, if you have open lines of credit, don't them up as much but pay them off as quickly as possible without missing a payment.

If you do that, you're going to be golden!

Graham says that you should check your score every few weeks using free services and they'll allow you to monitor your score and take any necessary action to improve it.

10. The Reason Graham Is Single

This video was uploaded in June of 2019 when Graham was single.

Today, he's in a relationship with Savannah Smiles.

Still though, there were some things he said that stood out to me and that many people should listen to.

Since high school, Graham was more often than not in relationships.

He's dated when poor.

He's also dated while having a lot of money.

Graham stresses the importance of making sure you're going to be in a relationship that won't distract you from your career.

If you feel you're with someone who will just hold you back in life, you need to let them go.

He says that he's all for a healthy balance between a relationship and building a business.

You CAN do both at the same time.

This is true.

But, if you choose to be alone and focus on your business, god-speed.

Something that stands out from this video is when Graham talks about how confidence is key.

Women hate a guy that has no confidence no matter how much money you have.

Everyone is so worried about gold diggers.

Yes, they do exist.

But, more often than not, women want a guy to be confident.

Graham was able to get his life in order internally and get his career going first.

Once everything was in place in his life, his confidence grew.

What's more important in life is to go after your passion, live with integrity and be ok with being alone. You've got to be a happy, fulfilled person on your own first before you can have any successful relationship with someone else

- Graham Stephan

It all takes time of course.

I believe it's important to focus on you first too,

When I focused on my lead generation business and put off going to the clubs each weekend chasing women, my passive income grew and as a result, my confidence grew too.

This was all because of the life I was finally able to live.

A life of abundance in all areas of life.

Graham took time being single to better himself.

So did I.

Now, after I've established myself financially, I can say that my dating life has never been better.

Graham Stephan's Mentorship Program Review

If you've been searching around for a Graham Stephan course, here's one of them.

He has a personalized weekly mentorship program that takes place on Zoom each week.

It's personalized because it's a live mentorship that covers any topic that his students want him to cover.

Topics That Are Considered...

  • Personal Finance
  • Credit Cards
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Growing on Social Media/YouTube etc.

Along with access to this private mentorship, you'll be given access to the private Facebook group as well as private discord channels where you'll only learn more and more from Graham and his team.

The private Facebook group is great because not only do you get to have access to Graham, but you're able to connect and network with other students that are in the mentorship group.

There's plenty of motivation going on within the group and there's definitely a feeling of unity within which only contributes to your success and growth.

You are who you surround yourself with right?

The Zoom calls are every other Thursday and, every other Tuesday, there's another Zoom call setup to answer any questions we might have on any topic.

This extra Zoom call is hosted by Graham's colleague, Jack.

Overall, the mentorship program will definitely teach you a lot of things especially if you're a beginner in real estate, business or simply just trying to get your finances in order.

The cost of the mentorship program is $169 per month which may be a bit steep if you don't have extra cash to invest in yourself just yet.

I do think that it's worth joining especially if you're fresh out of high school and looking for a legit, young mentor who's proven to be successful time and time again.

You can't go wrong with Graham as your mentor.

Look, I'm all for coaching.

I think it's something everyone should be looking at no matter what field you're already in or looking to get into.

I personally got my coaching back in 2014 and I attribute my success to it.

Let me show you how life changing lead generation has been for me.

Local Lead Generation Has Earned Me My Most Passive Income of $50K Monthly

Like I said, I joined the program in 2014.

What I learned was how to generate leads for local business owners.

It's all accomplished by ranking simple websites on page 1 of the Google search engine.

Take a look.

This site is ranking for all the keywords that people use to search for limo rentals.

I built out this site in a few hours and ranked it above the competitors in Lansing, Michigan.

What do you think is going to happen with this site ranked that high?


Leads (people in need of a service) will be flowing in through my site.

Am I the one going to be driving the limos?


What I do is forward the leads exclusively to a local business owner who agrees to take on all the calls that come in each month.

This is accomplished with the help of our call tracking software.

All I do once my site is ranked is collect my piece of the pie (commission) each month from a happy business owner.

Believe me, they're happy with all those new leads.

It's really win win.

These digital assets are so valuable and really allow you to earn a recurring passive income.

I don't need to keep fussing with these sites after they're ranked.

As a result, I'm able to live a life a freedom.

Financial and time freedom.

Freedom to do anything I want to at any time.

I've been able to go on vacation whenever I want...

and work anywhere in the world I want to.

If I had to step away from my job for a few weeks or if an emergency came up, my over 50 lead generation sites will still be paying me on autopilot.

Lead generation is the best thing that's happened to me and it can be that for you too.

Check out the reasons why it's my #1 online business model in 2021 and beyond...

In this digital age, there's so much opportunity online to make money and be financially free.

The time is now to get started.

Click the link below to get on a call with us and begin your journey to financial freedom.

How bad do you want it?...

Let us know on your call.

See ya on the inside!

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