Greg Luther Coaching Review: The Real Cost of Marketing in Real Estate

May 20, 2024

Greg Luther Coaching is a learning platform for real estate agents. It teaches Greg Luther’s client acquisition and closing strategies for a consistent monthly sale. The platform offers free webinar recordings, paid courses, and a coaching program.

Real estate agents can go on for months without closing a single sale, especially in their early months or years. Thus, the “surviving before thriving” situation: 85% of agents quit in their first year; 50% of what remains quit in the fifth year; and the remaining few survivors will thrive.

In response, Greg promises higher commissions, more listings, and regular closings per month. However, some realtors point out that Greg Luther is just teaching “wholesaling” done by a real estate agent. This is a legally questionable practice for realtors.

Also, the industry is a lot different now with the recent settlement of the class-action lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The effects of the settlement are massive. It seems that Greg Luther is currently overhauling his programs because of this development.

For instance, Greg Luther’s Inner Circle is not accepting new enrollments. The links to the other programs are also not available on the main website. Everything may return to normal after the implementation of the new NAR rules following the settlement – or not, depending on any new rules. Greg and his team also need to come up with new strategies to work around the changes.

Even with its 20+ years of existence, Greg Luther Coaching doesn’t have a lot of third-party reviews. The best that you can find are success stories, testimonials, and short reviews shared on Greg Luther’s YouTube channel.

In this Greg Luther Coaching review, we will cover the platform’s overall strategy, its current offers, and the effects of the NAR lawsuit in the real estate industry.

Greg Luther Coaching Pros and Cons


Provides comprehensive marketing strategies for real estate.

Lifetime access to all resources for the one-time payment courses.


The marketing materials and some strategies are outdated.

The overall strategy is legally or ethically questionable.

Only for licensed real estate agents.

The NAR settlement made a significant portion of the learning materials obsolete.


Greg Luther’s Inner Circle is $477 a month. Luxury Agent Mastery is $995. The Foundational Model is $497. Mastering The Art of Writing Copy for Profit is $895. Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation is $995.

Refund Policy

Greg Luther Coaching didn’t outline a refund policy for its programs.


Greg Luther Coaching started in June 2000.


Greg Luther Coaching doesn’t have reviews from popular sites like Trustpilot or G2.

What Is the Real Cost of Marketing for a Real Estate Agent?

There’s a consensus that the cost of marketing a real estate property should be around 0.5%-1% of its selling price. In Greg Luther’s strategy, the expenses will go to targeting and retargeting campaigns, Multiple Listing Services (MLS), lead generation, and so on.

However, the cost mentioned above is covered by the commission. For real estate agents, there’s a separate marketing cost for finding the seller and the buyer that they can work with.

In finding home sellers, Greg favors the unlisted ones who are not yet working (or are not willing to work) with a seller agent – basically, the FSBOs (For Sale By Owners). You can do this for free by searching on popular listing sites like Zillow.

Another way is buying leads and direct mailing them. This will cost you around $400 for every 500 mails for postage and mailer fee. You can also get referrals from attorneys at a negotiable cost.

To attract clients as a buyer agent, Greg prefers to run Facebook ads like in the picture below.

Greg Luther Coaching - facebook ad

In this ad, he is offering potential buyers off-market properties along with the hope that they are less problematic and less expensive than the open-market ones.

The cost of Facebook Ads is around $0.69 per click or $9.88 per 1,000 impressions. You can decide on the total campaign cost based on your budget. There’s also the free option of using the Facebook Marketplace.

Greg Luther offers different sets of solutions whether you’re representing the buyer or the seller. To get an FSBO seller into working with you, Greg advises that you present them with a solid marketing plan. To attract a buyer, show them that you can provide a list of off-market properties based on their needs.

It does look like a dual agency, but since you’re working with FSBOs, you’re ultimately representing the buyer. Is there a conflict of interest here? Maybe there is.

What Is Greg Luther's Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is Greg Luther’s coaching program for real estate agents. It includes access to all of Greg Luther’s courses and the following:

  • Two video coaching sessions monthly

  • Samples of ads and marketing campaigns from top members

  • Live interviews with other successful agents

  • Coaching newsletter and case studies mailed to you monthly 

  • "Morning Meeting" training every week on YouTube

  • Free admission to Greg Luther's annual Hustle & Grow members-only coaching retreat

  • Complete email access to Greg and his team for questions

Enrollment to Inner Circle is currently closed, but you can opt-in your email to receive updates and join the waiting list.

The Inner Circle costs $477 a month and is non-refundable. You can choose to purchase The Inner Circle - Annual, but keep in mind that it should be a one-time charge (no installment options) and is also non-refundable.

What Are Greg Luther's Training Programs?

Greg Luther’s training programs consist of courses for luxury properties, copywriting for real estate, and listing presentations. It also includes an introductory course to brief you on Greg Luther’s overall real estate strategy.

Here are Greg Luther’s training programs.

Note: All of the courses below are currently not accessible through Greg Luther’s primary website. The removal of those links to the courses’ landing pages is probably related to the closure of the Inner Circle’s enrollments. Some of the landing pages are still working if you have the direct links, but even Greg Luther informed his followers that he is holding off on any way of paying him right now. So, it might be better to wait for things to normalize before enrolling in any of his programs.

Luxury Agent Mastery

Luxury Agent Mastery is Greg Luxury’s paid course for selling luxury properties. It teaches the advantages of selling luxury properties over regular ones, client acquisition strategies, and negotiation tactics. The program includes a one-day on-demand training with Greg Luther himself, full training videos, and a whole bunch of marketing templates. 

This program also tries to address the question of credibility for anyone who wants to enter the luxury real estate space. So, the program includes membership to an agency, the Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants (PLMC).

You’ll get the following benefits upon completing the PLMC exam:

  • A certificate of completion

  • Logo files of PLMC that you can use for marketing and branding

  • Wholesale purchase and distribution rights to Greg Luther’s book “Sell Your Luxury Property for More Money” ($5 each)

  • Your name will be listed on the PLMC website

  • Lifetime access to PLMC resources

Luxury Agent Mastery costs a one-time $995.

Foundational Model

The Foundational Model is Greg Luther’s introductory course for real estate agents. It teaches Greg’s foundational model techniques in lead generation (free and paid), securing appointments, and lead conversion. It also includes marketing templates that you can immediately use. The Foundational Model costs a one-time $397.

The Art of Copy

The Art of Copy or The Art of Writing Copy for Profit is Greg Luther’s copywriting course. It teaches copywriting techniques specifically tailored for real estate marketing. On top of the training, the course also includes templates and actual sales letters. The Art of Copy costs $895.

Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation

Bulletproof is a learning program teaching Greg Luther’s method of creating a listing presentation. It covers every stage of a listing presentation, including:

  • Handling objections

  • Securing a soft close

  • Price and fee presentation

  • Getting a full close

Upon registration, you’ll get access to training videos including live presentations with Greg Luther on stage. Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation costs a one-time $995.

What Is Greg Luther's Menu of Services?

Menu of Services is a copy of Greg Luther’s tiered list of services that you can use for a listing presentation. He promotes this as an alternative to setting a commission upfront. Instead, a real estate agent can present a tiered list of services depending on the commission a seller is willing to give.

Greg Luther Coaching - Menu of Services

The way this works is if a seller is only willing to pay a 5% commission, then they will fall into the SILVER package. Higher commissions mean more marketing services and better chances of finding a premium buyer.

Who Is Greg Luther's Programs For?

Greg Luther Coaching is for licensed real estate agents, with or without years of experience in the industry. The courses are designed with the assumption that the student is legally capable of representing a buyer or a seller in a real estate transaction. This means that the programs are not for anyone who wants to invest in real estate without an agent or broker license.

What Do People Say About Greg Luther and His Programs?

Greg Luther Coaching doesn’t have any external reviews from popular sites like Trustpilot or G2. You can find video testimonials from Greg Luther’s website. These people say that Greg Luther and his programs are always up-to-date which helped bring their real estate business to the next level.

Greg luther Coaching - Bruce

Bruce has been a member of Greg Luther’s mastermind group for 4 or 5 years. He said that what’s great about the group is they are always looking for cutting-edge marketing. He also likes the regular meeting of members to share information and brainstorm. Bruce advises that everyone should be at least a diamond member (maybe an old-tier model) to get the most value out of their money.

Greg Luther Coaching - Sibelys

Sibelys was in the dental field before working in real estate. She thought commissions were not her thing until she came across Greg Luther through social media. After receiving Greg’s training program, she’s now doing real estate full-time. She praises Greg’s step-by-step approach, and it helps her a lot in becoming self-employed.

Greg Luther Coaching - David

David has been a member of Greg’s program since 2018 and it has taken his business to a whole new level. He said that Greg’s idea that everything in the industry is about marketing is an eye-opener for him. David also learned to adopt a repeatable system to scale his business. He said that it’s been great for him and he’s just beginning.

Greg Luther Coaching = Onessa

Onessa has been a member of Greg’s programs since 2014. She could testify that Greg does update the programs by keeping up with the latest marketing trends and technology. She was also able to meet real estate agents from around the country and learn what marketing strategies are working for them.

Is Greg Luther Coaching Worth It?

Yes, Greg Luther Coaching is worth it if you’re just trying to learn how to market as a real estate agent. Otherwise, the overall practice is questionable and is borderline dual agency. The whole platform is also undergoing some significant changes brought about by the NAR lawsuit. So, it may not be the best time to jump in now.

Here are some post entries from BiggerPockets questioning Greg Luther’s strategy. These were from 3 years ago, but nothing has significantly changed in Greg’s teachings, so they are still worth sharing.

Greg Luther Review - Biggerpockets
Greg Luther Coaching review - Biggerpockets

Based on Greg Luther’s strategy, working with FSBOs means you are technically “not” representing them. Does this mean you don’t have fiduciary duties to them? Definitely, not. Greg also talks about signing a commission agreement with the FSBO owner, so this is more than a de facto representation. And he is promising to match them with premium buyers in exchange for the highest commission possible.

As a buyer’s agent, you need to put forward the “buyer’s interest” of getting the best deal. This will inevitably conflict with the FSBO seller’s interest in selling the property for the best price – this is exactly why dual agency is a bad idea.

Greg said that his students are practicing his method in all 50 states. But as you may already know, dual agency is illegal or heavily restricted in 8 states, namely:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Kansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

Keep these all in mind if you’re considering taking Greg Luther's courses or just find a more legally plausible alternative.

Who Is Greg Luther?

Greg Luther Coaching Review

Greg Luther is an entrepreneur, an author, and a real estate coach. He founded Greg Luther Coaching to share how he made his success in the real estate industry. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and now he lives in Tampa, Florida. Aside from real estate, Greg’s passion extends to horse racing. He currently owns a stable of over 140 racehorses, racing in 6 states for multimillion purses. 

Before starting his coaching programs, Greg Luther was a struggling real estate agent licensee. He shared about borrowing $1500 to get his license but his initial efforts didn’t bear fruit until he learned to focus on marketing. Greg was called Rookie of the Year in his first year, earning $82K. However, the expenses were $73K and he was working 60-70 hours a week.

Having figured out marketing in his second year, Greg became one of the top real estate agents in the country by making about $2 million in commission. He was featured in Realtor Magazine at the time. With Greg Luther Coaching, he taught over 30 thousand agents – a lot of them are making 10 deals a month.

As a seminar speaker, Greg Luther shared stages with prominent names like Tony Robbins, Ziz Ziglar, Gene Simmons, Brian Tracy, Frank Kern, Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, and many more. He’s involved in many masterminds and marketing events with prices over $25K each. Greg also owns a YouTube channel with 18K subscribers and 1.4 million views.

Is a Real Estate Agent Career Lucrative?

Yes, a real estate agent career is lucrative. The average earnings of a real estate agent in the US is $98,949, according to Indeed. It can also be as high as $197,067. These figures include the base salary and any bonuses. Keep in mind that individual salaries may vary based on factors like location, experience, and actual performance. You can also work as a part-time real estate agent as a side hustle.

An interesting comment from the r/RealEstate subreddit outlines the questions aspiring real estate agents should ask themselves before entering the industry.

Real estate agent problems - reddit - Greg Luther Coaching review

The commenter describes what “surviving before thriving” in the real estate industry looks like. This shows how highly competitive the real estate industry is that it is not uncommon for new agents to earn zero in their first months or years.

Greg Luther - Why the NAR Lawsuit Settlement Will Kill the Real Estate Industry

According to Greg Luther, the NAR lawsuit settlement will kill the real estate industry by demotivating the agents to work with buyers or sellers. Contrary to what many people believe, the new rules will not reduce property prices. Instead, it will just force hundreds of thousands of real estate agents to quit the industry.

The lawsuit settlement was decided on March 24, 2024. The NAR reached a $418 million settlement in antitrust litigation and also agreed to implement new rules. This legal victory by home sellers is expected to end the standard of 5% to 6% of commissions in every real estate transaction.

Under the new rules, sellers are no longer required to put a commission rate for every MLS entry. Buyers and brokers are also required to enter into a written agreement before any activity. This contract will clearly indicate the extent of the buyer broker’s services and the resulting costs.

Greg Luther NAR settlement

Greg Luther argues that commissions have always been negotiable. Also, the new rules indicate that a seller can include “concessions” instead of an outright commission rate on an MLS listing. For Greg, this is just wordplay. In the end, no one would want to work with anyone without payment.

Those against NAR’s alleged “anti-competitive” practices welcomed this development. They expect new compensation models to arise, or this may prompt more sellers and buyers to not use agents at all.

Generate Free Leads with Local Lead Generation

One of Greg Luther’s coaching goals is to teach his students how to charge the highest commission possible in a real estate transaction. This hangs in the balance now with the imminent implementation of the new NAR rules. The new rules will significantly reduce a real estate agent’s earnings while the costs of marketing remain the same. 

The landmark lawsuit against NAR will drastically change the real estate landscape. But not all real estate. "Digital real estate” is continuously flourishing, and this is what you should consider as an alternative. To be exact, I’m referring to local lead generation as a business model.

Local lead gen

Local lead generation can let you earn a consistent passive income by renting out websites to local business owners. You can start by building a website and ranking it in local search engine results in your chosen niche. The start-up cost is around $500, though it may take 6 months to successfully rank a site. A ranked website will automatically generate leads that you can pass to local businesses for free – this is one of the best ways to show your website’s value as a digital real estate.

You can charge $500-$3000 per month depending on the quality of your site. It is a consistent source of passive income without the legal complexities of real estate and the huge costs of marketing.

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