Alex Hormozi’s Gym Launch Review: What are Gym Launch’s 6 Core Tenets?

May 14, 2024

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Gym Launch Secrets is a consulting company that helps gym owners. They coach on how to grow and scale businesses. Alex Hormozi founded it in 2016, together with his wife, Leila. Its mission is to empower gym owners to reach more people and build profitable businesses. They provide a comprehensive range of services. This includes marketing strategies, sales training, and business frameworks. Gym Launch also helps attract new members, increase profitability, and improve retention rates. In 2021, Alex Hormozi and his wife Leila sold a 66% stake in Gym Launch to American Pacific Group for $46.2 million. However, he remains a board member with 44% ownership. 

Gym Launch has mixed reviews across various platforms, including Reddit, Trustpilot, and Amazon. It has a customer rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars from the Better Business Bureau. Some users criticize its high upfront costs and aggressive sales tactics. They added that it didn't deliver as promised and led to significant financial losses. Others, like Mariko and Cameron Brown, praised Gym Launch's positive impact on their businesses.  Others feel misled by marketing practices and disappointed by the lack of support. Amazon reviews of Gym Launch Secrets are positive. However, a small percentage of readers question the value of Hormozi’s more expensive coaching programs.

Owning a gym can be profitable, with the global fitness industry projected to reach $100 billion by 2028 (Fortune Business Insights). IHRSA said that 64.2 million Americans held gym memberships in 2022. However, its profitability hinges on several factors. This includes location and business model. You also need to manage significant initial and ongoing costs associated with the gym business. The average cost to open a gym ranges from $130,700 to $205,000 and monthly maintenance costs between $500 to $1,500 as noted by and Arbox. There is a potential for a steady income from memberships and other services. But the competitive nature of the fitness industry presents many challenges for new gym owners.

This Gym Launch Secrets Review will uncover its pros and cons, offers and services, and customer reviews. We will also discuss the profitability of owning a gym and the challenges associated with using Facebook ads in lead generation. Lastly, we will explore another business model that will benefit local businesses, such as gyms. 

Gym Launch Review: Pros and Cons


The Gym Launch has plenty of free offers and services. 

Alex Hormozi is really a successful gym owner.

Gym Launch gives lifetime access to exclusive groups, free resources, and templates.

Gym Launch offers extensive coaching. 


The Gym Launch has mixed reviews online. 

Many students reported that the program can be quite expensive. 

Gym Launch focuses on rapid growth, which can strain those just starting out. 


There is no pricing posted on the Gym Launch website. They typically disclose the fees for services provided during their sales or consultation process.


The Gym Launch training includes self-paced videos and materials, and strategic calls. 


The Gym Launch's Facebook private group is called High Ticket - High Volume - Fitness Sales Secrets and has 12.0K members. They also have a YouTube channel with 6.56K subscribers. 

Refund Policy

Gym Launch has no refund policy for payments made. 


The Gym Launch started in 2016. 


Alex Hormozi is a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry. Opinions about his business practices and the effectiveness of his programs, like Gym Launch, are mixed. He has over 2.5M followers on Instagram, 632.9K followers on X, 2.32M subscribers on YouTube, 349K followers on LinkedIn, and 90K followers on Facebook. 

What are Gym Launch’s 6 Core Tenets?

  • Do the Boring Work: Going the extra mile involves delivering exceptional customer service and doing what competitors won't, distinguishing through commitment to quality, regardless of short-term costs.
  • Speed is King: Speed is the most valuable asset in gym business relationships. Shooting with a good plan now is better than waiting for a perfect plan later, given that opportunities and effectiveness can transform.
  • Be Your Own Boss: Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else expects. Manage your resources and own your decisions. Always make choices that improve your business and make it thrive.
  • Grow or Die: Learn quickly, fail quickly, and keep trying. Staying a few steps ahead of the market is crucial to avoid stagnation and ensure survival.
  • Have Humility: Be teachable. You are looking into this course because you know that you don’t know everything needed to become successful.You just need an open mind and be willing to follow Gym Launch's advice. 
  • Don’t Sugarcoat It: Building a successful business is extremely difficult. Sacrifice your comfort and time and build the courage, the passion and the grit to fulfill your potential. 

What is Gym Launch?

Gym Launch is a marketing and sales company founded by a group of gym owners led by Alex Hormozi. It is a lead generation agency that helps gym owners expand their businesses and increase profitability. They have a track record of working in over 5,000 gyms in over 22 countries. They also claimed to have over a hundred gyms earning more than $1M per year. The Gym Launch also reported having thousands of gym owners earning over $100,000 or more annually. 

The Gym Launch also offers coaching services for aspiring gym owners. It includes downloadable guides for scaling your gym business to 7-figures. Other services are marketing tool blueprints and a step-by-step guide teaching gym owners to reach more clients. 

What are Gym Launch's Free Offers and Services?

30-Minute Gym Ads

The Gym Launch's 30-Minute Gym Ads is a free course designed to help gym owners attract 20 to 40+ new members per month using a "done-for-you" ads blueprint. The course provides the exact ads, offers, and methods that have proven successful in generating a waitlist of new clients. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up high-converting ads. It also reveals a secret formula that has helped many gyms scale to $100,000 per month.

Here's what you learn with Gym Launch's 30-Minute Gym Ads course: 

  • Creating Winning Gym Ads Quickly: This includes the exact words and images that go into the ads. 

  • The Simple 3-Step Process to Launching and Managing Ads: This is a guide to creating and launching profitable Facebook ads. 

  • The Exact Ads and Offers: You can see the simple new members ads and offers that Gym Launch uses to scale gyms to $100K per month. 

  • Bonus: You get a customizable photo template and ad text to get started.

Gym Starts Series

The Gym Starts Series is a 3 video guide to starting a new gym. Cale Owen, the current CEO of Gym Launch, presented it. In this series, you learn to decide what type of gym to open according to your goals and resources and what do you need to do it successfully. 

  • Video 1: Franchise vs Independent: The first video explains the difference between a franchise and an independent gym. The advantages of having a franchise include better brand recognition and having a pre-built business model. The major problem with having a franchise is the expensive investment and fees. Also, even the franchised name cannot guarantee instant success, so you still need to work. Most of the time, you have less freedom to do as you please with a franchise. With independent gyms, it has a low start-up cost, more freedom, and higher profitability. However, it lacks brand recognition, has no business model yet, and has no support. 

  • Video 2: Finding the Best Location: This second video is about finding the ideal location for an independent gym. According to Cale, the first thing is identifying your training model. It is the basis for the number of square footage and equipment needed. The video also talks about the differences among gym categories such as the "do it yourself", "done for you", and hybrid gym. Cale advises 5,000-15,000 square footage so you can have a bigger space for your clients. He also said that in choosing a location, you need to look at consumer behavior. He added that you can use Facebook Ads to identify the best location. Choose the place where you have the highest reach for the cheapest price. 

  • Video 3: Watch Before Signing Your Lease: This video covers the three things you need to consider before signing a lease. Cale Owen said that your gym does not need to be inside a shopping center with a very high lease. He added that you can spend this money on advertising so you can bring more clients to your door. He also discussed the importance of doing research. This includes identifying the population density, total addressable market (TAM), and parking space. It is also good to look at potential conflicts with neighboring facilities and scaling opportunities. 

Fill Your Gym in 90 Days Masterclass

The Fill Your Gym in Just 90 Days Masterclass is a free video by Gym Launch. It provides a strategic blueprint for attracting and converting high-ticket clients. It follows an interesting 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: Create an Irresistible Offer

The first step is to craft an interesting offer using Alex Hormozi's "Value Equation." This maximizes the perceived dream outcome and the likelihood of success. While also minimizing the time delay and effort required. Three offers have proven successful:

  • Six-Week Challenge: Advertised as free but requires a refundable $599 deposit if clients reach their fitness goals.

  • 21-Day Free Offer: Priced at $299.

  • 28-Day Offer: Priced at $399.

Step 2: Generate Leads

Generate leads through Facebook and Instagram ads, targeting both men and women. With a daily ad spend of $50 to $100 and 10 well-crafted ads per ad set, gym owners can expect to acquire leads for $8 to $12 each, resulting in about 10 leads per day.

Step 3: Nurture Leads to Show Up

The key to converting leads into appointments lies in effective lead nurturing through the "Four Pillars of Lead Nurture":

  1. Speed to Contact: Call leads within five minutes.

  2. Pure Volume: Call or text leads three times a day until they schedule an appointment.

  3. Personalization: Understand and address their specific fitness goals.

  4. Availability: Ensure sales appointments are available during peak times (3-7 PM weekdays, 9 AM-1 PM Saturdays).

Step 4: Close the Sale

Once you have appointments, it is crucial to close deals. The "CLOSER" framework ensures gym owners convert leads into clients:

  • C: Clarify why they're there.

  • L: Label the problem you plan to solve.

  • O: Overview of past pain and struggles.

  • S: Sell the vacation, not the workouts.

  • E: Explain away concerns and objections.

  • R: Reinforce the sale with follow-up actions like swag or handwritten cards.

Step 5: Convert to Long-Term Memberships

The last step is converting clients from short-term challenges into long-term members. It advocates using the "CONVERT" acronym:

  • C: Congratulate them on their progress so far.

  • O: Overview the reason for their success, focusing on coaching and accountability.

  • N: New You Gap - Identify the gap between their current and desired fitness levels.

  • V: Value stack the benefits of a 12-month membership.

  • E: Eliminate risk with a service guarantee.

  • R: Reduce the price by spreading the challenge deposit over the membership period.

  • T: Take payment or get a signed agreement on the spot.

7 Money Model 

The 7 Money Model by Gym Launch is a free comprehensive PDF guide designed to help gym owners scale their businesses to over $100,000 per month. This guide presents the key models and strategies that Gym Launch has used. The guide includes insights, frameworks, and proven techniques that gym owners can put in place immediately. 

Here are the contents of this guide:

  1. Section 1: The 3 Levels of Gyms: It describes the three levels of gym profitability. Level 1 gyms lack a consistent client acquisition system, while Level 2 and 3 are profitable and scalable. This section also offers actionable steps to move up easily.

  2. Section 2: Solving the Acquisition Problem: This introduces the Gym Launch's Customer Financed Acquisition® method. It allows gyms to scale from zero to full capacity without cash upfront.

  3. Section 3: Solving the Churn Problem: This provides a solution for reducing client churn. It advocates the use of the Gym Launch's 90-Day Client Journey Framework. By impressing clients in their first 90 days, gyms can double their lifetime value (LTV).

  4. Section 4: Expanding Revenue: This section explores the three primary ways to grow a business. It also offers strategies for implementing all three to maximize profitability.

    • Acquire: Attract more clients.

    • Ascend: Increase customer value through upsells.

    • Resell: Encourage repeat purchases.  

  5. Section 5: Building Your Dream Team: This is about identifying the five core internal functions needed for business growth. It also offers guidance on building a dream team to excel in each function.

  6. Section 6: Macro Business Models: This provides a framework for mastering the five macro functions for scaling a gym business. It also encourages gym owners to frame this infographic for easy reference.

Bonus Resources

  1. Lead Gen Scrambler: Helps gym owners create fresh, winning ads consistently. ($297 Value)

  2. The 4 Pillars of Lead Nurture: A proven system to increase lead show rates by 40-50%. ($997 Value)

  3. The Perfect Sales Process: A complete A-Z process for closing high-ticket members. ($997 Value)

Gym Launch provides lifetime access to these resources. This includes the full 106-page PDF, by simply entering your contact information. They also offer a free strategy call to discuss your gym's needs and goals.

Gym Launch Secrets 

The Gym Launch Secrets book is a comprehensive guide that reveals the strategies and tactics used by Alex himself. It teaches how to attract more clients, increase profitability, and maximize client retention. The book provides gym owners with a backstage pass to the methods that have helped thousands of gyms grow their revenue and reduce client churn.

The book is available on Amazon for $24.99, and there's a free digital copy available with an Audible trial. Readers can also book a free strategy call with Gym Launch's team to understand how these models can apply to their gyms directly.

What People are Saying About Gym Launch?

Gym Launch Reviews From Reddit 

Gym Launch has received mixed reviews from the Reddit community. Some users expressed skepticism about the company's legitimacy. One user, mtbcouple, was puzzled by the lack of reviews despite the claim of over 5,000 customers. He suspected it might be a fraud attempt or a company manipulating its image. Another user, reddituser6810, labeled it as a "joke" because of its bait-and-switch marketing tactics. They experienced moderate success because of a strong backend. However, he noted that the two nearby gyms shut down after using the program. Despite these criticisms, many said that Alex has since grown to provide valuable content.

gym launch

However, Internal-Umpire-8515 had a negative experience with the company. He claimed that Gym Launch took $20,000 and ruined their business. Similarly, nezzyy10 highlighted that one of Gym Launch's owners had his gym closed for unpaid rent. FriendAppropriate515 compared Gym Launch's model to an MLM (multi-level marketing) strategy. He shares how a kickboxing gym they used to attend followed the same approach and created a "love-bombing" environment. The user eventually left because of the uncomfortable vibes.

Another user, Odd_Shame_3670, revealed how it promises a lot in marketing and lead generation. But, only provided one-dimensional, aggressive sales tactics akin to LA Fitness. She added that their ads were of poor quality. She advised others to avoid the company.

Lastly, DowntownCalendar6300 shared how a martial arts gym they used to manage is now using Gym Launch's program. The gym fired them after they disagreed with the hard-sell tactics, as the gym shifted focus from client retention to aggressive sales. 

Gym Launch Reviews From Trustpilot 

One review from Trustpilot gave Gym Launch 1 out of 5 stars. Jason described his experience as the "absolute worst business decision" he ever made. He criticized the company for requiring a large upfront payment and locking customers into contracts. He reported inconsistencies between what the sales process promised and delivered.

Jason felt that Gym Launch focused more on front-end sales and legal contract intricacies. It neglects delivering quality service. He felt disappointed that Gym Launch didn't customize the ad in their "client financed acquisition" funnel for his business. Also, it contradicted its brand identity. Jason advised potential clients to read reviews and complaints and have a lawyer review the contract. 

Gym Launch Reviews From Better Business Bureau

Gym Launch reviews from Better Business Bureau are also mixed. It has a customer rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars from 30 reviews. The 5-star reviews for Gym Launch emphasize the positive impact it has had on gym owners' businesses. For instance, Jennifer credited Gym Launch with saving her gym from closing and leading her to renew for a second year. Mariko paid off $35,000 in debt since joining in 2018, noting the value of individualized coaching. Julia and her husband doubled their gym income in two months with helpful guidance from their coach.

However, the 1-star reviews present a contrasting view. For example, Tyler described Gym Launch as a scam because of its high costs and recycled content. Joe D felt scammed after spending $30,000 for minimal support. Jason criticized the company for focusing more on contracts than on quality service. Lance found the coaches unhelpful and the program over-promising. Alex ended up in dire financial straits after spending over $40,000 on Gym Launch. Jennifer nearly went bankrupt after spending heavily on advertising. Moreover, the company also received 8 complaints in the last 3 years.

Gym Launch Secrets Reviews From Amazon

Gym Launch Secrets by Alex Hormozi has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, based on 288 global ratings. It received positive feedback, with 86% of reviewers giving it 5 stars. For instance, MathiasMastery said that it has actionable advice. It is beneficial for any gym owner or fitness professional. Shoppin dude enjoyed gaining insights into Hormozi's thought process, even as a non-gym owner. Dave increased leads and revenue by applying its principles. WhoIsDanBeck and Ryan Gwilliam appreciated the book's value. Even for non-gym businesses like health clubs and pet services. 

Critical reviews, representing about 5% of ratings, were less favorable. Melvin found it interesting but didn't elaborate further. Okinuba Bagaban advised staying away from the book for business startup advice. Kristin said that the book offers the same value as his expensive courses but without the inflated cost.

Gym Launch Case Studies and Success Stories 

Cameron Brown, owner of CB Evolution Fitness in Layton, Utah, joined Gym Launch in October 2022. Before that, his highest monthly revenue was $23,000. After implementing Gym Launch's Profit Lever Process, he generated $29,000 in new revenue within the first month. By December, his service revenue had increased to $64,000, and he made over $110,000 in total supplement sales. In this short period, Cameron's net income rapidly scaled from $39,000 to $181,000 monthly.

Byron Pardes, the owner of LM Fitness Center in Los Angeles, California, turned his health club into a $1 million gym in December 2022. This is after overcoming challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. He joined Gym Launch in April 2022, when his business was struggling at $49,000 per month. With the help of his coach, he devised a plan to repair his business model. He took strategic steps to achieve success, including replacing less productive staff and scaling his team. Despite the obstacles of COVID-19 and shutdowns, his efforts paid off, leading LM Fitness Center to reach the $1 million mark by the end of 2022.

Aside from case studies, Gym Launch also posted client wins on their website. One good example is Sherika, who went from having 35 clients to 155 clients just two months after joining Gym Launch. 

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi is a fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He was born on August 18, 1988. Alex began lifting in high school. He ran six gyms in Southern California before helping thousands of gym owners double their businesses. Alex uses effective social media marketing and Clickfunnels techniques to grow businesses. He also conducts podcasts and webinars to share his knowledge with others.

Alex started his first business, United Fitness, in 2013, and within three years, expanded to six locations. He then founded Gym Launch in 2016, helping over 4,500 gyms transform their businesses through licensing. In 2019, he launched Prestige Labs to offer high-quality supplements to these gyms. He created ALAN in 2020, a software company that helps businesses increase customer acquisition.

In 2020, he founded to invest his wealth into other businesses. Alex focuses on asset-light, high cash flow, sales-focused service, and digital products. He later sold a 66% stake in Gym Launch and Prestige Labs in 2021 to American Pacific Group.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University with a BS in Human & Organizational Development. He is an expert in customer acquisition and monetization. Alex dedicates his time to encouraging entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities. Alex also has a huge following on social media, with over 5M following combined.

Did Alex Hormozi Sell Gym Launch?

Yes, Alex Hormozi sold a majority stake in Gym Launch. In 2021, he and his wife Leila sold 66% of Gym Launch. This is, along with a majority stake in their supplement company, Prestige Labs, to American Pacific Group. It is a private equity firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. The sale was part of a strategic move to focus more on their investment firm,

The reported value of the sale was $46.2 million. By selling a majority stake in Gym Launch, Alex transitioned to the role of owner/shareholder. This allowed him to step back from day-to-day operations and concentrate on his new investment initiatives. To this day, he remains a board member of Gym Launch and still owns 44% of the company.

Is Owning a Gym Profitable?

Yes, owning a gym can be profitable, but it depends on several factors. Fortune Business Insights reported that the global fitness industry was $87.23 billion in 2022. Experts expect the global fitness industry to reach $100 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.7% from 2023 to 2028. IHRSA reported that approximately 64.2 million Americans belonged to at least one fitness club in 2022. They added that the average gym retention rate is 73% across the U.S. fitness industry. These data show the growing potential of owning a gym.

Location, business model, target market, and management practices are also some things to look out for. A prime location can attract more clients but often comes with higher rent. In addition, membership fees provide steady, predictable income. Gyms can also generate income through personal training, classes, supplements, merchandise, and specialized programs.  According to Payscale and Gymdesk, the average salary for gym owners in the United States is  $30,000 and $76,000 annually. It has a median salary of approximately $49,000.

However, equipment, facility rental, renovations, and marketing can require significant upfront capital. Ongoing expenses include rent, utilities, insurance, equipment maintenance, and staff salaries. said that the average cost of opening a gym is between  $130,700 to $205,000 for the first year alone. They added that it takes around 1-3 years for a gym to become profitable. Moreover, Arbox said that monthly maintenance costs for gyms range from $500 to $1,500.

Moreover, the fitness industry is competitive. There are many gyms, studios, and alternative fitness solutions vying for customers. Running a gym often requires long hours, particularly during the early stages. You need to conduct thorough market research and develop a comprehensive business plan if you want to differentiate. 

What are the Challenges With Lead Generation Using Facebook Ads?

  • Ad fatigue and creative burnout: Repeated exposure to the same ad creative can lead to diminishing returns. Facebook users often ignore or skip them.
  • Increasing costs: Higher competition in the fitness industry increases cost per click (CPC) and cost per lead (CPL), reducing ROI. To lower your CPL, you need to optimize targeting to reach a more relevant audience and focus on high-quality lead magnets.
  • Ad account bans and compliance issues: Facebook’s strict advertising policies can lead to sudden ad account bans. This is especially true for ads with exaggerated claims.
  • Targeting limitations because of privacy changes: Privacy updates like iOS 14.5 have limited tracking. This makes it difficult to target users and measure campaign performance.
  • Audience overlap and saturation: Overlapping audiences can cause internal competition. It leads to higher ad costs and less efficient spending.
  • Lead quality issues: Lead ads may generate a high volume of leads, but they could be of inferior quality, leading to poor conversion rates.
  • Retargeting challenges: Retargeting relies heavily on Facebook Pixel data. Privacy changes and browser restrictions can easily affect this.
  • Creative strategy and testing: Testing different ad creatives and formats can be time-consuming and requires significant resources.
  • Ad approval delays: Ads often require multiple submissions because of unclear reasons for rejection, delaying campaign launches.
  • Attribution challenges: Tracking the journey from Facebook ad to conversion is complex because of multi-touch attribution and cross-device activity.

To address these challenges with Facebook advertising, you should clearly understand Facebook’s advertising ecosystem. Hiring a marketing agency can be costly if you are just starting out. You can opt to take Facebook ads courses and do it yourself to save money. You also need to regularly refine your strategies. Incorporate other marketing channels like email, Google Ads, and content marketing.

Why Local Lead Generation is Better Than Facebook Advertising?

Local lead generation is better than Facebook advertising. Especially in promoting local businesses like gyms. This is because it directly focuses on reaching people in the immediate geographic area who are more likely to join the gym. Despite detailed targeting options, Facebook ads can still reach a broader, less specific audience. This leads to less qualified leads. Local lead generation often results in higher intent leads. This is because these prospects are already searching for gym services or have shown genuine interest. Facebook advertising can generate a high volume of leads, but much may be of lower quality because of less personal targeting.


In addition, ads can sometimes feel intrusive or less trustworthy compared to the top-ranking business website from Google. Using local SEO can be cost-effective with higher conversion rates as compared to Facebook ad cost which can quickly add up because of competition and increasing cost per click/lead. Facebook advertising focuses on lead acquisition, often overlooking member retention strategies. Businesses using it may struggle to convey a strong local presence because of generic ad creatives or messaging. Local lead generation relies on local SEO,  reducing reliance on changing algorithms or policies. For example, if you want to promote a local gym, all you need to do is create a website with optimized content for local keywords and gym-related queries. Once it ranks and starts generating leads, you can rent it for $500-$3000 per month. You can also repeat the process for gyms in other geographical locations without additional stress on your part. 

So, if you wanted something that you could scale easily and that would generate cash flow month after month, try local lead generation

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