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Last night's live was pretty fun, we all hopped on to wish Dan, a happy birthday, quarantine style.

In these trying times, I'm blessed to be part of a tribe that continually strives for success and positivity.

It truly is a huge advantage in business, when you have access to a network of other entrepreneurs that are aligned with the same values as you...

Heck do the same business as you, surrounding yourself with people that's been there and done it. 

If you model yourself exactly like others that are already at the level of success that you wanna get to, then how can you fail?

What makes our group of 5800 students tick is the awesome leadership by Dan.

Week in and week out he's been doing live coaching calls for us since fricken' 2014.

I mean this level of dedication is unmatched on the internet.

About a week ago I made this quick montage of Dan. Enjoy.

Dan Consistently Coaching Since 2014

Dan & his awesome wife Tori invited me to their homes, spent a whole week there in 2018, which is ultimately how I decided to move from Michigan to California.

You can check out some Instagram clips from that time here on my IG account.

It was amazing....

To be able to go to my mentor's house for a week...

To actually go inside his dope pad that I've been seeing on the weekly lives since 2014.

To actually see him work, managing his team & motivating them, 

and riding shot gun in his lambo.

Over the years his mindset when it comes to business and money has rubbed off on me and its a big part of where my financial confidence comes from.

I truly believe that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur you need 2 things.

  • Skills
  • Mindset

Believe it or not, mindset is very difficult to get right despite what most people think.

Just because you read few self-development books, doesn't mean you're going to be able to think on the level of Dan.

It takes years of passion and obsession for the brain to completely rewire till it becomes who you are.

And one of the worst things that can impede on that development is the people you choose to surround yourself with.

However if you surround yourself with the right people, you will be amazed how you begin to naturally shift as a person (at the subconscious level)

There's a lot more but just off the top, here's some top lessons from Dan

Top Money & Business Lessons I learned from Dan

  • Don't Get Mad At Your Money (Sometimes its better to just take the deal, even if it's less than you had hoped, take the money and move on to the next)
  • Money doesn't bring happiness but neither does being broke
  • Provide Results in Advance, take a sliver to deliver
  • Take Imperfect Action
  • Only worry about the things you can control
  • Find something or someone to compete against
  • If it was easy everyone would be doing it
  • I'd rather face the struggles of being an entpreneur than being a 9 to 5 slave for the rest of my life

There's actually so much more but I'll just end the list here for now.

The key... is to not hear these things once or twice, but to continually show up on the weekly lives and every week do your best to live by these principles.

Its the fundamentals that make the biggest difference.

Michael Jordan shot free throws every practice. He never felt he was too good for it.

BTW how lit is The Last Dance documentary?

It really shows what goes into becoming the best basketball player of all time, arguable one of the greatest athlete of all time.

MJ was gifted physically, but the mental aspect of his game was clearly on another level above his adversaries. 

To me what was most interesting is that MJ had to concoct all these different naratives in his mind of people on the opposing team that disrespected him so that he can make the match personal to him, allowing him to rise to another level of play.

Trash talking MJ was literally known throughout the league as the wors thing you could ever do.

He was feared in the league. Even by his teammates.

Some people dared to trash talk him to their demise, as MJ systematically dismantled their entire team along with humiliating that player by dropping 50 points & playing hellacious defense on him.

What's funny is that some say some of these stories were completely fabricated by MJ, he just needed a reason to get him going.

There is this one story during the playoffs, one coach on the opposing team didn't come shake his hand but just walked past him, and MJ took that as a sign of disrespect and he went berzerk on their team.

MJ says "That's all I needed"...

Some may even call that petty, but even the greatest athlete of all time found so called "petty" reasons to get him fired up to play at the highest level.

I just thought that was super interesting because we talk about this all the time in our coaching program.

Here you can see us discussing this very topic

Some Recent Testimonials

We are definitely getting more people to apply to our program than ever because of the quarantine, imo its been a wake up call for many people.

They've become fed up with not having their money under their own control.

If you're still on the fence but wasting this time in quarantine not doing anything productive, shame on you because you will likely come out of this thing with regret instead of real life results like these guys.

(these are testimonials that just came in this month)

This video was posted in our group on 5/25 by a new student

As you can see we are blessed with a business model that is  recession proof & pandemic proof... because most of the time we are generating leads for industries that are necessities.

What About E-Commerce?

I've been seeing some online "gurus" like Tai Lopez talking about how "Results are in, E-commerce has won"

Yes Amazon has been winning clearly because of COVID-19 but that isn't to say I'd wanna get into e-commerce myself, especially if I don't have buckloads of cash to burn.

Amazon's success came from their ingenious user interface, that recommends similar products to consumers which results in better buyer experience.

This is not the same as you going into dropshipping now and creating your own Shopify store.

Tai Lopez says that the key to suceeding is catching trends early...

Well e-commerce has already been trending since 2017, due to the ease of everyone getting into shopify dropshipping to the point now where I believe its too saturated now.

I see Tai as more of an opportunistic "guru" that wants to capitalize on today's uncertain times due to COVID-19.

But when you actually look into his career, he hasn't really built a e-commerce business from scratch, its all been through his partners that did most of the work.

He just put his clout on it which most of us don't have.

IMO his not a great guru to follow because he's not willing to tell you the main reasons that makes him successful, which is creating a serious personal brand through taking some extreme measures like renting mansions, cars, girls

He then packages his "secret to wealth" as something that makes you feel is easy to attain like "read this book and follow the 5 steps and you'll get rich"

(honestly explains why his audience is mostly younger age, this is also confirmed by someone I know that used to be part of his mastermind)

Anytime I've looked into any of Tai's stuff it never has any depth because he's clearly never truly built any of those businesses that he claims he's an expert in.

Like he has not built a real social media marketing agency or e-commerce business... let's be real.

The requirements to truly succeed in e-commerce has been becoming increasingly more difficult as of late.

These days you actually need to create a legit product that's got a unique enough twist that people will buy it from Instagram or Facebook versus going to

I recently bought the above iPhone mount because it had a cool LED lighting that came with it, which made it unique enough from the other mounts I saw on Amazon for me to buy it from a shopify store, even though I knew the shipping was going to take 3-4 weeks or more.

(Which it did)

This does require product design and working with manufacturing companies to create a product that doesn't quite yet exist in the market place yet.

You would need at least $15K to create new products like this, so you're now looking into taking some risks here with no guarantee of it ever paying off.

Hey if you're passionate about a certain product or niche and you feel like you can bring something special to the market place then it may be worth taking that risk.

But what most people are doing in e-commerce is simply copying other people's product ideas and trying to find a cheaper version that they can dropship from China.

These types of e-commerce businesses don't last very long and the amount of unsatisfied customers that you have to deal with by giving refunds and dealing with complaints all day long just makes that type of business something I would never want to do.

& What happens when your product becomes obsolete by a new product thats better and more shiny than yours.

What happens when it goes out of style?

Marketing however is always in style

I speak with conviction because I see daily testimonials from our lead generation group that has proven to me that our business model is immune to the recession or pandemics. 


2014 I joined this lead generation program and it has changed my life in every way.

Thanks to Dan's coaching over the years (live coaching twice per week in the FB group)

I've completely changed my life financial as well as my mindset when it comes to ability to earn income.

The confidence I've gained as a person through becoming an expert at something is priceless.

This week Dan asked me and Shiv to do one of the Tuesday lives.

I can talk about lead generation till the cows come home at this point.

Me and Shiv answered student's questions for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

1000 live viewers 

That's whats so cool about a well established group like ours.

You're getting support from not just the main coach Dan but from multitudes of other successful students that's been there and done it.

We can speak with expertise & confidence because we've actually been out there building a real business of lead generation.

By sticking with us, and becoming part of this community + continually taking action, you can't help but to become an expert overtime.

And when you become that expert, you're now valuable to the marketplace and next thing you know you're living a life 90% of people wishes they had.

What's cool about having marketing skills is that you're the product that's never going out of style, your succcess does not rely on some physical product that could become obsolete over time.

Travel whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, create new income sources whenever you want, living life on your own terms.

If you guys truly understood how delicious  the life is on the other side, then you would no worry about any stumbling blocks that may get in the way, you would become dedicated on this journey & make no more excuses.

Click here to find out how you can join us.

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  1. hello i have been reading your blogs for sometime now, could you tell me how uch your course cost please.
    kind regards

  2. I am so happy that I found and joined this opportunity! I joined 5 weeks ago, have 3 sites out there, doing their thing and I look for “low hanging fruit” daily as well as “creative GMB” ideas! The words that I have just used were totally alien to me in my daily language – but what I am familiar with is the inspirational and motivational language that exudes throughout this group – this has always been my language! Thank you guy’s – I’m home – I’m getting off of the hamster-wheel!

  3. I’m pretty interested in this business model, but had some questions for you!

    1. How long does it typically take to rank a website? Can it be ranked on the 1st page within a month?

    2. If the website is still in the process of ranking, do you guys teach where you can get a client while using a free Google Ads coupon from online and provide results in advance to them so they can sign on so you’re still getting paid while your property is ranking?

    Thank you!

    1. 1. typically takes 3-6 months
      2. Yes we have a strategy of using Adwords coupons to get clients while the site is ranking

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