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Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 Review: What are the Key Sales Lessons From Dan Lok?

May 9, 2024

The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0  program by Dan Lok teaches high-ticket closing skills. Students get several hours of direct mentorship each week, with live classes and access to recordings. The program provides comprehensive resources and assignments to help students practice. 

People from Trustpilot, Reddit, Quora, and YouTube have mixed opinions about Dan Lok and his High Ticket Closer. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from Trustpilot. Some people have praised its comprehensive approach to high-ticket sales. They also like its live coaching sessions and emphasis on mindset. Many note that the program helped boost their confidence and communication skills. Participants also value its supportive community. However, others have criticized the program's high cost, lack of practical sales strategies, and a heavy focus on upselling.

High ticket closing can be profitable. But its profitability depends on many factors. This includes market niche, sales professional skills, sales process, and many more. For example, one of Dan's students, Khalil, earned $15,000 with one sale. But, high ticket closing also involves risks and challenges. This includes the difficulty of building trust, understanding client needs, and overcoming objections. High-ticket sales often have lengthy sales cycles which can be difficult to manage. It usually involves emotional buying decisions, price negotiation, post-sale support, and high competition.

This High Ticket Closer review will delve into the pros and cons of the program, content, and inclusions. We will also look at reviews, students' success stories, and more. In the end, we will discuss a different business model that offers more stability than high-ticket closing. 

High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 Review: Pros and Cons 


The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 program provides a comprehensive training on high-ticket sales. 

Dan Lok is a pretty well-known figure in high-ticket sales. 

The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 offers access to exclusive groups, resources, and templates.

The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 come with one-on-one live sessions with coaches. 


The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 program is expensive.

The program's approach to sales can be aggressive, which might not suit everyone.

The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 program has too many upsells. 

There is no guarantee that it works the same for everyone. 


The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 cost $6997. 


The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 training combines live instruction, interactive learning, practical exercises, and mentorship.


Dan Lok has over 2.4M followers on Facebook, 1.8M on Instagram, 55.6K on X, 4283.7K on TikTok, 4.77M subscriber on YouTube, and 66.74 on LinkedIn. 

Refund Policy

The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 has no refund policy. However, you may cancel or change it within 24 hours from purchase only. 


The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 started in 2017.


Dan Lok and High Ticket Closer's reputation in the marketing world is good. People know him for his entrepreneurial success, online presence, and high-ticket sales training programs. Many news outlets, TV channels, and online publications also featured him.. Dan also boosts multi-million followers on his web platforms and social media pages. 

What are the Key Sales Lessons from Dan Lok?

The key sales lesson from Dan Lok is to never sound like a salesperson. This means you must not look, act, or smell like a stereotypical self-centered salesperson. The real trick is making people feel like they bought rather than forcing them to do so. As Dan said, "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy". Here are some other key sales lessons from Dan: 

  • Don't get overly excited: It's always a good idea to stop and take a breath before you pick up that phone. The tone is key. How you say something is more important than what you say. 

  • Don't talk too fast: This will help you get your message out more clearly.

  • Don't justify your value: This is important because you'll appear more confident.

  • Don't use traditional sales tricks and techniques: Be different!

  • Don't try to "please" or "chase" prospects: Don't be needy!

  • Wait before giving information: You always answer a question with a question. You should wait before giving information until you determine there is a profitable reason.

  •  Let the prospect do the talking: The less you talk, the more you sell. The prospect should be doing 80% of the talking, you should be asking questions and listening. Get them involved and excited so they will take action now. 

  • Ask the right questions: Judge your client's level of interest from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. If it's lower than a 5, use reverse psychology, you keep the prospects off balance and lead them to their logical conclusion.

Sales Roleplay (Breakdown)

One of the most valuable things from the High Ticket Closer program was the recorded roleplays. In one of them, you'll see Dan's student, Desmond answer Kayvon's questions with a question. This is one of how he uses reverse psychology, instead of selling hard.

Asking qualifying questions, like "I'm not sure if you're a good fit for our program?" makes the prospect chase you and begin to sell themselves on why they will be a good fit. Also, Desmond purposely put pauses throughout the call, using the tonality of a doctor. That means you don't sound overly excited, but you stay calm and in control throughout the call.

Kavyon: "Can you tell me more about this course?"

Desmond: "I don't know... what do you want to know?"

Kavyon: "I got a full-time job and I'm just looking for something I can do on the weekends."

Desmond: Pause... "Hmmm sigh, I don't know if this is gonna work out then, we're only looking for someone very serious about making this work. So which one are you? Are you looking for something to try out? Or are you going to be committed?"

Kavyon: "Can you offer a guarantee?"

Desmond: "I don't know... can you guarantee that you're gonna show up & do the work?"

Kavyon: "Do you offer a payment plan?"

Desmond: 5 sec Pause..... "What are you proposing?"

Another series of questions that dug deeper into Kavyon's personal life & psychology are the following:

"Why do you want this?"

"Why do you want to help your mom so much?"

"What kind of car model & color do you want?"

"How will that make you feel, driving up to your mom's place in your brand new car and being able to hand her the check for her mortgage?"

Desmond uses one question at a time to understand. He tried to understand what's driving clients. This brings their pain points to the surface and increases their desire for the product to a high 9-10 interest level.

If there are any objections, Dan taught not to try to push them to buy. What you do is ask questions to get to the bottom of what could be stopping them from taking action. Dan Lok believes that sales are more about the process of discovery. To be a High Ticket Closer is to become an excellent listener.

Why is Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer™ 3.0?

High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 is a program that delivers a comprehensive sales training program. Dan Lok developed this program to help professionals master high-ticket sales. It offers a structured approach focusing on the art of closing high-ticket deals. The course comes in five modules, offering 50 hours of content. The High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 provides personalized coaching and a supportive community.

The program comes with a detailed curriculum to guide participants through the training. It focuses on providing opportunities to practice skills in a safe environment and receive feedback. Participants should expect to gain confidence, overcome sales-related limiting beliefs, and improve sales techniques. The program applies to a wide range of industries, from real estate and retail to consulting and luxury goods. 

What are the Inclusions of High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 ?

  • 8 One-On-One Coaching Sessions with a Certified High Ticket Coach (Value $3,000)
  • Exclusive Access To The Private High Ticket Closer™ Members Group
  • 24/7 Access to a Secret-Underground Platform To Role-Play and Practice 
  • All New Accountability Partner Program (Value $1,500)
  • Bonus #1: 6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula™ of Dan's Proven Business Model (Retails for $995)
  • Bonus #2: Recordings Of Actual Real-Life Role Plays And Sales Calls (previously listed for $1,998.00)

What is High Ticket Closer™ 3.0's Curriculum ?

Module 1: Close Your Way to The Top

Module 1 focuses on developing a mindset that helps sales professionals succeed at a high level. It introduces a mindset that Dan Lok and his students use to overcome obstacles and stay resilient. This module equips you with the right attitude and mental toughness to excel in a fast-changing world and achieve your sales goals.

Module 2: The Secret Psychology of High Ticket Closing

Module 2 explores the underlying psychology of why people buy high-ticket products and services. It helps business owners and sales professionals understand the factors that drive these sales. By learning these psychological triggers, you can boost your sales skills and confidence.

Module 3: How To Close Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

This module focuses on the tactics and strategies to close deals. It teaches specific techniques that are currently successful in sales. By mastering these steps, you will gain confidence in any selling or closing scenario. The aim is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to close deals faster and with greater certainty, making you a high-ticket sales superstar.

Module 4: Power Persuasion: Psychological Tricks & Tactics For Getting People To Say Yes

Module 4 is about mastering techniques to influence people's decisions without seeming pushy. It teaches you how to use psychological patterns to get prospects to agree with you and say yes to your suggestions. This module aims to help you feel more confident and effective in your sales approach. It makes the process feel more natural and less like hard selling.

Module 5: Effortless Objection Handling: 27 Common Sales Objections And How To Respond To Each One

Module 5 teaches you how to handle common sales objections without using high-pressure tactics. Instead, you'll learn a simpler method to address objections and close sales with ease. The module covers 27 of the most common sales objections. It also teaches how to respond to each one calmly and effectively. This allows you to handle sales appointments or calls more confidently.

Module 6: Social Selling Secrets: How To Leverage Social Media and Technology To Engage More Buyers and Close Deals Faster While Keeping Your Pipeline Full

Module 6 is about using social media to find more leads and close sales quickly. It explains how you can use social platforms to engage with potential buyers and keep their sales pipeline full. The focus is on leveraging social media to boost sales, get more appointments, and close deals faster.

Module 7: Advanced Cold Calling: How To Generate Opportunities Without Stress, Fear And Rejection

Module 7 focuses on advanced cold-calling techniques that reduce stress, fear, and rejection. The module teaches how to use modern technology to merge social selling with initial text messages and phone calls. This approach helps fill your sales pipeline without the typical pressure of traditional cold calling. The module shows how to approach prospects in a way that feels less like begging for a sale and more like building connections.

Module 8: Advanced Closing Secrets Most Business Owners and Salespeople Never Master

Module 8 focuses on advanced closing secrets that most business owners and salespeople struggle to master. It reveals the common habits and traits of successful high-ticket closers, based on an analysis of 8,000 closers over two years. The module aims to help participants understand what sets these closing superstars apart. It provides a straightforward plan for adopting these successful habits to achieve your goals.

The "HTC Way" Reference Manual (Value $1,000)

The "HTC Way" Reference Manual is a companion resource for the High Ticket Closer™ Certification program. It is a 200-page physical manual designed as a desk reference, providing a written format of the program's teachings. It is shipped to your home or office, allowing you to review the content at your convenience. The manual covers all eight modules of the High Ticket Closer™ program in a step-by-step format. This resource allows you to revisit key concepts as you progress through the program.

Who is the High Ticket Closer™ 3.0  For?

  • Business owners who want to improve their ability to close high-ticket deals and increase revenue.
  • Sales professionals working in sales who aim to enhance their closing skills and performance.
  • Coaches and consultants who want to grow their client base and business.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups who need to learn effective sales techniques to succeed in a competitive market.
  • Individuals seeking to build confidence, overcome sales-related limiting beliefs, and get advanced closing skills. 

What People are Saying About High Ticket Closer 3.0?

People have very mixed opinions about High Ticket Closer. Some students find value in the program's coaching and community. Others were concerned about its cost and aggressive marketing tactics. If you're considering this program, it's important to weigh these perspectives.

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Reviews From Trustpilot 

High Ticket Closer 3.0 reviews from Trustpilot are mixed. Dan Lok got a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from 192 reviews. Most of the reviews are positive. For instance, Guilherme Machado said Dan always over-deliver. He recommended buying bundle kits for better value. He also found the insights actionable. Maria Baiocco found the program resourceful and well-delivered, and valuable.  

Many reviewers find course materials structured and engaging. They also mentioned it helped them to transform their approach to business and sales. Also, reviewers appreciate the supportive and engaging community. They have a Facebook group, where they interact, share experiences, and receive guidance from Dan Lok and his team.

Reviewers also appreciate the one-on-one sessions, useful course bundles, and interactive virtual events. Some also said that the cost of the program is reasonable for the value it provides.

Reviews of Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer 3.0 and other associated programs also state a range of negative experiences. For example, Rudi aus Buddln describes Dan Lok's program as an absolute scam. Khalid Omar Ismailzada reported investing $90,000 in Dan Lok's business group over two years. He claimed that he did not get his money back. 

high ticket closer review

Many critics said the program lacks practical value. In addition, many people are not happy with the manipulative tactics used to sell his programs. Others pointed out that self-help books offer Dan's advice for a lesser price. One customer reported experiencing difficulty with customer support when trying to fix an issue. 

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Reviews From Quora

The High Ticket Closer reviews from Quora reflect a mix of experiences. Some found value in the program, citing personal growth and improved income. Others criticized the high cost and recommended finding cheaper alternatives.

For example, Roop Singh went through the High Ticket Closer program with skepticism because of his financial background. But, after completing the program, he found it delivered on its promises. He double his income and leave his job as a financial analyst, despite working fewer hours. 

In contrast, Hugo Victor emphasized that the program's cost is high, even though learners can grasp its core content in about four hours. He mentioned that Dan Lok's teachings resemble Tony Robbins' style but offer limited value. He advised against investing if you don't have the money to spare. 

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Reviews From Reddit

A Reddit user described Dan Lok's High-Ticket Closer program as a scam and warned against spending money on it. According to the review, Dan Lok and his team deleted negative comments, threatened legal action, and ran a pyramid scheme. This user also said that the program doesn't work. He added that the program encourages members to recruit others.

Several Reddit users shared their views on Dan Lok, expressing skepticism and caution. They felt his content lacked substance. Many users found Dan Lok's sales approach pushy and manipulative. They warned against buying courses from these types of individuals. They emphasize using gurus for motivation rather than buying into their programs or courses.

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Reviews From LinkedIn

Dan Lok has received high praise on LinkedIn for his programs. Reviewers highlight his over-delivery of promises. They also mentioned that Dan's seminars extend well beyond scheduled times to provide immense value. These clients also noted that his teaching style helped them achieve career shifts and financial success.

Despite many people saying Dan is arrogant, many also say that he is a humble and approachable mentor. His programs equip individuals with the skills needed to excel in high-ticket sales. Some students called his mentorship life-changing and inspiring. 

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Reviews From YouTube

Garrett mentioned that he lost an estimated $26,000 to Dan Lok's courses. Over time, Garrett noticed the high-pressure sales tactics, more fees, and upsells. He spent $26,000. The intense pressure led Garrett to quit his job, expecting that the High Ticket Closer program would lead to a successful career in sales. But he faced challenges and doubts as the program's promises of success failed to materialize.

Joel had a sales career before joining Dan's course and made $8,000 monthly income. A few months later, his sales dropped by $4,000, which led him to Dan's course. Joel paid $2,500 for Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Program. He explained that Dan Lok's modules were of inferior quality in content. Joel also complained about the lack of practical sales strategies in the program. He added that it is more like pitching products and handling objections effectively.

He felt misled by the lack of support and clarity of the course. Dan promised job placement for members of the inner circle, but according to Joel, he did not fulfill this promise. Senior members pressured new members to buy upsells, recruit other, or join the inner circle.

High Ticket Closer 3.0 Success Stories

Trevor is originally from Hong Kong and moved to the United States at 14. He had a corporate job for over a decade but never felt it was his calling. Trevor was hesitant about the program's emphasis on phone conversations. He found it costly but later saw the benefits. Trevor believes the program offers value because it  provided him a high-income skill and transformed his mindsets. He also said that the program requires dedication, time, and openness to feedback. 

Other stories posted on his website come from Benjamin who got a 2K bonus for recovering 35 failed closes. 

Is Dan Lok a Scam? 

No, Dan Lok is not a scam. He has faced allegations of being a scam, often fueled by negative reviews and viral videos. Despite this, many online claims come from individuals who have never bought his courses. But, many people also said that they gained valuable skills that have helped them as an entrepreneur. Critics often point out his aggressive upselling tactics, high program cost, and ineffectiveness. Despite these criticisms, many found his training to be valuable and effective.

Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok is an entrepreneur, author, and business mentor known for his success in high-ticket sales and marketing. Dan Lok grew up in Hong Kong with a comfortable life. After his parents divorced when he was 16, he and his mother moved to Vancouver, living in a low-rent, one-room apartment. His father declared bankruptcy, leading to financial difficulties. He began reading self-help books and watching Bruce Lee movies for inspiration. Dan started various side hustles, like mowing lawns and fixing computers, to make money. He has attempted several business ventures but failed 13 times in three years. By his 21st birthday, he owed $150,000 to friends and family.

He met Alan Jacques, who inspired him to learn copywriting. Dan pursued Alan, offering to help him in any way he could. Alan mentored him, teaching him copywriting and business skills. Dan started his advertising agency and earned his first significant profits.

Dan Lok's journey continued with his second mentor, Dan Pena. Under his guidance, he further developed high-income skills. By age 27, he became a self-made millionaire, and shortly after, an eight-figure entrepreneur. Today, he has gained recognition for his books, business programs, and online presence, as he assists others in developing high-income skills. Dan Lok is now a globally respected entrepreneur and mentor with tens of millions of followers across his brands. He received features in major publications and television networks. Including, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Money, Business Insider, and Tedx. He is the managing partner of DragonX Capital, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies. Dan has written 12 books and built a coaching and consulting enterprise that has sold over $100 million worth of programs. He is the chairman of the Dragon 100™, an advisory group for entrepreneurs generating 7- and 8-figure revenues. He also founded the TIGER Council.

Dan commands a global following of over 10 million across various social media platforms. He has authored publications such as Unlock It from Forbes Books. Dan also wrote Experience And The Entrepreneurial Spirit from the Entrepreneur Magazine and many more! He also received many prominent awards, such as the 40 Under 40 issued by Business Elite in 2019. Another award is the 2019 Marketing Executive of the Year issued by Best in Biz Awards. 

What is Dan Lok's Net Worth?

Dan Lok’s net worth is approximately between $112 to $120 million as of 2024, according to The Strive. But how did Dan Lok make his money? Dan Lok makes his money through a combination of online marketing, coaching, and educational programs. He is best known for his High-Ticket Closer™ program. Aside from his high-ticket coaching programs and courses, he also earns from his social media channels, venture capital and investments, books, and speaking engagements.

Is High Ticket Closing Legit?

Yes, high ticket closing is legit because many people find success in this sales approach. For example, Aaron Martinez from Remote Closing Academy states that high-ticket closers can earn between $10,000 and $40,000 a month. Income for high ticket closers can range from $28,000 to $140,000 annually, with an average of $77,000, according to ZipRecruiter. There is a demand for this kind of job because of industries that need personalization in sales. This includes luxury goods, high-end business consulting, AI software, healthcare, and many more.

However, high-ticket closers face challenges. Most of these jobs are commission-based income without base pay. High ticket closers earn a commission, ranging from 10% to 20% of the sale price, with bonuses depending on performance. It is also difficult to find high-value clients all the time. Kevin Yee of Kaizen Closing mentions that high ticket closing is hard because deals can fall apart at the last minute. This means that there is no steady stream of opportunities. High ticket closing requires advanced techniques. To succeed, you need to focus on emotional and psychological needs. According to the Harvard Business Review, 95% of purchasing decisions are driven by emotional factors.

Why Local Lead Generation Offers More Stability Than High Ticket Closing?

Local lead generation can offer more stability than high-ticket closing for several reasons. First, it involves generating leads for local businesses on a subscription or retainer basis. This model creates a more predictable and consistent revenue stream. Clients often sign long-term contracts for regular lead delivery and will pay $500-$3000 per month. This stability contrasts with high-ticket closing, which relies on closing large, high-value deals. This can be inconsistent and subject to market fluctuations. 


Local lead generation allows you to work in various industries and areas. This reduces the risk associated with a few high-ticket clients. Local lead generation fosters long-term relationships with clients, encouraging trust and stability.High-ticket closing often involves using aggressive sales techniques and pressuring clients. In high-ticket closing, the pressure to close significant deals can be intense. Local lead generation allows you to work at a steadier pace.It is also more adaptable to changes in the market. High-ticket closing may be more susceptible to shifts in demand or market conditions.

So, if you are looking for more stable and consistent income stream, with the flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics and a broader client base, try local lead generation.

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  1. Dan loks course was a complete disappointment and not worth 2500 by a long shot, I am being 100 percent honest. U just just summed the entire program up in your summary, nuggets and all.

    1. Listen to customers! Not people who havent bought the program!

      I have enrolled in this, you havent.

      The value Dan gav is priceless because he really cares about us. With other programs you will get these imformation, but you wont truly get it, after you finish it, you will fell like a mess.

      Actually, the value you find in Dans program is much more valuable than $2500. Much much more. He not only truly transfer you the skills, but he teaches you how life works.

      After 7 weeks of transformation, you will never view life, sales, marketing the same way again. You will know why this is the most important skill in business, and thats why he talks about it all the time…

      Your mentor, Dan really cares about yor success, maybe more than yourself. He doesnt check time when teaching a class and does everything for you to get it. He sometimes reveals things he hasnt planned.

      Dan is much more different than everybody, he does what he teach! He is also a very, very good teacher. He doesnt just teach to teach. Really, the result is guranteed!

      Its so, so worth it!

      Btw, the content is USEFUL from his 20 years of experience, no one on the internet teaches these. So powerful!
      He cant be replaced. Take action now, you will actually master a skill.

  2. I live in Banglasesh , I am also a student. I dont have money to join the program. $2,495.00 is Equal to BDT 212,075.00. This money in BDT is huge in our country. I need this skill badly and I am ready to learn but money is my biggest problem especially when USD – BDT.

    Is there any other way to join or learn what Dan teaches for free ?

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