Top 10+ High Ticket Closing Course List | Which High Ticket Closing Course is Best for Beginners?

May 22, 2024

The top 10 high ticket closing course list includes:

  1. - Cole Gordon 
  2. High Ticket Closer (Cerra's Closer Academy) - Adam Cerra
  3. Kaizen Closing 1-On-1 High Ticket Sales (Authentic Selling Accelerator) - Kevin Yee
  4. Millionaire Closer - Dylan Blyuss
  5. Closer Cartel 3.0 - Luke Alexander
  6. Elite Closers - Gentry Chidester
  7. Make Money With High Ticket Sales - Master It (Udemy)Become a High
  8. Ticket Closer - Joel Antonio Vazquez (Udemy)
  9. Empire Builders - Kelly Roach
  10. How To Sell High Ticket Products - Julian Leahy

High ticket closing is attracting a lot of sales reps, with so many course creators showing how much high ticket closers make. It's considered a recession-proof sales strategy. According to ZipRecruiter’s data, the best sales closers make up to $78,500 per year. The hourly rate is between $8.17 and $28.37 as of December 17, 2023. Dan Lok, the King of High Ticket and creator of a top high ticket closing course, says that in high ticket closing, a successful high ticket sales professional can get a 10% commission on a $10,000 sale.

High ticket closing work by solidly understanding the clients’ products and services. However, selling high ticket products or services would be more challenging than selling cheaper ones. While high ticket selling is a viable business model for those looking to be salespersons, you need to master holding better conversations and building relationships, says Kevin Yee, a PharmD from Henderson, Nevada, US, and founder of Kaizen Closing. It takes time before clients can trust businesses, with a survey showing that two years is needed.

This article lists the top 10 high ticket closing courses and the basics of those planning to start a business selling a high ticket offer or high ticket products. We’ll discuss which top high ticket closing course is best for beginners without sales experience and how to become a high ticket closer. By the end of the article, we’ll cover the 5 drawbacks of being a high ticket sales closer and if high ticket closing is the best way to make big money online. 

1. - Cole Gordon 

Cole Gordon's is an online sales training and recruitment company for coaches, consultants, and marketing agencies. It also helps other service-based online businesses by teaching negotiation techniques. They will also help underperforming teams learn closing techniques. focuses on teaching "leadership-driven sales" and building efficient sales teams for scaling businesses. 

The company's offerings, such as the Remote Closing Academy, have garnered mixed reviews. While many testimonials on its website and Trustpilot ratings are positive, reflecting success stories and effective training, some users have criticized it for overpricing, limited one-on-one coaching, and aggressive marketing tactics. But despite criticisms, has a significant reputation in the industry. Cole Gordon also reportedly earns up to $30 million annually, maintaining a strong social media presence focusing on sales and entrepreneurship education.


Highly positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot with a 4.6-star rating out of 922 reviews

Proven track record of placing top-performing sales reps who meet KPIs quickly and often get hired full-time

Extensive support system including coaching and a supportive community

Expertise in creating ethical selling frameworks, reducing awkwardness and pressure in sales

Personal success stories of students who have significantly increased their income after the program


Course might be too expensive for some, especially beginners

There is no refund or exchange policy, making it a riskier investment for some

Some negative reviews mention over-promising and under-delivering

Criticism for creating a culture where only positive outcomes are highlighted, potentially silencing those who are struggling


Price is not indicated on website. However, WealthByDefault shares that the current cost is $8,400.


More info:

2. High Ticket Closer (Cerra's Closer Academy) - Adam Cerra

Cerra’s Closer Academy by Adam Cerra is a 90-day training program that teaches you a method of selling naturally. Adam Cerra is from London, the United Kingdom, and is the CEO and founder of the DFY High-Ticket Closer agency. Adam has sold over $40 million in high-ticket offers for influencers and experts. 

Adam's high ticket closer program uses the Cerra closing technique built upon understanding human behaviors. Lessons include building trust with clients and long-term client retention strategies. The course is based on Adam’s 5-step signature method that goes beyond the traditional selling techniques. There’s also an opportunity to recover your investment because they’ll provide you with real sales calls where you’ll get real-time feedback and earn commissions. 


Adam’s agency has received very good high ticket closing reviews from reputable professionals like coaches at Mindvalley and founder of various organizations

Goes beyond traditional sales method

Opportunity to earn commissions while learning


Difficult to find other reviews other than those posted on Adam Cerra’s website

Expensive high-ticket closing course




3. Kaizen Closing 1-On-1 High Ticket Sales (Authentic Selling Accelerator) - Kevin Yee

Kaizen Closing is an inbound sales advisory founded by Kevin Edward Yee (Kevin Yee) in March 2020. Kevin is a Doctor of Pharmacy turned online entrepreneur and creator of the Authentic Selling Accelerator program. Kevin’s high-ticket coaching course is a 12-week program that provides 1-on-1 coaching to teach you how to build an 8-figure inbound sales process. It aims to help you develop the mindset to make you stand out, even if you’re just a beginner. 


1-on-1 bi-weekly coaching sessions for 12 weeks

Kevin uses a personalized and neuroscience-based approach to selling

Access to Kevin Yee’s exclusive community on WhatsApp

Weekly live lectures with recording


Expensive high-ticket closing course

You need to allot 2-3 hours a week to complete the required homework




4. Millionaire Closer - Dylan Blyuss

The Millionaire Closer is an affordable 50-module online course created by Dylan Blyuss. Dylan also founded the World Class Sales Agency, which offers sales consulting, solutions, and training. The Millionaire Closer program boasts of taking a “counterintuitive approach” to closing high-ticket products. You’ll learn Dylan’s 3-step process and get at least 5 bonuses for less than $3


Affordable course

Private 1-on-1 session

Access to the Millionaire Closer’s community

Access to a library of $5,000+ closer sales


Price offer apparently stays despite the announcement that it expires on a certain date

May have an upsell at the end part of the course

The website is not updated

Only few testimonies besides those posted on their website




5. Closer Cartel 3.0 - Luke Alexander

Luke Alexander created Closer Cartel 3.0, which promises you’ll learn every skill to be one of the top 1% sales representatives. The course was originally in May 2021, including a 7-phase curriculum that runs for over 30 hours. Its modules teach the fundamentals of sales, appointment setting, remote closing, handling rejections, and finding clients. The training will also teach you DM settings, phone settings, and qualifying prospects. 


Free discovery call

Luke has earned $30K per month as a high-ticket closer

Has over 450 students in their Discord community

3 live coaching calls weekly


Expensive course

Not for non-English speakers




6. Elite Closers - Gentry Chidester

Gentry Chidester, a high-ticket closer and mentor from Friendswood, Texas, created Elite Closers in March 2021. Elite Closers is a high-ticket mentorship program that effectively trains you to close high-ticket sales remotely. Gentry’s course offers guaranteed job placement after completion. The intensive training lasts 30 to 40 days, and they have a Facebook group with over 270 members.


1-on-1 coaching

14-day refund policy when you meet the requirements

Gentry has proven track record of success with $50 million in high-ticket sales and he has made 12,000 calls.

High ratings on Trustpilot with 4.9 stars


Price is not transparent

Conditional refund policy


Price is disclosed during their 1-hour discovery call.


7. Make Money With High Ticket Sales -Master It (Udemy)

Unlike the Millionaire Closer course that's taught by a guru, the Make Money With High Ticket is a course by Master It, a team of instructors. They help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed by teaching them skills. The course has a 16-step process for selling and establishing rapport with your clients. Its 6 modules contain 27 lectures and ‌ 2 hours and 13 minutes of presentation. It includes mindset training, high-ticket training, traffic training, strategy sessions, webinars, and client care training. Master It says that among other business resources, they focus on affiliate marketing and online marketing tips and reviews. 


Affordable course

Good source of information

Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

Lifetime access


Too generic for some students

Some resources lack detail

Method of presentation is monotonous

No 1-on-1 coaching

Last updated in 2018




8. Become a High Ticket Closer - Joel Antonio Vazquez (Udemy)

Become a High Ticket Closer: Inception Closing is a 3-hour, 27-minute course on Udemy created by affiliate marketing expert Joel Antonio Vazquez for beginners. This course includes lectures on how to sell without selling. It features modules on understanding the psychology of a sale, avoiding objections, convincing prospects, and increasing closes by 100%. The course includes 7 lectures and was last updated in 2021. But unlike Luke Alexander’s 3.0 Closer Cartel reviews, the High Ticket Closer Course has only a few written reviews.


Received a 4.8 rating among Udemy students

Easy to understand

Affordable course


Not too many reviews

Some students found it confusing and unorganized

Course was last updated in 2021




9. Empire Builders - Kelly Roach

The Empire Builders is a 12-month coaching high ticket sales course created by Kelly Roach. It combines high-level coaching and training for business owners whose annual revenue is over $150K. However, the course also caters to those with proven expertise who are ready to scale. 

Empire Builder boasts of taking the complexity out of building a scalable online business. It specializes in disruptive marketing, lead generation, high-volume sales, visibility, recruiting and hiring, and building an offer that scales. The program provides hands-on support, business strategists, and opportunities for networking and collaboration. 


Provides access to a complete coaching hub for trainings, templates, and resources

Access to the weekly live Biz and Build group call for master coaching with Kelly Roach

1-on-1 calls with a business strategist

Two-day in-person networking sessions


Expensive course

Not for beginners


$25,000 or 12 payments of $2,500


10. How To Sell High Ticket Products - Julian Leahy

How To Sell High Ticket Products Using Personal Branding is a one-hour class taught by Julian Leahy. The lecture has 6 lessons (1 hour and 13 minutes). It teaches how to target clients who will pay high ticket prices. The lesson also discusses the KNLTF (Know Like & Trust Factor) to guide you in your sales. It will also teach you imprinting, and the Sales Closing Formula Julian said allows you to pitch offers in every content.


Lecture is short and won’t take too much of your time

Designed for all levels of entrepreneurs

Instructions are clear and easy to understand


There are not too many reviews or testimonials for this class

There are cheaper or free courses providing the same content

No live coaching calls




Top High Ticket Closing Course For Beginners

Expand Your Horizons by Brent and Molly Orwell

Expand Your Horizons by Brent and Molly Orwell is an online training academy designed to equip students with high ticket sales skills. The academy offers comprehensive courses covering business creation, social media marketing, and mindset coaching. Learners also have the opportunity to participate in a multi-level marketing program with Enagic, a Japanese company specializing in alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines.

Price: Expand Your Horizon Academy costs AU$129 (US$83) per month. 

More info: Expand Your Horizons Academy Review 

Inbound Closer by Taylor & Payton Welch

taylor welch

Taylor Welch's Inbound Closer program, spearheaded by Payton Welch, is a high ticket sales training program, with an emphasis on affiliate marketing for Traffic and Funnels. The program promises to equip individuals with the skills to become proficient remote closers within 21 days, focusing on handling inbound calls and converting leads into sales. The Inbound Closer Accelerator covers topics like the Reflex Selling System, mindset and tactics, and advanced selling techniques. After completing this foundational course, participants are offered the Inbound Closer Certification Program which provides access to a network of business owners and further training in professional closing skills.

Price: The Inbound Closer Accelerator  course costs $97. The Inbound Closer Certification Program costs between $500-$997.

More Info: Inbound Closer Review

The Webinar Agency by Joel Erway

The Webinar Agency is a marketing firm that specializes in creating online sales presentations for clients with high-ticket offers. It was founded in 2015 by Joel Erway. The agency has helped over 200 clients. They used webinars to improve lead quality and conversion rates. Joel Erway is a former engineer who became a digital marketer. He has expertise in webinar promotion. This expertise is clear in the agency’s focus on making impactful 'power offers' through webinars. The Webinar Agency’s approach includes advocating for short, effective mini webinars. They aim to attract sales-qualified leads. This is a contrast to traditional, longer webinars. Their services cater to businesses seeking to augment sales through targeted, high-quality webinars.

Price: The agency's done-for-you service begins at $2,500, with an additional ongoing maintenance package available for $6,000 per month.

More Info: The Webinar Agency Review

XCloser Academy by Brenden Swank

The XCloser Academy offers a comprehensive high-ticket sales training program. It covers various topics from mindset to negotiation techniques to closing mastery. The program also provides custom learning packages, coaching, mastermind calls, mindset training, boot camps, sales mentoring, and job-hunting assistance. It promises to equip students with the skills to become Top 1% Closers. Zip Recruiter and HireWithNear said that a sales closer's average monthly base income is $3000. The market for luxury items is projected to grow, highlighting the demand for these jobs. Positive reviews and success stories are found on the academy's platforms only. 

Price: The price of XCloser Academy ranges from $49-$5000.

More Info: The XCloser Academy Review

Remote Closing Academy by Cole Gordon

Remote Closing Academy by Cole Gordon offers an online program designed to cultivate expert high ticket sales professionals. The course has a flexible curriculum that allows learners to progress at their own pace. Completion of the comprehensive sales training typically spans from 2 to 8 weeks. A seasoned professional in the field, Gordon imparts invaluable insights and techniques garnered from years of industry success.

Price: Remote Closing Academy cost is undisclosed on the website but online information suggests the course has a price tag of $8,400.

More Info: Remote Closing Academy Review

Closing Bible by Garrett Campbell

Closing Bible stands out for its guaranteed opportunities and high-income potential, with students earning an average of $10k per month according to testimonials and Trustpilot reviews. The program ensures quick placement, with students reporting job offers within one week to two months. The comprehensive training includes 20+ hours of recorded materials, live group calls, sales scripts, and trackers, as well as access to a supportive online community of over 120 members. Founded in 2022, Closing Bible has built a positive reputation, helping experienced sales representatives land high-level roles with flexible work schedules and the chance to work with warm leads.

Price: The cost of Closing Bible by Garrett Campbell is not publicly disclosed.

More Info: Closing Bible Review

How Do I Learn High Ticket Closing?

You can learn high ticket closing by enrolling in a high ticket course, gaining industry experience as a sales rep, and collaborating with other high ticket closers. A 2022 article by Kate Gibson for Harvard Business School Online shared 5 business learning methods. These methods include: 

  • Pursuing a degree
  • Getting inspiration
  • Gaining industry experience
  • Collaborating with others
  • Enrolling in an online course or certificate program

However, for Aaron Martinez, a popular sales consultant and part of the Remote Closing Academy from Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, pursuing a degree isn’t necessary when learning remote closing, including high ticket closing. Aaron says you need to cultivate the right mindset, understand your experience, and find and apply for a sales gig to become a high ticket closer. 

To learn high ticket closing, you'd need more than an hour, up to 90 days, or even 12 months, depending on the course. However, learning high ticket closing differs from mastering it. Dan Lok said his students would take 7 weeks to learn high ticket closing. Mastering high ticket closing, Dan adds, would take a few months for some people. Some take years, and some decades. Dan adds that among the factors that affect the duration of mastery depends on having the right mentor. Kevin Yee says becoming proficient in high ticket closing takes time. Kevin says some of his clients have been working on it for over a year and are still trying to master it. What's clear is that there is no quick path to mastery, and it requires ongoing effort and practice.

How to Become a High Ticket Closer?

  • Understand the psychology of selling high ticket products and services. You need to understand the buyer's motivation for spending on high-ticket products or services. This step includes understanding clients' needs and the potential benefits of the high ticket products you're selling to meet those needs. By understanding the high-ticket buyers' psychology, you can tailor your offers and effectively address their concerns.
  • Learn high ticket sales techniques. Learning high ticket techniques will take time. You can acquire sales skills or techniques from mentors or high ticket closers with proven, effective sales track records. The key is understanding how you should articulate the value of premium products and develop the ability to conduct in-depth discovery sessions to help you know your client's needs.
  • Become proficient through constant practice. Constant practice helps you improve your skills and become more proficient in high ticket selling. To keep learning, engage with clients, seek feedback, and refine your techniques.
  • Position yourself as an expert. Market your expertise in your chosen niche. Positioning yourself as an expert in your field requires creating content, participating in events, and maximizing social media.
  • Establish strong client relationships with high ticket clients. In any business, you need to nurture relationships with clients. Like high ticket closing deals, clients go for past relationships that exceed expectations and meet their needs. To succeed in high-ticket closing, focus on building long-term relationships based on trust.

Is Being a High Ticket Closer Legit?

Being a high ticket closer is legit because some high-ticket products and services provide value to customers. Selling a low or high-priced product depends on the amount spent to produce it and the value it gives to the client. Sales professionals close deals for premium-priced products or services in high ticket closing. These products or services range from luxury items, real estate, and high-ticket courses to exclusive memberships. According to (Growbo), an internet marketing service company has no strict standards, but the prices of high-ticket items are usually over $1,000. Matt Ackerson, the Brooklyn, New York-based founder and CEO of AutoGrow, said one of their clients sells medical devices called hyperbaric chambers worth $10,000.

However, some view high ticket closing as a scam, only benefiting gurus selling courses or masterminds. For instance, you may find comments on Reddit saying high ticket closing is a scam and that you won’t make money doing it on the side. This Redditor shares that the high ticket closing is not selling a real product. 

While it is difficult to find the right client, high ticket closing is sales, and choosing the right community, product, or service and client matters.

Do High Ticket Closers Make Money?

Yes, high ticket closers make money. They earn money in high ticket deals through commissions based on the value of the sales they successfully close. You can make $8.17-$28.37 per hour in high ticket sales as of December 17, 2023, according to ZipRecruiter. Also, the best sales closer jobs can pay up to $78,500 yearly. But Tim Denning, a blogger from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, says he knows a high-ticket closer who makes $15,000 monthly from only one client while working only 1-2 hours daily. 

The average commission for a high ticket closer typically falls between 10% to 30% or higher, says Ikechukwu Chukwudubem, an author who wrote an article for on February 17, 2023. The rate relies on factors such as the industry, product, and the specific company. Take the real estate sector, for instance, where high ticket closers commonly receive commissions ranging from 5% to 6% of the price. To illustrate, if a high ticket closer secures a listing for a $200,000 house at a 6% commission rate, their total commission would amount to $12,000. The earning potential for high ticket closers is directly tied to the value of the deals they successfully facilitate.

Is High Ticket Closing a Good Career?

Yes, high ticket closing is a good career. It is a viable source of high earnings because of the various industries with potential lucrative deals. For example, the 2023 Luxury Goods Market data shows that the luxury goods market, as of 2022, was valued at $31,674.51 million. It is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.74% and reach $68,576.78 million by 2028. This expansive market, where demand escalates with income, highlights the diverse opportunities within high ticket closing.

Additionally, niche markets like vintage cars contribute to the appeal. Statista estimates the global classic car market revenue to be 31.6 billion U.S. dollars for 2022, which will grow 9.6 percent annually until 2026. The likelihood of financial success and the ability to tap into thriving industries make high ticket closing a good career path.

What Are the Best High Ticket Closing Groups to Join?

  • High Ticket Closer™ 3.0 by Dan Lok equips business owners and sales professionals with the expertise and community to learn and thrive in closing High Ticket sales. Beyond the total course duration of 48.5 hours, the program integrates participants into a community of like-minded individuals, fostering valuable connections with fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. This group allows for an information and knowledge exchange, allowing participants to learn the nuances of different industries.
  • High Ticket Closers and Setters on Facebook is a useful platform for individuals seeking high ticket job opportunities in closing and appointment settings. With a membership of 27.1K, this free-to-join group facilitates a collaborative environment where members can post and apply for high-ticket closing and setting jobs. With a frequency of 2-3 posts per day, the group functions as a job board and offers several tips and advice to enhance skills and professional development. Beyond job-related content, members can engage in events tailored for high-ticket closers, fostering networking and knowledge-sharing within the community. 
  • High Ticket Inbound Closers Opportunity's on Facebook is likewise created to serve as an educational and recruiting hub within the high ticket closing domain. With 20K members, the group encourages experienced high ticket closers to share their valuable knowledge and insights. Beyond serving as an information exchange platform, the group actively promotes legitimate high ticket closing opportunities. The community's commitment to education and authenticity is reflected in the frequency of posts at least once daily, ensuring members are informed about the newest developments, strategies, and opportunities in the high ticket closing field. 
  • Remote Closing Academy, by Aaron Martinez, certifies sales professionals through its unique method. Notably, Remote Closing Academy goes beyond traditional training because participants are integrated into the recruitment pipeline upon completion of the requirements. It enables them to interview with the academy's network of industry partners. Moreover, the program teaches the skills needed to source inbound closer opportunities independently, ensuring a sustainable pathway to employment.

Where to Find High Ticket Closing Jobs?

  • Upwork

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook groups


  • SimplyHired

  • ZipRecruiter

  • Glassdoor

High ticket closing jobs can be found on various platforms catering to job seekers. Job boards like Upwork and Indeed currently showcase 149 and 78 high ticket closer positions, respectively. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, offers another avenue, with 104 high ticket closer jobs available in the United Kingdom alone at the time of writing. also has at least 75 relevant jobs for high ticket closers listed. Additionally, niche communities on Facebook, such as High Ticket Closers, serve as valuable hubs for job opportunities in this field. These platforms collectively provide diverse high ticket closing positions, allowing individuals to explore and secure roles that align with their skills.

What Are the 5 Drawbacks of Being a High Ticket Sales Closer?

  • Lack of control of time. Kevin Yee says you only have partial control of your time as a high ticket closer because you have to work with clients. Some clients might demand more of your time. High-ticket sellers have many tasks to do. Five years ago, a survey of 721 sales reps showed that sellers spend 35.2% of their time selling. According to Gabe Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer of Kustomer from Salt Lake City, Utah, this is considered revenue-generating. However, Gabe added that most of the time allotted for other tasks than selling involved administration-related assignments at 14.8%. As a high ticket seller, the other tasks include meetings, research, follow-up, prospecting, traveling, proposals, planning, and training.
  • No control over product or service quality. High ticket sellers or high ticket closers aren’t the owners of the products. Thus, they don’t have control over the quality of the product., by Lean Business Consultancy firm, published an article titled “An Introduction to the Cost of Poor Quality.” It said poor quality not only leads to lost sales. Its indirect effects include regulatory fines, legal action, damaged business relationships, and a loss of customer confidence.
  • High rate of client turnover. The 2022 data from Survey Sparrow shows that the average customer retention rate in the top 5 industries is 94%. It added that you should aim for "at least 85%" of the industry's average customer retention rate to stay strong and scalable. Here's the average customer rate per industry, according to Survey Sparrow: 
    • Insurance: 84%

    • Banking: 75%

    • Retail: 63%

    • Hospitality: 55%

    • FinTech: 37%

    • SaaS: 35%

    • Media: 25%

    • Edtech: 4%

    Also, market saturation can occur, and sometimes, there's a high drop-off rate because of the quality of leads, which is not always within your control.
  • Difficulty in finding the right clients. Syed Masood Ibrahim, Director of Operations for CrecenTech Systems Private Limited in Lahore District, Punjab, Pakistan, lists finding clients as one of the biggest challenges for being a high ticket sales closer. Syed adds that this is more challenging when you are working remotely because then there’ll be fewer opportunities for in-person networking. In 2014, Entrepreneur also published an article about a survey by a customer engagement company called SDL. The survey gathered data from 2,835 people, showing that it takes 2 years before a client can trust you. 
  • Establishing a reputation for newcomers. Related to the previous problem of finding a client for high ticket sales, closer is establishing a reputation. Since it takes at least two years for clients to trust a company or brand, beginners in high ticket closing might find it difficult to find opportunities. 

Conclusion: Is High Ticket Closing the Best Way to Make Big Money Online?

High ticket closing can be the best way to make big money online for salespeople who will put in effort to build relationships with clients, do high-ticket product research, and constantly close deals. However, you don't own the business in high ticket closing, diminishing or removing your control from product quality, client retention, and scalability. Working as a high-ticket closer makes you an employee or sales rep of the high-ticket product or service owner. Your client may choose to replace you anytime, thus there is no stability. Buyers' trust is also affected by the quality of your client-vendor's product, who is the business owner. 

In addition, high ticket closing is not for those looking for a source of passive income. High ticket closing requires active selling. You need to build client relationships constantly and research the market, the needs of potential buyers, and how the product or service you're selling can meet those needs. Again, finding clients and gaining a client's trust (that takes at least two years, according to a survey) are among the biggest drawbacks in high ticket closing. 

If you want a business model where you have full control, local lead generation is a good source of passive income. You can scale it as much as you want because you are the business owner. In local lead generation, you build a website and use Google's organic traffic. You're the business owner. You own the digital assets, which the local businesses rent. Thus, you have more control over the rental price and who to work with. 

While you need time to do niche research, content development, and website development, once you have ranked the website, it wouldn't take two years before the client trusts you. The website's ranking already proves to your clients that your website is the one they should rent. Otherwise, you could rent it to their competitor. Here's the tree care website I built in 2015, from which I earn $2,000 monthly. I own over 50 other websites like this, giving me a steady and predictable source of passive income. Learn about local lead generation biz today if you want a more scalable way to make big money online. 

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