High Ticket Masterclass Review – 5 Dropshipping Myths Uncovered

March 27, 2023

The High Ticket Masterclass by Joe Verschoor is a dropshipping course that will teach you how to get started selling high ticket products. The price tag alone screams that you're only going to learn the bare minimum of high ticket dropshipping. At only $200, you won't learn any in-depth strategies or get much value in the form of a list of high-ticket products that are profitable today, or even a list of reliable suppliers to get started with. All you learn in this course is the same as you'll learn in any basic dropshipping course. Simply how to get setup.

In this High Ticket Masterclass review, I talk about 5 dropshipping myths, who Joe Verschoor is, an overview of what you learn in this course, alternatives to this course and if dropshipping is worth it in 2024. Also, I'll compare dropshipping with the popular local lead generation business model that allows you to passively make money online without having to worry about any physical products.


You learn how to get started with dropshipping high ticket products

Joe has made over 7-figures in his high-ticket dropshipping business

Joe shows you how to find suppliers in the US to help speed up shipping times and improve product quality

1-on-1 help from Joe


High ticket dropshipping requires tons of patience because you aren't selling lower quality, trendy products from China

Paid traffic (PPC ads) for dropshipping are getting more expensive with each passing year, especially for high ticket sales

No Facebook ad or email marketing training


High Ticket Masterclass costs $199

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee


Dozens of training videos 


Private Discord channel support


Joe Verschoor started the High Ticket Masterclass in 2022


Joe is new in the coaching and dropshipping space, so there aren't any reviews of him and his course. His sales page also doesn't have any student testimonials. 

5 Dropshipping Myths

1. Dropshipping is Easy

Dropshipping isn't easy, though it works. There are many moving parts to this business model. You have to take time looking for profitable products using a variety of tools and methods. You've got to create ads that will provide you with an acceptable ROAS. To do that, you will have to split test different aspects of your ad like the copy, image, call to action, etc. to see what works best. Keep in mind that not every will be super profitable. You must also take time to take orders from customers and submit those orders to your suppliers/manufacturers. If there are any issues, communication between yourself, your customers and your supplier can get hectic. Also, before your products stop being profitable, you need to find the next few potential winning products to promote. This is a difficult, endless cycle that doesn't allow you to earn a passive income. 

2. Dropshipping is Dead 

Many online marketers believe dropshipping is dead. Dropshipping is not dead. It's just harder to make money today than it was in 2017.  People say it's dead because of how much harder it is to reach 6-figures in revenue, but it's not dead. Dropshipping will make you some money as a side income. 

3. Dropshipping is Illegal

Dropshipping is not illegal and you don't need to register your dropshipping store as a legal business entity. All you need is a landing page, a reliable supplier, products to sell and you are ready to go. Your dropshipping business can become illegal if you don't report any income you make.

4. You'll Get Rich Quick

There is no get-rich-quick-scheme. For years, people thought that making money with digital marketing was super easy. Especially with dropshipping because, years ago, it was easier than it is today. But there was still plenty of work to do, and still is. Now, with the rise in competition and the rise in ad cost across all ad platforms, getting rich quick with dropshipping is not a reality. There are too many moving parts.

5. Everyone Makes Money Dropshipping

Not everyone will make money dropshipping. There are many people that give up after their first product doesn't make them thousands of dollars per month. Only the people who put in the work of doing serious product research, split testing their ads, have a constant communication with suppliers and who provide the best customers service even when customers are unhappy will have success.

Who is Joe Verschoor?

Joe Verschoor is a 26-year-old internet marketing entrepreneur from Waukee, Iowa. In December 2019, he graduated from Iowa State University. While working remotely at Workiva, he started high-ticket dropshipping. After only 2 years, his dropshipping business grossed over $200K in revenue. 

In July 2022, he founded V-Commerce, which was his first online coaching program designed to help people start their own dropshipping course by selling a high ticket product.

Joe doesn't have a massive social media presence like other online gurus have. He has no YouTube channel and his Instagram account is personal, not business. 

Joe simply put together a course to share his business blueprint, which includes everything he's learned in 2 years of trial and error with the high ticket dropshipping business model. His goal was to add an income stream and help other aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

High Ticket Masterclass Overview

1) Finding a Niche

Joe walks you through his niche research process. He shows you what factors you should pay attention to as you go through your own niche research process.

2) Obtaining Business Credentials

Joe shows you how to set your business up properly, which includes opening a business bank account, leveraging business credit cards, and getting business credentials, such as EIN, DUNS, Sales Tax ID, and a resale certificate.

3) Getting Suppliers

For getting suppliers, Joe breaks down how to find and develop wholesale accounts with suppliers in the United States as opposed to getting products from suppliers in China. He gives you a behind the scenes look at how he writes emails and how he talks to suppliers on the phone. 

4) Building a Trustworthy, High-Converting Website

You get to see how Joe builds, organizes, and brands a trustworthy website. Not only that, you learn how to get trust factors such as product reviews and BBB accreditation as well as how to optimize your website to promote a high ticket offer or product. 

5) Running Targetted Google Ads For Immediate Results

To increase your chances of getting more sales, Joe shows you how to build and use Google ads, the Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. You even learn how to build remarketing campaigns. 

Is High Ticket Masterclass worth it?

High Ticket Masterclass is not worth it. Joe teaches you how to start a dropshipping business and he shows you how to find domestic suppliers, but you can get way more value investing in another course even if you have to pay more. A Discord community also doesn't make it feel as if you're close to the course creator. 

If this course isn't right for you, you can check my Creator review. It's a 100% free dropshipping class. 

High Ticket Masterclass Alternatives

Supreme Ecom Blueprint 2.0 by AC Hampton is a great online course to learn dropshipping. He does not teach high-ticket dropshipping, but he does show you how to get started from scratch. Everything you learn in this course could still help you make money online. AC updated his course in 2022 with the newest strategies and techniques. He teaches you how to get more sales by using Facebook ads and he shares a list of 950 winning products to help save you time. There's even SEO training and live webinars each week.

Price: Supreme Ecom Blueprint costs $597

More Info: Supreme Ecom Blueprint Review

You can't go wrong with Performance Dropshipping by Hayden Bowles. You'll also learn how to get started dropshipping and how to generate traffic on Facebook but, Hayden takes it a step further and shows you how to leverage TikTok to generate more traffic and sales. Hayden made it a point to emphasize scaling in a variety of ways in his course. He also gives you access to his sourcing sites and agents he uses to scale. The only con about this course is that there is no private Facebook group for support. 

Price: Performance Dropshipping Review costs $500

More Info: Performance Dropshipping Review

If you want to learn about more alternatives to this course, read my article on the best dropshipping courses in 2022.

Is Dropshipping worth it in 2024?

Dropshipping is worth it in 2024, if you understand you won't be earning a passive income. There is a lot of work you need to put in each day if you want to succeed. You have to take time searching and testing products to see which one will sell well. If you find a profitable product, you then need to run ads on social media platforms like Facebook or TikTok, which is getting more expensive as the years pass. 

Also, with dropshipping, you have to deal directly with customers, unlike with Amazon FBA. You take all orders and you have to position them with your suppliers. If there are any refunds or unhappy customers, you yourself have to deal with them. You don't get a break from this business model unless you hire a team to run your business, which also takes time to put together, and it cuts into your profit margins. 

As with other online business models, dropshipping will make you money, but you won't earn a predictable income each month like you can with local lead generation.

Final Thoughts

With local lead generation, you make money each month on autopilot without touching any physical products. You're only dealing with a digital product and you get to choose which niche you're going to get into, who you're going to send leads to and how much they're going to pay you.

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and it has been paying me $2000 every month ever since I ranked it on Google in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Local lead generation

It's just one of the over 50 lead generation sites I have that predictably pay me every month. 

All you have to do is build a simple website that offers a phone driven service, rank it on Google in your town, and exclusively send the leads to a local small business owner that wants more customers each month. You don't have to deal with testing paid ad campaigns, finding profitable products every few months, customer orders, or unhappy customers. 

If your client isn't taking care of the leads you send, you can easily start sending them to the competition who will pay more and do a great job.

Over 7400 students worldwide are working on building, ranking, and renting their digital products (properties). Each day, they're building their digital real estate empire on their path to financial freedom. 

To learn how you can save time and money by renting your own digital properties, check out the local lead generation training program.

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