What Is High Ticket Sales? Definition, Benefits & Approaches

July 20, 2023

What Is High Ticket Sales?

High ticket sales is an approach used to market expensive products or services. High ticket sales use funnels, digital marketing, and customer-centric strategies to tap into a person's pain points. The goal is to offer a high-end solution. But one that has value and can best solve their problem. 

Other High Ticket Sales Terms & FAQs

What Are High Ticket Sales Examples?

Examples of high ticket sales are an expensive product or service with a higher price than low-ticket offers, like an all-inclusive vacation, luxury yacht, or vintage accessories. High ticket sales provide more value to a consumer or tap into a bigger pain point. But because they have an elevated perceived value, prospects are willing to spend the money. For example, instead of spending $20 on an eBook, a high ticket offer could be something like a high ticket coaching program that might cost $1000+ but will help make a person's life better or teach them a new skill.

What Is A High Ticket Sales Company?

A high ticket sales company is a business that sells high end products or services. They focus on luxury and premium items that cater to an elitist or wealthy demographic. Because they sell high ticket products, an entrepreneur needs to sell less things to fewer clients. But this means they must adopt the right marketing strategy or leverage things like affiliate marketing and sales funnels. Then convince their ideal client that their offer is better than the competition.

What Is High Ticket Digital Marketing

High-ticket digital marketing advertises and sells products and services on the Internet and social media platforms. But the emphasis is on high-end items. Thus, the high-ticket digital marketing business model requires a calculated strategy. For example, a marketer needs to develop a well-designed sales funnel and invest in Facebook ads or a Google ads campaign. Then be willing to invest the time to nurture leads and build a relationship with a likely buyer. 

What Is A High Ticket Salary?

A high ticket salary for an inbound sales rep or high ticket remote closer, on average in the USA, is $5000-$20,000 per month. The pay rate depends on years of experience and the ability to consistently meet or exceed sales goals set by the sales team.

How Does High Ticket Selling Work?

High ticket selling works by connecting a company with the right people. It's like low-ticket selling. For example, the business model still combines online marketing, paid ads, sales funnels, and landing pages to get in front of an ideal buyer. However, instead of low-priced things, you sell luxury and high-end items. But the end goal, as always to make a sale.

  • Start by researching your ideal buyer persona and crafting the best offer for your product or service.
  • Then prepare a list of objections and pen a script to demonstrate the value of your high ticket item.
  • Next, qualify every lead and focus on lead nurturing. Then invest the time to go through each phase of your sales funnel with a potential client.
  • Give value and overdeliver on expectations. And consider adding a guarantee to reduce the risk.

The secret is to increase the perceived value of your item. Let a likely buyer envision themselves using it or picture their life if they don't buy it.

What Are The Benefits Of High Ticket Sales?

The benefits of high ticket sales include increased revenue from fewer leads. In addition, high ticket closers can work remotely. So they have the advantage of an online business opportunity that allows them to devote time and energy to leads that convert. Other benefits of high ticket sales include things like:


A benefit of high ticket sales is attracting high paying clients with fewer objections to pricing.

Another benefit of high ticket sales is that they allow you to achieve a brand distinction with a new and existing customer in a luxury market.

A benefit of high ticket sales is that they allow you to scale your business faster than selling low-ticket items.

High Ticket Sales Vs. Low Ticket; Which Are More Valuable To Your Business?

High ticket sales and low ticket sales are both valuable to your business. But a company will make more income with fewer leads selling high-ticket items than marketing low-ticket things. 

  • To sell high-end items, develop a sales funnel that starts with a low-ticket product or service. But this is like a gateway. It introduces a potential customer to your brand.
  • Then invest the time and effort to build a relationship with each of your high ticket clients. In turn, a buyer will become a loyal customer. Get consumers to recognize the superiority of your brand so you can introduce them to your high-ticket offers.

The key is to solve a bigger problem. Be the best solution. But selling high-ticket products or services can establish your brand as an authority in your niche. High-ticket items attract influential clientele and increase your brand status. So instead of selling to a broad audience, speak to the right audience.

But your messaging needs to be clear. Focus on the top 5%-10% of people. Don't speak to individuals that don't have the money to buy your high-end item. Instead, target those who recognize the value of your product or service. And have the financial status to buy it.

  • To sell low ticket items find a product or service that appeals to a mass audience. Unlike high ticket the price per unit is lower. But this allows you to leverage marketing techniques like SMM or paid ads.
  • The goal with low ticket is to sell as many as you can as fast as possible.

How Do You Find High Ticket Leads? 5 Ways To Attract The Right People

1. Learn as much as you can about your buyer & become the expert

Learn as much as you can about your customer and their purchasing behaviors so you can develop the right marketing strategy. First, use CRM tools like Salesforce or Zoho to access where they hang out online. Then check out platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. What questions are they asking? What problems do they need solutions for?

According to data, high-performing sales reps spend around 6 hours a week researching likely prospects. The key is to post hyper-valuable content on the right channels. For example, share a blog on your website or leverage social media marketing. OptinMonster suggests that social sellers are 51% more likely to acquire sales quotas than non-social sellers. Social media is where a business needs to be to stay relevant and top-of-mind business.

2. Be confident & have proof to support what you say

Prospects know sales techniques. So look like a high ticket closer. Have the skills or invest in a program like Cole Gordon's closers.io and learn how to land big-ticket deals. Be an active listener, ask the right questions, and learn how to overcome objections. But don't be desperate. Research suggests that the top-performing sales reps only 'pitch' 7% of the time. So don't chase your prospects. Instead, they need to come to you. They have the problem. You're just providing the best solution.

3. Develop a brand & focus on building relationships

Focus on increased customer retention and customer ascension. Provide the best customer service. Have an offer that's ultra. Then leverage a high ticket affiliate. Or get referrals from existing clients. Influitive says that 84% of B2B decision-makers start their purchase with a referral. Build relationships and develop your brand. That's how your profit goes through the roof. It's simple marketing. But in 2023, this is how you scale and increase the revenue for your business.

4. Tap into pain points & psychological principles

Pain points and psychological principles like social proof, authority, commitment, and scarcity are the crux to landing high ticket sales. Concentrate on emotions over logic. Then understand what motivates your ideal client to buy. The idea is to zone in on a customer's emotional needs and spend less time focusing on costs. People want to be heard and understood. So put yourself in the role of your buyer.

  • How will this product or service make their life better?
  • What problem can it fix?
  • Why is it the best solution? 

Then leverage methods like influencer marketing to get in front of the right people. Shopify says that 61% of consumers trust an influencer's recommendations. In 2024, it's one of the fastest ways to connect with an audience and build brand awareness.

5. Mitigate the risk factor & ask the right questions

To be successful with high ticket sales, remove the high risk element from the equation. For example, offer different price points, trial periods, etc. Decrease consumer fears further by telling a compelling story. Then actively listen to your prospects. Ask them what their fears are. What are their objections? Show them how your product or service is the best solution to their problem.

Next, expose what failure looks like. Help people envision themselves succeeding with your offer. Focus on the customer experience. The key is to deliver more value than the competition. Forbes reports that 74% of buyers chose the company that was the first to add value. It's about providing your high ticket clients with the best buyer journey and customer service. So become consumer-centric and be the best at every stage of your sales funnel.

What Are Popular High Ticket Products & Services?

Popular high ticket products and services include premium online consulting or expensive appliances like a state-of-the-art entertainment system. High ticket items are things people don't buy often. This is because they cost more to purchase. But they deliver more value than low end items. Because the ticket price is higher, a business needs to develop an effective strategy.

The idea is to get in front of the right people. For example, a company may leverage affiliate marketing. Or connect with affiliates looking to promote a high ticket affiliate program. The affiliate marketers act as sales reps. Then it's their job to promote products and services for the business owner to increase brand awareness and get the right eyeballs on high end offers.

What Makes Selling High Ticket Items Different?

Selling high ticket items differs from selling low ticket items because they're more valuable and cost more money. High ticket items solve a bigger pain point. But they offer more value to a consumer. So a business needs to adopt a consumer-focused strategy because products or services are more expensive. Tap into buyer behaviors and determine what will get a person to make a purchase. For example, What problem do they have?

  • Why is your high ticket item the best solution? 
  • What questions can you answer to land a sale? 

Selling high ticket items means you need to know everything you can about your buyer. The more you understand what motivates their buying habits, the better pitch or sales funnel you can create. You don't need to sell a ton of items as you do with low ticket products or services. But you can still generate the same amount of money for your online business.

Spend time cultivating relationships. Invest the money and effort to develop loyal customers through email marketing, a Facebook ad, or a high ticket sales funnel. Data suggests that referred customers offer a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred customers. As a result, your company will make more money for less costs and fewer sales. 

Is High Ticket Closing Worth It?

High ticket closing is worth it if you're a master at selling. Or, if you're ready to learn and practice the skills you need to get people to say yes to a high ticket sale. Of course, a high ticket closer needs to have the right mindset. So be prepared to listen and solve problems. Learn how to overcome objections with kindness.

A person with charisma and a persuasive personality can be highly successful with high ticket closing. But believe in the high ticket product or service you're selling. Recognize the value it can offer to the buyer. High ticket closing is about providing value to the business and the consumer. But if you understand consumer psychology, and can prompt people into buying what you offer. 

How To Make Money With High Ticket Sales in 2024

1. Learn as much as possible about your buyer persona

Get laser-focused on what kind of problems they have. Think of yourself as learning like you would a person who wants to know how to become a copywriter. Study the market. Do keyword research. Use platforms like Google Trends or People Also Ask and check out What questions they ask online? What are their most significant pain points? 

Then, use tools like online surveys. Or social listening software like Sprout Social to analyze what people say about specific topics on social media. Check out audience research tools like Brandwatch or Hootsuite and access your ideal customer on a granular level. For example,

  • What hashtags do they use?
  • Who do they follow on social media?
  • What kind of content do they engage with online?

2. Conduct competitor research

Know who the competition is and what they have to offer. For example,

  1. What's their pricing?
  2. What marketing strategies do they use?
  3. Where are they lacking?
  4. How is your high ticket item better?

The goal is to be the best solution. Propose something better than what else is on offer.

3. Construct your high ticket offer and define the outcome

Decide who you're selling to. Then design an offer no one can refuse. Show a prospect why they need your product or service. Be prepared to overcome objections and help buyers see how much better their life will be if they buy your product or service.

4. Develop a strategy to get your high ticket offer in front of the right people

The high ticket sales process includes a sales funnel that begins with a lower-end offer and builds trust between a potential client and your brand. You also need a landing page with a clear call to action. Next, create a lead magnet like a link to a promotional deal or limited-time offer. Then you can build an email list and use email marketing techniques to grow relationships and build a loyal consumer base.

5.  Promote your high ticket offer

Decide how you want to advertise your high ticket offer. Will you rely solely on organic traffic or invest in paid ads? Will you leverage high ticket affiliate marketing? Could you start an affiliate program for your product or service? The key is to advertise on the right channels. For example, use Facebook ads if your ideal buyer is on Facebook. If they prefer watching videos, start a YouTube channel. Then include a link to your high ticket offer in the description.


Add urgency and scarcity tactics to get people to take action. FOMO is a powerful marketing tool and can increase sales. Eventbrite says that FOMO is experienced by 69% of Millennials, and 40% will go into debt or overspend to keep up with their friends. 

As a result, the scarcity principle can increase the value of your high ticket offer. People believe that it's limited, so it becomes more appealing. Thus, you can make more sales. Another option is to team up with a digital marketing agency. Then they can help you get in front of a ton of eyeballs. Or even design a system to will attract your ideal client.

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To High Ticket Sales?

Local lead generation is like high ticket sales because it attracts a specific audience. The local lead generation business model is a hyper-targeted approach that gets websites to the top of Google. The idea is to build simple websites that offer one service in one location. Then using local SEO tactics, get those sites to the top of the SERPs in six months or less. But once you're at the top, you have social proof and attract people actively searching for your product or service. 

Unlike a listing on Craigslist or Facebook, Google has authority. So when your lead generation site is at the top of the page, people view you as the best. Once your site starts producing leads, you sell them to a local business owner for profits between 85%-90%. As a result, your sites get organic traffic, and that's the best kind of traffic on the Internet. Learn the process. Then you can scale and earn a passive income. 

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