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Maxim Review 2020

This article features the good the bad and the ugly of High Ticket University First 100k Formula by Maxim Trubitski (Updated for 2020).

This course covers setting up a shopify store, and teaches you to drive traffic to it with paid ads. From there, you ship your products to customers via drop shipping. 

A lot of people have questioned Maxium and his courses because of his massive success at such a young age. After all, he is just a teenager…

But is his experience and e-comm course for real? Will it make you money? 

In this review I answer that along with other questions that might be on your mind, such as… is dropshipping even viable in 2020?

Maxim Trubitski has achieved recognition by some as a high-level entrepreneur, successful consultant, as well as a philanthropist.

I must mention though, before we get too much further, that this review was NOT written by an affiliate of any of Maxim’s courses.

See any links to his stuff? Go on, check the page. NOPE.

I am, however, a veteran online marketer who has gained a LOT of legit experience of my own throughout my numerous e-comm ventures.

low and high ticket

I’ve brought several Shopify stores to 6 figures, including a shark onesie store that made it to 48k in a month, and I am making 52k per month right now with lead gen.

Needless to say, I know a thing or two about making money online. 

So,  I have the experience to know what I’m talking about when it comes to drop shipping. 

Quick Stats & Price on High Ticket University First 100k Formula

high ticket university

What does the course include?

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Mindset for Success
  • Module 3 – Proven Product Research Guide
  • Module 4 – Website Development and Branding
  • Module 5 – Influencer Academy
  • Module 6 – Facebook Ads
  • Module 7 – A Week of Backend Shopify
  • Google Ads Bootcamp Course
  • 4 Bonus Income Doubling Trainings

So now that we have a general break down of what’s inside, I’m sure you want to know..

How much does it cost?

The course’s full price is $997 but there have been discounted rates offered as low as $197.

This makes it an affordable investment for the beginner who would like to educate themselves on e-comm.

Who is Maxium Trubitski?

maxim trubitski

To really determine if a course is going to be worth your time, it’s always wise to get some background info on the author.

Maxium generated $100,000 worth of profit from drop shipping, and has generated over $1,000,000 in online sales. This was over the course of 2.5 years of trial and error, but as a result, he has really perfected the process.

It’s hard for some to believe that a teenager has achieved this level of success. Maxium will turn 17 in 2020. What is his secret?

The philanthropist and world traveler has gained a hefty amount of online attention, with his public Facebook page sitting right at 71k followers.

He has multiple interview videos across the web, and plenty of YouTube videos on his channel where he speaks about his drop shipping strategies, with a few travel vlogs thrown in the mix.

Maxim T YouTube videos

Born in New York City, with parents that came from Ukraine, Maxim had the urge to be an entrepreneur from the start.

His father always told him that it is important to stand out from the crowd, and do the opposite of what most are doing.

maxim interview speaker

Maxim saw the potential in drop shipping, and designed a variety of online stores via Shopify, each featuring different types of products.

He stocked the products that would be easily supplied and delivered via a drop shipper.

From that time on, it became one of his most lucrative methods of making money.

Now, he is making multiple 6 figures per year.

He now also offers consulting to businesses and has earned a substantial income from that venture.

About The Author of This Review

So, we’ve covered some background info on the course author, but what about me?

With so much information online from so many different sources, how do you know which reviews to trust?

You may want to note that I have many years under my belt in both e-comm and dropshipping.

I started out looking for ways to make money online, and though lead generation is my main source of income going into 2020, I have certainly learned the ropes when it comes to other methods of creating online revenue.

You might call me an “online marketing connoisseur” of sorts.

So, I am more than qualified to provide this review of High Ticket University First 100k Formula.

I will admit, years ago, perhaps like yourself, my search bar has held this phrase:

google search bar

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Fast forward to 2020, and I’ve come a long way. It’s almost hard to believe how much a mindset and lifestyle can evolve once exposed to the right type of information.

Nothing happened overnight for me, but with hard work, and the key part.. CONSISTENCY… you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to.

For me, my goal was to quit my job, and work for myself.

It feels pretty good to say… mission accomplished.

Now, I really enjoy leading others to see how this type of success IS possible.

Once I learned it was possible for myself, it was a no-brainer for me to want to share the methods of how I reached my goals, with others.

What Can I Expect To Learn in this Course?

Overall, Maxim takes you through the process of product selection, store creation, and how to drive traffic to your store.

It includes the basics (great if you are a complete noob) to more advanced daily strategies that are implemented by many successful students who have taken the course.

The main key element that makes High Ticket University stand out from the dozens of other drop shipping courses out there is that this courses focuses on high ticket items.

Why sell something that can make you $5 profit per item sold, when you can sell something that makes you $300+ profit per item sold for the exact same amount of work.

interview maxim t

This course leads you step by step on how to get to your first $100k based on the exact high ticket strategies Max Trubitski used to get to his.

Max’s Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Max reveals on his YouTube channel that at first, he learned everything he knew about dropshipping from free online videos and from a friend that was successful in the space.

He never took a course on it, so his process included a lot of trial and error.

Here are the 5 mistakes he made when he first started, along with the solutions he was able to correct which ended up making him profits from there.

Mistake #1: Putting up a general store with too many products to begin with.

Too Many Products

Correction: Start with only ONE product and build a specialized, microbranded store.

Mistake #2: Relying on selling $5 or free + shipping products.

Correction: Sell valuable, high ticket (at least $50) products that people actually need.

Mistake #3: Relying too much on interest targeting and waiting too long to create lookalike audiences.

interest targeting vs lookalike audiences

Correction: Use look-alike audiences PLUS interest targeting. By creating lookalike audiences right away from your video views, you can test the audiences from the get go.

Mistake #4: Not consistently testing new audiences and believing products run out of popularity / trend.

Correction: Unless the product is seasonal, it most likely won’t run out of popularity or trend. There is always a buyer out there for most products. The key element to remember here is as soon as you have a profitable campaign, you must start testing your audiences. One way to do this is to create different types of video view audiences. For example, you can make a lookalike audience using anyone who watched 95% or more of your video. Also, you can launch influencer campaigns by spending a few thousand dollars and retarget the traffic that goes to your store by creating lookalike audiences. Also, Max says you should test interests every single day.

Mistake #5: Not caring enough about customer service.

care for customers

Correction: Make sure you stay on top of returns and shipping dates are being fulfilled or else you may risk losing customers, credit card processing companies (like Stripe) holding money, or flagging you from creating future accounts.

Should You Purchase High Ticket University First 100k Formula?

Maxim certainly seems knowledgeable on dropshipping.

For his age, he has accomplished quite a lot as an entreprenuer.

He has a lot of fans and followers who have claimed his techniques have helped them big time in getting their online stores off the ground.

This course is certainly not for someone looking to dabble.

If you are ready for medium to large investments into higher ticket products, and ready for all of the ad spend costs that comes with experimenting with Facebook ads, then this could be a good fit.

is it all really worth it?

As much as there is potential with drop shipping, the methods I have found are most reliable are through online lead generation.

I first began this journey after delving into different volatile methods of making money online, including drop shipping.

Yes, with drop shipping and e-comm, there is potential. At first I thought it was a pretty reliable method of making money.

Looking back, I see how risky it actually was compared to what I do now, which is provide leads to local business owners for a monthly fee.

Seems pretty straightforward right?

That’s because it is.

That is the ultimate goal isn’t it?

If you want to be successful at something which will allow you to create a sustainable and profitable income, find something simple, repeatable, and profitable.

Once I first saw this business model, I knew I had found something with a ton of potential because it covered ALL of these credentials.

How I bring in 50k / month by generating leads for biz owners in 2020 (Without an online store)

I jumped in head first when I saw the immense potential of this lead gen strategy.

I had been through some ups and downs with other methods of making money online, so I wondered if it was too good to be true.

As soon as I joined up, and got an inside look at the very active community, I knew I was in good hands.

I started following the course step by step, and within 6 months, I had quit my 9-5.

Not only that, but I felt supported the entire way by others doing the same thing I was doing.

That’s rare to find.

There was significant time investment upfront, but it paid off, big time.

Here is one of my sites, a limousine lead gen, that pays me to this day, month after month …

Limo Lead Gen

You can find this site yourself if you want to verify this actually exists .. just type in “Lansing Limo Services” into Google.

There, on the first result, is my website. You’ll see my company name at the bottom of the site.

Lansing limo footer Ippei Leads

This coaching program has opened up a whole new world for me.

One that I never thought would be possible before I knew about this process.

If you are ready to enhance your life and dive into something that has changed the lives of thousands of students, click the button below…

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Ippei Kanehara
Founder/CEO Ippei Leads

$52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

His #1 online business recommendation in 2020, is to build your own 6-figure lead gen biz. You can learn more here.
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