Tom And Alex Honest FBA Review – Can You Build a Profitable Brand In Only 90 Days?

April 8, 2024

Honest FBA is an Amazon educational platform that offers a lifetime access of 170+ videos teaching you how to sell a product on Amazon and slowly create your own private label business by Tom and Alex, both a 7-figure Amazon seller. Honest FBA teaches how your private label business turns into an asset you can sell in the future. The program teaches you how to look for products to sell, supplier hunt, product listing, product launch, and PPC training from Sumner Hobart and Lucas from Nomadz. 

There are no Honest FBA reviews found online. There are no Trustpilot reviews despite being established in 2019. The reviews found on the website are from Smashers Academy, owned by Janson, their Honest FBA partner. 

In this Honest FBA review, you’ll learn if this is the platform for you, their packages, and what you get in them. You learn student testimonials , who the program is for, what are the claims of the creator and if there is a better business model for you to earn money.

Honest FBA Review: Pros And Cons


Honest FBA has bi-weekly live group calls.

Honest FBA offers a private community.

Honest FBA offers 3 programs for all beginners to advanced Amazon sellers.


Honest FBA started in 2019, but there are still no reviews online.

Honest FBA has no honest review from Trustpilot.

Most reviews found on the website are from Janson Smith’s business (Honest FBA partner)


The group of Honest FBA is The Honest Entrepreneurs - Amazon FBA. A private Facebook group with 527 members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is 14 days with a deduction of a $50 admin charge.


Honest FBA started in 2019.


The training is a combination of a video training and bi-weekly group sessions.


The reputation of Alex and Tom is good without negative reviews or testimonials.

Can You Build a Profitable FBA Brand in Only 90 Days?

Tom and Alex teach that you can build a profitable FBA brand in only 90 days by offering over 200 lessons on Amazon, cheat sheets, quizzes, and checklists. It includes lessons on knowing what products to sell, where to find them, and how to sell. You also learn how to create your own brand and products, since Honest FBA focuses on the private label business model. Honest FBA also offers free masterclasses teaching why private label as their go-to FBA model. It includes their process, templates, tools, and Tom and Alex’s calculators for free. Access to the program also includes invitations to live events, Q&A calls, and Honest FBA community. Aside from that, Tom and Alex throw in their “black book” that includes supplier recommendations with discounts. 

In Honest FBA’s introductory video, it highlights the process you’ll take through building your own FBA brand. It teaches how to use tools like Helium 10 and Alibaba to find products and suppliers. Once that’s settled, Honest FBA introduces you to SEO. As it is important to optimize your Amazon product listings. Their launch strategy includes pushing through Amazon’s PPC within 3 to 4 weeks. Additionally, Honest FBA guarantees your first product selling successfully. If not, you’ll receive a refund for the program.

What Is The Honest FBA?

Honest FBA is a company owned by Tom and Alex, who are Amazon sellers. Their goal is to share their skills on Amazon selling based on their experiences from previous work experiences from marketing and finance. It offers 3 packages: Essential, Scale, and Scale+. They take pride in their modules that cater to everyone, from beginners to advanced Amazon sellers. 

Honest FBA claims to differ from other Amazon courses, as they are an active 7-figure Amazon seller compared to other Amazon FBA course coached by former Amazon sellers. 95% of their sales are from the USA while the other 5% are from the UK, Mexico, and Canada. They are different because they are well-informed of Amazon trends and strategies. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Honest FBA?

The cost of Honest FBA is estimated between $997 to $4,000 and up. It is not mentioned on the website and you have to book a discovery call to know the exact cost price. However, the estimated price of the Honest FBA Essential program is between $997 and $1,500. While the price of Scale and Scale+ is between $4,000 and above.

How Does The Honest FBA Launch And Build Your Amazon FBA Brand?

Step 1: Find a niche you can stand out

Tom and Alex encourage you to use the Helium 10 tool that helps you find a product to sell that is in demand on Amazon. Helium 10 is created as an aid to Amazon sellers in keyword and product research and listing optimization. Honest FBA teaches the importance of not finding a product but a niche, since they suggest that you build a private label business on Amazon.

Step 2: Align the niche for your budget

Honest FBA suggests that at least 80% of your target revenue aligns with your budget. But it does not mean that you should have your 100% budget on the first day but in ‌4 to 6 months. This is why you should make sure that your product listing appears on the first page for a specific keyword.

Step 3: Learn your numbers

They emphasize on learning your numbers: gross ROI, profit margin and margin. This will help you understand your expenses and your profit in every transaction you make.

Step 4: Look for Quality Products

Honest FBA’s product sourcing technique is to search Alibaba and look for affordable suppliers. They say to contact many suppliers you can because the goal is to have the cheapest supplier you can have. And if you contact 10 suppliers and none of them reply within a week, they are not the supplier for you. 

Alex and Tom also mention ordering a product sample from the supplier. This way, you can check the quality of the product before selling it in your store. You can do a stress test on the product and give it to your potential target audience and get seller feedback. You can also order a product from your top Amazon competitor and compare the qualities of your product to it.

Step 5: Create a Quality Listing

You should know how to optimize your product listing using search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your product stands out amongst other listings.

Step 6: Create a well-structured Strategy Launch

It is important to create an aggressive launch strategy after completing the previous steps. Tom and Alex put importance on making sure that people see your listing. Your goal for 3 to 4 weeks is to drive as many sales as you can. And take advantage of Amazon’s PPC.

Step 7: Rinse and Repeat

After completing all the steps, it is time to do it again. This technique is for you to familiarize yourself with the steps and be able to do it and improve. And as you do it many times, you build your Amazon private label business.

What Do Honest FBA Members Get?

Honest FBA members get all training videos (beginners and advanced lessons), templates, trackers, tools, and a 90-day product launch program with tasks for 12 weeks. You get monthly group sessions and bi-weekly coaching live calls with Alex and Tom where they teach where to source for products. Additionally, you gain access to Honest FBA's product ideas and private community. Finally, you will also get invites for Honest FBA's events and meet-ups. 

Honest FBA Essential Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

Honest FBA gives an introduction about the private label business model. Tom and Alex talk about their experiences, how they met, and how they became partners. They teach the objectives, success, and the right mindset to have when operating a business. You also learn how the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle works in Amazon. They say that 20% of your efforts (products, campaigns, customers) should generate 80% of your revenue.

Module 2: Business Setup & Admin

This module teaches you the steps on how to set up your business, create a business bank account, and where to hire an accountant. You learn the best way of managing your business by keeping track of expenses, insurance and trademarks. Honest FBA tackles information for both the US and UK. And includes Europe when they discuss VAT.

Module 3: Setting Up Your Amazon Seller Account

Similar to the previous module, but this focuses more on teaching you the right settings for your Amazon seller account. It is a straightforward process that you can do in a day given that you have the needed documents. These documents are mostly what you created  in module 2.

Module 4: Product Research | Fundamentals

You learn the basic things to look for and to avoid in looking for products and before launching your listing. Honest FBA suggests going for boring niches and making them profitable. The module explains how to look for seasonal products and how to check the sales history of the products.

Module 5: Product Research | Our Simple, Step by Step Process

The module teaches Honest FBA’s 6-step process of how to look for products to sell on your Amazon business. 

Step 1: Research your target market. 

Step 2: Look for strategies on how to compete in other sales. 

Step 3: Compare your company to your competition.

Step 4: Determine your Return On Investment (ROI) and profit margin.

Step 5: Research your product for patents. 

Step 6: Determine your data and goal.

Module 6: Product Research | Practice

Module 7: Product Research | Discovery

Honest FBA teaches the pre-product research methods and tools you can use. They use Helium 10s keywords and product tools to make product research easier. Then they teach how they use these tools.

Module 8: Product Research | Making the final decision

You’ll have the Honest FBA checklist for purchasing products. You also learn how you can get Honest FBA’s product ideas feedback.

Module 9: Branding & Product Packaging

You learn how to package your products and know the importance of creating your own brand. Determine your brand name and where to find inspiration for your business.

Module 10: Sourcing Your Product

Honest FBA shows how to use Alibaba and other marketplaces for product sourcing. Learn where to find cheap suppliers from China and what to say. Understand how to ask for cheaper products from your suppliers.

Module 11: Barcodes Explained!

Learn what barcodes are and how important it is on your Amazon products. It teaches where to get UPC or EAN barcodes and what are the barcode exemptions.

Module 12: Placing An Order With Your Supplier

The module teaches on how you can negotiate with your supplier and how many products to order from your suppliers. The trick of having your questions answered before actually paying. Honest FBA suggests always purchasing a test product for quality inspection.

Module 13: Arranging Your Shipment

Learn the shipment terms and the documents you need before you can import your products. The module gives information about UK and USA costs.

Module 14: Shipping to Amazon

You learn the rules of Amazon’s shipment. It teaches how you can create your shipment plan for yourself and your supplier. And you get Honest FBA’s checklist for shipments.

Module 15: Creating Your Amazon Listing

Honest FBA gives examples of what good and bad product listings are. It can help you determine what to do and what to avoid when creating your own. Focus on the copywriting and photos for product listings.

Module 16: Launching Products On Amazon

The module teaches basic Amazon SEO and how to use it for better product listing visibility. It includes SEO and external traffic. It also teaches how to relaunch a product with a new ASIN.

Module 17: Pricing & Profits

This module teaches you the right way to price your products. It teaches the technique of using promotions, deals and coupons for profitability.

Module 18: Reviews

You learn how to get reviews on your Amazon listing. When to message your buyer and what to say. And how to get your first 5 reviews on your Amazon profile. The module also teaches what to do when you get a bad review. 

Module 19: Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Honest FBA gives an introduction to PPC and its definition. The module talks about the keywords, metrics, and budgets.

Module 20: PPC Campaign Setup & Analysis

After learning about PPC, this module teaches you on how to set up your campaigns and what to look for in your results. How to cut costs but still get amazing results.

Module 21: Maintaining Your Business

The module teaches you the things to do for your business to continue growing. It includes information about restocking, returns, refunds, lost or missing stocks, and what to do for defect products.

Module 22: Scaling Your Business

You learn what an Amazon badge is and how you can get it. An Amazon badge is a symbol or an icon telling customers information about you, the seller. There are temporary badges and you can earn it by creating Amazon content. 

You learn Amazon’s North American Remote Fulfillment (NARF) program where the sellers list products internationally, like Amazon Mexico, Canada and USA. How to take advantage of influencers, how to run experiments, and when is the right time to hire a virtual assistant.

Module 23: Conclusion

The final module is about doing it yourself. Apply all the teachings from the modules to your own Amazon business.

What are Honest FBA Other Offers?

Honest FBA Scale

Honest FBA Scale is a limited access lifetime course that offers step-by-step guidelines with 170+ videos with bonus modules from other successful entrepreneurs like Sumner Hobart and Lucas from Nomadz on how to be successful on Amazon. Additional videos on product review with an honest feedback for a better understanding. Includes bi-weekly Q&A live sessions plus a 20 minute review of your first listing before launching. Access to a library of standard operating procedures and a private community. And no questions asked about the refund policy for 14 days.

Honest FBA Scale+

Honest FBA Scale+ is limited access offered to 2 people every 3 months. The program is like the Honest FBA Scale program, but this is a more focused program with 1-on-1 weekly sessions with Alex And Tom. You will get access to the creator's direct messaging‌.

Who is The Honest FBA For?

Honest FBA is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn how to earn money through Amazon private label business. Honest FBA teaches an introduction to Amazon selling until the launch of your first sale.
  • Experienced Amazon sellers wanting to widen their knowledge of not just selling on Amazon but to build an online asset that they can sell in the future.
  • Anyone with an Amazon seller account but does not know how to make a sale and grow their existing Amazon business. Honest FBA offers a live Q&A and a community where students can exchange questions and inspirations.

Honest FBA Success Stories

There are no success stories found on other platforms aside from the stories found on the website. Honest FBA awards successful students who generated a great profit thanks to their program. There are students who receive the £10,000 award. And there are also astounding students who generated £100,000 and £500,000.

Ray and Greg received the £100,000 award. Both are previous workers in a local Amazon center and decided that building a business on Amazon is the right decision for them. Honest FBA helped in giving them the right information in searching the products to sell. Aside from earning a profit through Amazon, they do it without the extra cost of paid ads. 

Uzay sold her restaurant in 2022 and was looking for another business to start. Honest FBA helped her decide her next steps. She received coaching from Janson, the co-head of Honest FBA, and launched her business within months.

Honest FBA Review Online

There is no Honest FBA bad review found online. The Trustpilot reviews and student testimonials found on the landing page are for Smashers Academy. Smashers Academy, owned by Janson Smith, who is a co-head and coach of Honest FBA. Most of Honest FBA’s good review are originally from Janson’s business. Honest FBA and Smashers Academy are partner companies and are sharing achievements, testimonials, and student reviews.

Is The Honest FBA Worth It?

Honest FBA is not worth it, even though it seems like the perfect course for beginners and advanced sellers. Although you can use the training, tools, and templates to launch your Amazon business faster and easier. There are other FBA online courses available that are more affordable. There is no actual proof that Honest FBA has helped students become successful. Most of the testimonials are not because of Honest FBA but because of their partner, Janson (Smashers Academy).

But Honest FBA is a real and legit program for those interested. Scam Adviser proves it by analyzing the website with a rating of 51/100. It has a valid SSL certificate and considered website safe by DNSFilter.

Honest FBA's partnership with Smashers Academy proves their knowledge and understanding of the business model. Additionally, there are no negative reviews found on other platforms despite their launch in 2019.

Who Is Tom F?

Tom F or Tom Alexander is a 7-figure Amazon seller, business owner, consultant and the co-founder of Honest FBA from Bath, England, United Kingdom. And currently lives in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. He focuses on sales, operations and logistics before helping Alex build the Honest FBA business in 2019.

When Tom was still in the UK from 2013 to 2015, he worked as a sales executive for 2 different companies. He moved to Spain in 2016 and worked for Travel Brilliant as the head of sales. And in 2017, Tom co-founded Spain Games, which is a wipeout game style in Barcelona. Then, in 2019, he met Alex and built an Amazon FBA business. Together, Tom and Alex co-founded Honest FBA in 2021.

Who is Alex B?

Alex B or Alex Daniel is a business owner and coach, 7-figure Amazon seller, SEO expert, and the co-founder of Honest FBA from the United Kingdom. He studied at The Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, UK until 2014, where he graduated with honors in marketing.

Alex worked for Dun & Bradstreet as the business specialist, helping customers with analytics, data and insights for their organization in 2016. Then he moved to Spain  and worked for as their SEO specialist for 3 years. In the same year, 2021, Alex became an Amazon seller and co-founded Honest FBA together with Tom.

Tom And Alex Claim

Tom and Alex claim that Honest FBA and the community will help you launch and build your own Amazon FBA private label business within 90 days. The Honest FBA community, with 527 like-minded people, can help you achieve a business that can generate 7 to 8 digits. They also claim that Honest FBA has helped 1,000 students with a total review rating of 4.9/5.0.

Tom And Alex Debunk Claim

The claim of Tom and Alex about building a profitable Amazon business within 90 days is not realistic for beginners and people who are just starting out. It requires you to have an Amazon seller account, and that requires you to have your business information ready. These are your business bank account, email, number, tax information, and shipping settings. It may take a while before acquiring some of these documents. 

You also need to register your brand on Amazon and focus on other things like researching for the niche, products, and suppliers. If you follow Honest FBA’s suggestion of ordering a sample product from a supplier, it will take a longer time and will not reach the 90-day deadline. Note that the suppliers are from China. According to Guided Imports, the average delivery from China to the USA is 1 to 45 days. 

Honest FBA claims that they have an average rating score of 4.9/5.0, but there are no online reviews. All Trustpilot, screenshot, and some video reviews shown on the website belong to Smashers Academy and not Honest FBA.

Is Amazon FBA Really Profitable?

Yes, Amazon FBA is profitable, but it is challenging with 4,500 daily new Amazon sellers. Jungle Scout’s data proves profitability, with 37% of Amazon sellers' profits increased in 2022. Your earning depends on your perseverance. It includes sourcing cheap products and selling them on Amazon for a profit. According to Revenue Geeks, 17% earned a monthly profit of $500 while 25% earned from $25,000 to $250,000.

Jungle Scout’s Trends Report shows the market of people buying from Amazon. It could be a good indicator of what niche is profitable among buyers. It is important to understand that these products are also competitive among Amazon sellers. And saturated categories need a higher cost for cost per click or paid ads. If you plan to build your Amazon business, don’t just look for the niche people buy but also the competition among sellers. If done right, you could be one of the 6% Amazon millionaires.

Why Starting Local Lead Gen Biz Outshines OverCrowded Amazon FBA?

Starting local lead gen biz outshines overcrowded Amazon FBA because it does not compete with millions of Amazon sellers and does not need paid ads for profit. Yaguara’s data mentions 9.7 million Amazon sellers in 2023, with 2.4 million sellers with a posted listing on Amazon. In order for your business to succeed, you have to spend an ample amount of time searching for the right supplier and products before launching your listing. You can start your local lead generation business with an initial investment of only $5. Unlike an Amazon FBA business that needs at least $2,500 to $5,000. There is also the possibility of competitors offering the same product with a lower price and a better listing. It makes standing out much harder and competitive.

Local lead generation offers more future proof and a passive business model than Amazon FBA. In Amazon FBA, you are taught to go for the less competitive niche with a cheaper supplier from China. But product sourcing is a very time-consuming task with the risk of failure. Your success depends on your products alone. But in local lead generation, your success depends on your skills on ranking on search engines. As you develop your skills, it becomes easier to create more ranking websites. You rarely need to edit your website, creating a more passive income. That is why local lead generation is my best online business for true financial freedom. 

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