Sarah & Annette’s Hosting Business Master Method Review: Is It the Best Course for Scaling Short-Term Rentals?

March 4, 2024

Hosting Business Master Method is a coaching and course membership program for hosts in the Airbnb short-term rentals space. Its goal is to help them get their businesses to the next level without giving up hospitality and quality of service. It also features a supportive community, including other members and active coaches.

When done right, Airbnb short-term rentals can be a lucrative venture. Compared to mid- and long-term rentals, hosts get to enjoy higher earnings and lower risks of difficult tenants. However, it is not for everyone. It requires a massive level of dedication. Hosts need to be consistently sociable and constantly maintain the property. This business model is also expensive to scale, considering the costs of buying or constructing rentals and hiring people for its upkeep.

For these reasons, my best recommendation for 2024 when it comes to skyrocketing income is lead generation. It is highly profitable and scaling this business is low cost and a lot easier compared to Airbnb rentals. For as low as $300, an individual can get started and earn a profit margin of about 90%. It is a source of passive income, requiring less attention, time, and effort.

Is the Hosting Business Master Method a Scam?

No, Hosting Business Master Method is not a scam. It is a coaching and membership program that centers on helping Airbnb short-term rental owners scale their businesses without sacrificing hospitality and quality of their services. It also has a supportive community, complete with co-member feedback and coach assistance. However, the membership is priced steeply at $2,497 for a one time plan or $497 per month for 6 months. Additionally, the courses, coaching, and community will only be available for 6 months, but renewable and refundable with conditions. And since this program is relatively new in the industry, there are no verifiable reviews on third-party sites.

Hosting Business Master Method Review: Pros & Cons


Supportive community: Not only does it offer a private community where members can help each other out, coaches are also available for consultation during business hours.

Founders with strong background: Both Sarah and Annette have years of experience in the industry. They can offer personal insights and are experts in their fields. Moreover, they have a podcast and social media with huge following and high engagement.

Intensive courses: Because they have the insider knowledge of Airbnb short-term rentals, they can offer in-depth knowledge. They are also aware of the needs and potential challenges of hosts, and can therefore craft solutions through the program.


No reviews from third-party: There are no reviews regarding this coaching program available on the internet. This can be due to it being newly launched and because it is a small niche.

Expensive pricing: Although there is an installment plan available, joining this membership program is costly, with a minimum price of $497/mo.

Limited-time availability: On top of this, the coaching, community, and resources are also available for 6 months (available for renewal.)


The price for the Hosting Business Mastery Membership™️ costs 2,497 for a one-time fee or $497 for an installment plan of 6 months.

Refund Policy

The Hosting Business Master Method offers 100% refund, with certain policies. It features a 30-day -try it and apply it- money-back guarantee. It requires those who requested for a refund to have finished the program, launched an STR utilizing the lessons, and received extra coaching. Requests will be denied for individuals who did not complete the lessons and begin their business.


The Hosting Business Master Method was founded in 2021.


Because this coaching program is new, there aren’t any reviews available on third-party sites. With that being said, Thanks For Visiting LLC, the founding company centered on Airbnb STRs, has mostly positive ratings and comments on their podcasts and social media.

What is the Hosting Business Master Method?

Hosting Business Master Method is a membership coaching program for Airbnb short-term rentals (STRs), or stays that last 28 days or fewer. It is offered by the company Thanks For Visiting LLC, which is founded by creators Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant. They aimed the courses to help STR owners scale without compromising hosting quality. It also teaches the crucial systems and financial metric to maximize earnings and predict the future.


The courses for the Hosting Business Master Method (HBMM) provide step-by-step instructions on STR marketing and business topics. It contains videos, audio lessons, and written materials. These can all be accessed through the online portal Kajabi. Additionally, the 7-Point Listing Improvement Review course is also included in the membership program.


On a monthly basis, there will be live group calls about hosting. Annette and Sarah will be present in these sessions. In total, there are four group coaching sessions for the duration of six months.

The group calls will be conducted via Zoom. Members will be notified regarding the schedule via the pinned posts on the Facebook group. There’s also 4 live events for each month, which are referred to as Insider’s Series sessions.


Members of HBMM enjoy excellent customer support. There’s an invitation-only Facebook group. They can post files, videos, questions, and other materials. Others can provide their feedback regarding these as well.

The Thanks For Visiting LLC will occasionally have answer sessions, live streams and questions. Just like the courses and coaching, it can only be accessed for 6 months. This group can also serve as a networking opportunity for all members.

Additionally, coaches that are available during office hours. There are also VIP calls offered exclusively for Alumni. As of 2023, the group has 336 members. It was created in 2021.


All HBMM members are given an exclusive Numbers Hub spreadsheet. This is incredibly useful for increasing profit and managing finances.


The pricing for this membership program is categorized into two: a one-time payment and an installment plan. Both options are eligible for renewable. Payment methods available are through PayPal or card.

  • The full payment costs $2,497 for 6 months. It enables a $485 discount. There are also bonuses for those who pay full upfront, which are the 2022 live recordings of the TFV and Self-Guided Bonus Listing Audit.
  • As for the payment plan, it is priced at $497/mo, for 6 months. In total, this costs $2,982.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The HBMM or Hosting Business Master Method features a full refund for participants who weren’t able to profit from the program. However, this money-back guarantee comes with conditions, which will all the verified in the Kajabi platform. Individuals must fulfill the conditions below.

  • Seen all the video courses from Phase 1 to 4
  • Given the request prior to the 30th day of buying the program
  • Sent the support team an email showing the running numbers on the property (reservations + expenses in the completed Number’s Hub)
  • Recorded computer screen displaying guest flow (share how clients find the property, how information is taken and input into the marketing sequence, and guest interaction during the rental)

Requests will be denied to those who did not finish the courses. The same also applies to individuals who did not launch their STR utilizing the lessons of HBMM. Additionally, those who filed their requests in methods that weren’t stated above won’t receive a refund.

Who are the Creators of the Hosting Business Master Method?

The creators of the Hosting Business Master Method are Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant. Together, they have over eight years of experience in the short-term rental industry. These consultants also have 650+ 5-star ratings and operate over 30 properties with the annual profit of $1.2 million+.

The two met at their local council meeting in Ohio City, Columbus. They were in attendance to advocate for their right to host Airbnb homes. Both are staunch believers that rentals need to be more hospitable. And so, they made resources for all Airbnb hosts and stagers to help them enhance this area, as well as improve their systems and processes.

Sarah Karakaian & Annette Grant media coverage

Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant have been featured in the Business Insider. In this 2021 article, they shared the most crucial mistakes that Airbnb hosts make. Reader’s Digest has also written an article in 2022 with these short-term rental consultants, wherein the two gave advice on fabric softener usage. Additionally, on a USA Today post in the same year, the Thanks For Visiting podcast hosts provided insight regarding the proper winter setup for hot tubs.

Sarah Karakaian’s background

Sarah Karakaian
Sarah Karakaian’s background is in design and hospitality. She is also fond of construction and real estate. She’s been an Airbnb Superhost since the year 2013. Her rentals have been featured on, the Washington Post, as well as Airbnb’s blog and Instagram.

Her first rental was her basement suite, which was located in her home in New York City. Currently, she’s the owner of a total of 6 Airbnb rentals.Moreover, she operates Stay Awhile Hosting Co, a top-notch boutique hosting business.

Annette Grant’s background

Annette Grant

Annette Grant’s background is in operations. She mainly partners with short-term rental investors. In fact, she’s helped two companies become multi-million dollar businesses. Now, she helps novice Airbnb business owners and personally manages four short-term rentals.

She has received a Superhost status because of her ability to prioritize guests. Additionally, she has turned downtown lofts in Columbus into unforgettable spaces. For this reason, companies looking for areas perfect for brand shoots sought after her.

What is Thanks For Visiting LLC?

Thanks For Visiting LLC is a company founded by Sarah Karakaian and Annette Grant. It features the Hosting Business Master Method - a leading coaching and course for Airbnb hosts and hosting companies. It also offers yearly TFVCon, where likeminded hosts meet and improve together. Moreover, it also has highly informative yet zero-cost resources that include podcasts, YouTube videos,and free workshops.

The Hosting Business Master Method™

As discussed extensively above, this course is a top-tier membership program for short-term rental owners. It helps hosts supercharge the hospitality and quality of their short-term rentals. It is also aimed to achieve this while boosting profit.

TFVCon 2023

The TFVCon 2023, which stands for Thanks For Visiting Conference, will be held on September 24 to 26, 2023 at the Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel. It is the second event by Sarah and Annette, with the first one conducted a year before. TFVCon is a conference that is created by hosts for hosts aimed at creating generational wealth, scaling businesses, and networking with other short-term rental owners.

This three-day event will start with the registration and opening party on Sunday. This day is one of the many opportunities that participants can interact and connect with each other. Others include snack breaks, coffee breaks, and attendee-led meetups. Annette, Sarah, and the TFV team will also be available in person and will answer hosting questions.

This is followed by the interactive workshops and talks from successful hosts on Monday. They will share personal stories, lessons learned, and inspiring experiences of their STR journey. Apart from these talks, there’s also a hands-on session for all attendees that will teach them actionable techniques and practical methods that they can apply in their Airbnb business. 

Then, on the conference’s last day, a continuation of the workshop and talks will take place. Expert insights will be provided regarding listing optimization, safety, social media, direct bookings, expert panels, deal analysis, ads, STR bookkeeping, and inclusive design. Moreover, the event will end with a closing party.

TFVCon 2023 ticket pricing

As for the pricing of the tickets, there are three kinds. The first one is the VIP Pass which costs $1,397. This covers front row seating, VIP registration, VIP pass, as well as access to the VIP networking lounge and exclusive content during lunch. This also includes a private meet-and-greet with Annette and Sarah.

The second tier pricing is the general admission pass. This is priced at $795. This is the regular priced ticket for the TFVCon. Regarding the last type, it is for individuals who purchase two tickets at once. Also referred to as the Bring A Friend! Pass, it costs $1,494. It enables $100 savings for two general admission tickets.

Payment methods that are accepted for TFVCon 2023 as Visa, PayPal, Diners Club, Venmo, American Express, Sho Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Meta Pay. All tickets are transferable but not refundable. Attendees can also book their rooms at a discounted rate at the same  hotel. Additionally, the conference is sponsored by the Lawrence Financial Group, Boostly, The Short Term hop, Minoan, STR Insights, Hostfully, Breezeway, PriceLabs, and HostGPO.

Thanks For Visiting LLC free resources

Thanks For Visiting has free resources that enable nervous, new, and even experienced Airbnb owners to learn about the fundamentals of STRs. Whether the hosts are running a side hustle or full time business, these free-of-charge materials will help them grow sustainably, create 5-star experiences , and create efficient systems. These are made possible through the insights and stories of Superhosts Annette and Sarah.

  • Podcast: Thanks For Visiting has a podcast about Airbnb hosting, with over 270 episodes. It is available on Apple Podcasts (4.9 overall rating, 458 ratings), Podcast Addict (138 followers), PlayerFM (16 subscribers), Castbox (198 subscribers), Podbean (61 followers), Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts, and Google Podcasts.
  • Free webinar: On their website, they offer a free workshop discussing pricing, online marketing, and booking plans for Airbnb rentals. It also covers common mistakes that hosts make, how to prevent burn out, tips on how to become more efficient, advice on elevating guest experience, and increasing revenue for rentals. 
  • YouTube videos: Another free resource from Thanks For Visiting LLC is their YouTube channel. It has over 4.05k subscribers, 217,994 views, and 300 videos. Hosts can also select videos categorized in their playlist namely Airbnb Listing Tips, Airbnb & Short Term Rental - Education, We Bought Our First Airbnb Together: Series, and Life of Airbnb Hosts& Co-Hosts.

Thanks For Visiting LLC contact details

  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Contact number: receives voice messages at

Thanks For Visiting LLC social media

  • Facebook: @thanksforvisitingpodcast, 1.6k likes, 2.3k followers
  • Instagram: @thanksforvisiting_ ,30.4k followers
  • LinkedIn:  @thanksforvisiting, 299 followers
  • YouTube: @thanksforvisiting, 4.03k subscribers

Are Airbnb Short-Term Rentals Still Profitable in 2023?

Yes, Airbnb short-term rentals are still profitable in 2023. However, this is highly dependent on the location of the property, host temperament, and financial planning. If a rental property is situated in a prime location, it has a bigger potential to make profit compared to a long-term rental. This business model can increase the earnings of hosts who excel in hospitality. The right financial strategy will also make this venture a powerhouse for income.

Moreover, serving in the Airbnb short-term rental industry isn’t exclusive to property owners. This is because there are different kinds of hosts. For individuals who are personally driven by hospitality and service, they can still participate and become a host. It is important to ask what kind of host do you want to be. The kind of host you can be is a listing owner, full access co-host, or a hosting team.

A listing owner is the person who lives or owns the rental space. This is typically the individual who enlists the space on Airbnb. Meanwhile a full-access co-host someone hired to manage the place. It can also be a trusted family member or a friend. As for a hosting team, this refers to a company or team that handles tasks associated with the listing and property upkeep. All three types of hosts can be listed as the primary host.

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While the Hosting Business Master Method is a competitive course program for Airbnb short-term rental owners, it's wise to think carefully about investing in the business model in the first place. If you're not naturally inclined in the hospitality space, it can be a waste of your resources. You have to be passionate about it since you'd constantly be pleasing guests and potential customers in order to receive 5-star ratings. This can be taxing on individuals who prefer a less hands-on approach to making money.

This is why, if you’re searching for profitable passive income, I suggest you give local lead generation a try. This venture enables you to start with low capital, at least $300. There would be no need to go through all the hassles of rentals. Niches are also flexible, so if you’re not very thrilled about a certain industry, you can always shift to another. As the image below shows, the process involves picking a niche, building and ranking a website, sending free leads, closing a deal, and then scaling.

To illustrate just how profitable this business model is, let me give you a real-life example. I created a website back in 2015, with only 15 hours put into it. Ever since, it’s been making me $2,000 per month. I now have more than 50 websites built. If you want to learn how to start one, check out my local lead gen training, which doesn’t even need paid ads.

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