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How To Be Cold Review (Stephiscold wants you to stop doing this…)

March 14, 2024

In the How To Be Cold course by Stephon Clinkscales, AKA "Stephiscold", you learn how to become more of a serious man in you interactions with women. He teaches you what it takes to be cold, the difference between a nice guy and a cold guy, 5 traits of an alpha, what hypergamy is, and more. In this How To Be Cold review, we'll talk about everything Stephiscold teaches, if it has any legitimacy to it, if his course teaches anything that his YouTube channel, and I'll also explain how my local lead generation business model has been key for me in my success with women.

Who Is Stephon Clinkscales?

Stephon is an online dating, health & fitness coach who consistently uploads content on YouTube and Instagram.

His training and advice helps other men get their mindset right when it comes to women.

On social media, he's referred to as, "Stephiscold".

Steph wasn't always as confident as seems in his videos.

He used to be bullied.

People used to always make fun of his height and he wasn't a confident man.

Steph was always going out of his way to try and please women instead of focusing on himself first.

Everything changed when he started appreciating the small things and focusing on himself.

He began being cold and his success with women has gone to new heights.

Today, he's an online entrepreneur who created the How To Be Cold course for men.

As you go through it, you're going to realize that being cold isn't what you think it is.

You might even come to agree with Steph's mindset.

Let's get right into what you'll learn.

What You'll Learn

  • What it is to be cold
  • How to become cold
  • What the blue pill is
  • What the red pill is
  • How men can become hypergamous

How To Be Cold Review

What Does It Mean To Be Cold?

To start off, Steph talks about what the Blue pill is.

It's when you're the type of guy that isn't aware of his surroundings and doesn't know what to believe.

Simply put, the blue pill is ignorance.

According to Stephon, most guys in society are blue pill.

This can actually be said about society in general honestly.

He says that majority of people don't know what things like vaccines are all about and they really just don't understand how society is set up to make you fail.

The mindset that, for example, you're only successful if you go to school and get a degree to get a job, is a blue pill dream.

It's something that isn't real.

It's a facade.

When you're not aware of what's going on, you're a blue pill, simp and beta male in Stephon's book.

He makes that VERY clear in the first video of this section.

Steph then clears up what the red pill is.

In a nutshell, it's the truth.

The red pill means that you're aware of the reality of the world.

He references the Matrix movie when Morpheus offered Neo the red and blue pills.

You remember that scene?

If Neo chose the blue pill, he'd go on living his normal, boring life.

As we know, he took the red pill and was able to help change things.

Taking the red pill has to do with everything that's going on in life.

Not only women.

It just means you're aware of your surroundings, you understand your truth and you aren't a pushover in life.


...what's the difference between the blue and red pills?

Steph breaks it all down for you.

The red pill is the cold truth.

The blue pill is lies.

You're considered red pill if you take the right type of action in life.

When you're blue pill, you end up making bad decisions in life because you're blind to so many things.

Stephon wants you to do 2 things after having gone through this info...

  1. Take the red pill
  2. Apply it

Disclaimer: The red pill can't be bought over the counter at CVS or Walgreens.

Cristian Garcia Breaksdown the Problems with StephisCold

Content Shift: Cristian observed that Steph's content shifted from self-improvement, fitness, mental health, and financial advice to topics around women. He narrated that in Steph's early days, he was focused on making money, but in his last 100 videos, the topics were all about women. 

Negative Focus on Women: Steph's videos portray women in a negative way. He seems to have a distrust toward women and would frequently bring up topics on cheating. 

Financial Motives: Cristian suspects the shift in content is financially motivated as these topics get more views, thus, more money. 

Negative Influence: Christian believes that around 10% to 20% of Steph's uploaded content is "fluff and BS" that could negatively influence viewers' mindsets. He shares that, at one point, Steph's content affected his personal relationships. 

Concerns About the Red Pill Community: He expressed concern for members of the Red Pill Community that Steph leads. 

The Nice Guy vs. The Cold Guy

This section is self explanatory.

Steph goes on to explain the difference between nice guys and cold guys.

The nice guy is weak AF.

This type of guy just doesn't have the right understanding of women and is someone who compromises his values as well as his morals for the validation of a woman.

Woman walk all over the nice guy.

Nice guys are like Jim Carrey in that movie.

They're yes men.

As Stephon explains in this section, the nice guy just doesn't realize that being nice isn't the best course of action.

You're only headed for a ton of failure if you go this route.

The nice guy allows people to take advantage of him and is just plain boring to women.

The nice guy is a puppet

- Stephiscold

This is the type of guy who shows straight up weakness.

Nice guys are blue pill.

Cold guys, alpha males, are red pill.

The cold guy doesn't fall for any nonsense from a woman or from anyone for that matter.

This type of guy isn't weak at all and won't let a women control him.

Women can try all they want to control a cold guy but, they won't be able to no matter how hard they try.

These are guys who demand respect.

Women will absolutely get put in their place by the cold guy.

The reality is that there ain't no middle ground here.

truth be told...'re either a blue pill nice guy, or a red pill alpha male (cold guy)

Steph then talks about what you can do to apply the philosophies of the red pill.

He makes it very simple.

Stop doing dumb things that nice guys do.

Don't let women manipulate you.

You won't let women do that when you first understand female manipulation tactics.

If you stay ignorant to these things, you're going to stay in the same vicious circle.

In order to apply the red pill philosophy, you need to take charge of your interactions with women and people in general.

For example, you can't be afraid to cut a woman off if the situation isn't ideal for you.

Too many guys shy away from taking charge and doing it.

Yes, this may all sound selfish.

So what?

Truth is, the society we live in isn't fair.

You have to put you first and make sure you're always in the best situations possible.

A nice guy won't do that.

A nice guy is going to be scared to tell a woman "no" even if it's warranted.

Steph admitted that he was a beta male who would never tell a woman no.

This is how he and many other guys are raised though.

Obviously, over time, he changed his ways.

The red pill way is YOUR way.

You get what you want and no woman can change that.

If you apply the red pill philosophy, I promise your whole life will change.

Stephiscold ‧ Red Pill G

Steph talks about what you can do to stop being a nice guy.


By switching your mindset.

Do the opposite of what nice guys do.

The example Steph gives is if you always text a woman "good morning beautiful".

Stop doing that.

Instead, text her a few days later that you want to see her.

Don't be soft about it either.

Tell her you want to see her and call it a day.

Also, if your girl disrespects you, don't tell her it's "ok" if she apologizes.

She won't learn her lesson that way.

Nice guys will apologize ASAP and act like it didn't happen.

If you're cold, you shouldn't tolerate any disrespect or they will keep running over you.

Don't be afraid to tell a woman she's wrong.

You're obviously going to treat a woman right when she merits it, but don't be nice when she doesn't.

Do not let a woman control your emotions.

Stephs advice is really simple and I actually agree with what he talks about.

He then tells you why women love alpha males.

Alpha males are the type of men they really want to have forever.

This is the type of guy who will be the best when it comes to physique, sex and even money.

Alphas are unpredictable and these type of guys keep women on their toes.

Women love that.

They can't get enough of a man who can take control not only sexually, but overall in life.

You're probably wondering how you can be an alpha.

Well, Steph talks about it in the next section.

The 5 Traits of an Alpha

The first trait Steph talks about is being assertive and decisive.

When you have this trait, you know what you need to do.

If you're going to go eat some food, you don't ask your girl what she wants.

You're the one who is dictating what's going to happen.

In my experience, most women want you to decide that stuff anyway.

It's all about knowing what you want to do.

Then following through with it.

Beta men are always indecisive about things and women don't like that.

If you want to be an Alpha, be assertive and decisive.

The second trait he talks about is confidence.

Steph has plenty of that.

This is something all men need.


Women are paying attention to how you act and love it when a man is confident.

Steph gives an example of confidence.

Imagine you're out with your woman and you see other guys checking her out.

If you're a beta male, you're going to look down and not make eye contact with them.

On the other hand, an Alpha won't be worried because his girl is getting checked out.

When you're confident, it will show in the way you live your life and interact with other people.

If a women turns you down, you're not going to give up.

Instead, you'll go and get another woman.

You can't be afraid to fail.

That's how you know you're building up your confidence.

If you don't feel confident, you need to start working on that.

When you're confident, you're improving your life.

If you're not willing to put in the work to be confident, you'll never make any progress in life as a man.

The next trait Steph talks about is being an entrepreneur.

To be Alpha is to be in control of your life

- Stephiscold

When you're your own boss, you're the one who controls how much money you make.

If you can become financially free, you're an alpha to a certain extent.

Truth is that you can't get rich by working a 9-5 job.

I can attest to that.

I used to work at an auto parts counter back in the day in Detroit.

I hated it.

I would get a measly raise each year and I was working hard for someone else's dream.

Everything changed when I got into lead generation and began making a passive monthly income.

Today I earn over $50K+ every month, I'm financially free and I'm in control of my life.

There's nothing like working hard for your own dream and making a boatload of money.

Here are what just a few checks I've gotten from my lead gen efforts look like.

The next trait Steph talks about is not caring so much.

Many guys focus on things that don't matter.

As an alpha, you shouldn't care so much about insignificant things.

Focus on things that matter.

Remember, you need to worry about only you.

People are always going to have an opinion about you.

If you care too much, you aren't going to be happy.

Do what you need to do for you.

Be happy.

If your girl leaves you, let her go and don't let yourself get so depressed.

There's plenty of women in this world.

She can go.

No big deal.

Understand that it's always about you when you're an alpha.

That's the mindset you need to have.


Simply because you are the only one who can change your life.

If you're always going to be worried about what other people think or say, your life is doomed forever.

The last trait Stephon talks about is being ok with being alone.

Too many guys cry about being alone.

So what.

You need to be positive and embrace being alone.

Being alone will help you focus on yourself and your business.

Me being alone has helped me level up my lead gen business big time.

I don't have to worry about anyone else but my family and friends.

Moral of the story is, don't let your happiness depend on having to be with someone.

Only blue pill guys think like that.

Understanding Hypergamy

Stephon goes over what hypergamy is and how men can become hypergamous.

Hypergamy is when someone gets married to someone of a higher social status.

It's also called, "marrying up".

In Steph's opinion, hypergamy is anything a woman does up.

Meaning what?

For example, if you were in high school and you tried to talk to a girl but, she only talks to you because you join the football team.

To her, you're not a "lame" anymore.

If you're not someone important, they won't try to mess with you.

Steph says that women also follow trends.

If a woman has friends who all like dudes with beards and a lot of money, he says that she's going to end up going after those types of guys too.

At the end of the day, women will only mess with you if you're important to society or even your community.

Maybe you're asking yourself how you can become hypergamous.

Steph gets into it.

He says it starts with you first.

You need to be a better man that has your money, body and mind on point before you can execute what you want to.

That's what real success is.

If a woman is going to come into your world, you have to have a world created for you first.

You need to level up your own life before anything.

Get it out of your mind that you're depending on a woman to change your life.


You do that for you.

Belief is a big part of all of that.

This makes sense because if you improve, the woman in your life is also going to improve.

Yea, this takes discipline, but that's just how life is.

When choosing the women you want to be with, you also need to pay attention to what she will contribute to your life.

We're talking about value here.

you're wrong if... think sex is all that's important

There are more important things.

You want a woman that can cook for you, for example.

That's something that an entrepreneur can value big time especially because he's busy all the time.

That's a valuable thing.

If a woman can't bring true value to your life, you need to move on.

Only if you're cold will you be able to.

Free Bonuses

Once you've gone through the course, Stephon shares 5 different bonus lessons.

He first talks about how men need to be focused on their purpose.

Your purpose is something that you'll actually do for free.

Now, if you're really good at it, the smart thing is to get paid for it, obviously.

Ask yourself...

What are you doing to achieve your purpose?

Life is supposed to be lived on your own terms.

If you have a passion for something, that's what you need to be doing.

For example, if you say your passion is making music, you need to be DOING things that will get you closer to your goal of making music professionally.

Play music at bars even if it's not much money at first.

There's work that you need to put in so that you can reach that goal.

If you love basketball, you need to be either in college or set up a training camp.

Whatever it is you're passionate about, you need to take action every single day so you can continue to do that for the rest of your life.

Try to figure it out as early as possible in your life too.

It's never too late to get started until you're dead, in my opinion.

The next bonus Stephon shares is that you need to become a leader.

Every man needs to take this serious.

Alpha's are natural leaders.

This is something that will take some work.

When you're a leader, you motivate and inspire others to do something.

If you're smart, you pay attention to what you're teaching.


Whoever follows you is going to talk and act like you.

They'll try make decisions like you.

The goal is to become a great leader by positively inspiring someone.

For this to happen, you need to have confidence in yourself and your purpose needs to be clear in your mind.

Another bonus that is super important is to improve your looks.

Improving your looks is the most important thing when it comes to attracting a mate

- Stephiscold

What do you have to do to achieve that?

  1. Workout
  2. Find a certain style of clothes that fits you

He stresses how important working out is.

If you want to attract women that are in shape and beautiful, you also need to workout so that you can be attractive to the women you're into.

That makes all the sense in the world.

Now, if you're not in shape and want to wear the skinniest clothing, you aren't going to look right.

Wear clothes that fit you.

Make sure that you have shoes that are clean.

Steph recommends you have at least 2 pairs of shoes that are always fresh.

Accessories like chains can also help you enhance your look.

You also need to pay attention to your grooming.

Doing things like this will level up your looks and attract the women you want.

Bonus #4 is all about charisma.

This just means you're a likeable person.

You can't teach charisma.

It has to come from deep within you.

People want to be around others who are charismatic.

Again, confidence is what plays a role here.

Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself and work on how you interact with other people.

Don't take things too seriously either.

Work on getting comfortable talking to women and just spark up a convo.

Be an alpha male.

Be charismatic.

Be cold.

This is all about how you come off to women

Don't be a boring blue pill, nice guy.

The last bonus video is one where Steph stresses the importance of burying the beta mindset.

Getting rid of it completely.

As a man, the right decisions need to be made more often than not.

He says that the beta mindset can cause you to do things that you shouldn't be doing.

You're less than a man if you're beta

- Stephiscold

He lists other things that you don't need to be doing:

  • Arguing with your girl
  • Stressing if your girlfriend is cheating on you
  • Not have other women lined up
  • Texting a girl back so quick
  • Chasing a woman
  • Blaming women for not being successful with them
  • Being scared of breaking up a woman

He keeps it real simple.

Being alpha works.

Being a beta male just doesn't work and it needs to stop.

You're the one who has to make the right decisions and it starts with not being a beta.

If you don't kill the beta in you, the beta is going to kill you.

It may all sound crazy, but Steph does make sense.

If you want to be an alpha, you need to listen to Steph and be cold.

Is This Course Worth It?

In all honesty, I think this course is worth it only if you don't have anyone in your life to tell you things bluntly.

You're only really paying $49 so you're not really breaking the bank at all.

I personally wouldn't recommend you go ahead and spend the money though.

Everything that Steph spoke about in his course is stuff that's really not at all hard to learn through trial and error.

As I went through the course, I realized that I already have the Alpha mindset.

At one point in time, yea, I was a beta, but that changed once I rearranged my life.

Going through this course was more of a refresher for me.

I was able to appreciate the fact that Stephiscold didn't teach a bunch of surface level crap like what to say to a woman.


...if you need a quick couple of hours of someone telling you to basically "man up", focus on your money and stop being soft, this course might be what you need.

I definitely agree with everything Stephiscold talks about from burying the beta to getting your finances straight before worrying about women.

All of this contributes to you being cold, being an alpha male and succeeding in life by putting yourself first.

Let me go ahead and talk about how being cold has allowed me to grow my lead generation empire to the point where I earn over $50K+ every month, passively.

How Being Cold Has Helped Me Earn $50K+ Every Month Passively, Through Lead Generation

How you make money matters when it comes to reaching for the financial freedom you want.

I had a beta mindset all those years ago and I was just getting by working a piece of crap 9-5 job.

Things changed when I decided to get into lead generation.

Instead of being so focused on trying to get women by going out all the time, I put my time and efforts into building and scaling my lead gen business.

Today, my financial confidence has never been higher.

On top of that, my success with women has leaped to another level.

I realized that having an abundance mindset in all areas of life is of utmost importance.

How did lead generation get me there?

Let me explain.

I make simple websites like the one you see below which offer a certain service like tree removal.

These sites then get ranked at the top of the search results on Google.

I make money while I sleep because all of my lead generation sites are ranked above the competition in each market I choose to get into.

I have over 50 sites today making me money on autopilot.

I call it "mailbox money" because business owners are happy to pay me every month for the leads the flow through my sites.

These are no doubt my digital assets.

What else allows me to be financially free?

The fact that once I rank my sites, I don't have to really touch them again.

They just generate leads all on their own.

My own job at this point is to just cash my checks because all of the work was done upfront.

That's financial freedom.

Here's what the lead gen process is like.

I've been making this kind of passive income ever since 2014 when I joined the lead gen coaching program.

While all of my friends were trying to get with women and get drunk all the time, I was working on building out and ranking my digital properties because I knew they would allow me to live the life I live today.

What's my life like?

Nothing short of amazing to be honest.

I went from driving an Accord to my job in Detroit, to now driving a Tesla P100D.

That was a big day for me.

It made me realize that all the hard work I had put in, was paying off.

Oh, but I wasn't done there.

Over time, I was able to then buy a house in California...

As well as a luxury skyrise apartment in San Francisco with a nice view of the Pacific.

Living in San Francisco is so dope because I'm able to take a non stop flight to see my family in Tokyo, Japan where I stayed at this 5-star luxury hotel.

I've been able to travel all over the world and feast at some of the top restaurants.

Does all of this mean that I'm spending money irresponsibly and getting into debt?


Remember, my lead generation sites are ranked, sending leads every month exclusively to my business owner and I'm still collecting my commission checks.

Local lead generation allows me to live my best life.

I'm not saying all of this to brag.


My point is that once you put yourself first in life and dedicate yourself to becoming financially free, everything changes for the better.

I've become an alpha male because of it.

My confidence is to the moon and women can easily sense that.

Today, I don't chase women.

Tony Montana said it best...

First you get the money, then the power, then the women.

That's real yo.

I can honestly say that I put my business above getting with women.

My business is what allows me to live the life I do.

Not women.

Believe me, I do love women.

But things are different now because I deal with women on my own terms.

I'm the one who sets the rules of engagement.

I've set up my life where women have to qualify themselves to be with me.

- Ippei kanehara

As a result, I live a life that most of my friends dream about.

What also helped me out big time was surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs who are also focused on continuing to grow their lead generation businesses.

In our coaching program, we have over 6700 students from all walks of life.

Local lead generation is the way to truly achieving a recurring, passive income every month.

Check out all of the reasons why to me, lead gen is #1.

Stephiscold said it and I'll repeat it again...

Get your finances in order first.

Set your life up first before you try to bring a woman into it.

Local lead generation was the key for me.

It can be for you too.

Click the link and set up a call with us so we can chat.

See ya.

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