Lakinya Francis’ iKrave Vending Review — How Can You Be Successful In A Vending Machine?

April 11, 2024

iKrave Vending is a consulting company by Lakinya Francis that teaches how to start a vending machine business. It covers the A-z to build a successful vending business from obtaining quality machines and securing locations to setting up contracts and maintaining inventory. Lakinya offers different packages, ebook bundles, tools, and also consultations that will help you succeed in your venture.

Vending machine business offers an opportunity with its expected global market of $146.6 billion by 2027. As the typical vending machine generates over $300 per month. However, the vending machine business is not a fully passive income venture. You need to restock your products at least twice a week and monitor your sale to check what items are profitable and not. And sometimes you need to move your machines to different locations until you find a spot that will work for your vending machine business.

If you want to start a more hands-off business than vending machines, local lead generation is an option. It eliminates the work of managing vending machines and restocking inventory. It is a sort of digital real estate where you need to create a top-ranked website and rent it out to local businesses to generate leads for them. By doing that, you will receive monthly passive income streams. You can enjoy a truly hands-off approach to local lead generation by leveraging search engine optimization (SEO).

iKrave Vending Pros And Cons


iKrave Vending helps you to start your business.

All of their offers have payment options.

It receives good feedback from its customers.

iKrave Vending is one of the top vending machine experts.


Lakinya mentions nothing about the refund policy.

Vending machine business is not a fully passive income venture.

No reviews and feedback outside its website.


The costs of iKrave Vending depend on the package you'll avail.

  • Starter Vending Package: It costs $97.00.
  • Standard Vending Package: It costs $297.00.
  • Ultimate Vending Package: It costs $497.00.

Refund Policy

iKrave Vending does not offer any refund policy.


iKrave Vending started in 2017.


It gains a good reputation online from its students who successfully acquire their own vending machines. 

What Do You Get In iKrave Vending?

With iKrave Vending, you get an online training course for vending machine business, an online training workbook, and a machine finder service. If you choose the Ultimate Package, you will get mentoring for 90 days. iKrave Vending has three different packages; starter, standard, and ultimate.

Starter Ikrave Vending Package

This is the beginning course that includes contracts you can use immediately. It also has inventory sheets for your vending business. The three packages have the same coverage for their online training course.

Ikrave Bending online training course content:

  • How to use their 30-day startup plan.
  • Finding ideal locations for your vending machine.
  • Learn how to pitch your business to the owner of establishments.
  • Receive direct access to Ikrave Vending's locator.
  • How to build an LLC by walk-through videos.
  • How to file your EIN with IRS.
  • How to get sales tax permits and any requirements.
  • Learn how to optimize your location proposal and contract.
  • Choose your vending machine with their 2023 Vending Machine Supplier List.
  • Get financing to vend business using their 2023 list of where to get financing from companies.
  • It covers how to organize your own inventory tracking document.
  • How to use their 2023 List of Locators to choose different locators to find the right place for you.
  • Know where to find location leads.
  • Receives e-book bundle.

Price: Starter iKrave Vending Package costs $97.00.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $24.25 with afterpay.

Standard Ikrave Vending Package

This standard package has the same offer as the starter. Besides the starter package, this package includes Machine Finder services. It helps you streamline the process to acquire fully functional cheap and used equipment for your vending business.

Price: Standard iKrave Vending Package costs $297.00.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $74.25 with afterpay.

Ultimate Ikrave Vending Package

This is the Ikrave Vending full-service online masterclass. Aside from the training course, workbook, and machinefinders, it has 30 days of unlimited support and guidance with one owner of iKrave Vending.

Price: Ultimate iKrave Vending Package costs $497.00.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $124.25 with afterpay.

iKrave Vending Other Offers

Vending 101 eBook Bundle

eBook Bundle covers:

  • Creating an LLC
  • Types of vending opportunities
  • Where to buy vending machines
  • A list of different locations to place your vending machine
  • A sample contract to use when securing locations
  • Where to purchase product
  • How to keep track of inventory/Bookkeeping
  • Profit potential outlook
  • Snacks & drinks vending
  • Beauty vending
  • Amusement vending
  • Bulk (Candy) vending

Price: Vending 101 eBook Bundle costs $24.99.
Payment Options: It offers 4 payments of $6.25 with afterpay.

Vending Machine Locators

This Vending Machine Locator focuses on finding locations for your vending machines. It has a list of different vending machines. This includes snack machines, gumball machines, toy machines, sticker machines, honor boxes, snack boxes, soda machines, snack machines, combo machines, healthy vending machines, and more.

Price: Vending Machine Locators cost $79.00.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $19.75 with afterpay.

Vending Machine Suppliers

This offers a list of vending machine suppliers for different types of machines you can avail. It helps you pick what kind of vending machine package you want.

Price: Vending Machine Suppliers cost $49.99.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $12.50 with afterpay.

One-On-One Consultation for Vending Machine Business (Phone Call)

This consultation is for anyone who wants to start a vending business and doesn't know where to start. This offer by iKrave Vending guides you where and how to start.

Price: One-On-One Consultation for Vending Machine Business costs $147.00.
Payment Option: It offers 4 payments of $36.75 with afterpay.

Starter Vending Guide Package for Beauty Supply Vending Business

This offer has a 70-minute course to build your own beauty supply vending machine. Also, it has a 50-minute course on how to create business credit to grow your own business. Lakinya provides a start-up plan list, eBook covers the hair and beauty vending and so much more.

Price: Starter Vending Guide Package for Beauty Supply Vending Business costs $97.00.
Payment Option:
It offers a 4-payment of $24.25 with afterpay.

Who Is The Founder Of iKrave Vending?

Lakinya Francis is the founder of iKrave Vending. Lakinya finished her degree in Business Administration at Western Governors University. She started as a high school teacher for four years, then switched to the State Government. With the urge to find some side hustle, she started a vending machine business. At first, Lakinya did it as a hobby to generate extra income and she noticed the lack of services that provide consultation to beginners who want to start vending machine business. Then, she founded iKrave Vending in 2017. It offers a series of training courses for anyone to eliminate the trial-and-error process of starting this kind of business. As of last year, she converted her side hustle to a whopping $10,000 per month. iKrave Vending has less than 25 employees now.

iKrave Vending Social Media Presence

iKrave Vending has a good following online with 25.9K followers on Instagram and 2.3K followers on Facebook. Lakinya Francis also has 500+ connections and 791 followers on LinkedIn.

Is iKrave Vending Worth It?

iKrave Vending can be worth it for anyone who is looking for a good side hustle while dealing with their 9-5 job. Lakinya offers training courses for an affordable price that teaches how to start a vending machine business in 2023. iKrave Vending runs for over 6 years and already helps hundreds of business owners to acquire their own vending machines. Also, every course, offer, and consultation by iKrave Vending has offered 4-payment with afterpay. It makes all the products affordable for anyone who is on a tight budget. iKrave Vending's most expensive offer cost only $497.00 and you can pay it with 4 payments of $124.25.

But, the typical cost of a brand new vending machine starts from $3,000 - $$7,000. And if you choose something more advanced, it can be more expensive than the typical one. The course is cheap but the vending machine is not. So, you need to prepare thousands of bucks to apply your learnings from iKrave Vending. Lukinya does not offer a refund policy.

iKrave Vending Clients Review

iKrave Vending receives tons of positive feedback from its clients and is hard to find negative comments about the program online. Lakinya really provides good services to her students. Also, you can check some iKrave Vending case studies by its clients who avail of different packages.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Vending Machine Business?

It costs $3000-$30,000 to start a vending machine business. This capital covers your initial purchase, stocking inventory, maintenance, and necessary license and permit. The exact cost to start a vending machine business will depend on the type of vending machine. Also for location fees, product selection, maintenance costs, and other operational costs.

How Much Does A Vending Machine Cost?

A new vending machine costs between $3,000 to $10,000. But, it can vary on several factors, such as type, size, features, and condition. You can purchase a new bending machine between $3,000 - $7,000. But some owners choose to buy used machines that cost from $1,000 to $5,000, which is cheaper. If you want more advanced vending machines that have special features, it can cost you over $10,000.

How Much Does A Vending Machine Make A Month?

A vending machine makes $300-$500 a month on average. There are different factors that can affect your monthly income. It includes if your vending machine is well-placed and stocked. Maybe you heard claims you can earn $1,000+ daily, but you need to know that you need to acquire 50 -100 machines to reach those totals.

What Is The Most Profitable Vending Machine?

Snack vending machines are the most profitable vending machines. Snacks are high-demand and have a large customer base that generates consistent cash flow. Snack vending machines make the most money because they offer a wide range of choices, including chips, cookies, candy bars, and beverages. Snacks typically have a higher profit margin than other vending machine products because you can purchase snacks in bulk at a low price.

How Can You Be Successful In a Vending Machine?

To be successful in vending machines:

  • pick the right vending machine
  • choose an appropriate price
  • find the right location
  • provide great service

1. Pick The Right Vending Machines

Picking the right vending is important for your success. Some beginners fail by choosing the wrong vending machine, doing no research, and ticking all the checklists in purchasing machines. 

You need to consider the following factors:

  • Size and Capacity: You need to determine the size and capacity of the vending machine based on the type of products you want to offer. If you’re planning to offer snacks and beverages in a high-traffic location, you need to buy a larger vending machine with tons of shelves and a compartment for a wide range of products.
  • Features and Functions: Look for vending machines that have great features. Find a machine that has cashless payments because 41% of Americans claim that they're not using cash. Also, you can consider picking interactive touch and control in temperature for your products.
  • Quality and Durability: Before buying a vending machine, check the machine manufacturers or suppliers to check its quality and reputation in making good vending machines. You need to check all the reviews, warranties, maintenance, and repair services available.
  • Customizations Options: If you are planning to build a brand in the vending machine business, look for machines that allow customization. It helps you put your logo and branding elements in your products.

2. Find The Right Location

If you want to succeed in the vending machine business, find the right spot. The best place to put a vending machine business is in hospital or nearby schools. But it depends on several factors, including your target audience's foot traffic, competition in the area, accessibility, and visibility.

  • Target Audience: In finding your location, you must consider your target audience. If your target audience is students, you need to place your machine near dormitories or common campus areas.
  • Foot Traffic: Find an area that people pass by frequently. It includes shopping malls, offices, hospitals, and terminals. If more people notice your vending machine, you can attract potential customers that can help you succeed in your business.
  • Competitor Analysis: Check the existing vending machines nearby in your target location. If the area has vending machines nearby, try another location.
  • Accessibility and Visibility: You need to make sure that your vending machine is accessible and visible. Do not place it in hidden corners, instead position it in areas with more space for customers to browse and make their selection.

3. Price the Products Right

You need to put the right pricing strategy in your vending machine to maximize profitability.

  • Market Research: You need to study the average prices of similar products in the area. Set competitive prices that are lower than nearby convenience stores or vending machines.
  • Monitor Profit Margin: Always monitor your target profit margin to not get lost on the track. Calculate all your expenses. It includes the costs of vending machines, restocking maintenance, products, and other overhead costs. Set prices that allow you to generate high-profit margins while providing satisfaction to your customers.
  • Special Offers and Bundle: You can provide promotional offers, discounts, and bundle deals to attract more customers. For example, offer a combo deal that allows customers to purchase a snack with a beverage at a discounted price.

4. Provide Great Service

Aim to provide your customer excellent service to satisfy and create repeat business.

  • Regular Maintenance: Set a schedule for regular maintenance to check your vending machine if it's clean, fully stocked, and working in good condition. Also, provide immediate fixes on any technical issues or malfunctions to avoid pushing your customers away.
  • Product Variety and Freshness: This factor helps your customer choose you over other vending machines. You can offer a wide selection of products to provide different tastes to your customers. Check your stock regularly and rotate to maintain freshness and remove expired and unprofitable items.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Vending Machine?


Vending machines can generate steady income without daily supervision.

It requires minimal staffing, or no staff that can reduce labor costs.

It can provide quick access to a variety of products which many people want..

Some vending machines have cashless payments which can attract customers.

It can be a good side hustle.


It requires upfront capital to purchase a vending machine and fill your stocks.

Maintaining and repairing vending machines can add to your overall cost and time.

It requires managing your inventory and it can be time-consuming.

Having a vending machine can be vulnerable to theft, vandalism, or fraudulent activities that can cause profit losses.

You may face competition from other nearby vending machines in your area.

iKrave Vending Alternatives

  • Passive Playbook - Passive Playbook by Hannah Ingram teaches a strategy for you to acquire car washes, laundromats, and storage facilities. Hannah provides a step-by-step program to use creative financing methods to build your own empire.
  • Ecom Babes - eCom Babes is an eCommerce program that teaches connective eCommerce by Cortney Fletcher. Cortney helps women to launch and acquire their own store.
  • Dealmaker Wealth Society - Dealmaker Wealth Society by Carl Allen teaches you how to acquire businesses without using your own money. Carl shows you how to use Leveraged Buyout (LBO) to buy existing business.
  • Contrarian Thinking - Contrarian Thinking by Codie Sanchez sells courses that enable members to judiciously buy existing businesses. It has a total of 4 programs, plus features a powerful community, to help novice company owners.

Conclusion: Is The Vending Machine Business Worth It?

Yes, the vending machine business can be worth it. It can be a good side hustle if you are stuck in your 9-5 job. This business can generate an average of $75-$100 weekly and $300-$500 per month. Also, Vending machine business is a recession-proof business to start in a bad economy. But it requires many machines to generate significant income to make it a full-time venture and allow you to quit your job.


However, local lead generation through rank and rent can help you achieve financial freedom to quit your 9-5 job. Instead of starting a vending machine business, you create websites and rank them in high in search engine results. Once the websites generate leads, you can rent them out to local businesses in need of leads for a monthly fee. You don't have to worry about active maintenance, like in the vending machine business. If you want to quit your 9-5 job while doing little to no constant work, check out local lead generation.

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