Richard Yu’s Impact Clients Review: Can Automated Appointment Setting Work?

February 13, 2024

Impact Clients is an online course by Richard Yu that teaches appointment setting. Appointment setters help connect potential clients to sales teams by scheduling calls. They make money by collecting commission if the sale pushes through. Impact Clients covers appointment setting and automation with the promise of only working a few hours a week.

There are mixed reviews of Impact Clients on Trustpilot, with a score of 4.4 stars. Some praise the course for helping them scale their businesses. Others call it a scam and criticize Richard for using his Christianity as a marketing tactic. On Reddit, Richard’s name pops up several times in the “Fake Guru” subreddit, with frustrated students writing long posts about their negative experiences with the course.

Appointment setting is a legitimate job and a few people make 6 figures by automating this business. However, since it’s commission-based, this business is only profitable when you set appointments for high-ticket clients. With only a few high-ticket clients to choose from, and a growing number of people in this business, appointment setting has become extremely competitive in the last few years.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the appointment-setting business, analyze Richard Yu’s automated system, go over the Impact Clients reviews, do a background check on Richard, and then finish by answering whether appointment setting is the best online business you can go for.

Richard Yu's Impact Clients Review: Pros and Cons


Teaches a legitimate skill

Connects you to clients after finishing


Poor reviews on Reddit

Complicated refund system

Limited prospects

No personalized coaching


Impact Clients costs $37.99

Refund Policy

Impact Clients has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you meet 3 requirements: Watch all the modules, reach out to 25 businesses, and attend the 1-on-1 strategy call. You can find all the details on Impact Clients’ terms of service page.


Impact Clients was released as an appointment-setting course in 2023. It was previously launched in 2021 as a consulting business course.


Richard Yu has a mixed reputation. His posts on YouTube and Instagram have garnered him hundreds of thousands of followers. However, before switching to appointment setting, his consulting business program received plenty of backlash on Reddit.

What Is Impact Clients' Automated Income System?

Impact Clients’ teaches appointment setters how to automate their jobs by hiring virtual assistants. By outsourcing their work, setters can take on more clients while also working for fewer hours. 

The course also teaches setters how to create AI-generated scripts. With these scripts, you can hire cheaper virtual assistants whose job is simply to copy and paste the appropriate script whenever someone sends a question. Richard Yu claims that there are enough prompts inside Impact Clients to cover any question potential customers may ask, so your virtual assistants will rarely have to think of an answer themselves. 

Can Automated Appointment Setting Work?

Yes, you can fully automate an appointment setting business by hiring virtual assistants. The things Richard teaches in Impact Clients are legit. However, the main problem with this business is finding clients for your system. There are only a handful of high-ticket coaches who need appointment setting services, which is why there is tight competition in this business today. 

Who Is Impact Clients For?

  • People who have never heard about appointment setting before and want to learn more about it
  • Appointment setters who want to build a system that allows them to work less and earn more
  • People who aren’t interested in the common online businesses (Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing) and looking for alternative options. 

In a nutshell, Impact Clients is made for anybody who wants to build an online business regardless of their background.

What Do You Get With Impact Clients? 

  • 30-Day AI Scripting Accelerator Training Program - training on how to use AI to generate scripts for your virtual assistants.
  • 1:1 Onboarding Game Plan Call - A 1-on-1 call with a coach to help you set up your business (note: this coaching call is not with Richard Yu, but with one of his coaches).
  • 4 Weekly LIVE Coaching Clinics - Group calls with a coach and other students in the program

Impact Clients also comes with several bonuses:

  • The Network of 100+ Business Rolodex - Richard gives you a list of businesses that may need your appointment setter services
  • Elite Outreach and Interview Cheat Sheet - Cheat sheets showing how to reach out to potential customers and the questions to ask during interviews
  • 7-Day VA Onboard System - A system that’ll help you train your VAs
  • 1 Hour Per Day Management System - A look at Richard’s management system that he claims will allow you to work only 1 hour a day
  • AI Script Automation - More training on how to use AI to generate scripts for your VAs
Live Conversation Breakdown Vault - A breakdown of some appointment-setting conversations and how to get more sign-ups.

Are Students of Impact Clients Successful?

Students of Impact Clients are not all successful. But, some successful students have presented testimonials on Richard Yu's website. One of these is Ray G from Houston, who said that the program has allowed him to quit his bartending job and make $9,000 a month working only 1 - 2 hours a day. He also states that he’s tried other online side hustles like dropshipping, but they haven’t worked for him. 

Ray Testimonial Impact Clients

Outside the sales page, there are several unhappy students on Trustpilot and Reddit. And while there are no official numbers, the mixed social proof shows that signing up for Impact Clients doesn’t guarantee success. Like most other money-making courses online, it still takes a lot of hard work and some luck for things to click.

Impact Clients Reviews 

Impact Clients has mixed online reviews, from people praising him for doubling their income to people calling Richard out as an outright scam. The positive reviews revolve around how the program increased their income, with some even saying they now make six figures a month. Many of the positive reviews also mention David Morris, one of Richard Yu’s coaches in the course. 

The negative customer reviews mostly talk about difficulty getting a refund, lack of support and coaching in the program, and how Richard uses his Christianity as a marketing tactic. Some of the negative reviewers also call out the positive reviews as “faked.” Finally, Richard Yu was featured in Ballerbusters Instagram (a popular account dedicated to exposing fake gurus) for trading his Lamborghini Huracan for a 2010 Honda Accord after he came across Ecclesiastes 5 in his bible study.

Ballerbusters review of Richard Yu

Impact Clients Trustpilot Reviews

Impact Clients currently has a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot’s online review platform based on 89 customer reviews. There are no 3-star reviews, showing that people either loved the course or hated it. 

The customer feedback on Trustpilot's review site dates back to early 2022 when Impact Clients was still a course about becoming an online coach. Even the newest positive reviews also contain language suggesting they studied a course on online coaching rather than appointment setting, such as Rodrigo Antonio’s positive review, who says the course helped scale his Performance Coaching business. A lot of the positive reviews on Trustpilot are made by accounts with only 1 review to their name, a sign of a fake review. 

Rodrigo Testimonial impact clients

The only 2-star negative review on Trustpilot is from someone who identifies as “Not a Happy Husband/Customer.” He goes into detail about how his wife signed up for the program that guaranteed a job as a remote setter. However, because the competition was so high, his wife was put on the “chopping block,” and would lose her position if she didn’t meet tight KPIs. He also mentioned how he went from being a fan of Richard Yu to seeing him as just another online guru. 

Not a happy husband testimonial impact clients
Not a happy husband testimonial 2 impact clients

Impact Clients Reddit Reviews 

On Reddit, people are very critical of Richard Yu and his programs. His name constantly appears in the r/FakeGuru subreddit, with plenty of angry customers calling him out as a scam artist. 

One user said that while the programs are well-structured, Richard uses bait-and-switch tactics to sell his course. He complains that Yu makes big promises to help people in his advertisements, but once they pay, he essentially disappears and the students are on their own. He especially complains about how “accountability” is one of Richard’s strongest marketing points, but he does not deliver on it. Finally, he complains how the earning numbers advertised by Richard are only for a small percentage of the students who enroll. 

Plenty paint testimonial 1 Impact Clients

Another former student complained that he was promised 1-on-1 coaching and a doubling of his monthly revenue. He complained about how there were too few account managers for the number of students, and how the personal feedback was shallow. He also claims that when he asked customer service for a refund, it was not only rejected but was charged again.

Some big testimonial Impact Clients

Who Is Richard Yu?

Richard Yu Profile pic

Richard Allen Yu is an online business coach with hundreds of thousands of followers on both Instagram and YouTube. Known as Richard Yuzee on his social media platforms, he posts about anything related to online entrepreneurship - from tips and tricks to lifestyle videos.

Based in Irvine, California, Richard received a bachelor’s degree in biology from UCLA in 2020 as a Magna cum Laude. He started getting into online businesses in around 2018 while studying. Two of his first endeavors were Generosity Design - a drop shipping website that sold jewelry - and Generosity Cash - a network of ATMs. Both of these companies donated their profits to charity. 

He eventually got into productivity coaching and started using his social media platforms to gain followers and clients. Richard then shifted from productivity coaching to business coaching, particularly for people who wanted to become online coaches like himself. In March 2020, Richard launched his first-ever online course, and a year later launched Impact Clients. 

Sometime in 2023, Richard again shifted his focus from business coaching to teaching appointment setting. He released his flagship course the Setter Certification Program, and rebranded Impact Clients as his entry-level course. He also moved his business registration from California and Texas to Puerto Rico (where it is currently registered today). 

What Is Richard Yu's Claim?

Automated income opportunity impact clients

Richard Yu claims that he can teach you a new, automated way of making $100 - $250 a day completely passively. He says you can do this without posting every day, uploading videos, or even showing your face. Instead, he says that this is an AI-powered copy-and-paste business that you’ve never heard of before.

Richard Yu’s Claim Debunked

While Richard’s claim of making $100 - $250 a day through appointment setting is possible, it’s a lot harder than he makes it seem. Richard positions this opportunity as an AI-powered, super-easy, copy-and-paste type of job. While it’s a fairly simple business to set up, the real challenge is finding high-ticket clients willing to get your appointment-setting services. This is something that Richard never touches on in his promotional videos, and it’s the hardest part of the business! 

What is Appointment Setting?

Impact Clients' appointment setting works by setting up calls between potential customers and sales teams. Setters typically help manage the Instagram and YouTube accounts of online coaches. There they message potential clients, answer any questions, and get them to book a call with the coaches' sales team. If the client converts, the appointment setter gets a commission of around 4% - 10% of the sale.  

Appointment setting is a specialized form of social media management. Instead of managing the entire account and posts, setters typically only manage their client's inbox and comment sections. Setters don’t have to get people to make a purchase decision. Their job is simply to get potential customers to book an appointment with the sales team.  

Is Appointment Setting a Legit Job?

Yes, appointment setting is a legit job. Online coaches' largest source of leads is social media, and coaches with many followers need someone to help answer all the inquiries people send them. This is especially true because Instagram banned the use of bots, meaning a human has to be behind the inbox of coaches. 

Is Appointment Setting Worth It?

No, appointment setting is not worth it in 2024. The major problem with this business is the low number of prospective clients. Since their income is commission-based, appointment setters need to partner with high-ticket online coaches to be profitable. This has become very difficult to do for three reasons.

  • There are only a few high-ticket coaches online
  • Each coach only needs one or two setters for their business
  • Many people are now aware of appointment setting as a job and are now trying to work for these high-ticket coaches

The supply of appointment setters greatly outnumbers the demand. That’s why even if you can implement Richard’s Automated Income System with virtual assistants and AI scripts, there’s no guarantee you’ll land any clients. To land clients, you’ll need to learn how to market yourself as better than everyone else and how to close deals - two skill sets that you can use for other less-competitive and higher-paying online businesses like local lead generation.

Create a Passive Income Business With Endless Opportunities With Local Lead Generation

Local lead gen works by connecting local businesses (like towing, landscaping, or pressure washing services) to people who need them online. Unlike appointment-setting, where buckets of setters fight to work for only a handful of online business owners, local lead generation has millions of prospective clients since you can choose from hundreds of local services anywhere in America’s 41,704 ZIP codes.

Local lead generation provides a much more stable income, since you aren’t dependent on commissions, but rather digital “rent” that the local businesses pay you. It’s also much more scalable. Since local lead gen is 100% hands-off once you’ve built the site, you can build as many local lead gen sites as you want and your earnings won’t have a cap. That’s why if you’re looking to make passive income, local lead generation is still the best online business you can go for.

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