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Toby Mathis’ Infinity Investing Review: Does the Financial Education Platform Help Generate Passive Income?

January 19, 2024

Infinity Investing is a financial education platform created by Tobi Mathis. It provides real estate investing and stock market trading knowledge through courses, workshops and coaching programs. Tobi’s course is aimed at both aspiring and seasoned investors, and includes training on how to build wealth and manage personal finances. The goal of the platform is to help investors gain long-term retirement plans, passive income, and financial freedom through financial literacy.

Infinity Investing members present positive feedback after gaining knowledge in asset protection, real estate, finance, and more. The platform might still be new in the online community, that’s why there are no external reviews about the platform in Google and other websites.

Real estate has become volatile in recent years. According to the National Association of Realtors, institutional investors contribute to the housing shortage. In 2021, institutional buyers acquired 13.2% properties in the real estate market with the lowest price and turned it into a rental property. In contrast, the stock market also faces challenges due to inflation. CNBC News reported that the global stocks experienced their second-worst month of the year in August, with a drop of 2.96% in MSCI world index.

These trends highlight the complex economic landscape where both real estate and stock markets face disruptions. Investors should exercise caution, considering the dynamic nature of these markets and other external factors on investment portfolios.

In this article, we will evaluate how Toby Mathis’ Infinity Investing platform educates future investors and what the members can get from it. We will also discuss why investors should explore local lead generation as one of the most reliable business models available.

Toby Mathis' Infinity Investing Review: Pros and Cons


Infinity Investing provides comprehensive educational resources about real estate and stock market investing, including courses, workshops, and coaching programs.

Mentors have exceptional credentials in real estate and stock market industries.


While some limited resources are available for free, exclusive products, courses and are only offered for paid membership.

The effectiveness of Infinity Investing passive can be applicable only to favorable economic conditions.


Free membership

Starter Membership costs $29.95/month

360 Pro Membership costs $2,997 one-time payment; $997 annual renewal

Coaching programs (non-members) cost $4,997 for 10 one-on-one sessions and $2,795 for 5 one-on-one sessions.

Refund Policy

No refund policy


Members of Infinity Investing express satisfaction on the Infinity Investing in forming meaningful connections in coaching and workshops. It served as an interactive platform on shared interests in real estate and stock investing. Available external reviews on Reddit are only based on the book of Toby Mathis “Infinity Investing: How The Rich Get Richer And How You Can Do The Same” and not about the platform.

How Does Infinity Investing Help You Make Money?

Infinity Investing helps you earn money using income-generating resources and strategies , such as their Infinity calculator for providing insights to your net worth, educational videos, workshops, and courses on how to make the best investment decisions in the real estate and stock market. You can start with their free Investing Basic Membership securing a digital copy of Toby’s book version of Infinity Investing and basic training.

Who Is Infinity Investing For?

Infinity Investing is for aspiring and new real estate investors, stock traders, and professionals who want to generate passive income and plot future retirement plans.

What Do You Get With the Infinity Investing Membership?

You get a financial education from the Infinity Investing Membership. Tobi offers a comprehensive guide through every stage of building wealth. By joining, you gain access to information, support, and resources. This is to help you become a confident investor and achieve long-term financial independence, whether you're interested in stock or real estate.

You get a financial education from the Infinity Investing Membership. Tobi offers a comprehensive guide through every stage of building wealth. By joining, you gain access to information, support, and resources. This is to help you become a confident investor and achieve long-term financial independence, whether you're interested in stock or real estate.

What Are the Infinity Investing Courses?

Infinity Investing Real Estate Investing Course

Infinity Investing real estate investing course catalog offers comprehensive guide to strategies and concepts related to real estate investing. It covers the following topics:

Fix and Flip Strategy

Rental Property Strategy

BRRRR Strategy (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat)

Rental Debt Snowballing


These strategies encompass various approaches, including short-term and long-term investment, active and passive participation, and leveraging different financial instruments.

Infinity Investing Stock Investing Course

Infinity Stock Investing course catalog shares insights and procedures on how to successfully invest in stocks. This involves:

Buy and Hold

Dividend Stock Investing

Value Investing

Growth Investing

Momentum Investing

These stock investing strategies are part of Infinity Investing's approach to building long-term wealth.

Infinity Investing Dividend Stock Investing Course

Infinity Investing dividend stock investing course teaches this low-risk strategy involving the three types of dividend payments:




Infinity Investing assists in selecting high-quality stocks, enabling investors to benefit from regular dividends. The course encourages individuals to explore the role of dividend stocks in their portfolios to maximize investment rewards.

What Are the Infinity Investing Workshops

Infinity Investing Stock Trading Workshop

Stock trading workshop of Infinity Investing provides educational opportunities to any trader and aspiring ones. Mentors conducted many events dedicated to workshops, offering free webinars and training for those who want to start trading.

For instance, Infinity Investing's upcoming stock trading workshop on January 18, offers a comprehensive 1-day training experience. Participants will gain insights into effective tax strategies used by successful traders to minimize profits-related taxes. The workshop covers the guided financial planning process, delves into the Infinity Investing concept and process, and introduces covered calls strategies for stock investing.

Attendees will also receive an advanced overview of strategies such as price action, technical analysis, and options. The workshop concludes with an examination of income tax treatment in trading and reveals insider secrets to help participants avoid common taxes paid by ordinary investors.

Infinity Investing Real Estate Workshop

Infinity Investing’s real estate workshops teach members about long term financial freedom and retirement plans through real estate investment. One of the featured workshops is about “Retire with Real Estate.” The workshop aims to help participants achieve a worry-free retirement by teaching them how to invest in high-performing real estate opportunities.

What Are the Other Infinity Investing Services?

Other Infinity Investing services are coaching programs. The coaching program is a comprehensive wealth transformation initiative catering to investors of all levels. The program focuses on real estate and stocks, which involves:

Personalized strategies

Comprehensive platform

The coaching sessions also introduce investment concepts like 70/30 and 30/30/30/10.

Exclusive discounts for Infinity Members provide 25% off for the full 10-session package and 65% off for a condensed 5-session option. Both packages include one-on-one sessions, coaching worksheets, an income projector, the Infinity Investing System Book, and a calculator, complemented by a basic Infinity membership.

Infinity Investing’s Exclusive Products

Exclusive products are offered for paid membership. This include but not limited to:

Investment advisor strategy sessions

Library of on-demand trainings

Live deal analysis

Stock trading analysis

Exclusive events

Bi-weekly exclusive newsletters

Infinity Investing Video Series

The Infinity Investing video series is one of the educational tools used in the platform. Other videos are found in the official YouTube channel of Infinity Investing. Some of the featured ones talked about:

The misconception that luxury possessions like "The Big House" and "The Fancy Car" are assets, when, in reality, they are presented as liabilities.

Infinity Investing is more than just a book, emphasizing it as a financial roadmap towards achieving financial freedom.

Make informed decisions on your investments that won't result in personal or financial servitude.

Investing is like obtaining a warranty for one's financial well-being. It's not about current wealth but about securing income for the future, especially during unforeseen circumstances like job loss or a pandemic.

Who Is Toby Mathis Esq?

Toby Mathis Esq. is an attorney, entrepreneur, and best-selling author known for founding Infinity Investing and Anderson Business Advisors.

With extensive experience in law, tax, and estate planning, Toby has played pivotal roles on the Boards of numerous companies, earning recognition on the Inc. list of fastest-growing US companies. He graduated from Seattle University School of Law and now resides in Las Vegas.

Toby is the author of "How the Rich Get Richer and How You Can Do The Same," offering a strategic approach to long-term wealth creation.

He also shares his expertise through popular YouTube channels, including the Infinity Investing channel with over 8,000 subscribers and his personal channel with 297,000 subscribers, covering topics about investment strategies, tax planning, and more.

What is Anderson Business Advisors?

Anderson Business Advisors is a company that provides legal and tax advice to real estate investors, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The company offers services related to asset protection, tax planning, business structuring, and estate planning.

Specifically, Anderson Business Advisors may assist clients in structuring their businesses in a way that helps minimize taxes, protect assets, and achieve overall financial goals.

Here is the list of Anderson Business Advisors:

Free Strategy Sessions

Real Estate Asset Protection

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Living Trusts

Entity Formation

Entity Management


Registered Agent

Real Estate Funding

Nonprofit 501 (c)(3)

Tax Toolbox Plan

Corporate Transparency Act Compliance

What Is Toby Mathis' Claim?

Toby Mathis claims that Infinity Investing builds long-term wealth through passive income derived from real estate and stock market education. This is facilitated through exclusive programs, including workshops, training sessions, and coaching.

Toby Mathis' Claims Debunked

Claims that Toby Mathis’ financial education platform gives you passive income financial freedom still depends on the market conditions and other external factors. Real estate and stock markets can go up and down. Thus, plans for long-term wealth through passive income may not work well during market downturns or economic problems.

According to NerdWallet, investing in real estate also involves mortgages, providing stability but also requiring attention to potential risks. In contrast, stocks come with volatility, with prices fluctuating, which leads to rapid market changes. They also have unique tax considerations, with profits being taxable income, and the market's volatility requires long-term stability.

Passive income ideas often count on good market conditions. If the economy gets worse, rules change, or unexpected things happen, it might mess up the idea of always making money in the long run. Other real estate investment strategies may offer potential consistent and passive income.

Is Stock Trading Worth It in 2023?

Stock trading is still worth it in 2023. However, investors may face challenges due to the current market conditions. According to BankRate, two-third of the economists predict a recession in 2023, but corporate earnings estimates haven't reflected this expectation yet. This creates market volatility and uncertainties.

Tae Kim, a financial expert, shares why one of the types of trading is not worth it. He emphasizes that day trading is often marketed as a quick way to get rich, but it is not a suitable path for building sustainable wealth. Individual day traders lack the expertise and resources of professional traders, who undergo extensive training and have access to institutional knowledge.

Most amateur day traders incur losses. Academic research indicates that active trading tends to be unprofitable for individual investors. He also added that engaging in day trading requires constant vigilance, extensive research, and significant time commitment, which may not align with personal lifestyles or responsibilities. The psychological stress associated with day trading can lead to health problems, and the activity itself can be expensive due to transaction fees, courses, and equipment costs.

That’s why experts suggest a solid plan and strategy for 2023 in terms of thinking long term, smart investing, and staying invested despite market fluctuations. Investors may also opt for a more feasible business model that drives actual results beyond complex stock trading.

How Does Local Lead Generation Offer Attainable Business Goals and Passive Income?

In a survey of Realtors, 94% prefer text messaging for client communication, followed by telephone (92%) and email (90%). 68% of broker/broker associates and 66% of sales agents have a website. Most members with websites (86%) showcase their own listings, 70% provide buying and selling information, and 66% link to their firm's website. This is why investors must not solely depend on courses and educational programs. Yes, knowing the fundamentals are essential. However, other business models adapting to emerging tech break the entry barriers in business, particularly in real estate investing.

If you want passive and stable income, maximize local lead generation. Local lead generation often requires less upfront capital compared to investing in real estate or stocks. Scaling the business can be straightforward. You can begin with a website and make it rank in Google. The business model generates passive income with ongoing optimization. You can even use local lead generation in real estate through digital real estate assets.

What sets local lead generation apart from traditional real estate investing and stock trading is the risk. It has lower risks because it is not dependent on external economic factors, such as current market conditions.

Are you interested in generating passive income like the Tree Care website above? Start with local lead generation. Local lead generation offers a more accessible entry point and drives actual results to any type of business.

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